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GENRE: noona&youngerboy, smut

BACKGROUND: Jungkook’s first time had left him traumatized of having sex ever again. It had gone so far to the point that a rumor had even spread about him not being able to get hard-ons. You then decide to step in and prove the rumor wrong. What was supposed to be a simple test of theory leads to a night that you weren’t going to forget for the rest of your life.

AUTHORS NOTE: Omg I haven’t written something in so long. I’m so sorry this took me quite a while. This actually started as a drabble but I kind of got too into it and finished it into a full blown story. I’ll be working on the remaining requests sent to me before, soon I promise you guys, I’m just trying to come up with ideas! But I do hope you enjoy this, tell me what you think. 

Jeon, as forever, is a sinful little shit. 

If there are any errors, I am sorry about those! I did proof read but I know I still missed some. 

Your pen hangs off of your lips, fingers tapping lightly against the glass table as you study the boy in front of you. He has his face buried between the pages of his Physics book, eyes scanning through each paragraph in close precision, oblvious of your scrutiny. You slowly turn your logistics book shut, choosing to ignore your studies as the conversation you had with your brother during last night’s party flashes through your mind.

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The Tears Are Real (Avengers/Parker x reader)

Request:  Omg requests are open!!! Can you please do one where the avengers pretty much adopted you and have seen you grow up, and help you get ready for your prom? Lots of protectiveness and adult tears. Please throw in our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


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OtaYuri fic recs #12

Just Us by SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae), teen, 1.4k

“Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone-and finding that’s okay with them.” Alain de Botton
Yuri and Otabek being weird and domestic with each other.

Here’s to the Mess We Make by FakePlasticSnow, teen, 12.7k

Part 1 of the Yuri Plisetsky vs. Adulting series

“Fuck you. Fuck you for being kind, for seeing me for who I really am, and for looking good in a leather jacket. You ruined everything. I like you.”

Puberty sucks. Feelings suck more. In the wake of a post-Worlds meltdown, Yuri accidentally discovers his artistic identity in a jazz dance class with Otabek and Mila. Along the way, Otabek unleashes his inner Channing Tatum, Yuri gets in touch with his inner Georgi, and Yakov probably loses more hair. Welcome to the madness.

If I Ever Get the Nerve by FakePlasticSnow, mature, 2k

Part 2 of the Yuri Plisetsky vs. Adulting series

“Thinking Out Loud did not lend itself well to a club mix, so corny speech it is.”

Proposing was intimidating enough on its own, but how the fuck was one supposed to propose to Yuri “Married People Suck” Plisetsky? While coming up with 15 reasons to convince him, Otabek looks back on the last five years.

Otayuri RPF by kalakagatha, mature, 1.8k

@yurizangel OMG @otafurry, what are you doing tagging Yuri in your fic link? Don’t do that shit! Hashtags, not @-signs! #stupidnewb #rpfhasrules

@iceicetiger Do we have to go over the ten RPF commandments again? DO NOT SHARE THE RPF WITH THE RP. @yurizangel @otafurry

Yuri discovers Figure Skating RPF.

Like A Sun, It Burns by CalamityK, teen, 1.8k, warning: angst

Mila points out that maybe Yuri looks at Otabek a little differently, a bit too long, and a bit too starry-eyed.

“When he’s in the room, Yura, you barely have eyes for anything else.”

“He’s my best friend.”

“He’s your sunlight. You’re brighter when you’re with him.”

In a way, Yuri thinks, Otabek does kind of burn like the sun.

Cat Shirts and Creepsters by Kiraly, teen, 1.8k

Yuri and Otabek are trying to get ready to go out, but Yuri can’t find a shirt to wear. Otabek helps.

Liquor Stash by Severe_Minx, explicit, 39k, WIP

I want him.

When the full realisation hit him, Yuri felt as though he couldn’t breathe. Detached and fleeting thoughts that had passed through his mind finally took shape in these three words at that exact moment. The I being himself, Yuri Plisetsky, age 17, a Russian figure skater with a list of impressive accomplishments to his name that seemed pretty pointless right now given the context. The want being desire, the need to bury himself, the thought to consume, but never actually act out except behind locked doors in empty beds or shower stalls. The him being the person standing across from Yuri sipping coffee from a take-away cup with creased brows, the low sunlight hitting his face just so to light up his otherwise dark eyes. Someone he considered to be his best friend, who came all the way from Almaty just to spend a week with him and who was blissfully unaware of the fucking turmoil Yuri was feeling in the pit of his stomach. Or at least, Yuri hoped he was unaware.

In which Yuri Plisetsky invites Otabek Altin over to stay with him in Saint Petersburg, freaks out over his feelings and delves into Lilia’s liquor stash.

In the Land of the Wanderers by alpha_hydra, teen, 26k

“You have to use your Instagram more if we’re going to be friends, Altin,” Yuri warns when Otabek assumes Yuri is only waiting for Nikiforov and Katsuki to finish groping each other. “It’s no fun otherwise.”

Later, Otabek thinks of Yuri every time he pulls his phone out, and that’s really where it starts.

Hey, Jealousy by RC_McLachlan, general audiences, 4k

There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

Every Time I Try, Every Time I Win by thissupposedcrime, teen, 4.7k

At least no one’s brought up couples costumes. Yuri isn’t sure how Otabek would react to a live recording of him leaping over a table to fight a reporter, a symbolic stand in for the death of Yuri’s sanity and Victor’s cutesy legacy. He guesses not well, and that is enough to hold his tongue.

Or, Otabek is naturally romantic, Yuri is naturally clueless, and somehow they work it out.

Wondering by lovelyisthenight (IrishFaerie01), teen, 964

He’d already come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t want it. And now, having to deal with the fact that he does, maybe, is… well, it’s a little terrifying.

Confidence - Part Two

Scroll for part one.

“So, erm… Coffee?” you turned to your friend and colleague who still looked a little shocked that you had led him out of the bar hand in hand.

You could feel your phone buzzing in your bag, texts coming through. And you knew they would be from Penelope and Derek, Penelope totally freaking out and Derek no doubt teasing you about getting some. You wondered if Spencer would get the same messages from him.

“Coffee. Whatever you want,” Spencer smiled at you shyly, looking down at your interlocked hands. You squeezed his lightly.

“Okay, there’s a nice little place just around the corner from here…. Or, we could go back to my apartment?”

“Your a-apartment?” he stumbled over his words.

“Maybe not then,” you led him around the corner and into the coffee shop that you knew stayed open til 2am, settling into a booth and waiting for the waitress to come over and take your order. Rather than sitting the opposite side to Reid like you normally would have done, you sat next to him.

“What can I get ya?” the waitress appeared almost immediately, there was only you and three other people in the cafe currently.

