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Omg thank you all for 90 followers! We literally JUST reached over 100 followers (Well, at 1 last night) So thank you all so much! Here’s something you might’ve not seen yet!

Amy is a Cloud Goddess

Mark is a Fire God

Ethan’s an Ice God

Kathryn’s an Earth Goddess!



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OMG!  I have over 100 followers.  I’m super excited and humbled and in celebration, I wrote this instead of working.  Inspired by a bit of makeup shopping I did on my lunch break. 

Description:  Reader x Bucky.  Bucky seems to appreciate your favorite lipstick.

Word Count: 658

Warnings:  None

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Over 100 followers & 1000 notes!!

OMG!!! Thank you so much to the people that have decided to follow my blog and like/reblogg this photo:

So I will be adding VIXX to my list of ships!…. This is because I’ve become VIXX trash now haha… no regrets :)

So here’s a photo of Leo being the cute thing he is!!!