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Jikook vs. Yoonseok
  • Jikook's rendition of HOMME's new song: actually sings with the voices of literal angels, cutely lip syncs and jams out to each others' singing, jimin's smile when jungkook rocks the falsetto outshines the moon, the sun, and all the stars, ends on a beautiful soft note
  • Yoonseok's rendition of HOMME's new song: dramatic pan up to their faces, cheesy melodramatic lip syncing, yoongi really feeling the music as he shakes his head sorrowfully, are they lip syncing or are they screaming??? hand gestures wild af, suddenly cuts out as yoongi passionately points at the camera in the middle of a word

fadinqflame  asked:

You are probably my favourite CC creator. Which trust me says a lot because omgg when it comes to CC, addicted would be a massive understatement, but your cc is so amazing and I honestly can't cope with the how cute everything is. In game I somehow always end up dressing my sims in your cc bc it's too cute to resist! This probably sounds so fake and stupid but I really wanted to tell you how amazing your cc is. Please never stop making it omg

this is so nice thank you so much!! and thank you for the encouragement :-) it makes me so happy that people like and have a use for the stuff i make  💖

anonymous asked:

i love your mermaids sketchdumps so much omg i don't know how to convey how much i love them they make my day please never stop

OMG THANK U!! I’ll try not to. I do love
this au type a lot…I think it’s the one I’ve drawn the most for 😭

lepetitmeow  asked:

Gurl! 😂😂😂 Moana has been on your Snapchat story like twelve times this past month! Please never stop!! ❤❤❤❤ You're too precious!

omg I KNOW I AM A FREAK I NEED AN INTERVENTION OR SOMETHING LOL. But Moana is such a great movie though… we must consider the coconut…😅😭

sunflowerseedsandscience  asked:

Last summer, I was on a cruise right at the beginning of August, and I seriously paid for a day of internet access because I NEEDED to see if the last chapter of Undercover Swing was up or not yet. And I was not disappointed. And neither was my husband. Never stop writing, please.

Omg. I’m glad it didn’t disappoint. Tell your hubby he’s welcome. Haha.

alissatheirinrutherford  asked:

Omg your art of MacCready gives me so much life! Please never stop drawing him!! Have you considered ever getting a redbubble or society6 because I would definitely buy some prints or posters.

Awwhh you are so sweet, thank you!! T_T I don’t think I could stop.. even when I think I’m over the little dweeb, art still keeps cropping up. And omg, thank you!

I do have a RedBubble, but I have absolutely no beat on what people would like? I think it’s all Evil Within stuff, but if there’s anything people would like as prints or something specific I’ll gladly add in more options :) Thank you!!

Isaac- I Could Never Stop Loving You

Request-  omg could you please do an imagine where the reader says to isaac during an argument or something “because i was mad at you, not because i stopped loving you!” you know that line from friends where rachel tells ross that at the beach????? thank you so much!!!!

A/N- No problem sweetie. I added a cute little twist but I hope you like it! Next up is a Scott imagine.