“Can I get a large hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles please,” you waited for Spencer to give his coffee order, surprised when he opted for the same rather than the double or triple espresso he’d normally have. That boy lived for caffeine… And sugar. Oh the amounts of sugar he normally would pour into his coffee. It’s a wonder he hadn’t rotted his teeth.

The waitress disappeared and returned with your orders a few minutes later, you pulling out your cell and checking the messages in the meantime.

‘I swear you were holding hands with Spencer, Y/N.’


'Omg!! Omg!! It’s finally happening. My real life OTP is happening.’

'Come back!! I need to see this play out.’

You’d been away from the bar for less than ten minutes and Penny was fangirling terribly over this.

You showed your screen to Spencer, earning a chuckle from him as he read through her messages.

“Her OTP? Is she serious?” he dipped his finger into the whipped cream on his drink, his tongue slipping out between his lips to taste it.

“Oh Garcia is deadly serious. When I first joined, she wouldn’t stop going on about what a catch you were. I had to tell her to shut up because I could see it for myself already and that I didn’t need her pimping you out to me.”

“Garcia said that about me?” he played with the chocolate flake that was poking out of the mug, pulling it out of the cream and then pushing it back in, repeating the actions over and over.

“Yeah…..Garcia is your biggest advocate. She just wants to see you happy. But at least she doesn’t try and force completely inappropriate people like Shirley onto you,” you scooped some of your own whipped cream into your mouth, using your finger as a spoon and seeing Spencer’s eyes follow your finger.

“I hate Morgan sometimes,” he shifted in his seat.

“You don’t hate him, he’s just a bit full on. And he’s just looking out for you too, in his own way.”

“I know, I know. It’s just……whenever he does try to set me up, it’s never with anyone that I’d actually go for. Probably because he knows that they’d be way out of my league anyway. Like you.”

“Hey! Enough with the self depreciation again alright. What more do I have to do to convince you that you’re attractive?”

He shrugged and scooped up some more cream, giving you an idea.

Reaching out you stopped his hand before it got to his mouth, pulling it to yours instead and seeing his mouth open ready to protest.

You flicked your tongue out, tasting the cream on his fingertip and then sucking it into your mouth, licking it clean and locking your eyes on his as you did.

“Fuuuuck,” he whispered and you released his hand, giggling at his reaction. You hadn’t intended on making the move so sexual.

“I’m not out of your league Spencer, trust me. I find you extremely attractive, I have done since day one. Not just in looks either. I’ve been worried about telling you this before because I didn’t think you’d like ME back.”

You scooted closer to him on the seat so that you thighs were pressed against each other, your faces turned to each other and only inches apart.

“You’re crazy, Y/N. I think you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“You do? Alright, so you’ve got a ‘beautiful girl’ sitting next to you and telling you she likes you. Are you gonna do anything about it?”

His eyes fluttered to your lips and then quickly back up to your eyes, and you could see panic and worry in them, nerves that he really needed to get over.

You licked your bottom lip and placed your hand on his shoulder, gently toying with a lock of his hair. How much more obvious could you make this?

You could see his brain working overtime.
“Stop over thinking this Spencer. You’re a profiler, everything about my actions right now should be telling you something,” you whispered softly to him, desperate for him to make the move here just to prove to himself that he could.

He took a breath and made a decision, closing the gap between your faces quickly, pressing his lips to yours softly and tentatively as though he still thought you were going to back away.

You didn’t, of course you didn’t. Instead, you pressed back slightly harder, moving your lips gently against his and tilting your head to stop your noses knocking into each other.

Aware that you were in a public place, you didn’t attempt to deepen the kiss further as much as you wanted to try some of the lip biting you’d mentioned earlier. You pulled away after a few moments, instantly missing the feeling of his warm mouth on yours and seeing him blush.

“Was that….. Was it okay for me to do that?” he asked, looking down at his hands and then back at you.

“It was more than okay. You can definitely do that a few more times before we go our separate ways tonight as well. And maybe…. On a date tomorrow? You know, if you ever actually ask me out…. ”

“I like to do it more too. Maybe we could… Erm do it in the back row of the movies tomorrow? After dinner?”

“Making out in the back row of a movie theatre… Ahhh takes me back to my teenage years,” you laughed.

“I never did any of that as a teenager,” he told you shyly. No. Of course he didn’t. Because when the genius was a teen, he was already in college completing his first PhD, surrounded by students that were much older than him.

“First time for everything, Spencer. First time for everything. You can pick me up at seven. Now… Let’s finish these drinks and then you can walk me home and give me a proper kiss at my door.”

“A proper kiss… With the lip biting you talked about?”

“Maybe… If that’s what you want.”

“That’s what I want, ” he picked his mug up and drank his drink down quickly, waiting for you to do the same.

“Eager, aren’t we?”

“Well I’ve been wanting to kiss you for ages. Now I know it’s okay, I really wanna do it again. And again. And then some more.”

“Excellent. Because I feel the same. Let’s go.”

Hide and Seek - Batfam x YoungerSibling!Reader

@hevymetalbrokemychemicalromance asks: “Omg! Could we PLEASE have more younger!sibling reader? The Damian one was too cute!”

Warnings: swearing, if I missed anything please tell me :)

a/n: this took me forever, I’m so sorry @hevymetalbrokemychemicalromance. But I finally did it, and I really like how it came out and I hope you do too! As always, I can re-write if you don’t like it.

Y/N Kyle got a proper introduction to her family after meeting her beloved brother Dami. It was standard knowledge that everyone adored her. She became Gotham’s little princess overnight, although even at the age of 3 she insisted that being Gotham’s Wonder Woman would be much better. Her brothers undoubtedly adore her most, they spend most of their free time around the young girl as she brings a carefree feeling, which is refreshing to the four vigilantes. However, there is a stressor that she applies, and that is her ability to utterly destroy her four brothers in a game of hide and seek.

“Count to 300! You have to count to 300!” Y/N shouts at her brothers, who are all currently towering above her.

“How about you count to 300 this time and we hide, Little Bird?” Dick asks, as he bends down to become eye-level with the green-eyed girl. He prays she’ll accept, he’s so tired of having to hear Jason brag about how he always finds her first. At his request, Y/N stares at her eldest brother, staring him straight in the eye, blue meeting green in what appears to be a war of wills. It was clear that she would not be searching for her brothers.

“Okay, okay Little Bird, we’ll look for you.” Dick says, as he gets up and huffs a bit. He can hear Jason chuckling under his breath next to him, and he briefly considers punching the man.

“What is it, Grayson? Scared of a little 3-year-old girl?” Jason taunts, his face showing the infamous smirk he was known for.

