omg normally i have to watch the scenes to laugh at them

When You Come Home (Epilogue)

Part OneTwo, Three12 Days

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: The real finale.

Warnings: Just have fun, honestly.

Word Count: 12,303


Wow, you guys. That’s seriously all we can say. Like man, it’s been an adventure of a lifetime, lemme just say that. I mean, we can’t believe we wrote this entire thing (and that alone was so much fun, holy moly), but the fact that you guys enjoyed it?

We’re seriously so emotional. You guys have no idea.

Thank you so much to all of you that joined us on this journey. It’s been such an honor to receive such incredible, touching compliments on a daily basis, and we can’t stress how much we truly love you. Our hearts are so full of love for each and every one of you, and we’re so grateful to have been able to share a part of our hearts (and insanity) with you.

I can’t tell you how much yelling has been going on behind the scenes– Well, I’m sure y’all could imagine, but take whatever you’re imagining and multiply it by ten thousand. All of this yelling has been because of all of you (this is supposed to be a sweet sentiment, just take it, we’re hoarse, omg).

Again, thank you so much for your support, kindness, and love. We love you all so much. Thank you for making us two very happy dorky nerds. You’re all so amazing.

And so it’s with great pleasure that we present to you the epilogue.

- Team GTNW -


As much as you wanted to jump right into the next chapter of your life with the absolute love of your life, you knew it was best to let time run its course. The two of you decided to spend some time apart to just let things rest for a while, to regroup and think about what comes next, to prepare for the journey that was to come.

You’d both come to the agreement that you’d spend the next two months living your own lives, submerging yourselves back in the mundanity of work, giving the universe a much needed break (or rather, maybe the universe needed to give you guys a break).

That was the plan. Except two weeks after your reunion on the fire escape, your phone dinged with a new text message.

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A Valentine’s Promise: Peter Parker One Shot

Warnings: kissing, food, fire, loveeeeeeeee

A/N: this is the cutest, cheesiest thing ever but in the BEST way omg I’m crying why can’t I have a Peter AH!

Originally posted by marveling-over-imagines

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(not my gifs)

(I see Peter as being 18 at this time)

Everything was set up. Netflix was loaded, candles were lit, and snacks were out; all that was missing was your boyfriend.

Peter had texted you saying a spider-man thing came up so he’d probably be late… six hours ago. To say you were worried would be an understatement, but knowing Peter, he probably had everything under control.

All you could do was sit and wait.

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8 Reasons to Watch: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Im so sad that this k-drama ended and so in love with it that i needed to make a 8 reasons to watch post. First things first, sorry for any english mistakes. Hope you enjoy this post! :) 

There are some spoilers in this post, especially in item #3, but nothing too revealing.

Originally posted by joowons

1. The Main character

Originally posted by kcuties

When you see a strong female character in a k-drama, she’s often faking her personality or just being rude. Kim Bok Joo is a strong character and she’s still a human being. She lifts wheight, dedicating herself and putting her strenght on it and then she goes home to have fun and drink with her best friends. The main character show us that you can be strong and empowered and still live normally. That’s why we like her so much: she’s a female symbol of strength and still a young women who wants to enjoy her life and have some fun.

2. The swag couple

Originally posted by drama--study

This is one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen. In the end of the drama you’ll just be thinking “Omg, I wish I had a relationship like this!”. Bok Joo and Joon Hyung discover their first love in the peak of their lives, when they can do anything, like Bok Joo said in the last episode. That’s what makes this couple so special: their relationship is full of love, youth and affection.

3. Portrays Serious Issues 

Originally posted by younqshin

When I got to know the girls from Rythmic Gymnastics, I got really sad. They had to private themselves from eating in order to achieve perfection. Look at that: Song Si Ho even developed eating disorders. The scene which some girls break a scale in the middle of the night might seem fun to some, but to me it was really sad. We need to give more attention to Song Si Ho: to me, she’s one of the best characters in this drama.

4. It makes you laugh

Originally posted by iamyourdoom

Sun Ok, Nan Hee and Bok Joo = FRIENDSHIP GOALS! I died watching their moments together, not to mention the question “Do you like Messi?” who make me laugh loud. This drama is surrounded by funny scenes (like when they go to the amusement park) and the sound effects in the background, like the guy saying WHAT? just make them even funnier, don’t ask me why.

5. And even cry!

Originally posted by prinzangel

The whole thing with Joon Hyung and his mom are so sad. Family bonds make a great presence in this drama: you most certainly will get emotional seeing how much Joon Hyung’s uncles and Book Joo’s father try hard to provide everything to their children. 

6. Lovely soundtrack

Originally posted by rawryen

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo doesn’t have a big soundtrack, but it’s lovely and pleasing to listen from the first song to the last. The theme to all songs is “First Love”, and they’re going to make you remember the main couple’s sweet moments together. My favorite song is From Now On! What’s yours?

7. Amazing cast

Originally posted by kdramadaily

This drama’s cast is amazing! They are not only good actors: they had lots of fun recording Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and became close to each other. Nam Joo Hyuk even said he want’s to play a main couple with Lee Sung Kyung again! Isn’t that cute?

8. It is unique.

Originally posted by the-golden-cookie

Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo is not only about love: it shows us the power of true friendship, working hard to achieve your goals in life and a family who always tries to keep you happy. You’ll end this drama missing all the characters, and I’m not even kidding. This drama also teaches us that we need to enjoy our youth, the most beautiful phase of our lives. Kim Bok Joo is a young girl, and she’s just like us in various points. That’s the story portrayed in this k-drama: a young life, lived with lots of swag.

Did you like this post? Want me to do a Reasons To Watch post with another k-drama? Send me a message! :)

My Father Was Like You

Request: “Omg thanks can you do one where Teddy meets a loner Gryffindor girl that disappears every now and then and then find out that she’s a werewolf and like he feels that it’s some kind of “sign” from his father. Pretty pretty please, I so love your writing 💕”

Pairing: Edward “Teddy” Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 1848

Warnings: None

A/n: I literally know -67826% about this character so I hope I portrayed him alright :) thank god 4 the harry potter wiki

“Why do I do this to myself.” Teddy spoke to himself, running up the Grand staircase. His hair transformed into a darker shade of blue as he puffed up the stairs, taking two at a time. He was head boy, but that didn’t mean he didn’t accidentally sleep in once in a while. As he whizzed through the corridor he had almost made it to his Potions class, only to stop abruptly at the door. He was still, trying to pick up the hurried voices that were echoing through the empty hallways. He followed them, knowing he was getting nearer, as the voices went from a hushed echo to a loud whisper. He recognised the Headmistresses’ voice, but the other was unfamiliar. He had his back against the wall, not daring to peer down the hallway, in case he would get caught.

“We will take care of you, no need to worry.”

“But Professor, what if I hurt someone? I don’t want to put anyone at risk.”

“My girl, we have a hefty supply of Wolfsbane potion, and I will watch over you in my office, with the door locked and guarded.”

Teddy had to prevent himself from audibly gasping with shock. Wolfsbane potion? But that was only used by…

“You must prepare for the full moon this coming week. Don’t miss a day, make sure of it. It’s your responsibility to take a potion every day of the week.” Headmistress McGonagall instructed.

His suspicions were proved true by that final sentence, and he pulled himself away from the scene after it was revealed. He had heard stories about how his father attended Hogwarts, being aided by Dumbledore during full moons. And now there was another werewolf student that was being hidden.

A student at Hogwarts was infected with Lycanthropy.

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imthemoongirl  asked:

Your blog is amazing 😍 Can I request a Vernon scenario when you're an idol who's featuring in a Seventeen song and having an interview with them. Basically the hosts start to ship you guys and tease you and the rest of the members tease you too? Ty❤

