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Julian:*walking in the training room* Why is Emma in a corner with a sad expresion on her face?

Diana: She’s grounded! And you are next, because she told me you took part of her plan too. *Sending Julian at the corner with Emma*

Julian:*whispering* Look what you’ve done, Em… Good job!

Diana: *from across the room* Bad kids are not allowed to speak!


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This warm, late-afternoon Autumn town will take you on a wonderful adventure, no matter what path you choose.

JuminV Week Day 2: Fashion | Teenage Years 👕

Adapted this roleplay scenario from my group for this prompt. It is HIGHLY suggestive, but still technically SFW…? Sort of…? Written with the best Jumin (and their idea if I remember right,) @jumin-love. 😘💜💙

Word Count: 1,340

Warning - Suggestive Content


Jihyun Kim 💙: A few years had passed since the whole Mint Eye fiasco had taken place. Things were finally getting back to normal, the chatroom becoming lively once more. Jumin and V had realized feelings suppressed for each other longer than thought, and had moved in together as a couple. Subsequently following, V had finally agreed to accepting surgery for his eyes, thankfully regaining his sight.

With the chatroom lively once more, of course the young hacker was up to his usual pranks. What had meant to be in fun instead brought hurt, V being caught in the crossfire of Luciel trying to prank Jumin, and Jumin trying to get back at him.  

Feeling horrible about the situation and wanting to make it up to him, Jumin had agreed to do whatever V wanted. Given the options, it took V a few days to decide, finally deciding on it that morning. It had been something he had long been curious about, but Jumin was adamantly against. Reluctantly however, Jumin had agreed to try once he had returned home for the evening.  

The thought of seeing his love like that had V’s mood considerably improved through most of the day. Passing the time through the afternoon seemed harder than normal, anticipation eating away at him. Finally evening rolled around, Jumin’s arrival home not much shortly after. A larger smile than normal appeared on V’s face, walking to meet Jumin at the entrance way.

“Welcome home love.” V greets with a kiss to the other man’s lips, excitement at its peak after sitting in anticipation all day. “I have everything all prepared.” He smirks devilishly as he gently grabs Jumin’s forearm, leading him to the bedroom, not wishing to wait any longer.

Jumin Han 💜: Leaving work for the day, Jumin is feeling a bit anxious to get home to Jihyun. Tonight is the night they would try something new at his love’s special request. He runs his hand through his hair and tries to think of ways out.


The heir’s recent bad behavior left him no room for negotiation. He would swallow his pride and do exactly as instructed from his lover.  

He looks down his body and mentally prepares, he was not accustomed to being led in or out of the bedroom and with Jihyun sending suggestive messages all day he was sure his love was 1. enjoying it far too much and 2. has a tiny closet sadistic streak.

He enters the penthouse to see V’s angelic face light up. “That face should be illegal,“ he mildly grumbles, then returns the kiss, "But as a man of my word I will cater to your every whim and bring it to life.”

Led into the bedroom, the temperature rises. Ju contemplates distracting V again to make him forget. He looks back at that angelic face. “It is still illegal to look that sweet Jihyun.” V’s face then breaks into a smirk sinfully so, the director matches it. “Be gentle with me Mr Kim.“

Jihyun Kim 💙: Now in the bedroom, V looks towards Jumin, smirking once more as a long awaited dream finally will become a reality. He gently kisses him once more, before speaking against his lips.

“Of course love. I would never wish to make you too uncomfortable. Thank you for indulging me today. I know this is far out of your comfort zone, but I will do my best to make sure you won’t regret it.” He smirks lightly, hands moving to undo Jumin’s tie, slipping it off from around his neck.

He leans back slightly, eyes travelling his body as he anticipates what’s to come. Eyes travel back up to meet Jumin’s as he smirks once more.

“Do I need to undress you, or will you do so yourself?” He asks, eyes twinkling as his hands move to slowly unbutton the first few from the top, waiting for his answer.

Jumin Han 💜: ~‘Devil Angel Cactus Man’ Jumin mutters under his breath hoping not to be heard.  A number of sexy smirks aimed at him were asking to be addressed, but this is Jihyun’s show and pace.

Ju looks back at those twinkling eyes, lifts V’s palm and kisses it. "I thought I would undress for you, a private erotic show just for one.” Still holding the hand of his love to his lips, he unbuttons his shirt with his other then glides V’s fingers down his exposed chest, ribs, abs then back up again. “Do you like how that feels?” Then follows with his pants.

He mentally slaps himself for unintentionally trying to sidetrack Jihyun’s request but being led was a new concept he had to to get use to.

“I know love, I am yours.”

Running a hand through his hair he proceeds to remove the rest of his clothes while side glancing Jihyun’s preparations on the bed.