“Yeah, you try looking her in the eye, Little Wing. It’s fucking terrifying. She’s already becoming Bruce. Or worse, Selina. It’s literally like looking Damian in the eye when you don’t let him get a hippopotamus for Christmas, but worse. So much worse.” Dick whispers, as Y/N is occupied playing with Tim’s hair.

“Oh dear god, she’s already mastered the stare? I mean the stare?” Jason asks incredulously, somewhat terrified that the darling little Y/N was growing up to be like her father already, but really they all developed The Stare™ shortly after entering the billionaire’s life. Dick just nods his head, confirming that she was developing her version of The Stare™, which she would more than likely use on criminals one day.

“Grayson, Todd. Stop gossiping about my sister and prepare yourselves to play hide and seek, it should be more difficult this time. Apparently, Y/N has found approximately 6 new hiding spots in addition to her old ones.” Damian states, to which his brothers both groan. If surely would be more difficult to find her.

“Wait, tater tot, how did you figure out she found new ones?” Jason asks, as he observes the room for any possible hiding spots.

“She told me, Todd. Because I am very clearly her favorite brother.” Damian answers, a smug and proud look upon his face that screams ‘I’m-fucking-better-than-you’. Jason lunges at Damian, attempting to grab him by the collar of his shirt.

“Listen here tater tot, I’m her favorite.” Jason claims, as he hears Dick scoff from behind him. The latter comes into view, shaking his head as he exclaims “No, you two, I am obviously her favorite. I let her eat cereal for dinner!”

“Well I’m the one who takes her for ice cream whenever she wants.” Jason insists. This was an ongoing theme between the brothers, debating and often fighting over who was dearest little Y/N’s favorite. A few windows had been broken due to this argument.

“You fools, I’m her favorite because I’m teaching her animal care and because I’m her actual brother.” Damian jests, he was always boastful of the fact that the two shared blood.

“And what the fuck is that supposed to mean? She doesn’t love any of us because we’re not related? Try again.” Dick rebuts, shaking his head and frowning at Damian.

“No, she doesn’t love you because you’re all. Literally. Fucking. Crazy.” A deadpan voice states, and the three brothers spin around to find Tim, who holds Y/N on his shoulders as she plays with his hair, putting it into a ponytail, then taking it out and ruffling it, and repeating the process again. Y/N giggles at the sight of her brothers all being disgruntled messes.

“Down! Down, Tim!” She exclaims, letting her brother know that she wanted to be off of his shoulders. Once on the ground, Y/N pushes Tim towards Jason, Dick, and Damian, who she makes sure are all in a line before donning a serious face that her brothers can just not take seriously.

“Listen! We awe going to play hide and seek now. Count to one-hundwed and covoy yoy eyes.” Y/N orders, as she paces the floor in front of her line of brothers. She still couldn’t pronounce R’s.

“Yes ma’am.” Jason declares, as the boys all split up, heading to four different quarters of the Manor, while their sister remains where she was.

“And 100.” Tim whispers, finishing off his count of 100, as he knew his brothers were doing as well. He was bound and determined to find her first. Whoever found Y/N first was declared “Best Brother of the Week” and got a little plastic princess tiara and an official certificate, which was a drawing Y/N made that was specific to that week’s winner. He wanted those prizes, it had been 3 weeks since he had them. Jason had managed to stay on top for those 3 weeks, finding her first each and every time. But that would change, Tim would be the one to find her.

Damian stalked the halls, searching in every little nook and cranny that he thought his sister knew of. He was going to win. He was going to prove to Grayson and Todd and Drake that he was the favorite and the best brother. He already knew he was the favorite and best, but he needed something to rub in their face, and the tiara, which he claims to not wear but does in every moment alone, and certificate were just that thing.

Dick looked in odd places, places that a child would very clearly not go. He was in the kitchen at the moment, checking cabinets and drawers. He knew it wasn’t likely, but his baby sis was tiny, so maybe she’d be there? He then searched the Cave, before remembering that Y/N was nowhere near tall enough to change the hands of the grandfather clock. And now he was putting his acrobatic skills to good use, as he dangled from the chandelier in the entryway to get a grand view of the surrounding areas. And yes, yes he did sing the Sia song while he was there.

“Y/N, Y/N c’mon out.” Jason says softly, urging his baby sister to come out of hiding. With him he carried two ice cream cones, licking away at one and saving the other for Y/N. Most times when Y/N saw that her big brother Jay had ice cream, she’d purposely make noise for him to find her. He always found her regardless, he knew where she was before she made the sound, but Jason was dramatic and so was Y/N, so he always played along with her game. Oh, and the ice cream really made her overexaggerate how he was just the “bestest brother in the whole wide wowld” and he lived off of that shit. However, today the little girl was nowhere to be found.

“Where is she, I promise I searched everywhere! Everywhere!”

“Her ice creams melting, she wouldn’t ever let that happen.”

“Guys, I’m starting to get worried, none of us have found her.”

“If my sister is lost on account of you idiots not doing your job well enough, I swear to whatever god is listening that I will kill you all.”

These were all comments that could be heard coming the living room of Wayne Manor. It had beem three and a half hours. Three and a half hours and they hadn’t found Y/N. Pride and arrogance dissipated into worry and fear. Sure, it wasn’t at all possible that anyone could’ve gotten in and taken her, but could she have hurt herself? Getting lost in the manor was easy, as was getting injured.

Jason and Tim paced the floor next to each other, as Dick ran frantically around the manor, moving as fast as he could, while Damian was searching the surveillance of the house to see if he could trace where she went, but after heading into her closet, which they had checked and she wasn’t there, she was nowhere to be found.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jason shouts, before punching a throw pillow that had been resting on the nearest couch.

“Bruce is going to kill us.” Dick mutters, his breath coming out short from both running and fear.

“God, we’re fucking idiots.” Tim groans out, as he rests his face in his hands.

“Stop sitting around and wasting time! We need to find her. We need to.” Damian orders, but his voice cracks at the end, and the tears welling up in his bluish green eyes are visible.

“Hey, hey listen. We’ll find her. We’ll find her Damian.” Dick says, as he pulls Damian into a short-lasting hug.

All four hearts practically stop beating as they hear a door open. In the door is their father, who is visibly confused as to why his sons are huddled together, looking a complete mess.

“What’s going on here?” Bruce asks, surveying the situation carefully. He looks at his boys, who all have a mixture of worry and guilt plastered on their faces.

“Bruce…we were, ah, playing hide and seek with Y/N like we always do on Saturdays. And…and…we can’t find her.” Dick takes the liberty of explaining, his voice descending decibels until he ends on a whisper, quickly wiping the few tears that were falling from his eyes.

For just a moment, a tiny moment, Bruce looked ready to end the entire world, destroy everyone and everything in his way, but then there was a look of calm. And to shock everyone, he cracked a genuine, albeit small, smile.