- you’re an idol and have just been offered to appear in seventeen’s new music video!!
- you love seventeen’s songs and you’d love to be able to meet them and work with them
- but you’re still hesitating over whether you should accept it or not and honestly you’re leaning more towards no because your schedule’s already packed and you’re afraid of the public’s response
- in the end after much convincing from the members of you group, you decided why not and that’s how you find yourself here
- you and seventeen were invited on a show to talk about the music video
- you walk through the door backstage and you’re immediately spotted by the boys who swarm around you, each telling you how excited they are to work alongside you
- you tell them that you’re just as excited but inside you’re actually really nervous because it’s your first time working with another group and you’re afraid of messing up and disappointing them
- while waiting for the staff to tell you it’s time to go on, you’re shifting from foot to foot while playing with your clothes, a bad habit you have when you’re nervous or worried
- when suddenly someone taps your shoulder
- you turn around and you nearly jump in surprise when you see hansol standing so close to you
- he smiles and ask “nervous?” and you reply “a little. i mean, what if the public doesn’t like me?? you know how scary the viewers can be, what if they were hoping for someone else?? what if—”
- hansol interrupts you and says “don’t worry about it. you’ll do great, alright? i know you will”
- and you know those words are simple and you were expecting to hear them somewhere along the way but….. coming from hansol…. they just felt so sincere
- you’re all told to go on scene, and after sitting down you realize that you’re sitting in front of hansol and he just grins at you and you’re like stop. don’t do this to me
- so the interview starts and the host asks “(name), we heard you’re going to be featured in seventeen’s new music video!! it must be really exciting, right??”
- you open your mouth but your words get stuck in your throat and your mind is all over the place as you try to think of an answer to such a simple question
- but then you look up to see the warmest brown eyes
- hansol is nodding for you to continue, his smile kind and encouraging
- and immediately you feel fine again. you answer the host with confidence and smiles, and you make a mental note to thank hansol once this is all over
- but slowly, the host notices that you look over at him every time you’re about to speak and a smirk appears on his face and he’s like ohhh i see
- and so he decides to have some fun
- “ah (name), i see you’ve taken a liking to hansol. you seem to be looking at him a lot hmmm”
- then seungkwan screams “OH I NOTICED THAT TOO AND VERNON HAS ONLY BEEN LOOKING AT (NAME) TOO” and before you know it ALL the members have joined in
- you and hansol’s faces turn bright red and you both look down because you’re both too shy to even look each other in the eye now
- the host eventually stops the teasing when the boys started screaming and over-reacting, and continues the interview but you’re still too afraid to look up at hansol
- at some point you do look up and hansol does too, and you both immediately look back down after having eye contact, you cuties
- after the show, you go up to hansol and say “thank you for helping me out!! i probably would’ve died on set if it weren’t for you”
- modest as he is, he answers “oh no, i didn’t do anything. you did amazing on your own ahahah” and your heart just…… how could you do this to me
- when hansol gets called by a staff member, you say goodbye to him and you’re about to leave the building when seungkwan suddenly slides in front of you
- he has a wide grin on his face and you’re like oh no what are you thinking
- and he says “sooo i noticed you looking over at my best friend” and you’re about to interrupt him but he quickly adds “….and like i mentioned earlier, i noticed him looking at you too”
- you say “well yeah i guess, i mean he was helping me out and everything—”
- then seungkwan says “no….. even when i was talking and making jokes, he didn’t even look over in my general direction. he normally does because i’m hilarious”
- you’re just like “nooo it can’t be i mean….. me???….. no….”
- and seungkwan places a hand on your shoulder and says “alright well if you don’t believe me, you’re just going to have to wait and see at the music video filming” and he leaves a confused you behind
- so you’re supposed to go to filming in two days and you’ve been sent the script to follow, so basically you have a scene with each member, and most of your scenes are with seungkwan
- but when the day of filming comes around…….
- “ah (name), seungkwan hasn’t been feeling well lately so he’s switching places with vernon”
- this is the first thing the film direction tells you when you get to the shooting area and you just look at him with wide eyes and dropped jaw
- you stutter “o-oh!! okay th-thanks for letting me know!!” and when he leaves, seungkwan enters the scene
- when he looks over at you and sees your red face, he just grins and makes a peace sign and you’re like omfG SEUNGKWAN I’M GOING TO KILL YOU
- hansol notices you and he approaches you and says “oh hey (name), did you… hear about the news??”
- and you try so hard not to show your nervousness as you answer “yeah i did, looks like we’ll be working together a lot, huh??”
- the director calls everyone to take their places and your first scene is with seungkwan
- so woozi decided on a cute yet upbeat concept again similar to pretty u, and it’s about the members being too shy to tell their crush they like them and fearing that they might lose them if they take too much time
- the first scene is of you sitting on a bench and then seungkwan walks into the scene and sits on the other side of the bench, making a space between you two
- and you’re like good because any closer and you probably would’ve wrung his neck
- so you shoot the scene and after several different angle shots, you get up and leave and the director yells “cut” and praises you for your good work
- the next few scenes are solos of hansol so seungkwan decides to approach you and talk for a bit
- he says “sooo how do you like the change of plans??” and you’re like “SEUNGKWAN HOW COULD YOU” and he says “trust me on this. you’ll see.”
- so the director decided to save your and hansol’s scenes together for last, and now you’re both sitting next to each other, both of your legs dangling over the edge of a roof and it’s sunset and the whole thing just feels like a scene out of a drama
- while you’re sitting there, you look down to see all the other members wiggling their eyebrows at you both and you’re like i hate you all
- hansol looks down and sees them all and just sighs “sorry about those kids” and inside you’re like lol you’re the second youngest hansol what are you saying
- you ask “are they always like this?” and he just says “nah….. they’re much worse, trust me”
- and while the directors and staff are working on the scene, hansol tells you a bunch of stupid things the boys have done back at the dorm
- like that time when there was only a small amount of toothpaste left and seungcheol ran away with it only to get attacked by them all, or that time jeonghan said that he always carries a spoon so that no matter what time it is he can eat
- and you both end up laughing while on the roof and the director suddenly screams “CUT”
- you both look down at the director who says “your laughing scene was perfect, good job. it looked so natural”
- both you and hansol are like “wait what?? we were filming????”
- needless to say seungkwan teased you so much for it
- filming obviously takes more than one day, so you always come back and the members in your group often point out how you look much happier these past few days
- “oh you know, it’s seventeen’s charm”
- during filming, every scene you have with hansol, you fall for him deeper and deeper
- but honestly you’re kind of sad because….. you fell for someone who probably only thinks of you as a co-worker…..
- after this, you guys probably won’t even talk anymore
- you push away all negative thoughts and instead focus on your scenes
- after a few more days, the music video is finally complete, and the boys line up to give you a hug as thanks for your hard work
- except for hansol
- he already left
- he’s nowhere to be found, and seungkwan clearly sees your disappointment so he walks up to you and says “don’t worry. you’ll see why” and you’re like seungkwan i’ve been hearing that from you since the first day of filming WHEN WILL I SEE IT
- but he doesn’t say anything and instead just grins at you
- after saying goodbye, you leave the building and sigh as you walk back to your dorm
- as you expected, you were nothing but his co-worker
- about two weeks later of no hansol seventeen, you’re scrolling through youtube when you see that seventeen’s channel released the new music video!!
- so you click on it and honestly you don’t know whether to cringe because you’re watching yourself or scream excitedly because you’re on a seventeen music video
- you eventually decide on both
- but while watching…… you notice something a bit odd….
- you grab the script sitting next to your bed and you shift your eyes from the script to the screen over and over
- and that’s when you realize
- all the scenes of hansol looking at you lovingly aren’t scripted
- in every scene you both have together….. even when he should be looking straight ahead or down or on the side…. he has his eyes on you
- you don’t want to be over-thinking or anything but…. maybe….?
- it may be nighttime and you may be in your pyjamas but you don’t care as you rush out into the streets to get to seventeen’s dorm because you have to KNOW
- the other members of your group rush to the door and watch you run off, screaming your name
- but you ignore them, their voices dying down as you run farther and farther, only focused on getting an answer
- because just like seventeen’s new song, if you take up too time, you might lose him
- you finally get there and you knock on the door, and to your surprise, hansol opens it and he’s confused because you look like you just ran a marathon
- he asks “(name)? what are you doing here?”
- you interrupt him “hansol. i just watched the music video….. and you…”
- he immediately turns red and says “wh-what about me?”
- you say “our scenes together….. i kind of noticed…. do you….?”
- unknown to you, the other seventeen members are all crouched down behind the door to eavesdrop and they’re all moving closer to hear better to the point where they all end up shoving each other and soonyoung pushes chan a little too hard, making him push hansol forward and
- he accidentally kisses you
- your eyes go wide and his too but…. neither of you pull away
- you’re both in your pyjamas and the members are all present and you’re all sweaty from sprinting all the way there
- but despite this
- everything is absolutely perfect
- you and hansol start dating after this but you both decide to keep it a secret from the reporters and interviewers for now
- after you told the members of your group, there was a lot of screaming and cheering in the dorm
- seungkwan literally doesn’t shut up about the fact that he set you two up
- “don’t i deserve something for setting you two up?? i mean i gave up my screentime just to get you two together”
- you and hansol both meet up on the roof you both filmed on after a long day of work and practice because in his words “it was the place he realized he fell in love with you”
- how much do you want to bet junhui told him to say that
- but it’s cute and that’s where you both share your first real kiss
- you recall the time you were actually going to refuse the offer to be in seventeen’s music video because of your already busy schedule and your fear of the high expectations
- but seeing how this all turned out
- you’re so glad you said yes

thank you for your request!! ^^

My Check, Please! Survey Paper has finally been completed (and graded 0_0)

thank you again to all the contributors, some of the stuff you guys wrote genuinely made me cry. the way you all opened up about your feelings and life experiences just reminds me why we all love this comic so much. 

the good news is… i got a 95%!!! and my professor recommended that since this paper had a 5 page limit (i still wrote 6 *cough* nerd *cough*) i should revisit the topic for a senior seminar paper once i have the chance to do some even more extensive research!! remind me again how i lucked out into a major that allows me to do research papers on our gay hockey hell?

anyway, i *THINK* i have everyone on this list (except for a few people who for some reason i wasn’t able to tag and will be DMing), so if i forgot anyone i am incredibly sorry and i still appreciate you!!! here’s the list of bloggers who answered my survey questions, and the paper is below the read more. let me know what you guys think, and what i should talk about in my next paper! 

@des-zimbits, @itsacpsideblog, @omgpieplease, @tdkeh, @bittysbetterbootybureau, @ittybittyzimmermann, @thehockeyhaus, @kent-parsons-cowlick, @star-of-the-anime, @ladymajavader, @tahleeur, @thatlittleauberginebitch, @accidentallyblah, @emilyisabadger, @freelancertexas, @dragonsspire, @piesandfalcs, @long-live-the-crystal-princess, @cryingfandomtrash, @irritatedismymiddlename, @miscgays, @myonetruebutt, @beejohnlocked, @chilldexie, @striffyisme, @tomuchfangirling, @silverthroatednightingale, @taeldonkyriin, @cabeswaterswolf, @mycroftholmesiscuteaf, @offbrandratatouillemovie, @welcometothebakaparade, @addicted-to-t-e-a, @whothehellisjessicajones, @oonabashed, @blushing-bumblebee, @fancychopsticks, @melancholydandelion, @dauphinedolphin, @bubblegumbaseballboy, @ravenofathena, @believememylove, @bittybaking, @enzoctopus, @thequeerkhaleesi, @earthbender-nursey, @jewishtango, @wetwellie, @sadquebecois, @peypeymh, @awfulruby, @mkaybuddy, @redporkpadthai, @jazzisabatmanfan, @connor-mcbaevid, @klimpaloon-loves-superwholock, @eve-baird, @bakingsouthernbelle, @ohjustletmewriteinpeace, @omg-bannana

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Adam’s Rib (part 1 of 3)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Lin is a bartender. You need a drink.

