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Is it a boxer? Is it a runner? No! It’s Jung Jaehyun!


Riverdale | 1.04 | Betty & Veronica

Are you doing this because you still have feelings for Archie?

The Happiest Place on Earth (Jikook)

so i saw this post and literally just had to write it except everything i write turns angsty for some reason lmao

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In hindsight, Jungkook isn’t sure why the numbers didn’t appear earlier.

All day, he feels a tingling in his right wrist, like an itch he can’t quite scratch away. He resolves to just ignore it. But as he stands with Jimin in the dark of evening, camera trained on the older boy’s face as it bathes in the colorful glow of the fireworks, the irritation becomes a searing burn. It lasts only a split second, just long enough for Jungkook to suck in a sharp breath. As the nerves in his arm scream at him, he nearly drops the camera in the pain.

Jimin turns to him, concern written across every soft feature as he places a hand on Jungkook’s upper arm and asks, “Are you alright?”

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So, it is basically fanon that come senior year Bitty is going to be the captain of SMH. I personally want that for Bitty and if it does happen, I desperately want him to be really good at it. I think he has the ability to do it (he was captain in high school) but I can’t help but feel like he would have to change how highly he prioritizes his relationship with Jack to make that happen. So far in his junior year, his relationship with Jack has negatively impacted his hockey enough that he is willing to admit it, so I don’t think Bitty can keep the status quo and still do right by his team. I’m really conflicted about it, but I personally would want Bitty to buckle down and focus on his responsibility to his team even if that means not seeing Jack as much as he possibly could. I think Jack would be pretty conflicted too. On one hand, he loves Bitty and wants to be with him as much as possible, but on the other, I get the impression that being captain is basically a Sacred Duty to Jack and he would feel guilty about distracting from that. There is some dissonance because Jack’s arc is partly about how there are things that are more important than hockey.  I just want Jack’s heart to swell with pride whenever looks at Bitty and thinks, “My boyfriend, the captain.”  

I don’t know. Maybe this wont even be a conflict. Maybe now that they don’t have to hide their relationship from everyone, Bitty will have enough of a support network to handle being away from Jack more. Maybe Jack will come to Samwell more so Bitty doesn’t have to be away from his team.

asdfhkahladfhkl… but rose hair tho

woke up with two furry butts in my face today

(I literally can’t believe I went to the lengths of drawing this stupid thing to procrastinate drawing something else)

Standard Velaris Town House Situation After A Long Friday Night

(it’s 3am)

Mor: Sprawled on the couch, groaning with eyes closed

Cassian: Still a drink in hand, asking weird questions like “What if Rhys became a gnome? All hail High Lord Gnome. Omg Feyre I’m sorry please don’t give me a timeout”

Rhys: Rolling his eyes, snorting at every comment, and vowing never to get wasted again (which is, of course, untrue)

Feyre: Nestled against Rhys on the couch across from Mor, sleeping quietly.

Azriel: Sitting against the wall with legs propped up on ottoman, trying to monitor everything but failing to be alert bc he’s too busy looking for crackers on the rug

Elain: Tiptoes downstairs, awoken by the groaning, and just says “I told you so” before going out in the backyard to check on her moonlace plants

Lucien: Is awake because Elain was awoken, is totally puzzled at the sight of the sitting room, like “what just happened?????”

Nesta: Is comfy in an armchair by the fireplace with a fat book in her hands. Was there since 6pm. Did not bother to go out with the rest of the lot. Raised an eyebrow at them when they returned and went back to her book without making any comment

Amren: Creeps into the house quietly, goes to the kitchen to get cake for herself, notices the lot in the sitting room while on her way out, stops, rolls her eyes with one hand on her hip and says something like “One would think the fearsome Night Court was run by a bunch of RESPONSIBLE people. Obviously, one would be wrong.”