“Why the fuck are you smiling, old man? Our sister’s lost.” Jason croaks out, he’s not crying, but he’s not okay either.

Wordlessly Bruce brushes past his boys, walking into the living room where he drops the briefcase he was carrying, sheds the suit jacket he was wearing, and walks over to the fireplace mantle. The boys stare in confusion as their dad runs his hands along the crown molding of the mantle, and then stare in even more confusion as a small piece of the wall slides up to reveal a scanner, which Bruce uses to scan his eye.

Suddenly, a 4 foot tall, 3 foot wide section of the wall raises up, revealing Y/N, who promptly runs out screaming of excitement about her father being home.

“Daddy! Daddy, daddy! You found me! Daddy’s the best! Daddy’s the best!” She exclaims, as she hugs Bruce’s legs, before he picks her up.

Bruce looks at his sons, who are all very clearly shocked as they had forgotten about the emergency hiding place set in plan for Y/N, shaking his head and smirking a bit as he walks past them, saying only one thing as he heads to the kitchen with his daughter,



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word count: 2300+ 

·      AlriGHT

·      Are u reADy bc I’m not

·      also my second time posting bc i deleted it oops soz

·      I feel like Tae would be a very cuddly best friend

·      He’d love to use your chest or lap and a pillow

·      He’d ADORE it when you ran your fingers through his hair while he did this

·      He’d always fall asleep right away too

·      Which just made his already heavy head even heavier and wow okay now ur leg is numb 

·      You’d always try to gently free your numb leg from under his head once he fell asleep lol

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astro coven au (knk)


  • Basically your token immortal vampires
    • Amount of sparkles depends on how much Heejun has had to drink
      • Whoever said vampires don’t take alcohol’s probably lying to you KNK loves beer and soju as much as the next person
      • Occasionally sparkles if he’s in a good mood or just drunk in general
      • Heejun has no idea how the biology behind this works either he requests you consult a biologist and tell him if you’re able to find out
  • KNK’s “initiation” mark is a golden triangle behind their right ear
    • MJ used to love it as a kid
    • When any member of KNK carried him in their arms he’d always rest his head against their right shoulder so he could look at it reflecting dimly
    • And when he turned fourteen he clamoured to have one so Jihun sat him down and kissed his forehead and gave him a teddy bear to hug to bear with the burning
    • And then pressed his thumb behind MJ’s ear and watched as a dull gold triangle took shape behind his son’s ear
    • MJ blinking the tears of pain away then beaming up at Jihun because “does this mean i’m really part of your family now?”
    • Inseong didn’t cry or anything, no indeed nope he maintains that if you don’t have pictures you have no proof nope nope nopE
  • Fun fact: actually can use mirrors
    • I didn’t know this either lmao
    • To summarise, mirrors were made from silver in the past, which, because they were a metal of purity, could not reflect “evil” stuff like vampires aka KNK
    • But as cheaper mirrors started being made, more and more mirrors use aluminium as the reflective backing, which apparently is an all-inclusive, diversity-loving, non-discriminating metal
    • Conclusion: thanks to aluminium, Inseong can now finger-gun his reflection every day and tell himself how handsome he is
    • And smol baby MJ could also trail behind him and finger-gun what he could see of bright eyes and messy hair and the very top of his nose in the bottom of the mirror too
  • Basically brought MJ up
    • It’s honestly because of MJ that they now have a kitchen fully installed
    • Although in the later years of living with them MJ did most of the cooking for himself
    • You know, because he needs actual nutrition
    • More under MJ’s profile
  • MJ’s source of blood
    • he mostly scares Sanha into submission by threatening to send him over to Youjin
      • I mean, Youjin is pretty scary when he isn’t smiling gummily
      • Once MJ asked Sanha to hop over to KNK’s coven house get his order of 7-month aged blood for this one ritual and when Sanha showed up knocking on KNK’s door he stood outside for 10 minutes until he realised Youjin was standing behind him all along and just smiling very confusedly at Sanha
      • When he realised, he screamed so loudly in shock Inseong had to run up from the basement where he was taking inventory to see what was going on
      • All he saw was a pale noodle with Astro’s initiation mark screaming very loudly at Youjin and he decided Not to Question it and just save the poor boy by dumping MJ’s order into his arms
      • Only to have Sanha feel the warm squishy bags of blood in his arms and panic and nearly drop them
    • MJ now either gets Heejun to deliver the blood to him or sends Bin or Jinjin over to collect it rip
    • but yes they supply blood to a couple different blood ritualists around their area 
      • they specialise in making blood that needs special stuff like 
        • 8month barrel-aged blood 
        • or like blood infused with certain herbs (that Jinjin sells them at a discount for)
        • or blood rested with different charms (that they used to get from Vixx but now get from the Astro coven)
        • or blood that somehow needs treatment for whatever ritual it’s meant to be used in they really don’t care as long as you give them specific instructions 
      • and by ‘making’ i mean:
        • they all go out to collect blood together 
        • Youjin does the processing and purifying
        • Heejun does all the adding stuff like he knows how much herb to add per litre of blood and stuff 
        • Inseong does inventory and tells Heejun what’s they’re running low on and works out what they should use their next batches of blood for
        • Jihun takes orders and labels the finished packets for delivery 
        • Seungjun (and baby MJ) does delivery 
        • speaking of Seungjun
  • Seungjun loves loves loves loves LOVES Sanha
    • I’m not even exaggerating this is actually irl he hugs Sanha every time he sees him like
    • Me too Seungjun me too
    • It’s pretty funny sometimes because Sanha’d just be bumming around on the porch or be in the garden helping Jinjin out and
    • Seungjun would just appear like “hEY SANHA”
    • And fold him into his arms
    • You know what I mean like that one photo of seungjun just going for it
    • And Sanha would squeak and try to escape
    • But obviously in vain like mm alrighty son you tried your best but you can’t escape seUNGJUN’S LOVE
  • Sanha’s dead terrified of Youjin
    • Something Youjin Cannot Understand because he loves this tol child so much?????? he loves all of Astro sm????????
    • Would willingly feed Sanha chicken and laugh at his silly jokes and be the victim of all his pranks?????
    • Which is more than he can say for the rest of KNK
    • But he accidentally smiled at Sanha with his fangs out the first time they met and poor Sanha hasn’t recovered from the shock poor baby
  • Stores their blood in a clime-controlled basement 
    • it’s hilarious bc when they got it installed they pretended to be a sommelier clubhouse 
      • and so they had to do a ton of reading to assume the part
      • but of course Heejun suggests that “after reading about it you have to put it into practice, don’t you?” 
      • cue Inseong going out to buy different bottles of wine and Heejun getting all drunk and sparkly 
      • MJ trying a little bit of wine and finding out he’s a happy talkative but also very sleepy drunk 
      • Jihun ushering all his drunk vampires upstairs to bed before carrying MJ to bed and shaking his head and downing his own last glass 
    • it’s a whole underground set-up that’s protected by tons of sigils
      • you know, just in case the police come knocking one day they’ll only find a wine cellar 
      • they have a bathroom and stuff down there too so they can wash and clean up all traces of blood before coming back upstairs 
      • also to wash up before they go in they may be vampires but they’re also hygienic okay!!
  • goes over to eat dinner with Astro a lot 
    • and by ‘eat dinner’ you know what I mean
    • Astro and KNK sitting around the dinner table talking and gossiping 
    • KNK drinking out of opaque bags with black straws 
    • sometimes they have alcohol in there instead of blood but don’t tell Astro 
    • Astro knows but they find KNK’s keeping up of their pretence of not drinking alcohol around minors pretty hilarious
    • KNKstro sitting in the living room around the TV battling it out on mario kart 
      • Sanha screaming every time the runs into a banana peel 
      • Youjin totally smashing all of KNK but letting Sanha win 
      • Heejun thinks it’s totally unfair but he’s also so weak for Sanha so really
      • pls love KNK Youjin that’s all your coven asks