Word Count: a fuck ton (approx 18k)

A/N: it’s problematic and full of plot holes but maybe let it go and try and enjoy it

So, this has been a long time coming, we know. It’s been a whirlwind of a time, and we can’t tell you how much has gone into this. We just wanted to thank all of you for being so patient with us, we know this took so much longer than we anticipated it would. 

Thank you so much for supporting our lack of chill and insanity, it truly means so much to us that we have such an incredible following, and we still can’t believe all of you exist! We love you all so very much!! Both of us are extremely emotional about every single aspect of this universe, and we are legitimately super excited to show you what we’ve been concocting this entire time (so much yelling behind the scenes, y’all, omg). 

Warnings: for now, it’s just alcohol and drinking, but this may or may not get a bit darker in parts two and three.

And now, without further ado, we hearby present part ONE of THREE of Adam’s Rib.

– Team GTNW –

“Hey, Lin, could I get another beer?”

“Stan,” Lin sighed, resting his hands on the bar in between them. “We both know you don’t need another.”

“Come on, you already took my keys so what harm could it do?”

Lin raised his eyebrows at the patron, a middle-aged man with graying hair and a fondness for wearing Hawaiian shirts in winter. As a bartender, Lin technically had the right to cut Stan off, call his slurring ass a cab, and move on to serving the handful of other patrons hanging around the bar at nine p.m. on a Tuesday.

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A Fairytale Beginning (6/9)

OMG, you guys, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I took this long to get this chapter out.  This 8k monster gave me serious grief with the writing and re-writing and overthinking and gnashing of teeth it took to get it to this point.  Fair warning, I’m going on my 4th day of sleeping less than 5 hours a night, so there may be a little clean-up of typos and wording going on later.  A million thanks to @katie-dub for being my sounding board for the diner scene, to @i-know-how-you-kiss for letting me whine to her repeatedly about how badly this chapter was kicking my butt, and to the rest of you for waiting so very patiently with nothing but supportive words.  XOXO

Find it on AO3.  Missed a chapter?  Get caught up here.

Summary:  Killian Jones, the notorious Captain Hook, has been on a quest to kill the Dark One and avenge the death of his first love for over one hundred fifty years. But when he crosses the Evil Queen, he’s magically transported to New York City, a strange land full of fascinating wonders, the foremost of which is Emma Swan, a cynical single mother with no time for fairy tales, real or imagined. A Captain Swan Enchanted AU.   (Captain Swan modern AU, Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance & Adventure.  Rated G.)

Tags as requested: @timetravelingpotatoast, @piratesails, @storybrookeswans, @optomisticgirl

Emma waits until Granny returns with matching plates brimming with grilled cheese cut into triangles and piles of golden onion rings.  She flashes a muted smile of thanks at the older woman, and Granny gives them a subtle smirk as she sets a glass ketchup bottle directly between their plates and disappears.

Emma snatches the bottle up by the neck and twists off the cap while she gathers her thoughts, unsure how much she wants to reveal.  Killian watches her shake out a dollop onto her plate and then accepts the bottle when she hands it to him, studying it before proceeding to mimic her with an adorable amount of caution.

A tiny smile tugs at Emma’s mouth, but she briskly turns back to the matter at hand and clears her throat.  As always, the first onion ring she touches is just shy of too hot to touch and just greasy enough to be tempting, and she dips it with a little sigh.  “Walsh proposed,” she says quietly, taking a bite to give herself an excuse not to say anything else immediately.

The ketchup bottle pauses in midair, and she doesn’t need to see Killian’s face to know that he’s frowning when he sets it down with a soft thunk.  “I see,” he says, sounding politely interested.

Emma keeps her eyes fixed on her plate as she eats.  “Yesterday.  Just before I met you and Henry at the library.”

Killian hesitates, as though trying to read her.  “And you didn’t say yes?” he risks casually.

She glances up for a second at the tempting cakes and pies on display in a Plexiglas case sitting across from them before her gaze falls back to her food, her lashes brushing her cheeks.  “I didn’t say no.”

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MUCC Uka in Osaka

MUCC 20TH ANNIVERSARY 97-17 羽化 -是朽鵬6極志球業シ終T脈殺-

Setlist in Zepp Osaka Bayside 2017/04/09

01. 脈拍 (Myakuhaku)
02. 絶体絶命 (Zettai Zetsumei)
05. 我、在ルベキ場所 (Ware Arubeki Basho)
06. 悲観主義者が笑う (Hikan Shugisha Ga Warau)
07. 商業思想狂時代考偲曲 (shogyo shisoukyou jidai koushikyoku)
08. 死して塊 (Shishite Katamari)
09. BILLY×2 ~Entwines ROCK STARS~
10. 勿忘草 (Wasurenagusa)
11. EMP
12. コミューン (Commune)
13. 狂乱狂唱 21st Century Baby (Kyouran Kyoushou)
14. シリウス (Sirius)
15. ハイデ (Heide)
16. 茫然自失 (Bouzen Jishitsu)
18. Mr Liar
19. 蘭鋳 (Ranchuu)
20. 孵化 (Fuka)

EN 1. 誰も居ない家 (Daremo inai ie)
EN 2. 名も無き夢 (Namonaki yume)
EN 3. 故に、摩天楼 (Yue ni, Matenrou)
EN 4. 1997
EN 5. フリージア (Freesia)

During the first short MC, Tatsurou stepped forward, picking at his nails and not looking at the audience at all.
Tatsurou: We’re Mucc~
Audience: (cheers)
Tatsurou: (keeps picking at his nail, mildly uninterested voice) Is this fun? Are you having fun? (audience cheers, Tatsurou doesn’t even look up)

Tatsurou: Who went to see L’Arc yesterday? What did they play?
Audience: (calls of “Fate”, “Caress of Venus”, “Niji”, …)
Tatsurou: (finally looking up) NIJI?!?!? How nice~
Miya: (plays some niji riffs)

Yukke was talking about the restaurant he went to last night and
Yukke: The young granny there-
Tatsurou (and audience): What the fuck? What do you man by that? Which is it?
Yukke: Well she was an older lady who was made up very pretty, (gestures to audience) like you
Tatsurou: You’re horrible, man! That was so mean! (Yukke getting very flustered)

Usually in Osaka, there are always many younger bands who will come and watch MUCC’s concerts. Yukke had kept spots on his guest list for a couple of them (mentioned umbrella and XaaXaa specifically), but
Yukke: They didn’t contact me ahead of time, but I put them on my guest list anyway. And then the day before they still hadn’t contacted me, which made me wonder what was going on. Turns out they play their own lives today (laughs).

Satochi: I went to a big bathhouse. And a young guy new to wearing glasses came it, together with a senpai I think? He asked him “Is it ok to enter while wearing glasses??” and the senpai said “When you’re wearing glasses you must not take them off!!” “OK!!!”, but… does anyone really wear their glasses in the bath?? (some “yes”es from the audience) What, really? Don’t they get cloudy?? (audience calls out something he couldn’t catch) I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU
Audience: It’s ok once you dunk them in the water
Satochi: What, you put them in the water? That works? My eyes are horrible, less than 0.01. When I don’t have my glasses it’s impressively bad. Everything around is jungle!
Satochi: A long time ago now, when I had to go to my part time job, I had just lost a contact lens so I called the manager and said “I lost my contact lens so I have to take today off” to which he said “what a shitty excuse, get your ass over here!”, so I went all the way to Shinjuku but it was reallllly scary.

Miya: My eyes are not as bad as Satochi’s, but they are pretty bad. When I was a little brat- I mean, when I was about 18, I left in colour contacts for several days and ended up with a peeled off retina. I had to wear an eyepatch, even for concerts at the time. So now I always use 1day lenses and usually during a tour, I just throw in a handful of them into my luggage but this time I forgot to…
Yukke: What, so what are you doing today?
Miya: (in a tiny tiny voice) wearing yesterday’s contacts again…
Yukke: Second day??
Miya: (still worried small voice) yes…
Yukke: Everything ok? Like normal?
Miya: Yes, all normal.

Miya: Back when we were touring in Europe many years ago now, in France, I was around the Palace of Versailles with the crew and we saw some people dressed like real nobility, playing with a butterfly toy going “ahaha~ ahaha~” ヽ(´▽`)/ (Miya imitating the jumping around and the laughter was SO ADORABLE OMG)
Miya: Anyways, we were watching that happen and someone came up to us and got reallllllly angry at us in French, but we didn’t understand a word. And we only found out about this later, but apparently at the time Marie Antoinette was filmed! So somewhere, there is some unusable tape of that scene with 10 Asians in the background just staring with their mouths wide open.

Since they were playing in the Zepp Bayside, only one station apart from Universal Studios Japan, USJ had to come up during the MC.
Miya: I don’t know if it’s ok for us to talk about USJ here, but I saw something on the news.
Tatsurou: If it was on the news, why would it not be ok? It’s not like we have a contract with Disney Land or anything.
Miya: Some years ago USJ didn’t have that many visitors, but in the past years they are setting record after record, it’s amazing. I’ve never been but I’m curious about it.
Tatsurou: USJ is really close right? Has anyone gone to USJ before the concert? (quite some people cheering yes) Wow, you guys must be having the best day ever!!

Miya: I’ve never been to USJ, and I’ve never read Harry Potter, but I’m so curious about Butterbeer. I always hear that everyone only drinks it once, so… (shouts from the audience that it’s sweet) Sweet? Oh, I will like it.