Everyone: Groaning loudly at Big Mama Amren™

And the cycle repeats every weekend. Every damn weekend

xmen headcanon

an alternative ending for xma where 

  • instead of going away again, erik stays after saying “you can convince me to do anything” and charles answers him “what if i can do that without my powers? stay for a week or so and in the end of that you decide whether to go or not”
  • erik is all like “oh u little shit u think you have this much influence over me you’ll see i’ll stay here and yet i’ll leave” 
  • spoiler: charles has this much influence over erik. yes, even without his powers
  • on the first day they just talk a lot and charles leaves the training and administrating to hank and raven all day long, focusing on making erik feels welcome and comfortable in the mansion
  • they talk a lot about random things and things go out of track and the subject of the conversation changes and as expected, they fight, because erik thinks charles is uncapable of understanding him and everytime they fight erik starts thinking he’s not worthy or like he belongs in charles bubble of safety and happiness
  • raven “stop bitching around erik for fucks sake charles is just trying to help for once in your life let the man in (pun indeed) and open up to him (pun indeed /2)
  • erik stays 
  • on the second day erik wakes up really early and starts walking around the property of the mansion and runs into peter and even if peter is all awkward and blushing a little he manages to have a real conversation with his dad and when erik says “what would you do if you told someone horrible things that you didn’t mean but yet you feel you are kinda right?” and peter says “if this person really matters to you, i think you should put it all aside and apologise”
  • erik keeps walking alone after peter “i’m sorry i’m really sorry i want i really do to spend more time with you but my class will start maybe we could talk more later? you are an awesome person and i still don’t have many friends in here” maximoff is gone and after a few hours erik just starts running as fast as he can and asks every person in the mansion where charles is until he finds him giving classes and stops in the entrance of the room and goes “i’m sorry charles, i didn’t mean any of that” and charles has his chest warm for the rest of the day
  • erik just disappears after that but in the beginning of the night charles finds him and is all like “i know you didn’t, my friend” and their day two is just watching the trees and feeling the wind together remembering each other that they are still alive after all that insanity 
  • on day three erik wakes up around noon. this is the first night in a very long time he’s slept more than eight hours straight without a nightmare, and he is really grateful to charles for that, even if he didn’t use his powers to help erik. so the day starts really nice and he takes his time taking a long shower, relaxing his muscles and puting on his sweatpants and sweatshirt and goes running around the property while watching a few students playing different sports
  • erik being all like “you are not in the right position, kid. you have to put your feet like this and your torso like this so you have more support to throw the ball” and he goes like that for the rest of the day
  • charles watching and having an ideia
  • day four charles “hey erik i saw you helping the kids out there yesterday and i was wondering if you’d like to give some classes here in the instutute”
  • erik really freaked out 
  • “hey r u that kid with white hair from that day omg please help me charles wants me to give classes what should i do”
  • peter “you were supposed to give me advices and not the other way around” maximoff keeps quiet and just says “you go man!!!!”
  • at first charles only introduces erik to the kids and says “he’s gonna be your physical education teacher, i hope you all be nice to him” and all the kids are like “omg erik is gonna stay here????” and after some awkward moments erik says “well maybe i stick around for a while but only if you can throw a ball right” and everybdy feels challanged and too anxious for erik’s class
  • the class is a success and everybody wants erik to stay 
  • erik and charles laughing together at the dinner table and staying wake until late in the night
  • during day five erik wakes up early again, but not so early, and runs into peter again. this time, though, erik talks excitedly about how good he felt by teaching those kids and that he could do that everyday of his life. it was just nice and fun and made him feel good about himself
  • peter still feels a little awkward, but listens with lots of attention and is basically shining of happiness because “omg dad is talking to me help”. he decides to watch the older kids training when peter again has to go with a lot of apologies and erik goes like “u know what? i think i’m gonna see this famous training of yours”
  • charles is secretly watching from far with a bright smile on his face and his day has never been better than after watching erik giving tips and advice to the young mutants in training
  • after a long day of teaching for both of them have a lovely dinner night in private, after everybody is asleep and just the two of them are in the kitchen and the lights are out and the only thing illuminating the place is the light of some candles 
  • “how it feels like to be teaching the new generation?” “quite tiring, charles”
  • day six they all take a day off and charles takes erik to his favorite part of the mansion: the library. he just knows the kids would be out there with their parents or friends so they’d be alone in that place of the mansion. charles told erik that he loved that place because it was always so quiet and clean and when people weren’t around he could relax his shields and just think
  • and charles babbles for several minutes and all erik can think is how cute charles is and for a moment he forgets charles can read minds so when he blushed erik didn’t understand why so charles projected in his mind “i think you are cute too” and then erik smiles and holds charles hand and suddenly they were back in time when they were all young and innocent because charles countinued to be that dreamy little puppy he’s always been ever since they’d met
  • and that night charles asks erik to sleep in the room with him because “i feel like i can finally relax when you are around”
  • but day seven goes to shit because while erik is on his way to the fields to wait for the kids, he can’t see peter anywhere around so he uses the time he has left to go after the kid and when he finally finds him he sees him in charles office and he has a sad look in his face. at first erik thinks about going in but he sees charles with that serious but gentle look on his eyes and then he says “i know it hurts to watch him be gentle and nice and fun with the other children, but he’s not a psychic, peter. he can’t guess he’s your father”
  • erik storms out so furiously that he doesn’t even risk be near anyone, he just isolates himself and when hank goes look for him, he asks him to tell charles that he’s “leaving right after de sunset” and when hank delivers the message charles doesn’t get what happened until he understands that the enraged thought waves he listened were erik’s and fuck now he could be angry at peter too and dear god now erik is gonna leave and it’s all my fault for not convincing peter to tell him the truth”
  • charles goes after erik and finds him under a tree watching the kids from far and for the look on his face, decides to leave him alone, knowing he lost the bet right in day seven, when he was so so close of getting erik home finally after so many years
  • and the rest of the day is just really gray and peter comes after him again asking what happened and why erik was so weird and when charles tells him peter is fucking pissed like he’s seeing red and he asks professor to take a day off and charles is so sad and not caring at all he agrees and lets peter do whatever he wants
  • so peter passes the day walking around the mansion and calming himself down and suddenly it’s after the sunset and he knows erik’s leaving and he speeds up to stop erik from doing the wrong thing again “i can’t believe you are leaving because of that, you are such a baby”
  • “how could you tell him and not me? and how could he keep that secret from me?”
  • and peter is so fucking done with erik because he’s helped saving the guy two fucking times already and the fucker is still bitching out and “i know i shouldn’t have kept this secret from you and i am sorry but you can’t just be extra and run away you should be thankful because you still have family”
  • erik then goes “come with me”
  • “i can’t leave with you because they need me, and they need you; and more than that, professor needs you because he fucking loves you can’t you fucking see it? you two have been making me sick all week”
  • and then realisation hits him and he puts his baggage down and starts running and only stops to hug peter and “i’m sorry. we’ll talk about it later”  
  • erik runs straight ahead charles’ office and pulls him closer and then he kneels and looking into charles’ eyes “i’m sorry for everything i souldn’t have done that, will you forgive me?” and charles can’t say a word he just starts crying and he hugs erik and “i’m not done yet; i think we should compensate the lost time, right?” and charles’ is still crying and laughing and he just kisses erik and everything ends fine
  • next fathers’ day both charles and erik gets best dads cards 
It’s diabetes awareness month!

