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Bugs Bunny (Spock x Reader)

Summary: request from @blueoftheenterprise : I recently found your blog and let me tell you I really love your fics! Are you taking requests for Spock? If you do I really could use some motivation fics at the moment so could you do a bullied!reader x Spock in which the reader loves Spock but does nothing because she doesn’t think she deserves him? If you need more detail you can DM me 😘 Thank you!

Warnings: Bullying, Language

Pairing: Spock x Reader

a/n: OK so this is my first non-Jim request. Firstly thanks for the opportunity to do something different i hope you like it! Secondly I hope I’ve done Spock enough justice for this to be enjoyable. We jump straight in so just in case it’s a sensitive issue for some I’ve put everything under the cut.

Words: 1,581

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HIII! omg i love your blog but ok can i request 48 & 49 like he(spence) needs her to kiss him and she comes back with the sassy remark. (the "id rather die..") but then she kisses him and its all cute and perfect and couple-y cute. thank you!

Thank you so much for this!! My first request, I was so excited and nervous that I hope I got what you were going for. 

Title: Challenge Time

Prompt: 48: “Kiss me”

49: “I’d rather die”

Sunday nights were unquestionably your favorite, and they were even better when your genius boyfriend wasn’t on a case. Nights like these were spent on the couch with fuzzy, warm socks and reading whatever good book you found that week. Sometimes you read aloud to Spencer and sometimes vice versa, but tonight you both had your own individual books and the room was quiet.

It was making you restless.

You started by nudging his leg with your foot, it wasn’t enough to distract him from his book but that was your plan. Because he wouldn’t see what was coming. You nudged his leg again, this time applying a little more force and watching as his leg slipped off the couch making his whole body jump straight up in the process. Spencer shot you a look, mix between surprised and offended, while you tried to hide behind your book.

“What was that for?” The mock tone of hurt mixed with the fake look of betrayal Spencer used made you peek out and snicker.

“Well,” You said trying to hold in your giggles, “that’s what you get for ignoring me.”

“Ignoring you? We were both reading!” Spencer pouted. “If anything you were ignoring me.”

You gave his other leg another nudge, aiming to take the couch for yourself.

“I know you’re trying to kick me off the couch, the question is though, why?”

You gave him another nudge. “Because the first person to fall off the couch has to go get ice cream for the winner.”

“Oh.” Spencer said, as you nudged him again. “So it’s a challenge.”

His leg was almost all the way off the couch, and from there it would be too easy and you’d be eating ice cream in twenty. You barely saw Spencer’s cute face smirk before he jumped on top of you. You let out a surprised shriek and couldn’t help but laugh as Spencer shushed you.

“It’ll be a little awkward if you got the cops called on us because of your screaming.” He said smiling down at you.

“You just surprised me; you’re going to be the one screaming in a second.” You struggled to push him off. Trying to throw off his balance, but he acted like a feather was trying to move him. “I’m going to knock you onto the floor.”

“I doubt that’s going to happen.” You were about to ask what he meant by that but before you could even process it Spencer had you hanging off the couch, arms secured around your back while yours were clinging around his neck.

You playfully glared at him. “This doesn’t mean defeat.”

“Really?” He questioned while slowly letting you slip out of his arms.

“Okay, okay! Don’t drop me, I’ll do whatever you want!” You weren’t on the floor yet, there was still hope.

“Kiss me.”

You paused. “What?”

“Kiss me or I drop you.” He teased.

“I’d rather die.” You teased right back to him, you even let go of his neck accepting whatever fate was about to come. Of course, you couldn’t pull this act for too long Spencer looked too disappointed at your teasing. “You handsome genius, of course I’d rather kiss you.”

Before he could even react, you pulled yourself towards Spencer and met his lips with yours. Nothing could beat how right this felt to you, just you and Spencer connected together. His kisses were bittersweet, like the black sugar coffee he always had near him, each kiss, each breath, and each touch warmed you to the core. He set you back onto the safety of the couch never breaking your contact with each other, running his hands down your arms and around your waist.

The two of you broke apart, needing to catch your breath before things got a little too heated. You stroked the side of his face, losing yourself in his golden eyes and the heavenly smile that broke out onto his face.

“Spencer, I love you.”

You watched as color filled his cheeks and his grin turned shy. He buried his head by your neck, embarrassed by the attention you were giving him. He whispered; quiet and close enough to your ear to send a shiver down your spine. “I love you too.”

Smiling, you couldn’t believe how happy you felt spending your Sunday night with someone you loved. Except you were still missing one thing. “Spencer, I really wanted ice cream.”

He laughed. “You know, since technically neither of us ended up on the floor maybe instead of one of us being forced to go out alone, we should just have the ice cream I got earlier that’s in the freezer.”

You really were in heaven. “That is an amazing idea, but I just need one thing before we can do that.”

“What would that be?”

“This.” You pulled him close enough so you could gently give him a peck, which led to another hour fooling around on the couch.

How Fe Works in ENTPs

By marvoliarty

Just because I saw the post with this question (which was totally random happenstance and not because I check this blog on a daily basis, nope hahaha *sweats nervously*).  Ok, I already just wasted half an hour scrolling down tumblr because I wanted to take a peek and forgot that I was doing this (which is really just me ignoring the fact that I don’t want to query more agents (thanks Ne)).  