You sat in the library, hastily trying to work through your trig homework before fourth period. You hated math, which was why you had procrastinated all last night, assuring yourself that you could put off your homework for a little longer. Clearly you had been wrong, and as you sat across from Kira in the library, you were regretting wasting your time on netflix.
“Didn’t do your homework again?” Lydia asked nonchalantly as she slid into the seat next to you.
“Oh, wow,” you deadpanned. “How did you know?”
Lydia sighed, rolling her eyes at your sarcasm and holding out her hand. “I’m going to help you out, but only because you look like you’re having a bad day.”
“You’re the best,” you breathed. “I’m forever in your debt.”
Lydia rolled her eyes once more, but she smiled at you nonetheless. “Yes you are.”
“So are you coming to Scott’s tonight?” Kira asked you.
You frowned suddenly, looking down at the table and beginning to pick at the wood. “Probably not.”
“Aw, why?” Kira asked. “It’s just going to be a bunch of movies and junk food. Besides, it’s a Friday. What’s the big deal?”
“Isaac is the big deal,” Lydia told her, not looking up from your homework.
“Oh,” Kira said, suddenly realizing the problem. “Right.”
“She’s been avoiding him all week,” Lydia informed her. “You haven’t noticed?”
“Lydia,” you complained, looking over at her.
“What?” the strawberry blonde asked. “It’s not like it’s a secret.”
“What am I supposed to do?” you demanded. “Just take him back like he didn’t leave me for eight months to go to France?”
“That would be the romantic thing to do,” Lydia offered.
“Well I’m not doing it,” you grumbled. “I don’t even know what to say to him. He’s been gone for almost a year, and the whole time he was in France, he never called me once!”
“Well maybe you would figure out why if you stopped avoiding him,” Lydia pointed out.
“She’s right, Y/n,” Kira told you. “You’re never going to have closure if you don’t talk to him.”
You sighed. “I can’t. It’s like whenever I see him, I just freeze up. I wouldn’t even be able to get a word out.”
“Maybe one of use could come with you,” Kira suggested.
“I’m not bringing one of my best friends to a heart to heart with my boyfriend, if I can even call him that anymore.”
“Don’t be so dramatic,” Lydia chided, setting down her pencil and placing your now finished homework in front of you. “I’m sure Isaac still cares about you.”
“Oh yeah? And how do you know that?”
“I heard him telling Scott earlier,” she told you. “And speaking of Isaac, here he comes.”
You looked up, your eyes going wide as you watched Isaac enter the library. You froze for a second, but that was all the time his blue eyes needed to land on you. He called out your name, sensing you were about to bolt, but you were already grabbing your bag and jumping out of your seat.
“Wait, Y/n, what about your-” Lydia called out to you, but you were already out the door. “-homework.”
You hurried down the hall, shooting a glance over your shoulder to make sure Isaac wasn’t following you when you ran right into a firm chest. You stumbled back, about to blurt out a “Sorry!” when you realized you had just bumped into Isaac himself.
You whirled around, but he gently caught your wrist. “Y/n, wait!”
You paused, turning back and pulling your wrist from his grasp. “What do you want?”
“What do you think?” he asked. “Y/n, you’ve been avoiding me ever since I got back. I didn’t think anyone could ignore someone for a whole week, but you’ve clearly proven me wrong. I know I wasn’t here for a while, but you’re scaring me, okay? I haven’t heard from you in months, and if you want to break up you can just come out and say it. I get it if you don’t love me anymore, but-”
“Isaac,” you said. “What do you mean if I don’t love you? You’re the one who left me!”
“I know,” he said breathlessly. “And I needed to get out of Beacon Hills. But you’ve been avoiding me and ignoring me and I don’t know why and-and I’m terrified that you’ve moved on, okay? So just please tell me why, because I need to know!”
“Because I was mad at you!” you cried, and then you added quietly “But not because I stopped loving you.”
Isaac blinked. “Wait, what? But then why didn’t you answer any of my letters?”
“Letters?” you repeated. “Isaac, what letters? You didn’t send me anything. You didn’t even call.”
“Well yeah because it was really expensive to call the US,” he admitted. “But I wrote you a letter every day. You never replied to any of them and I thought you hated me!”
“Every day?” you asked, incredibly confused. “I never got any of them.”
“Wait,” Isaac told you, pulling out his phone. “This is your address, right?”
He held out his phone to you and you shook your head. “Isaac, it’s 403 Smallfield road, not 403 Smithfield road.”
“Oh my god,” Isaac choked, running a hand through his curls. “I had your address wrong the whole time.”
You looked down at the incorrect address, then up at Isaac’s shocked blue eyes. You were so relieved that he hadn’t actually abandoned you that you burst out laughing.
“Oh my god,” you gasped between laughs. “This is like something from a Nicholas Sparks book.”
“And you thought I didn’t love you anymore?” Isaac asked you.
You stopped laughing and looked over at him. You nodded, giving him a sad smile. “For eight months.”
“No way, Y/n,” Isaac breathed. “God, I could never stop loving you.”
With that, he pulled you closer, kissing you fiercely on the lips in the middle of the hallway. He hadn’t seen you or even touched you for eight months, and only now did he truly understand just how much he had missed you before. Your hands moved up to tangle in his curls, and that was when he realized that you had missed him just as much as he missed you.
His lips moved against yours as he wrapped an arm around your waist, tugging you as close as he possibly could. He had been sure you hated him when he didn’t get a reply to any of his letters, and coming back to your avoidance had only further cemented his fear. Leaving you to go to France had been a mistake, but as he kissed you, he knew he would never let you go again.
“Does that mean you’ll stop avoiding me?” Isaac asked breathlessly when you finally pulled apart.
“Absolutely,” you told him. “But I need to get my math homework back from Lydia, or I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail trig.”
“Can I walk you?” Isaac asked, holding out his hand.
You grinned, reaching over and intertwining your fingers with his. “Of course.”