wow i’m so weak for astro x knk interactions

anonymous asked:

Omg requests are open!!!!! May I request an AU where you are colorblind and you finally gain color in your sight once you cross paths with your s/o? How would they react? This one is for Deku!! ❤️

((hhhhHHHHHHHHAAAAA I LOVE SOULMATE AUS this got long so it goes under a cut))

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anonymous asked:

Ok, but imagine this: s/o being friend with ndrv3 girls. They all go to the club. Suddenly girls lose s/o and can't find them. In two next minutes we have panic at the disco (badpunalert) when our ladies freak out of fear. 30 minutes, a lot of broken glass and few people investigated later they find s/o improving her make up in the bathroom. Please write this, I'm begging ya on my knees

Oh, well imagine (hah). As I’m pacing the pe- Uh sorry xD (You made me listen to my P!ATD playlist now Anon >_>) You may stand now Anon ^^

Also, sorry for the confusion but I’m not quite sure if you wanted all of the girls finding S/O or… Individual ones so I did a little fic leading up to S/O going missing and then each individual reaction

Also I’m sorry this is so long guys >_>

NDRV3 Girls in a club losing their S/O only to find her in the bathroom

You were so excited. You finally managed to convince all your friends to join you on a night out! You even managed to convince your girlfriend even though she gave you the same excuse over and over again.

“I don’t go to clubs”






“AH! Fine! But just because you won’t stop asking otherwise!”

After the two of you were ready, you were texting away to all your friends

Meet at the club at 7PM! xoxo

Kaede Akamatsu:

- She wasn’t really the type of girl to go to clubs

- But you were just so excited to go she couldn’t just refuse and break your heart

- “Kaede! F/n! Yahaa!”

- You turn and see Angie happily skipping towards the pair of you

- “Oh, hello Angie - chan!”

- “Angie is excited to be here! It will be fun with all our friends, at least that’s what God is telling Angie!”

- Ah… Right

- You just smile at her and squeeze Akamatsu’s hand

- Soon enough everyone else starts gathering and when the whole squad is finally here, you push the double doors open

- At first the two of you would dance and giggle together occasionally sneaking in quick kisses

- “Akamatsu.”

- She turns to find Harukawa standing behind her timidly

- “Want to… Dance together?”

- “Of course I do Harukawa - san! Maybe S/O - san can j-”

- She turns back and finds that you’re gone

- “Huh? S/O - san? Where did she go?!”

- She looks around the crowd but she can’t find you anywhere at all

- “Harukawa - san! We have to find S/O - san NOW!”

- She literally asks everyone in the club if they’ve seen you

- She doesn’t ever get a satisfying answer

- “Akamatsu. Hey, stop”

- Harukawa grabs her shoulders and gives her a shake

- “Go splash some cold water in your face, calm down and the we’ll look for S/O again alright?”

- She nods before quickly making her way to the bathroom

- If only they had a piano here… I could calm down then! 

- “Huh? Oh! Hello Kaede - chan!” 

- You give your girlfriend a small wave, lipstick in hand

- “Y-You were in here the whole time?”

- “Huh?… Yeah I thought I told you… Did something happen?”

- “No. Nice colour by the way. Matches your dress.”

- You giggle as she walks up to you a faint blush present on her cheeks

- “You’re so cute Kaede - chan!”

- You give her a kiss on the cheeks and then lips causing her to instantly turn bright red

Angie Yonaga:

- Angie has never been to a club before!

- As long as F/n and God are with her everything will be okay!

- She made sure to do her very best make up for this occasion and she even offered to do yours! How sweet!

- As soon as you enter she pulls you right into the middle of the crowd and starts dancing with you, laughing continuously

- “This is fun F/n!”

- “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself Angie - chan!”

- “Ne ne, Angie will go get a drink!”

- You nod and continue to dance

- It takes her a while to actually break through the crowd and get to the bar but eventually she makes it

- After she orders a colourful cocktail she plays around with it for a bit creating art with the straw

- Ah! Angie left F/n for a while! She’ll be worried!

- Once again, she quickly pushes past the crowd to where she last remembers seeing you

- You’re not there

- What?

- “F/n! Where are you?!”

- Well… Time to use her talent!

- She literally draws something equivalent to a wanted poster

- “SEARCHING FOR: F/n, Alive or Alive. Reward: Many thanks and God’s blessing

- She shows everyone your drawing but no one seems to recognise you

- “Angie will not give up though!”

- She tries again, and then once more until she finally had to go to the toilet

- She skips over and as soon as she pushes the door… There you are reapplying your maskara

- “Oh hello Angie - ch-”

- She cuts you off hug tackling you to the ground

- “O-Ow…”


Maki Harukawa:

- She honestly hated the idea of going out to a club

- … But… If it’s for you then… She’ll guess she’ll do it…

- But only once got it?!

- She hates the fact that she has to wear a dress but you’re smiling and constantly complimenting her so.. She deals with it

- “S/O can we not go for long though?”

- “Huh? Of course Maki - chan! Anything for you”

- You give her a nice smile and she quickly looks away and starts playing with her hair

- When you arrive there and exchange greetings with the rest of the group you finally enter the club

- You notice how Harukawa is carefully examining everyone you pass by

- “Hey… Maki - chan! W came here to have fun not to spy on people!”

- “Sorry”

- You take both of her hands and smile as the two of you awkwardly rock from side to side

- “Maki - chan… You’re having fun right?”