Tatsurou had trouble with his monitors on and off during the concert and disappeared for a big chunk of the MC, I think all of Satochi’s part and some of Miya’s too? Seeing how he still was missing from the stage center,
Miya: When will that tall one come back. Ooooooy~ (calls to Tatsu at the side of the stage)
When Tatsu was back,
Tatsurou: Fixed it. The main set was supposed to end before 7pm, but we are already past that. Your last trains might go! Are there people who have to take the Shinkansen afterwards? (quite some “yes”es from the audience) Alright, we’ll continue so you can make your last trains!! Let’s go!!! (and started Heide, song 15/20 of the main set..)

During the encore, Namonaki Yume,
Miya: OsakaaaaAAAAAA! LET’S WRECK THIS NEW VENUE~!! ARE YOU READY~! LET’S GOOOOOO (to tons of shouting and cheering from the audience)
And after the 目を閉じて明日を思い描く line (close your eyes and picture tomorrow),
Tatsurou: And from tomorrow onwards, please do you best at school or work again ok~! (too real ;_; )

eghfeithrean  asked:

Family au when the kids are older Pidge is declared "absolute favorite" by Keith simply because she's the only one shorter than him.

But IMAGINE KEITH BEING ONE OF THOSE PARENTS THAT ARE REALLY FIRED UP AT THEIR KIDS SPORTS GAMES. Poor Shiro having to monitor him and Lance from being overly critical of referee calls. (2)

OMG Keith would be that kind of parent! You see, they really weren’t expecting their kids to be into sports. Maybe Lance, yes. But Hunk and Pidge? They seemed more fit for science and literature clubs. BUT. They were all part of their high school teams. [The Voltron Family] (there are newly added fics in that post!! Go read them!)

Hunk = Football
Lance = Baseball
Pidge = Soccer

And honestly, Shiro and Keith sometimes cannot keep up with their games but they all try their best to be in each and every game of their kids. There are times wherein the schedule for the day is like baseball for Lance in the morning and soccer for Pidge in the afternoon and then football for Hunk in the evening. It was intense but damn are they so good at what they do.

Keith: RUN LANCE RUNNNN!!!!! *standing up while cheering*
Shiro: Keith, sit down. You’re—
Keith: Shiro, I don’t care if I’m causing a scene. MY SON IS OUT THERE DOING HIS BEST AND I’M NOT GONNA BE ONE OF THOSE PASSIVE PARENTS WHO DON’T—*looks back at the field and sees Lance doing a homerun* OH MY GOD! *whistles* THAT’S MY BOY!!!!! WAY TO GO LANCE!!!!! 
Lance: *sees his Daddy Keith* *fist in the air* *smiles so wide despite all the sweat on his face* *dances like an idiot on the field* 
Keith: *points at Lance while looking at Shiro* *frowns* Okay, he NEEDS to stop doing that. THAT is just embarrassing. 
Shiro: *laughs* You’re so proud of him.
Keith: Of course, I am. *smiles* He was so lanky and now look at him, running like a fricking cheetah like no big deal. *looks at his watch* Will we make it to Pidge’s game in an hour? *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: *checks his phone* Yeah, I can drive us there in 15 minutes.
Keith: Okay, now let’s go and congratulate our son. He showers the longest. I’ll call Pidge and Hunk to let them know about the result of Lance’s game.

So Shiro drives Keith and Lance to Pidge’s game in a different stadium.

Shiro: *sees Pidge walking out with her team* PIDGE!!!!! OVER HERE!
Pidge: *looks at the bleachers and sees her family* *waves* *shouts* CONGRATULATIONS, LANCE!!! *thumbs up* Knew you could do it!
Lance: *grins* Obviously, DUH! Now go kick some butt!
Keith: Honestly, where does she even get that cackle from?
~The game starts and the crowd was going wild~
All three: *standing up* *watching intensely*
Keith: *chants to himself* You can do it, baby. You can do it.
Pidge: *kicks the ball and scores a goal*
Keith: *jumps* OH MY GOD!!! THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!!! *looks around the bleachers* THAT’S MY DAUGHTER WHO JUST SCORED A GOAL!!!! *looks at Shiro and Lance* DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU SEE WHAT THAT LIL GIRL JUST DID????!!!
Shiro: We did, Keith. We did. 
Pidge: *gets called by the referee*
Lance: *groans* WHAAAAAT WHAT NOW?? THAT WAS DEF A GOAL! THAT WAS NOT A FOUL!! *rolls up his sleeves* I’M GONNA—
Shiro: *stops Lance* No, you are not going down there. Stay.
Keith: Well I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.

Pidge’s team wins and now they’re all driving down to watch Hunk’s game in yet another stadium.

Pidge: Whose got kids who are fricking BORN WINNERS??!!! *looks at Shiro and Keith* YOU DOOOOOOOOOOO~ *finger guns* *winks*
Lance: *laughs* Hunk better not cry when he loses. Losers are not accepted in this family of awesome.

Hunk DID cry. But he cried because he scored the final touchdown and he was a sobbing mess. Lance cried. Pidge cried. Keith cried. Heck, Shiro cried.

Keith: Oh my god. I knew you could do it, Hunk. But oh my god. *hugs* My lil baby just—
Hunk: *laughs while sniffing* I can’t believe I did that, too!
Pidge: *glomps Hunk at the back* Now we’re all winners! How great is that? You know what this means, Daddy Shiro? *eyes him*
Shiro: We’re all happy and proud of you three?? *smiles innocently*
Pidge: Nooo!!!! You and Daddy Keith are going to treat us to that pizza parlor and we get to have one each!!!
Keith: *gasps* Pidge, can you even finish 4 slices? What more 8 slices?
Lance: *places arm around Keith* Please, Daddy Keith. Do not under estimate your children and their capacity to consume food after winning their games.
Pidge: I’m way too hungry I could probably even eat Hunk’s share!
Hunk: HEY!!! NO STEALING OF PIZZAS, PIDGE. We’ve talked about this!

In the end, Hunk still shared his pizza with Pidge. ;)

Keith: This is so tiring but I’m way too happy to even think about it.
Shiro: Three games in one day.
Keith: They should’ve just joined normal clubs! Wasn’t there an art club in that school? But nooooooo. They just have to join the sporty ones.
Shiro: *laughs* They’re having fun and you seem to be enjoying it.
Keith: *laughs* I am. I guess you could say I’m glad they didn’t join the going-home club like I did back in high school.

anonymous asked:

if you haven't done this already, could you do a hc/scenario with a selectively mute M!MC who decides to speak to his s/o (RFA + V and Saeran) for the first time in a long while/when he starts feeling more comfortable around them - how do they react to it? thank you 😊

Jaehee would be sitting in a coffee shop, having arranged to meet for lunch. In any case, the moment MC sits down, he makes a point to ask what she had to do to get out of the office. Jaehee is overjoyed, since she would understand what a huge deal it was and she wouldn’t be able to hide her glee from her voice as she explained about the temp basically tricked into covering for her.

Jumin would be in the middle of typing up a report when MC decides to tell him about a guest they just invited to the party and he stops-actually stops-to examine them. MC is possibly a little confused and/or uncomfortable by the attention, when Jumin says ‘this is the first time I have heard you speak in many days’. Cue MC nodding and Jumin smiling. “It suits you. You have a good voice. Strong, but not irritating.” (Jumin praises MC’s voice and how amazing it is all the time on his route; it’s almost like this was made for him haha).

Yoosung and MC would be playing Mario Kart when MC gets the blue shell of doom and basically starts complaining about its entire existence as the worst invention in all of game history. Yoosung just kind of sits there, like, shocked and amazed, because it feels so normal but he knows it is anything but. When MC takes a moment to breathe, he realises Yoosung is watching him completely dewy eyed, but it only lasts a moment or two before he joins in and continues the rant to include things like fixed camera angles and no save points.

Zen would be cooking dinner and rehearsing his lines (he’d go through his own lines without expecting MC to join in), when MC-also cooking- takes on the lines of the other character in the scene. Zen doesn’t bother to be discreet, nor does he continue rehearsing, he grabs MC and smooshes them like YOU HAVE SUCH A PRETTY VOICE, MC, I BET YOU’RE AN AMAZING SINGER

Seven is an interesting one. He’d be fixing his computer and be communicating with MC via IM in the next room. He’d say one thing, MC sends a message back etc etc. Anyway, on this occasion, he mentions a missing part and MC pops up behind him and literally says out loud ‘right here!’, leaving him to literally jump right out of his seat, because…well…guy made him jump. He’d probably react to that more than the actual words spoken, to be honest. Later, though, when they’re cuddling, he’ll say something about it for sure, talking about how great their voice is…calling it the perfect transmission or something like the big nerd he is.

Saeran and MC would be on the move somewhere when MC notices an ice cream truck and calls out to Saeran to make sure that he notices it. His reaction is really subdued, tbh. I honestly doubt he’d say anything at the time, but in the days that follow, he’d suddenly want to go for ice cream all of the time and watch MC expectantly, wanting to hear him say his name again.

V would have overslept for the first time in several years. He never felt relaxed enough, but on this occasion, he fell asleep snuggled up to MC. He wakes up and takes in the time, completely groggy, before climbing out of bed and dragging on his clothes like ‘omg, omg, omg’. He’s got a jumper halfway over his head when he realises MC is laughing at him. MC pats the bed and says “come back to bed”. It’s the first thing he’s said in a long time and it has the desired effect. V tosses aside his jumper and climbs back into bed like ‘well when you put it like that’.

