omg otp otp otp crying

“whatever u do don’t imagine neil packing up everything into his duffel and running bc it’s been a year of him being there and it’s time to go" - @neilsexy

so naturally we spent half an hour doing this:

  • it’s exactly one year after neil moved to palmetto
  • he’s never stayed anywhere longer than year, millport was the longest he’d ever stayed in one place and that was in part because the foxes gave him a reason to finish out the school year after the exy season was over
  • and it’s honestly scary to know that he will be in one place for a lot longer than that
  • neil looks at the calendar for a while and his brain just. stops.
  • he’s on autopilot, throwing his necessities into a bag, the only thing in his mind white noise and panic and memories of his mother yelling for him to run, of people bursting through doors, of guns and screaming and pain that comes from staying long enough to try out the word “home”
  • the one year mark falls on a wednesday so andrew’s with bee for their appointment
  • seeing any of the foxes probably would have been enough for neil to drop the bag, but he doesn’t
  • so he goes

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