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My muse as a deity


Think carefully about your character and their development through their journey (canon or oc) within their story. Fill out chart and tag whoever you want! Multimuses, feel free to pick any of your characters, just a few, or all of them. Repost just so the dash didn’t get clogged with reblogs.

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Muse: Maximillian Griffin

God of: Time, resilience, cycles

Patron god of (or Protector of): the tortured, the depressed, the lost, the weary

Associated with: death, clocks, tears, medicine, dusk

Sacred plants: yew, pine trees, clovers

Sacred stones/gems: emerald, onyx, amber

Sacred animals: hounds,  

Colors: green, gray, black

Food: mashed potatoes, scones

Scents: wet grass, mountain winds, recently baked bread.

Accepted offerings/ways to honour: baking something in his name, stargazing while contemplating the futility of life, battling depression, planting trees

I’m doing Garnet +4 other gems, she’s the most done so far! : ]


todorokitty just wants to be friends with midoribirb

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