BTS Maknae line - Girlfriends

>>Hyung line


  • Really cute and extremely kind
  • Has to be able to keep up with all of Jimin’s need for PDA
  • Probably pretty short 
  • Has the habit of scrunching her nose up when she is embarrassed
  • Not incredibly good a cooking 
  • Slight romantic 
  • Laughs when she is embarrassed but usually just giggles
  • Has cute plushies hanging off of her bag
  • Bage Trench coats
  • Flowy Skirts 
  • Probably incredibly bad at dancing ( Jimin would find it so cute lol)
  • Pretty shy, but once she opens up is so adorable
  • Has a lot hidden but doesn’t seem like it
  • Cares about too many people 
  • Kind of a push over? ( Jimin wouldn’t take advantage of this, but rather treasure it…) 
  • Soft and sweet voice 
  • Doesn’t really make the other’s around her feel necessarily happy  with her vibe, but rather with the secret support that she gives the people that she cares about 
  • Really open to anyone, but could come off as initially cold because she’s incredibly shy 
  • More introverted 
  • Secretly a little perverted ??? Knows the stuff but doesn’t really talk about it…
  • Has a sneaky side to her but only uses it in extreme circumstances
  • Cries when angry or having a fight; not the type to ‘scream’ at each other 
  • Good with one on one conversations talking about the thoughts going on in each other’s heads
  • Hides a lot but has one single person (JIMIn) that she can tell almost everything too 
  • Just a really comfortable ,cute, and loving person
  • She would definitely have to be extremely beautiful on the inside , really caring for the other’s around her 
  • Honestly the type to cry into a pillow when no one is looking so that people don’t worry about her < I know it’s sad but many people are like that… please watch out for them :( >  
  • Just full with endless amounts of love, but only gives it to a selected amount of people ; it would make Jimin feel special 
  • Two words - Kind, Adorable 


  • Playful but very thoughtful 
  • Kind of motherly? 
  • Oversized clothing 
  • Extremely devoted 
  • Vans ( I don’t even know why…) 
  • Easily reads people - People’s emotions 
  • More extroverted 
  • Easily excited 
  • Extremely caring , but more open about it than Jimin's 
  • Good at making sweets (baking) but not at cooking 
  • Probably a little chubby ( like baby fat ) 
  • Has a dog 
  • Watches cartoon junior when she is sick 
  • Very considerate ; careful in what she says but still gets the message across ( if u know what i mean) 
  • Probably wears a bunch of oversized shoes that are worn out
  • Glasses
  • Has a discrete yet big presence 
  • Dances while baking ; doesn’t care who’s looking 
  • Picky with her food ( Don’t ask me why) 
  • Loves babies and is a little family oriented ( not as much as Taehyung) 
  • Loves the beach 
  • Can’t wink 
  • Has a secret stash of chocolate in her cupboard 
  • Has a small yet cozy home 
  • Breaks lots of things easily ( Namjoon haha ) 
  • Goes really quiet when fighting ; looks down at the floor and starts playing with her fingers 
  • Good at slow dancing, bad a hip-hop or any type of urban dance
  • Makes really good pasta (that’s the only thing she can make) 
  • Has lots of home parties with her friends 
  • Makes a scrapbook for a birthday present 
  • Seems innocent is innocent 
  • Friends seem annoying but love each other 
  • Listens to a lot of acoustic music 
  • Hides feelings from most people, but still easily talks about them in front of her real friends ( Not as limited as Jimin’s) 
  • Just a really cheery and happy person 
  • Secretly cares about what people think about her A LOT 
  • Loves her friends and family so much 
  • Two words - Cheerful , thoughtful 


  • Mature yet somehow innocent 
  • A little selfish (not necessarily in a bad way) 
  • Really thoughtful and caring, but is really hesitant in showing it 
  • Into PDA ( surprised u right ? ) 
  • Shy but not as why as Jimin’s, shy in a way that she is already content with her friends, and doesn’t really find it necessary to go around making new one's 
  • Has a really cute and SUPER adorable side to her
  • Ripped black Skinny jeans 
  • WHITE TEE>?!? no… BAnd T-SHIrtssss
  • Good at singing , OK at sports 
  • Good at cooking, pretty good a baking 
  • Loves movies ( probably a marvel fan lol) 
  • Reads a lot ; literature is her getaway 
  • Poetic in a way
  • Gets easily embarrassed but just as easily embarrasses you 
  • Seems corrupted is innocent 
  • A little straightforward
  • More introverted
  • Analysis many people but rather than how they feel, how they think 
  • Slightly clumsy 
  • Simplistic bag 
  • Really cute when she smiles, like a giggle 
  • Text’s to ask if they can cuddle 
  • Goes away when angry (wants to be alone) , goes to a quiet place where she can get her thoughts together 
  • Makes really good smoothie's 
  • Comes to the practice room, but just drops the food by and goes away
  • Does a lot behind the scenes 
  • Not very social at parties
  • Type to lock herself in the bathroom when she is sad  
  • Really quiet when she wants to be - really loud when she’s energetic 
  • Seems pretty bland but is a big romantic 
  • Just really really really sweet , but in secret 
  • Two words - Sweet, shy

// OMG this is so long…SOOOO i just wanted to say that i don’t want to label anyone in any way, and this is solely my opinion in who i see them ending up with. I honestly don’t see any of them really particularly caring about physical appearance, and this is why i didn’t add a lot of the physical aspect on the descriptions. I really hope that this was what you hoped for, and that i didn’t disappoint you :( uGHHH while i was writing this i kept thinking about their future partners, and how lucky they would be. I just hope that they end up with someone that they actually love and I wish that they could do all of the cute fluffy couple-y stuff that normal people do. I would be so angry (well not really ) if they apologize if they get a girlfriend. Like they deserve happiness, having a girlfriend and being in a relationship is a natural part of life… I hope that all the other fans would accept this as well. ANYWAY>>>> I hope you enjoyed<3 If you request, i could do the Hyung line as well <3<3 //

lunarwanderer1420  asked:

Hello~ I was wondering if you could do the host club reacting to their s/o dancing terribly in public (maybe it's to embarrass them or maybe because they JAM IS ON AND THEY GOTTA SHAKE THEIR GROOVE THING! You pick~) Um, also... Your blog is hella and it brings me so much joy, so thank you!

i connect with this ask on a deep and profound level

(we are so sorry for the inactivity omg)

When you stopped dead in the middle of the shopping centre, looking for all the world like a stunned meerkat, Tamaki’s first thought was to be confused. And you then excitedly exclaiming ‘YES THIS IS MY JAM’, and proceeding to flail wildly had done nothing to help matters.
And when you had dragged him in to join you, he was nothing short of completely befuddled. He asks what you’re doing, to which you happily reply that this is your song, you have to dance!
It takes a few seconds for realization to dawn on him, but when it does, a grin breaks out across his face and Tamaki joins in with perhaps a tad too much enthusiasm.
“I see, this is a commoner tradition, then! Excellent, ______! Just the kind of exotic activity the host club needs!”

Haruhi tries not to laugh, she really does, but you just look so ridiculous.
Never being one to put too much thought into what strangers think, she just stands there, hand against the wall to steady herself, giggling uncontrollably. The idea of being embarrassed doesn’t even cross her mind, she’s laughing so hard.
And when you grab her hands and pull her into the music, she doesn’t have the heart to refuse. She stumbles a bit and her giggles falter, slightly more aware of the eyes now, but you don’t seem to care, so Haruhi tries not to either. Her sigh is both exasperated and fond as she reluctantly lets you twirl her around.
“Geez, ______, wouldn't you rather do this when we’re on our own?”

Hikaru is torn between pretending he doesn’t know you and bursting into laughter. So, stuck in this dilemma, he settles for standing awkwardly in front of you, red faced and snickering.
“Come on, _____, did you have to pick such an embarrassing song?”
In the middle of a flamboyant spin, you shout back at him that this is a fantastic song, what is he talking about?
Hikaru snorts.
And then videos the scene on his phone for blackmail material.

Kaoru plays the part of besotted fan spectacularly, over-dramatically cheering and wolf whistling as you ‘shake your groove thing’.
You laugh, and indulge him with an exaggerated wink. But he is quick to counter, full on swooning into your arms without a second thought to the looks you’re both getting from the public.
He cracks an eye open from his position in your arms, staring up at you with laughter in his gaze. 
“Wooooow… Never thought I’d be lucky enough to date such a talented dancer, ______!”

Kyoya stares at the scene playing out in front of him for a few moments, and then shuts his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. He sighs. He’s had plenty of practise in dealing with Tamaki, he’s more than used to being dragged into embarrassing situations in the middle of a crowd.
That doesn’t mean he’s happy about it.
“______. Do you know the meaning of the words ‘public protocol’?”
You either could not or would not hear this, continuing to prance around to the beat of the music, unperturbed by the gawking crowd.
He counts down from ten, before starting forwards with the unwavering spring of a businessman in his step, and before you even realise he’s moved Kyoya gently grabs your wrist and tugs you into the closest shop, effectively cutting off your impromptu routine.
You moan loudly, complaining that that was my favourite song I WAS NOT FINISHED COME ON BABE LEMME GET BACK OUT THERE.
“______, normally I would let you publicly embarrass yourself to your heart’s content, but you are now a permanent associate of the Ootori family for the foreseeable future, and I would prefer if you would please keep in mind that we have a reputation to maintain.”
The words ‘permanent associate’ are practically a love confession coming from Kyoya, and you wisely decide to let him have his way, too busy trying to calm your thumping heart to think about arguing.

Are you kidding Honey JUMPS RIGHT IN THERE WITH YOU. He doesn’t miss a beat, you barely have time to think before your hands are grabbed and he’s twirling with you in place, either not noticing or just not caring for the stares cast in your direction. If your goal was to embarrass him, it has sorely backfired, as the dance moves he’s roping you into are far more embarrassing than anything you could have ever hoped to top, and you can’t tell whether or not it’s intentional. And Honey’s so into it, enthusiastically swinging you around.
“Isn’t this fun, ______-chan?! We should dance like this all the time!”

