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gif meme: stefan salvatore + showing emotion

On the one hand, dark!Steroline is sexy as fuck and their chemistry seems to just get more intense. All they did was be next to each other at the bar with Stefan sipping his margarita and Caroline laid back on the bar and I felt the electric chemistry. They could tear the world apart (literally) and I’d be so excited and so on board.

However, Steroline became one of my OTPs because they aren’t dark; they are one of the healthiest ships I ship. They are each others’ guiding light. Steroline going dark with one another doesn’t make me ship it less (it probably does the opposite, ngl) because these dark versions of themselves aren’t them. No matter how crazy they get with each other, we just have to remember that the people they are at the moment, are not who they truly are.

I’m all here for dark!Steroline, but the moment they turn their humanity back on it could either be a disaster or just bring them closer. We know Stefan is Caroline’s emotional trigger, and I can’t see anybody else being Stefan’s emotional trigger but Caroline (perhaps Damon?). While Stefan was telling Elena to remember to bring him back (nonsense), he was looking at Caroline. So, the question is, was he talking to Elena or talking to the real Caroline? The Caroline who will realize what a colossal mistake it was to force Stefan to shut off his humanity? The one who will turn on her humanity to bring back the Stefan she fell for?

Only time will tell and, damn, am I excited.