Anywayyyyy,  actually talking about Fe. Fe is basically the plight of my existence; more than Si because Si is so low that it pretty much never shows up in my life.  Let’s see how to put this.  Fe turns me into a paradox, and I’ll discuss how here.  It’s always present in my life, much like an irritating child that keeps kicking you in the leg, and no matter what you do THEY WON’T GO AWAY AND YOU CAN’T MAKE THEM STOP KICKING YOU.

Ok, so basically, Fe is the cause of my freaking huge ass ego.  I need to be loved by everyone.  I need to be the center of attention.  I do things just to make people laugh, for attention, so that they think I’m funny.  I say things as a joke, but really they’re true, but I need to share them in a socially acceptable way. With my writing, I get ahead of myself and share the document before even the first draft is complete.  I need your input, I find it fun.  

On the contrast, FE IS EFFING TERRIBLE.  I am super insecure because omg what if you’re lying to me, if you’re trying to spare my feelings, or what if you actually hate me?? WHO KNOWS???? CERTAINLY NOT MY FE.  I can’t discern people’s feelings well, because once my personal emotions get involved, I don’t know if it’s me or you or if I’m just imagining everything and wtf.

Fe makes me a super people pleaser, because I lowkey/highkey both want people to like me.  It’s like ‘eh, I don’t care what people think of me’ and ‘BUT I WANT YOU TO LIKE ME’.  I will try to make you like me, but once you establish that you hate me for absolutely no reason, I will derive great pleasure from making you hate me even more.  Tert Fe is a dick.  I will go out of my way to outdo you in absolutely everything and thanks to Ne’s completely awesome to be good at basically everything right off the bat, I’m typically going to win. #Evil. 

However, it still is Fe, which provides the lovely thing called social obligation and feelings ugh.  For example, I was super tired yesterday, but my mom was going to the store and asked if I wanted to come (she’s an Fi user, so she doesn’t really understand this struggle), I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT but because of Fe it went 'look at all she does for you, don’t make her sad! Go with.’ and that’s why I had to go to the store.  I need social approval on things as well, which is why when I wanted to skip school because I WAS really sick, I couldn’t do it until someone else told me that I could choose to.  

In emotionality, it kinda turns me into that tumblr romance movie trope about 'the plan’.  Basically, I have a plan for my life and then Fe goes 'look at person, have feelings’ and I feel as if I was hit by a bus, because I typically just don’t have actual feelings for anyone in that aspect.  My upper two functions go NO THIS ISN’T THE PLAN while Fe goes la la la la.  Also, because Fe is so low, the way my liking you comes out is weird…..  My ego, and the fact that I really can’t take rejection (lower and underdeveloped as of yet) means that when I like you, I have to hide it.  I always hide it so well that I go to the opposite end of the spectrum and either make it super uncomfortable or you end up thinking I hate you because I act really aloof towards you.  GAH I JUST WASTED ANOTHER HALF HOUR ON TUMBLR.

Um, ok, upside; I am really not the type of person to be socially correct just for the sake of being socially correct, and having it low down actually makes me a pretty genuine person?  Like, for example, I intern at an office with two Fe dome ladies who are super nice, but also, pretty catty.  After we all went to a holiday lunch, the two of them start complaining about this one woman who I happened to like.  I had never noticed that they didn’t like her, but they were faking it.  I can’t really do that.  Since I have super impulsive/creative Ne and kinda socially inept Ti in front of it, Fe tends to bleed my true feelings through.  When I don’t like you, typically I make it known, or at least it is seen without ever being socially rude.  Another example, there’s this girl in my dance class who is pretty backstabbing, and so I am cordial, but I just let her talk, and occasionally, I will nod.  I can’t pretend that we are friends without it coming out super patronizing.   

DAMNIT TUMBLR.  Ok, um let’s see what else.  EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION.  Alright, yes, we do that, we’re super good at it, book look, it’s not some Hannibal Lecter crap, we aren’t psychopaths.  Here’s the deal: we completely understand societal rules and expectations, know how they work, and how to respond to situations, we just typically lack the element that Fe doms and Auxes have, you know, caring about it.  We pretty much have an emotionally detached textbook understanding that allows us to follow typical textbook responses to achieve the desired result.  That’s how I literally created a persona that made me the concentrated embodiment of exuding brilliance and success: I in fact built it like Frankenstein out of pieces of other people’s personalities.  Like I said before though, with romantic feelings, once my own emotions are introduced, it get’s hard and I can no longer predict and manipulate with ease.  Then enters from stage left, guilt, doubt of what I am seeing, my own act either going too much or not enough, crashing and explosion.

Also, a weakness that comes with Fe, no matter where in the function stack, if the need to share, which sucks.  When one of my classmates shared that she was going to an audition, I immediately perked up, because I knew that if I went, no matter what it was, I would get the role.  Now, I, of course got the role, but it was because of her Fe that she needed to share it, and because of my lower Fe that I need to share things like the premise of my book to other people, which my Fi mother would never do.  'don’t be stupid,’ she’d say, 'someone will take that idea and steal it’.  Still, Fe makes me need to share.    

Ok, this may or may not be the final point, depending on whether or not Ne gets another idea (which it always does after I submit and then I want to stab myself in the eye. #why does every paragraph end with me wasting an hour on tumblr???).  Fe is super confusing and weird.  Goodnight California


Dat be too many feelz + Ne brain puke to read without a drink.