- She looks at you and gives you a small smile

- “Yeah, but only because you’re here”

- She’s so cute omg

- “Oh, one second S/O I’ll just go check up on the others”

- “Okay!”

- She walks through the crowd glaring at anyone that’s in her way, sure enough they move aside for her

- “Everything okay over here?”

- “Yes it is Harukawa - san!”

- “That’s good… I might convince S/O to slowly make our way out now”

- Oh okay, wait, where is S/O - san?”

- Harukawa quickly turns around and sure enough you’re gone

- “Goddammit”

- She literally interrogates everyone in the club which results in several people dropping their glasses out of fear

- “Alright that’s it”

- She pulls out a knife and holds it at the bartenders neck

- “Where’s S/O”

- “AHH! Please I have no idea who she is!”

- Akamatsu then quickly runs over and pulls Harukawa away

- “Um.. Harukawa - san how about you go and splash some cold water in your face… I’ll convince the bartender not to call the police okay?”

 - She’s annoyed, she really is. How dare someone kidnap you

- She kicks the door to the bathroom open and there she finds you in front of the mirror reapplying your make up

- “Oh! Hey hey Maki - ch-”

- Before you can finish she grabs your wrist and starts pulling you towards the exit

- “Wah! W-Wait, where are we going?!”

- “Home. Before the police comes.”

- “POLICE?!”

- “I’ll explain later”

Himiko Yumeno:

- Honestly a club was way too loud for her

- Why can’t S/O just have a nice nap with me instead…

- It took both you and Tenko to drag her out of the house to join your little social group

- “Himiko - chan! It’ll be really fun I swear!”

- “Yeah! S/O - san’s right Yumeno - san! Tenko will make sure no disgusting males will touch you!”

- “… Eh… Fine”

- It took her about an hour to get ready, thing is all she needed to do was put on a dress

- She was just leaning against your arm most of the time drifting in and out of sleep

- “I don’t understand why I can’t wear my hat…”

- “This isn’t a fancy dress ball, it’s just a little club outing!”

- “That didn’t answer my question…”

- Once you actually get there you meet up with everyone else and take hold of Yumeno’s hand

- “Let’s go!”

- You convince her to dance with you but it’s more like you’re dragging her around

- “Urgh… Chabashira - san can you take care of Himiko - chan for a while? I’ll go get her something that could wake her up”

- Chabashira literally jump at Yumeno and begins to dance with her

- After about 10 minutes, Yumeno realises that you’re still not back

- “S/O?…”

- She looks around but you’re nowhere to be seen

- “Chabashira… Have you seen S/O?”

- “Huh? No S/O - san has been gone for a while now though… Don’t tell me…”

- Yumeno sighs as she looks at the stage

- “Maybe I’ll get a better view from up there?…”

- Without hesitation, she makes her way over to the stage and takes the microphone

- “Um… Has anyone seen S/O?”

- “Get off the stage!”

- “Bring the music back!”

- She frowns at the crowd

- “How about a magic show instead?”

- “Huh?! A magic show?!”

- She smirks and whips out her hat and cape from her little handbag

- Oh, so that’s why it took her ages to get ready

- She then proceeds to show everyone some of her greatest tricks 

- You’re still not back…

- She sighs before turning to the audience once more

- “And now, a short break!”

- She quickly makes her way to the bathroom staring at the ground

- Huh? These shoes look familiar…

- She looks up to find.. You

- “S/O!”

- She literally jumps on you and hugs you like a koala

- “Woah… Is everything alright?” You ask as you wrap your arms around her

- “Stupid S/O… Because of you I had to do a performance…”

- She then buries her face in the crook of your neck before closing her eyes

Tsumugi Shirogane:

- She was lowkey disappointed that you weren’t going to a cosplay event

- But at least she still got to make your dress!

- “Tsumugi - chan….”

- “Now now, let me put the make up on!”

- She was literally buzzing and you didn’t have the heart to tell her you had to leave in 5 minutes to be on time

- Once you finally arrive, half an hour late, you quickly explain that you were just stuck in traffic

- “Let’s just go in okay?”

- The instance you walk in you can hear her muttering about how they could potentially improve this place

- You giggle and take her hand

- “Hey hey, let’s just have some fun okay?”

- You lead her to the middle before the two of you start dancing

- You’re not as good as her but you can tell that she’s trying to hold back laughter

- “You’re going to trip over your own feet S/O - san!”

- “Wha- No I’m not! You’re lying to me!”

- Guess what

- You tripped

- She rolls her eyes and laughs as she helps you up

- “Um… I’m going to get some ice for myself”

- “Haha.. Yeah, I’ll be here hahaha”

- She manages to find some of your friends in the crowd and begins to tell them all about her new favourite anime series

- “Not to interrupt you, Shirogane - san, but where is S/O - san?”

- Huh?

- “Now that you mention it… She has been gone for a while.. She just went to get some ice!”

- Shirogane makes her way through the crowd towards the bar expecting you to be sitting there

- Except you weren’t

- Okay… Where could you be?

- Urgh it’s way too crowded to see

- She grabs the nearest glass bottle and smashes it against the ground

- The people instantly scatter

- Huh… Not here then

- She repeats this from time to time but she still doesn’t find you

- She sighs before making her way to the bathroom

- “S/O - san… Where did you go?”

- She’s isn’t really paying attention so she manages to bump into someone

- “Oh s-sorry! Huh? S/O - san?”

- “Hey hey Tsumugi - chan!”

- “What are you doing here?!”

- “Um… Well I noticed that the makeup you did for me got kind of smudged so… I tried to fix it…”

- She just hugs you before giving you a lecture about how you shouldn’t just leave her for so long

Tenko Chabashira:

- She’s not gonna lie

- She wasn’t too keen on going to a club full of people with you

- She was scared that someone could get hurt, potentially you

- So that is why she taught you some basic self defence before you got out

- “Got it S/O - san?”

- “Y-Yeah but… It’s just a little outing with all our friends right?”

- “Better safe than sorry!”

- She kisses the top of your head before taking your hand and leading you towards the group

- “Hey hey Chabashira - san!”

- “Hello! Me and S/O - san are ready incase someone attacks us but are you guys?”

- You roll your eyes before heading for the door and opening it

- “S/O - san waiiiittt!”

- The pair of you soon begin dancing although she points out several times that she’s much better at Aikido

- “Tenko - chan! This is just for fun!”

- You take her hands and smile as you begin to sway from side to side with her

- “You’re so cute Tenko - chan!”