If Mori is embarrassed, his face (unsurprisingly) does nothing to indicate so. In fact, a small smile graces his features instead. He truly doesn’t mind, it’s not like Honey hasn’t made a scene many a time in public, and your dancing is hardly doing anything to inconvenience the two of you or anyone around (unlike Honey’s episode at the sweet shop last week).
And your dancing is so horrendous, it’s actually… really cute.
You turn to him - or twirl, rather -  slightly sweaty with exertion, pupils blown wide and a grin so bright Mori feels his heart stutter right there.
He doesn’t care how silly you may look, he’d watch you dance forever if it kept that smile on your face.

- Admins Kits and Beckett

Day Nine

Okay, so big thanks to @jupiterqueen42​ (who is one of my favorite blogs omg I died and went to heaven when I saw this go check them out) who prompted today’s fic!

Summary: A Sleepless Night With Phil Part Six Sick Baby edition. 

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Talk of minor illness in babies (cold and asthma) but nothing bad happens

Author’s note: Again, thank you so so so much for the prompt! I don’t know if you guys know this, but getting propmts really makes my day. ^_^ You can make my day right here if you want ;D Also, this fic has my OC kid Zach in it so if you want to see the first fic he’s in just click here

10:27 P.M.

The video started, and Phil waved at the camera.  “Hey, guys!” he whisper-shouted. His eyes were tired and a shadow of concern and stress darkened the area underneath. “Welcome to A Sleepless Night With Phil Part, what part are we on? Like six, right? We’ll go with six. This is a very special edition because I’m going to have a special guest with me!” He paused here to give a wide smile and a thumbs up. “Back by popular demand, Zach will be spending the night awake with me, but not really by choice. See, a couple days ago Zach started showing symptoms of a cold and since this will be his first ever, Dan and I obviously rushed him to the doctor but she said he would be fine but to come back if his fever reached 38.5 degrees. Fortunately, his fever peaked this afternoon at 37.8 and has been steadily dropping so he’s gonna live. Of course, he’s always had trouble sleeping through the night because of asthma, so he’s even fussier with a stuffed up nose. Dan literally hasn’t had more than a fifteen minute nap since Zach first started showing symptoms, so I’ve banished him to bed and I’m on Baby Duty. Let’s go check on Zach, shall we?”

10:40 P.M

The video jumped to Phil standing in a nursery with a clearly very tired and cranky infant nestled into his chest. “So, it looks like Zach isn’t doing too hot but he’s better than before and his breathing is still pretty even so we’re doing loads better, right, Zach?” At the sound of his name Zach let out a soft little baby noise but otherwise ignored his father who grinned like the sun. “Okay, so one thing the doctor told us to do is to make like a little baby sauna for him so basically we’re gonna go to the smallest bathroom in our house and I’m gonna turn the shower on super hot and we’re just going to sit there for a bit while the steam helps unstuff Zach’s nose. Unfortunately, this camera probably isn’t waterproof, so I can’t take you guys with us so we will see you in fifteen minutes!”

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Request: I’ve been stalking your blog and it’s awesome! Can I submit a request? A Bucky X reader where the reader is a British friend of Peggy’s who’s in the howling commandos and falls in love with Bucky who is too busy flirting with the nurses until he sees the reader flirting with another soldier and gets jealous. I would love this request if you can do it, if not I understand- I love your blog!!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: violence, cocky bucky, pre serum Steve, makeout session at the end ooo, CATFA scenes swearing omg!!!!!!

A/N: Thank you to @arrowswithwifi for submitting this request. :) I honestly don’t know much about ranks so you can make fun of me all u want. Oh and the italics are flashbacks so enjoyy


Fighting in the war wasn’t something you’d expect yourself to do. You lived in the city of Brooklyn with your family, until you were drafted to fight as a female soldier in WWII. You had experience in fighting. Took some classes when you were younger, your father showed you how to use guns, the rifle being your favorite one to use. You were a weapons expert, all thanks to him. Your mother being the one to help you keep your feminine attitude and wit, her being the one to show you how to dance outside of the battlefield. You thanked your parents for being there for you, as they molded you into a gal that liked both guns and a nice dinner and dancing. Without them, you wouldn’t be in your position as an upcoming agent.

You trained almost all of your life to earn your position. Right now, you were a commander, working with captains. Well, something of higher class. You worked with your lifetime friend, Agent Peggy Carter. The two of you had been friends since the beginning. You met Peggy in England, becoming inseparable, until you had to move to New York. After a few years from being separated, Peggy called and told you that she was working as an agent. She was working for an upcoming project, Project Rebirth and invited you to join, but of course, you couldn’t just do it like that. You had to train. Fight in the army first, then earn your role alongside Peggy as an agent.

You worked as a weapons expert in the army and knew all of the routes to take during battle. You were like a captain, but that role went to the super-soldier, your good friend, Steve Rogers. You worked alongside with him as well. Speaking of Steve Rogers, you knew him before the army as well. You met him while you were taping up posters during Howard Stark’s convention one night. You saw him as a small, scrawny guy, looking for some hope as he looked in the army mirror that night. You remembering yourself smiling and walking up to him.

“Hey, sport.” You said, making him turn around to meet your eyes. “Thinkin’ of joinin’ the army?”

The blonde stepped down from the stool and stood, facing you. He looked at your outfit: White shirt tucked into your brown high waist slacks, wearing brown boots that went up to your knees, a dark blue army  ball cap hat matched with red lipstick as your hair was in messy curls. “Heh, a guy like me? Never.” He said. “Are you?”

You smiled down at him, taking your hat off of your head. “Commander (Y/N) (Y/L/N), at your service.” You said, tipping your hat as you jokingly bowed. You laughed at the man’s reaction when he heard that you were a commander. His mouth gaped, eyes widened.

“I apologize for not realizing any sooner, commander (Y/L/N). I just..You’re..” He stammered, nervously clapping his hands together as he did a small bow.

“A woman?” you interrupted. He nodded and you smiled. “I get that all the time. No need to worry about your manners, darling. I don’t do all that formal stuff.” You admitted. You weren’t into the special royalty and attention you received. A girl in the army? Whatever. You didn’t care if people called you by your army name, you wanted people to treat you like a normal person. “What’s your name, hun?”

“Steven Grant Rogers, but you can call me Steve, miss.” He said quietly, walking back up to the stool to examine himself.

“A pleasure to meet you, Steve. My name is (Y/N). And I’d prefer you to call me that. I don’t like the word ‘Miss.’ it makes me feel old.” You smirked. He smiled, facial expressions softening a little. Before you started to talk, you saw a brunette man walking up to Steve, wearing his army uniform. You stepped back and put a poster near the pole as you stood next to the picture Steve was admiring himself in. Steve started to talk but before he could, his friend walked up behind him and gave him a light shove. Your eyes widened.

“C’mon, kinda missin’ the point of a double date. Takin’ the girls dancing.” The brunette laughed as Steve jerked forward a little. He got off the stool once again as he faced his friend, you standing closely behind with flyers still in hand.

“You go ahead, I’ll catch up.” Steve replied, turning awkwardly on the balls of his feet.

There was a slight silence between the two, before the man spoke up. “You really gonna do this again?” His friend asked as he turned to Steve’s side. You watched the two having their conversation as you engaged in answering questions for people about the army.

“I’ll try my luck.”

“As who? Steve from Ohio?” The man asked. You stopped your conversation with a lady as she began to walk off, your ears perking up as they started talking about how Steve lied on his application form.

“I know- I know.. C’mon, Bucky. Bucky!” Steve said to his friend, Bucky his name was.

“You know, lying on your application can get you into some serious trouble, Steven.” You said, speaking from behind. You walked closer to the men as Bucky exchanged looks between you and Steve, eyebrows raised in amusement. “And lying about applying for the army.“

Steve pursed his lips as you stood next to him. “I know, I should’ve told you. I was just.. nervous since this is one of the longest conversations I’ve had with a girl.” He said, making you smile and pat him on the back. Meanwhile, Bucky spoke from your left side, clearing his throat to get your attention.

“Pardon me, sir. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You said, tipping your hat like you did with Steve. Bucky just smiled at you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Ohh, I get it, Steve. You met another girl because you didn’t like the one I picked out for you! Ah, I’m heartbroken.” Bucky said in sarcasm. Steve scoffed. “Nice to meet you, doll. Sargent James Buchanan Barnes, the-“ He said, but you spoke for him.

“107th, shipping to England tomorrow. I know.” You said as you eyed his uniform.

“She’s a…Commander.” Steve said, making Bucky laugh.

“You’re kidding. You?” He said, looking down at you. You furrowed your eyebrows in response.

“Yes, indeed, soldier.”

Bucky started to mock you and say that you’re just a woman and questioned why you were a commander. You rolled your eyes at his remarks.

“Say, why don’t you join me and Stevie here on a date? Sound good, doll?” He asked. You looked behind him, seeing two girls waving his direction on the steps.

“I wouldn’t want to intervene with the girls you have now.” You smiled sweetly. Getting sick of talking to the soldier in front of you, you handed Steve a flyer, and shoved one into Bucky’s chest. “I’ll see you very soon in the army, Steve!” You called.

You walked down the steps that led to the outside of the convention and turned around. “I hope I don’t see you very soon, Sargent.” You yelled as you walked away.

Bucky smirked as he watched your figure depart and go into the crowd of people outside. He saw something in you that he didn’t see in the other girls he’d talk to. Usually, the girls would swoon over him. You, however, were different.

