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pls don't ever change your style it's unique and beautiful and my favorite ever (i mean it) plspls

HHHHH you think so? ♥ aaaaa don’t worry, i won’t change it; maybe just improve on some bits but yeah i really like how simple it looks ^o^ i really love it and it makes me happy drawing with it ♥ ++ the fact that it makes other people happy as well makes me love it even more ♥ ♥ ♥ thank you so much for your support ;;o;;


Oh god ! 😂😂

I remember hearing in an interview with John Gallagher Jr. where he said that every time Billie would go on as Saint Jimmy he would yell backstage to get into character and that everyone in the theater could hear it. And when that song was recorded in one of the performances with Billie, you can hear Billie screaming his head off in the background before he came on as Saint Jimmy.

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So bob is bisexual and kind of seeing a man But he takes his good friend Alicia with him to all of his events as a media frontBut as time goes on and he stops seeing this guy bc he's in love with Alicia

Bob’s sides ached from laughter, his cheeks still twitching up in a half smile, and he still couldn’t look at Alicia without bursting into giggles, so he leant into Antoine’s side, closing his eyes.

Antoine’s hand fell to the small of his back and it was warm, familiar, but…

Bob couldn’t put his finger on it, the strangeness of it all.  He and Antoine had been on-again, off-again for two years now, and they always seemed to fit, but right now it just felt different. 

And maybe it was the way Antoine was looking at him, almost like Bob was a stranger, or the distance he’d kept.  But they’d had a good night.  Alicia, who had quickly become Bob’s best friend and closest confidant, got along with Antoine better than anyone had so far.  And the two of them never failed to make each other laugh.

So he just…wasn’t sure.

“I think I’m going to head out,” Antoine said quietly.  “Walk me out?”

Bob nodded.  “Guard my drink.”

“Drink your drink, got it,” Alicia said with a wink before leaning up to have Antoine kiss her cheek.  “Drive safe.”

“Always, chérie,” he said, brushing his lips against her skin.  His hand reached for Bob’s, and they headed out the door, and said nothing until they reached the street.

Just outside the building door, in the shadows of the large tree, Antoine crowded Bob against the wall and kissed him.  When he pulled away, he looked tired and sad, meeting Bob’s gaze as their fingers twinned together.

“We have to…stop,” he said.

Bob blinked.  “What?”

“This.”  He squeezed Bob’s hand.  “You’re not in it, and that’s okay, but it seems silly to keep trying.  I love you but…”  His eyes cut upward, toward Bob’s apartment window.  “I think maybe there’s someone better out there for you than I am.”

Bob swallowed.  “Antoine I…”  But he couldn’t say more, because lately when he closed his eyes, he heard laughter that wasn’t his.  He saw blue eyes, and a soft smile, and quiet whispers chirping him better than anyone on his team.  “I’m sorry.”

Antoine laughed, cupping Bob’s cheek.  “It’s okay.  I really like her.  And it was good while it lasted, eh?  We’ll always have this.”

“Yeah,” Bob breathed out.  He let Antoine’s hand go, watching him walk away, a sharp pang of sadness and loss settling in his heart.

When he got back up to his apartment, he walked to the sofa, stretched out, and put his head in Alicia’s lap.  Her hand went right into his hair, stroking lightly, her blue eyes soft and concerned.


“It’s over,” he breathed.  He turned onto his side and let the feeling of her comfort ease the sting of the split.  “He…said it’s over.”

“Oh Bobby.  I’m sorry,” she said.

He shook his head, pressing his cheek against her thigh, curling his hand round her waist.  His eyes closed, and he leant into her touch.  “He thinks I’m in love with someone else.”

There was a silence, and when he looked up at her, she was staring at him.  It was obvious.  She knew.  She swallowed thickly.  “Does he hate me?” she whispered.

Bob shook his head.  “No.”  Pushing himself up to sit, he moved in close, and she echoed his gesture.  His heart thumped wildly, still a little sore, but alight with promise.  “He likes you.  I like you.”

Alicia laughed, reaching up to brush her hand over his forehead.  “Am I terrible that I’m not so sad?”

Bob took her gently by the face, shaking his head, moving in close.  “No, chérie.”  He took a breath.  “I want to…can I…?”

She laughed, then cupped the back of his head, drew him in, and kissed him.