- “Wahhhh stop it S/O - san! You’ll make me blush”

- You giggle as she hides her face in her hands

- “Well, I’ll be right back”

- “Huh? Wait where are you go-”

- Oh you’re already gone

- At first she doesn’t think much of it, she just spends some time with Yumeno and Akamatsu

- But then when she gets a glance at the clock she notices you’ve been gone for 10 minutes

- That turned into 20 minutes

- Okay she’s worried now

- “Um excuse me Mi- WAH”

- Someone tapped her on the shoulder so her automatic response was self defence

- “Huh? Oh um.. Sorry”

- She rubs the back of her neck before quickly making an exit

- She pushes open a door only to find tiles

- This doesn’t look like the exit

- Huh but wait, who’s that over there?

- “S/O - san!”

- She rugby tackles you into a hug




- … Oh

Kirumi Tojo:

- She tried her best to come up with an excuse not to go

- “I have to clean the house”

- “You can clean it later”

- “There’s laundry I need to do”

- “Laundry can wait”

- “I don’t even have the proper attire for this”

- “You can borrow one of mine!”

- She can’t win this battle and she knows it

- “Fine… Let us go S/O - san”

- “Yay! Thank you thank you thank you!”

- You hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek before running to get your nicest dress for her

- Once the pair of you finally arrive the rest of your friends just stare

- “Wow… Tojo - san looks so pretty!”

- “Angie thinks Kirumi looks nice!”

- “You should dress like that more often Tojo - san”

- “Ah… Thank you everyone..”

- “Kirumi - chan you’re blushing hehe”

- “S/O - san… Let’s just go inside okay?”

- She’s literally triggered the second she walks in

- “Look at all the… Rubbish…”

- “No…. Don’t look at itttt, just come with me okay?”

- You take her hand and lead her to the bar

- “Here Kirumi - chan, you can choose whatever drink you want, I’ll order it for you!”

- “Ah but… I don’t know any of them…”

- You order her a somewhat exotic drink and once you get yours you clink your glasses together

- When music suddenly starts playing again Tojo quickly looks at the stage

- But as soon as she turns back…

- You’re gone

- “S/O - san?”

- She takes a look around but… You’re gone

- Alright, time to use her skill

- “Excuse me, do you have a broom?”

- The bartender turns to her with confusion

- “A broom?”

- “Indeed”

- “Err… Yeah right there”

- “Thank you very much”

- She then proceeds to clean and shoo the people into corners at the same time

- Nothing

- Could you possibly be in the bathroom?

- Well it’s certainly worth checking

- “Oh, I found you S/O - san”

- “You were looking for me?”

- “Yes, you simply vanished”

- “Did you not hear me say I was going to reapply my makeup?”

- Oh. So it was her mistake

- “Haha, wait. Why do you have a broom?”

- “Oh um…”

- Needless to say when you come out you’ve never seen a club so clean before

Miu Iruma:

- Hell yeah! PARTY

- Unless you just want an excuse to see her in tight clothing ;) ;) ;)

- “You’re wrong Miu - chan! I just want to have fun with you!”

- “Eeee”

- “Huh?… Something… Wrong?”

- “You’re too cute!”

- You blush at the comment and quickly mumble a “let’s go” before turning on your heel and walking out

- Even though you repeatedly told her not to take any of her inventions she did it anyway

- As soon as you enter the club she instantly heads for the bar

- Responsible

- It takes her quite a while to realise

- You didn’t actually follow her

- “S/O?”

- Yeah as if that’s going to work

- Maybe the others know where you are

- “Bakamatsu.”

- She sighs before turning to face her

- “What is it Iruma - san?”

- “Where’s S/O?”

- “Huh? Last time I saw her she was heading in your direction”

- “Shut it bitch. I don’t need your lies.”

- To exaggerate her point she slaps a glass Akamatsu was holding out of her hand

- “Iruma - san! Why would you do that?! Just because you lost S/O - san doesn’t give you the right to do that!”

- “Eeeee! D-Don’t shout!”

- “Don’t you have some gadget that can find her?”

- “You finally said something worthwhile!”

- She quickly takes out a small device and starts typing in several things

- “What… Is that?”

- “A miniature drone of course you moron!”

- She makes a lap around the room and scans each person

- None of them are you

- “Could she be in the MEN’S bathroom! Kyahahah”

- “What?! Of course she won’t be!”

- “Shut it pig tits!”

- If they weren’t in public, Akamatsu would give her a whole lecture on the fact that she can’t go around calling people that

- “Just… Go to the girl’s bathroom.”

- With some difficulties, the drone manages to get in

- And… There you are, adjusting your make up

- She literally sprints to the bathroom and quickly pins you to the wall

- “Think you could escape me huh?”

- “Huh?! Miu - ch-”

- She cuts you off by firmly pressing her lips against yours

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

Omg Number 57. "Theres room enough for both of us." for our While Dannis Away Tag. XD

HAHAHA you didn’t pick a pairing, and since I know our dear @bloody-bee-tea LOVES IronFalcon the most… that’s what she’s getting here.

And it’s not… precisely in the context of an “I love you” but the fic went where it went and I like it. So.


Tony woke up to the sound of yelling somewhere nearby.

He’d been awake for four days with only a nap here or there, never more than an hour or so at a time. He’d also, probably not that coincidentally, gotten his ass handed to him when Ross sent him off to “talk” to one of the Inhumans that he claimed was causing a mess. Tony had been just finishing up some work at the UN for the amendments to the Accords, Vision was off handling something else, and so he’d had to go alone.

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Way of Kings thoughts/feels

So I finally took the time to sit down and actually read this book. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for like two months as I’ve made my way through Mistborn, Elantris, and Warbreaker first, which probably wasn’t a bad idea as WoK was definitely more cosmere heavy than the rest of the books so the foundation I had was good.

and i finished it a couple of days ago

I am still screaming

it was so so good

so here are some of my thoughts and reactions in no particular order:



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anonymous asked:

Pleease write a student/teacher AU where the other is a teacher and gets jealous in the middle of a class when someone tries to flirt with the student one (it's your call who's the teacher and who's the student)(btw I love you cause you and your drabbles are perfection)

A/N: omg you are so sweet!! I love you too dear anon :) I’m not entirely sure about this, so if you don’t like it or whatever, feel free to tell me and I’ll try to change it.

WARNING: there’s a bit of smut too

“There’s a hottie looking at you” Dorcas said casually, leaning against her chair. “He has a leather jacket, I reckon is your type” she added.

Marlene smirked and finished her beer before looking in the boy’s direction with discretion. She then looked back at Dorcas and nodded “it’s good to know that you know my taste”.

The brunette girl rolled her eyes “well of course, I am your best friend, aren’t I?”

“Of course you are”

“He’s still looking at you” Dorcas said “I guess that’s my cue to leave”.

“You don’t have to” Marlene said rolling her eyes.

The girl gave her a look as she stood up and put on her jacket “unlike you, I am a responsible person and I want to get some sleep before starting classes tomorrow”.