Till that day forward, you did not like James Buchanan Barnes. Not one bit. Well, maybe a little.

And here you are now, lining up to get your weapons at one of the military tents. Steve in front of you as Bucky was behind you.

Things have changed in a year. Steve rescued you and Bucky from being held captive by hydra, and you never forgot your reaction to what he looked like when you saw him from your view from the chair you were strapped into. He was bigger and taller. Nothing like the Steve you met at the convention a year ago. And Bucky? Well, Bucky is still the same person he always had been since you met him. Cocky, witty, and charming. You hated yourself for admitting it, but you had a love-hate relationship with the Sargent.

You were the first and only female to be apart of the Howling Commandos. Still a commander, sniper, and weapons specialist, but hey, you did one hell of a job. As long as you got to work with Steve and Peggy, everything was all good. Bucky and you had your fights during every mission. Every single mission you two fought over something. That was out of hate, and you couldn’t deny it, but love as well.

“You know, Rogers, I will never get over the fact that I have to literally look up to you when we talk.” You said, stuffing your rifle behind your back in its placeholder, a few knives, and two guns in your hip pockets. Steve smiled as he gathered his shield and started walking to one of the trucks.

“I know how you feel. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to it, either.” He said, before hopping into the small truck.

“I can get use to looking down at you, (Y/L/N).” Bucky winked at you. You scoffed at his innuendo.

“In your dreams, James.“

You and Bucky sat in the back as Steve and Peggy drove in the front. The other Howling Commandos drove in another car, since they couldn’t fit.

“Mission is simple, people. Get into the hydra base as per usual. You’re in and out. Steve will do all the work inside while everyone will work outside in the field. You all will be his eyes and ears.” Peggy explained to the group. Everyone agreed as you guys got off of the car and grabbed your utilities.

“Careful out there, will you, (Y/N)?” Peggy stopped you from walking, holding you back from the team.

“You know I always will be careful, Carter.” You smiled, adjusting the guns in your jacket pocket.

“And please don’t injure Sargent Barnes!” She called before you started to run with the rest of the team.

You made your way around the building, clearing any sign of a hydra agent. Bucky watch you in action from the top of the building across, laying down on his stomach with his rifle in hand. The way you took the hydra agents out with your hands and knives. Every time he watched you made him realize that he could watch you do that for hours. He admired you, secretly. Steve didn’t know about the crush he had on you, and he wanted to keep it that way since Steve was considered the chick magnet now, and not Bucky himself.

You heard a shout of pain from the inside of the building. Looking at one of your fellow howling commando member, Dum Dum, he gave you a questioned look.

“Was that Rogers, Miss?” he asked. You shook your head. You pressed your ear against the door and heard another shout of pain, this time louder.

“Shit.” You muttered. “Yes, that’s definitely Rogers.” You said. You took a few steps back from the wooden door, getting ready to break it open.

Bucky’s eyes widened as he saw what you were about to do. He took his rifle with him and started climbing down the side of the building and running to you. “(Y/N), don’t you dare!” He yelled.

“Oh no, Miss. I don’t suggest you doin-“ Dugan replied. But it was too late. You ran into the door and successfully broke it open, landing on the cold hard floor of the hydra base. You got up, the pain in your right shoulder soon subsided as you searched for a sign of Steve. You heard screams and grunts upstairs and soon made your way up to the fifth floor. You crept along the halls quietly, before you found Steve’s shield lying on the ground. No, no, no. You thought.

You picked his shield up and slipped it into your forearm, holding your gun out in front of it. You approached the door where the grunts were heard and saw Steve strapped onto a chair, just like you were. Your eyes widened as the agents saw you, and you immediately started shooting and darting at the agents, the shield protecting your body with ease. You freed Steve and helped him up, putting his shield in his hand.

“Why’d you do that?” Steve asked as you ran with him down the stairs.

“Because you did it for me once.” You replied as the two of you made your way out of the compound. You met the other commandos outside of the broken door, them looking at you in shock. You had bruises and cuts on your side from the punches you couldn’t dodge from the agents. You looked like a mess and you felt limp.

All of you started walking back to the cars which drove you to the tents of the base.

“You didn’t have to do it, Miss. I could’ve done it, of course.” One member said from your side. You laughed dryly, wiping the blood off of your forehead.

“I know, but Steve saved me once. I had to return the favor.”  you smiled, making him smile back.

Bucky watched from behind the two of you, scoffing at the smiles that were being exchanged once again.

“She would do anything for Steve.” Bucky grumbled. You thought you missed it, but you sure as hell didn’t.

“Course I would. Steve’s kind and generous, unlike you, James.” You said over your shoulder to him.

The two of you started bickering again as the others watched as always, Steve shaking his head like the parent he is. He just wanted his friends to get along.

You and Steve were in the nurse’s aid area where the two of you were being taken care of. Peggy sat in between the two of you, as she helped the nurses bandage your wombs. You sat on a chair as Steve sat up in the beds since he had taken it harsher than you. Him and Peggy talked. You tried to listen but the damn nurses were in the way.

“I have a feeling that they like each other, for some reason” Peggy spoke.

That’s all you heard before Peggy walked up to your place in your seat. She sat next to you with a sigh.

“You got hurt, (Y/L/N).” She said. The nurses walked away once Peggy told them that you were fine in her hands.

“I know I did. At least I’m not dead.” You said, looking out into the window where it was pouring with rain.

“You’re a tough cookie, (Y/N).” Peggy smiled, putting her hand on yours. You looked at her. “And so is that Sargent you claim to hate to death.”

“How did he suddenly get invited into the conversation.” You said. Just then, one of the workers requested for Peggy’s attendance. She stood up before looking back to you.

“Where is he, anyways?” Peggy asked. You shrugged.

“Probably flirting with the nurses.” You said. And you weren’t wrong. Turning your head to the right, you saw that familiar Sargent smile he’d always give to the ladies. It won them over in an instant. You shook your head, your blood boiling over jealousy.

Hours passed before that incident. The rain stopped and you got up to walk around the tents and small buildings of the military base. You had a chance to  walk off your scars on your legs and stretched your limbs, so you took the opportunity to do so, and to think. While you passed one of the nurses tents, you saw Bucky standing there with a few of the nurses by his side. Probably telling them one of the shitty jokes he used to get all the ladies. You sighed through your nose. He did this every time. He didn’t even bother to check up on his best friend, only to just go flirting around with his one time hook ups.

All of a sudden, an idea popped up in your head. It was cruel, you admitted, but you just had to test it. You were sick of this. You saw Steve looking at one of the files outside on one of the trunks of the cars. Files were placed across the opened truck as he examined them. You took your hair out of your pony tail to loosen them up. Grabbing your blue hat and placing it on your head, you walked up to him.

“Hey, Rogers.” You said from behind him. He turned around and greeted you with a smile. You fumbled with the buttons of his jacket before wrapping your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder. “Whatcha’ doing?” you asked.

Steve felt his cheeks get hot from your actions. He was use to you being all handsy, since you two were close friends, but every time you did something, his cheeks would burn. Turning around to look at you, he rested his back against the truck. “Same ol files.” He said. You hopped up on the open trunk as he started getting back to work. You felt Bucky’s eyes burn into the side of your head as you felt him watching.

“Mmmh, that sucks.” you said, pulling him in between your legs by his jacket. He was startled by your actions as you leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, a little too close to the corner of his lips.

“Well,” You said, hopping down to the ground. “Better get to work then!” you said, saluting to him with a smile. You left him startled in his tracks before he kept exchanging quick glances at you then to his papers. “That woman..” He said under his breath.

As you skipped along the dusty ground of the forest, you reached one of the tents.

“(Y/N).” A voice yelled, calling to your attention. You headed back to the nurses rooms and to the waiting area. You turned the corner to face Bucky.

“James.” You said, nodding your head. Before you could walk away from the room, Bucky pulled you inside by grabbing your arm. You groaned. “What do you want?”

“What the hell was that?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he cornered you.

“What the hell was what?”

“Your little stunt with Steve.” He said, pointing to the trucks, seeing Steve leaving and going into one of the tents outside.

You smirked. “Why were you watching, James?” you asked, knowing he wouldn’t know how to cover it up. You saw his eyes shift as he looked down into yours. He looked furious, but you weren’t really sure why. “Overprotective are ya, sport.” You said, leaning over a little to meet his eyes.

“I’m not overprotective. I just don’t like it when girls like you flirt with my friend.” He said. You could see him grind the backs of his molars, making his jaw clench so it looked extra sharp.

“Mhmm.. So you’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!” He shouted, making the nurses look your way. You shooed them away as Bucky kept talking. A moment of silence grew over the two of you as he tried to think of what to say. You noticed your position with the soldier: Your back against the wall as he pinned you to the cold cement with his arms on either side of your head. You hated to admit it, but you liked the position you were in, and could stay in it forever.

“And by the way, you could’ve gotten yourself killed earlier today.” He said, pushing his hands off the wall as he changed the topic. “You and Steve.”

“I had to save him. I couldn’t just let him die in the chair, Barnes. I was the closest, and I knew that Dugan couldn’t do it because he always listens to Peggy’s orders.” You spit back. “Why are you so stuck on that topic, anyway? We’re alive, James. It’s not like we’re dead.”

He sighed, finally giving in and not knowing what to say. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his blue jacket and started walking away, muttering something before he turned a corner.

“What was that? Barnes..Barnes! Where are you going? We aren’t finished!” You yelled, following him into the next building, which was the armory room. Once you two were inside, he turned around to look at you.

“You were right.” He said, his tall frame slowly walking closer to you.

“About?” You asked, confusion written all over your face as you stepped back a few steps, hitting a table.