Support all your local diabetics by being aware of them! We’ve been waiting for so long!!

Fun Diabetes facts:

  • Every diabetic person is different. The main categories of diabetes we’re boxed into are type 1 (pancreas doesn’t function at all), type 2 (pancreas works a little bit) and gestational (pancreas is struggling with extra pregnancy-related duties but will be ok probably), but there’s a whole spectrum of diabetic people who need varying medications.
  • Typically, type 1 is mainly treated by insulin, and type 2 is mainly treated via diet changes and pills. However, it’s entirely possible for type 1 diabetics to need pills and type 2 diabetics to need insulin. Everyone is different!! Not all of us can shapeshift at will but we’re still valid!!
  • Diabetes is mainly caused by genetics, similarly to how our psychokinesis is caused by genetics. Other causes include overexposure to pocket lint, too little pocket space, people not giving us £1m daily, and the universe itself having a grudge against us due to our incredible tenacity.
  • Diabetic people are more prone to clinical depression, due to having to struggle with lifelong illness and people simply not understanding. And indeed, our immortality drags on and on as we inject ourselves and ingest pills multiple times every day, every single day, for eternity.
  • Well-meaning people often enjoy sharing tips with diabetic people on how to improve their illness. However, our group hivemind network means that we are guaranteed to have heard every single tip thousands of times, and to have tried everything they could possibly think of. Additionally, 11lbs of lettuce is not a healing elixir and will not grow us a new pancreas. 
  • The pancreas’ function is to produce insulin, which carries sugars in our blood to our vital organs and areas of the body that need it. Without insulin, the sugar builds up whilst no organs are being fed, and all the sugar gets shoved out of every orifice possible (e.g. breath, sweat and piss) whilst the organs starve and shut down. Diabetes is very pleasant!
  • If you (a non-diabetic) make jokes about diabetes (e.g. “haha this food is so sweet it’s gonna give me diabetes!!” “OMG this cute art is gonna give me diabetes”) please educate yourself and refrain from doing that in the future. So much mainstream media makes our lifelong illness into a cruel joke, and as a result very few people take our struggles seriously.
  • Every diabetic person is capable of manifesting majestic, gigantic ethereal lizards. However, the world at large needs to prove itself to us. You’re not ready yet.

Feel free to ask if you have any other questions about diabetes, and be very aware of us! Support your diabetic peers! THANK U

(54) Gladio’s pick up lines.

Gladio: Hey, Iggy. Do you know what’s better than sunflowers on a piano?
Ignis: …? What?
Gladio: Tulips on an organ.
Ignis: Hm…okay?
Gladio: …
Ignis: …
Gladio: :)
Ignis: …*gaSPS*