“Oh, please” Marlene snorted and shook her head “it’s eight o’clock, grandma”.

“Shut up… besides, I’m doing you a favor and I expect full details tomorrow”

“Yeah, yeah” Marlene said waving her hand dismissively.

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Subscribed - 1

Summary: Lauren Jauregui is a famous vlogger on YouTube, and with that title comes a lot of fans. However, in the sea of adoring admirers, one seems more prominent than the others. Camila Cabello is a girl with a sad story and good intentions, who also happens to be a massive fan of Lauren and her friends. At VidCon, these two different worlds collide for the first time. Can their story survive with millions watching their every move?

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tired pt.3

pt. 1 / pt. 2 / pt. 4

Originally posted by jinkooks

Words: 1.194
Warnings: Angst ( again, this story is pure angst omg) and basically just Jungkook being a total douche

A/N: PLEASE READ THE A/N BELOW THE STORY. I just wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive and tell you again that there’s nothing that makes me happier than you asking for another part or telling me that you like the story so far or even just hitting the like button. Like honestly, it makes my day ^v^

It was uncomfortable. No, that’s a lie. It was fucking unbearable.
After your last little ‘dispute’ Jungkook had only now realized that you meant every word of what you said. Having a break, to distance yourselves from each other.  He had really gotten the hang of it when you first came over after that and didn’t smile at him once.
You were still normal with all the other members, laughing and joking with each other, watching movies, cooking or snuggling on the couch together. It bothered him, whenever he saw you giving one of the members that smile, that smile you were supposed to show only him, he felt a light sting in his heart.
It was slowly starting to annoy the hell out of him.

He needed a distraction.

You woke up, groaning because you had only gotten an hour of sleep. College was becoming a lot more difficult with projects coming up and the fact that Sojin came to start the project with you, both of you just ending up drinking, laughing and crying, abandoning the project on the living room table, wasn’t really a big help.

You blinked and brought your hand to your head. “What time is it…” You searched for your phone, or an alarm clock, anything that could show you the time was alright.
You shoved your hand under your blanket when you felt your phone. You pulled It out from beneath and took a look at the screen. 11:09am. Woops. You looked around for Sojin, but the little munchkin was nowhere to be found.

“Ya, Sojin!” You shouted. “Kitchen.” You heard her singing. How could she be in such a good mood after that much alcohol? But then you remembered. Sojin didn’t drink, at least not half as much as you did.
And that was basically because your heart still ached with want after someone, that did not want you.

You pulled yourself out of your bed, slipped your feet into your slippers and made your way to the kitchen, where you were welcomed by a sweet smell. “Good morning. Feeling better?” She asked, turning her head to you and smiling. “Mh.” You hummed, looking forward to whatever she was preparing.
“Y/N-ah..” She started, her voice careful and slow. “Maybe you shouldn’t go on the internet today. Especially not Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.” You were confused. “And why is that?”

“Jungkook he..there were some headlines concerning him.” You froze. Your heart immediately beating faster. “What headlines Sojin? Tell me or I am going to look myself.” You stated, becoming more and more nervous.

“He was seen with some girl yesterday. Making..making out. They said he was probably seeing her for a while now. But, but nothing is confirmed so please don’t freak out, okay Y/N? People always like starting rumors..-“ 
“I don’t care.” You said coldly, trying to suppress everything that was going on in you that moment.

“Y/N-ah..-“ “We’re not dating Sojin, we’re not even friends anymore. He can do whatever the hell he wants to. It is none of my concern.”
She sighed.

“If you say so.”

And you were right, it wasn’t any of your concern. It shouldn’t be. But you still couldn’t stop yourself from going online right after Sojin was out, to see the pictures yourself. Which was a huge mistake.

The girl was kissing him in an alleyway. Even though it was dark, you could clearly see that it was indeed Jungkook. The girl had her arms slung around his neck while he held her by her hips. That girl was so beautiful, you thought nothing ever hurt your self-esteem as much as this did. She had wavy long, bleached hair, long and thin legs and yet she had still nice curves that were beautifully pronounced by the tight black dress that she was wearing. You locked your phone and threw it on your bed.

That picture was going to haunt you for quite a while from then on.

I wasn’t until your project was finished two weeks later, that you finally found the time to hang out with them again. You weren’t really prepared for meeting him again, at least not after this stupid article and this stupid picture and this stupid stunning girl. Ugh.

“Y/N! I thought we would never hear from you again!” Hoseok yelled, pulling you into a tight hug. “Yeah.. sorry. I had a stupid project for psychology and it took me ages to finish.” You sighed letting yourself down on the couch next to Yoongi.
He leaned in and whispered something in your ear. “Are you alright?” Yoongi knew about the incident, the fight, everything kind of. Including your feelings for Jungkook.

You just nodded, not really wanting to talk or even think about it. It would just ruin your mood.

All of you, except for Jungkook -thank GOD- , were sitting on the couch in the living room, watching yet another anime movie Seokjin had insisted on watching (after pouting for half an hour.) Everything was peaceful and nice and you enjoyed the company of your best friends, suddenly realizing how much you had missed spending your time with them.

Suddenly you heard the front door open. You heard people stumbling into the dorm, giggling. One of them, what seemed like two people, was undeniably Jungkook. The other though, was a girl.
The giggling came close when they finally stood in the door of the living room and as expected, it was the girl from the picture. The stupid stunningly beautiful girl. And suddenly you felt so small and vulnerable, so much more than you did before.

“Hii look who I brought along with..- Oh.” He stopped mid-sentence when his eyes met yours. They were big in shock and he paused for a second, searching for words.  “I, uhm, brought Hyorin along.” He muttered, not as cheery as he was before. “Hi guys.” The girl, Hyorin, said, greeting you(?) and the boys.

You felt Yoongi’s gaze burn at you when you searched for something to look at, because you were so desperately trying to ignore that the two of them were holding hands.

Suddenly your skin was burning and everything inside you was aching with pain, maybe jealousy and probably even anger because you idiot allowed yourself to be jealous.

“I..” You started. “I am not feeling so well. Probably still sleep deprived from the project, you know. So I guess .. I’m gonna go now.” You said, forcing a smile but your voice wavered half way through the sentence. You gave them a light wave and stormed out, pushing yourself between Jungkook and Hyorin out of the door, towards the front door.

You ignored Yoongi calling after you. You could already feel your eyes getting hotter and hotter by the second, water collecting at the edge of them.

Your heart was hurting, and you felt stupid, so very stupid, as you left the building, not wanting to face the world right now. Because the tears were already coming out.

“You’re such an idiot.” Yoongi growled as he rushed past Jungkook, trying to catch up to you. And at that moment he realized he had completely fucked up.

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