omg peopel yo ucan't pass this up

[Ok, putting this into action starting now- though I’ll extend it if need be. Since i’ve never been able to RP him drunk before. I’m basically going to make him drunk- yes. Not talk but actually feel like one even if his blood alcohol content is nata.]]

His head shot up from his desk almost instantaneously from accidentally falling asleep there. Though he felt different- veeery different. He recognized this feeling and he giggled- a wide grin coming onto his face as he stood- yawning and wobbling around. In coming over to his door he somehow took his shirt off- him fining it severely uncomfortable.

He walked out of his office- the door left open. Him beginning to run, jump and twirl down the hall in a drunk waltz. His aim being to go down to the rec room, get the drink from the fridge he saw, then proceed to turn on the player piano at full volume to do a drunkard waltz as his mood permitted.