“I see you have thought well into this Mr. Kim.”

Jihyun Kim 💙: V inhales lightly as Jumin slowly unbuttons his shirt, eyes following the trail his fingers are lead. He breathes deeply as he bites his lip, urging himself not to give in to Jumin’s seduction. It was a once in a lifetime chance to do this, and he couldn’t give it up now.

He smirks as Jumin stops teasing and removes the rest of his clothes. “Of course. I never expected you to ever give in to my wishes, so I have to be well prepared now that you have.” He replies, leaning to kiss him gently once more and fighting himself to take it slowly.

He pulls back from the kiss and brings a hand to gently stroke Jumin’s side. “Will you lift your arms for me, love?” He asks, beginning his plans as Jumin complies. He smooths his fingers against him, grinning happily as he gently kisses Jumin again.

“You look wonderful.” He breathes against Jumin’s lips, eyes gazing towards him with love.

Jumin Han 💜: Jumin feels delicate hands all over his body paying extra attention to his rear. "Jihyun, wait, It feels… my body feels…”

He lifts his arms as instructed, soft hands continue their set path. “Wait, Jih.. is it suppose to feel like that?, it.. it Jihyun, wait a moment,” Jumin takes a few deep breaths to center himself and is distracted by his lover’s kiss.

Unsure if he feels exposed or not, still as a statue, processing what has happened, jumin.exe needs to reboot.

“…“You look wonderful…..”

He does not want to look.

“It is with great fortune that you can see Jihyun because I refuse any photographic evidence of this.”

Jumin takes a deep breath and looks down his body still feeling out of sorts but committed to Jihyun’s request.

“Mr. Kim you have odd taste in what is considered sexy.”

Jihyun Kim 💙: Smiling happily as what he had set out to do is finished with, he runs his hands over Jumin’s arms as he takes in his handiwork. A far cry from his usual suit and tie, dark grey t-shirt covered by a light grey cardigan now covered his chest paired with dark jeans. Years of bugging to wear something casual was finally granted as Jumin wore V’s clothing.

“Of course love. I wouldn’t dream of photographing you like this, knowing how hard it was for you in the first place. You really do look stunning however. It is a sight I will never forget.”

He smirks lightly, before leaning forward and gently kissing once more in gratitude. “Thank you, love. I really do appreciate it.” He smiles, letting his hands travel over his body once more before taking a step back, eyes travelling over his entirety.

“We should get something to eat now.” V gently chuckles, taking his lover’s hand and leading him out from the bedroom. Moving close, he then whispers into his love’s ear. “Afterwards we can take them off again.” He adds with a wink, heading to the dining room to enjoy some food, enjoy his own self-indulgent view, and enjoy what he was sure to be a fun night ahead.

~~~ 💙💜 ~~~

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Atlantis - bridget mendler

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Pin Striped Wrapping Paper

IT’S TIME!!!! 💜💙💜💙 JuminV Week take 2! 😍😍😍😍

JuminV Week Day 1: Birthday | Vacation 🎈

Word Count: 836

~~~ 💜💙 ~~~

Birthdays weren’t usually a big thing. A few gifts, then a quiet family supper with his father. Occasionally his mother would join them, but that just made things even quieter as an awkward air would envelop the table. The only real thing Jihyun would look forward to was spending time with Jumin. The boys had been friends for a couple of years now, only becoming closer since he crashed so suddenly into the young, mint haired boy’s life.

September 9th. Another year came bringing yet another birthday. Jihyun sat outside in the mild weather, kicking some pebbles beneath his feet as he waited for the obligatory supper ahead this evening. Chin in his hands, he glanced up as he heard the crunching of footsteps coming up the walkway.

He smiled, pushing himself up and running to meet the visitor halfway. Clad in his usual suit and tie even on the weekend, Jumin approached with a decorated box in hand and a sly smile most would miss on his face.

“Jumin!” Jihyun cried out, meeting up with the other boy. Any excuse to see his friend was well founded, but he had to admit this was one of the best days for it. A welcome distraction to say the least.

“Happy Birthday Jihyun.” Jumin greeted warmly, offering the box to the now older boy.

“Pin striped wrapping paper?” Jihyun giggled, accepting the gift. It was so like Jumin, the vertical lines perfectly lined with the edges of the box. Atop the box however, a misshapen blue bow sat. He examined it carefully, lifting the edges of the ribbon, wondering why there was such a difference between the two elements.

The younger boy shifted, playing with his cufflinks in a nervous habit. Steel eyes burnt into the mint haired boy. “Are you going to open it or just look at the wrapping all day?” He asked impatiently, the more Jihyun poked and prodded the gift, the bow in particular, the more antsy he became.

