omg pee

  • Germany: great! We're in a minibus going to the meeting and stuck in traffic!
  • France: well, it's not that bad. We're most likely going to get out in about twenty to thirty minutes or so~
  • England: ...we're in India.
  • America: welp, good thing I bought snacks and empty plastic bottles.

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well did u know. in swedish the same type of word for dog is "vovve". which i would translate as "woofy" or "woofer". for cats it's "kisse" or "misse" but idk why. especially since "kiss" means "pee"

Omg r u telling me u guys call cats pipis?? That’s awesome

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 I can’t breathe 

Drunk Bigbang in one gif

- Jiyong carefree peeing & checking his ****

- Daesung drunk banging

- Top checking Jiyong’s booty, thinking about pulling G’s braces up, more wine plz

- Taeyang the happy duckling finding out G’s peeing next to him 5hrs later

- Seungri the energetic maknae still jamming while the others have given up…

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I'm that one drunk anon but I'm sober for once! But I have no impulse control and asked my friends to cut my hair. I've been sitting here for 2 hours getting nowhere they don't know they're doing I'm stressed this chair hurts my ass and I have to pee

omg! well I hope you get a cut you like out of it ahaha. and TAKE A PEE BREAK your hair will still be there when you get back!