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I feel like bitty would be an awful person to be around when he is sick, not in that he milks it for every dime but that he blatantly denies he is sick and/or refuses help from other people. 

Like that saying about nurses being the worst patients. that’s bitty
‘no I do not need help thank you very much I have a sniffle not the plague’
 ‘don’t you dare come near me with that bottle of lies I do not need cough medicine, I need some peace and quiet and a little sunshine’ 

‘I’m fine’ ‘You have a fever’ ‘I’m southern we run hot’ ‘You look really pale bits, you should lie down’ ‘you look a little rude maybe you should stay in your own lane’ ‘Bits’ ‘Jack’ 


(170115 SEVENTEEN Fansign Fan Account) 
A fan asked some of the Seventeen members to write a heart-warming message to Vernon who just turned 20 years old (Korean age)~


Joshua: Vernon I love you my brother from another mother ♡
Hoshi: Just follow hyung~
Jun: Hansol-ah, do your best in your 20s.
Dino: Congrats.
The8: Lets play together~
Wonwoo: History book (T/N: according to the fan, wonwoo really wants him to read a history book… but hansol only reads books that are in english..

TRANS © v-hansolchoi | take out with full credits please.
original source: © Letters to Romeo


Oh shit.

And Kuroo finds himself falling in love all over again.

Do Something Bad, Too - Part 1

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: sexual harassment, language, a/b/o dynamics

A/N: sooo its finally here! the a/b/o fic nobody asked for. this is my take on the dynamic and it’s kind of different (but not really) to what i’ve seen on here before but hopefully you guys like it! i promise it’ll be a LOT more smutty than my series usually are, but im gonna make yall work for it first. feedback is always appreciated! message me if you wanna be tagged :)

for a quick run down of a/b/o dynamics, read this post

title is from stalker by bad rabbits

Natasha is waiting in your office when you return to Stark Tower, barely flinching when you slam the door shut and immediately collapse on the small couch against the wall. Nat undrapes her legs off your desk and pads over to you to sit crossed-legged by your head, putting on an exaggerated pout. It’s probably unwise to side-glare an international assassin turned Avenger, but you do it anyway.

You close your eyes and fill up Nat’s expectant silence with, “Why are all Alphas the biggest fucking assholes on the planet?”

“I don’t know,” Nat says with a wistful sigh, “It must be in our DNA.”

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Master sleuths + magnifying glasses