Turning his attention from the gift, Jihyun smiled lopsidedly. “I’m going to open it, I was just marveling at the wrapping.” He chirped, taking the edge of the bow into his small hands. Pulling on it, the ribbon slowly unraveled, the misplaced hard work coming undone. With it, Jumin seemed to relax, straightening up and releasing his cuffs. Blue eyes examined the other boy in wonder, before returning to carefully removing the wrapping paper. “…it really is beautifully done.” He said quietly.

“I know how to tie a tie, not a present’s bow.” Jumin mumbled under his breath. Jihyun’s smile grew, his suspicion coming to light, but deciding to keep quiet about it. Pin stripes removed, a plain brown box laid underneath. The older boy examined that too carefully, Jumin’s patience wearing thin once more. “Jihyun, just open it.” He commanded.

Jihyun just giggled again, having fun watching Jumin’s reactions. “Alright, fine.” He said, huge smile on his face as he opened the box. Considering Jumin Han’s background, an extravagant gift should have been expected, yet, inside the plain paper box, a small cactus plant sat. Admittedly, he was confused for a moment, but soon the huge smile from just moments ago returned, possibly even bigger than before. “I love it Jumin, thank you!” He said earnestly, lifting the small pot out.

A small smile played on the heir’s lips, glad his friend liked his unusual present. “I have been told there are many benefits to raising plants, and cacti are relatively easy to care for. It should be simple.”

Jihyun nodded, looking over the small plant. He lifted a finger, gently touching the spines. They were as sharp as they looked, as he hastily removed them, a disapproving pout coming from Jumin. Jihyun flashed a sheepish smile in return. “I really do love it, thank you again.” He said as he turned to lead Jumin up the remainder of the pathway. The sun was still high in the sky, so it would still be a few hours left yet until he had to attend supper. “I’ll place it inside, then let’s go walk through the gardens! I’ll grab my camera too.”

Jumin nodded in acknowledgement as Jihyun slipped inside. He hurried to his room, careful not to drop the pot. Placing it on his nightstand, he smiled in satisfaction. It really did fit well, and livened the place up. It was a wonderful gift. He then grabbed the Polaroid camera from his desk and hurried back outside to meet with Jumin.

“Alright, let’s go!!” He said excitedly, taking the dark haired boy’s hand and leading the way back around the house.

Jumin could only smile at the boy’s exuberance, willing following his desires. Like the cactus plant, he was sure their friendship would last for a very long time, and that this would be far from the last birthday the two would spend together.

The two boys would endure all things, no matter how painful or difficult.

~~~ 💜💙 ~~~

flashtakesnotes  asked:

Hi! I'm new to the studyblr community. I was wondering if you could recommend your favorite blogs? Thank you xx

hEYO ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ welcOME TO THE COMMUNITY :“”) sorry for the really late response hehe didn’t have the time to do a compilation till now! – disclaimer: these are some studyblrs I like!! no pressure or anything + there are more wonderful studyblrs out there! –

@studykouffee (fAV omg kOU is lovely and has really really beautiful posts + is always helpful and open to talk!! 11/10 would recommend anytime to anyone !!! HAHAH)
@studyingangels (has hella pretty notes / a lot of wonderful content and is super duper encouraging!)
@focusign (amazing master posts + v wide range of studyblr content!! bujo spreads are sO pretty yet minimalistic)
@studyingkit (handwriting goals. no other words needed.) (jk she gives really great advice imo!!)
@studymoo (another one w amazing handwriting pls send help hOW HAHAH anyw she has rly great original posts!!)
@studywithinspo (really unique and original posts ++ bujo aesthetic is sO DIFFERENT and fresh and just aaa really lovely checK HIS STUDYBLR OUT)
@sushi-studies (notes are oUT OF THIS WORLD I can’t even explain it they look so amazing and just. aa. dies.)
@studyign (has the best original content omg sUPER USEFUL AND HELPFUL + always gives advice / tips / ideas to those who need it!!)

there are so so so so so many more wonderful studyblrs out there! the list is endless hehe check these out if you haven’t + I hope you continue finding more gr8 studyblrs + have a fulfilling time as a studyblr yourself!! \(^o^)/

160914 Trans | OP’s Weibo #Bangtan Sonyeondan #Kim Namjoon Ahhhhh met Kim Namjoon today!!!!! (He’s) super handsome and super gentle. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes thinking that I didn’t have that kind of luck *crying emojis* The three of us (OP and her two friends) went up (to him) to try and ask for signatures. He actually graciously agreed *crying emoji* (I) was going to satisfied with just one signature, but he unexpectedly volunteered to sign with name dedications to us one by one ahhh