“About me being…Jealous.” He said quietly, and took a deep breath. “Look, (Y/N), I like you, alright? The reason we fight a lot and the reason why I pick the fights the most is because I do it out of the fact that I like you, and I don’t know how else to explain that I do. I mean, look at you,” he said, standing up straight as you met his eyes. “you’re nothin’ like any of those girls in skirts and bows I take out. You’re in the army for cryin’ out loud! Ever since I met you that night at the convention, you made me realize that there are better people in the world. You’re a badass commander from Britain who wears the same baseball cap everyday to her job, wears dirty boots everywhere she goes, even though she has the privilage of getting new ones, and holds a rifle with pride. If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine. I-I know you like Steve more than me, and I’ll let you be happy with whoever you choose.”

You were stunned by Bucky’s choice of words. You felt the exact same feeling he had just explained, except you weren’t scared of him. You stood there, pressed against a wooden table with his frame towering over you as he just confessed his love to you and all you could do is look up to him. He took in every single detail of your face, your actions and different gestures, the weapons you picked out every day, and you couldn’t say anything. You were speechless.

“Bucky…I.” You smiled as you stammered for words. “I don’t know what-“

All of a sudden, he pulled away. “I get it. You like Steve. That’s, that’s fine. Everyone else does now.” He said under his breath. “I mean, who wouldn’t like Steve? He’s great, he’s nice…He’s tall…He’s basically the symbol of America right now! Everyone, even the other soldiers probably swoon over him, he has great-“ Bucky continued with his little speech about Steve, but you didn’t want to hear about Steve anymore.

You shut him up by quickly walking over to him, grabbing him by the blue jacket he had on, and pulled him down into a hard, yet passionate kiss. His eyes widened at your actions, but soon closed them as he started kissing back. Your hands were tangled in his, playing with the little hairs at the back of his neck. His hands wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer.

You pulled back from the moment, the two of you gasping for breath. “Just so you know, I don’t like Rogers. I’ve always liked you and you only. That explains the position that we’re in right now, soldier.” You said. He nodded before bringing you back into the heated kiss.

He started walking forward with you in his arms until your thighs touched the back of the wooden table. Your lips still in action, Bucky hoisted you up onto the wooden table, clearing the guns and knives that were left on the desk. He started to rip open your sweater before you stopped him.

“Someone will see us.” You panted, your shirt now hanging loosely across your chest.

“We better be quick then, doll.” He said before resuming his actions. He took his jacket off of his body. You smiled and met his lips once more, taking his bottom lip in between your teeth, causing him to groan. You were about to fumble with the belt loops of his pants, before the two of you heard someone clear their throats.

“Uhhem.” You heard someone, Peggy to be exact, say. You and Bucky stopped dead in your tracks as you met Peggy and Steve standing in the large doorway of the armory room. You covered yourself with your sweater, as Bucky did the same with his jacket, and you unhooked your legs from his waist. “Were we interrupting something?” Peggy asked.

You jumped down from the table and zipped up your jacket, as Bucky mirrored your actions, fixing his hair.

“No ma’am.” You said. “No, ma’am.” Bucky said, shortly after you. He tried to hide the smirk that was plastered onto his face, but failed miserably.

Peggy couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sure we didn’t.”

“When we said for you guys to get along, we wouldn’t mean like this but, whatever you want, I suppose.” Steve said, shrugging.

“Well, we sure did as Peggy said.” You smiled.

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Omg you opened them! Ok you know I need a ver fluffy story with Vernon. I don't have a good idea so I'm gonna throw words at you so you create the story: chill, afternoon, tickle, cuddle, interrupted, revenge, kiss :)

I promised some Vernon stuff so I got you guys some 😉 This request was super cute and I hope you like it! ❤︎

“Is the popcorn done yet?” you ask from Vernon’s bedroom, leaning your back against the wall behind you with his tablet in your hands.

Upon hearing the sound of popcorn being mixed in a bowl, the corners of your mouth tugged upwards, and the smile only widened when you heard Vernon, clearly with a popcorn or two in his mouth, saying “Done!”

You raised your eyes from the tablet when you could see him at the door, carrying a big bowl and stuffing some popcorn into his mouth, wearing sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. Waiting for him to join you on the bed, you opened the Netflix app and stretched a little.

“What do you want to watch?” you asked when he had finally taken a seat next to you and you had cuddled closer to him, pulling the duvet up to cover your legs. Vernon placed the bowl between your legs and took the tablet for a while, and you couldn’t help but chuckle when you saw what series he put on; it was one of those with darker themes that you easily associated with nighttime.

“It’s Sunday afternoon and you want to watch that?”

He looked at you with a small pout while placing the tablet so that it was partially on his and partially your thigh. “Something wrong with that?”

Shaking your head with a giggle, you rested your head on his shoulder, reaching for his hand to play with it. “Not at all.”

A few episodes into the series, you had come to one conclusion; it was, in fact, only good that it was an afternoon and not a night, seeing as the fact that it was rather bright outside made some more distressing scenes less so. Naturally, having Vernon’s arm around you and his calm, almost amused voice whispering things to you helped, too.

Before going on to the seventh episode, you both decided it was a good time for a break. After you had taken the now empty bowl of popcorn to the kitchen, you returned to Vernon’s bedroom, easily crawling to cuddle up to him with a broad smile on your lips.

“It’s been a great weekend with you,” you said quietly, your cheek resting on his chest and your arm around him. Vernon moved his hand up and down your arm slowly as he mumbled a “Yeah.”

You let your eyes fall shut as you relaxed in his arms, listening to his calm heartbeat that your heart soon took as its own, his breath hitting the top of your head in soft exhales and his hand rather soft against your arm. While you nearly dozed off, Vernon grinned to himself and stopped his hand, moving it to your side so slowly and subtly that you weren’t able to notice.

You dozing off was interrupted by his fingers tickling your side mercilessly, and you were pulled away from your half-asleep state in a matter of milliseconds as your calm breath turned into shrieking and pulling away.

“You know I’m ticklish!” you exclaimed, moving away from Vernon only to have him follow you with his hands ready to tickle you more, his lips stretched into a wide grin.

“But you’re so funny when you’re tickled,” he stated with a snicker when his fingers found your sides again and you screamed through your laughter, trying to push him away with your hands placed on his shoulders.

Laughing loudly, Vernon backed away for a moment, looking almost apologetic even through the grin on his lips, but he regretted his decision rather soon when you attacked him with your hands, tickling him from the places you knew to be most ticklish for him - his neck and stomach, although you knew that much to his misfortune, the boy was ticklish all over.

Vernon yelped, but you just laughed when he began backing away as well, begging you to stop with tears in his eyes and his laughs getting louder and louder.

“Never,” you chuckled with one hand tickling him from his side and one on his neck, only to gasp when he suddenly disappeared with a thud. You moved closer to the edge of the bed and burst out laughing at the sight of Vernon lying on his back, fixing his hair and looking at you with a glare that the glint in his eyes gave away as faked. Calming down for a while, you looked at him with a smile. “Does it hurt?”

At that, Vernon shook his head and laughed as well. “I mean, my butt aches a bit, but other than that nah.”

With a nod, you moved a bit back on the bed, closer to the wall that was on the right side of it, while Vernon sat up. “I’ll get back at you…”

You looked at him with raised eyebrows, your heartbeat almost back to normal, and let out a nervous laugh when Vernon began moving his fingers in the air like he would move them while tickling you. “Come on, baby, I thought we were done with this.”

He shook his head and backed you to the wall while walking on his knees on the bed, his hands never leaving the tickling position. Just the thought of him tickling you again was enough to make it feel like he was doing it already, and with your back against the wall, you hugged yourself.

Only, he never tickled you - instead, you felt his hands cup your cheeks and soon his lips meeting yours in a long, sweet kiss that easily had your arms falling down from around you as you relaxed. During the kiss and even after it, Vernon had the widest, dumbest grin on his lips you had quite likely ever witnessed on them.

With warm cheeks and a wide smile, you nudged him. “Get that grin off your lips.”

“And what will you do if I don’t?” he asked challengingly, the grin only widening and his nose rubbing a bit against yours. He was close to you, and you were more or less trapped between him and the wall - not that you had anything against it.

“Just this,” you muttered, bringing your hands to his hair, distracting him a little only a second before you leaned up to kiss him, both of you melting into smiles.

The kiss turned into a series of more of those, each one a bit more passionate than the one before, and you only ended it when you felt Vernon’s hands on your sides and pushed him away. He quirked an eyebrow.

“I’m not going to tickle you again, come on,” he said with a snicker, and you squinted your eyes.


Vernon nodded and leaned in for another kiss that spoke for itself.

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hey but oikawa x shimizu? especially with his current concern omg. imagine just how shoujo they'd be. :3c

anon: So I read from Oikawa’s trivia page in the wikia that he may or may not be bothered when Kiyoko didn’t notice him at all so… OiKiyo headcanons?

anon: oikawa x kiyoko? :DDD


anon: Oikiyo onegaii~! Wherein Kiyoko is lowkey fangirling at Oikawa! Arigatou ne~!

anon:  it’s canon that Oikawa was a lil bit upset about Kiyoko not noticing him so… OiKiyo with pining!Oikawa and oblivious!Kiyoko ???

okay let’s go

I thought since there’s six asks about them I’d make this a bit longer?

pining!Oikawa & oblivious!Kiyoko:

  • i’m thinking first year Oikawa seeing first year Kiyoko for the first time during Spring High. since then he’s had a crush on her for the longest time. It’s one of those constant crushes that one doesn’t really do anything about, but every single time he sees her he’s reminded of the first time he’s laid eyes on her. He remembers why he was drawn to her, and he can feel himself starting to sweat nervously already
  • Oikawa cries to Iwaizumi about Kiyoko a lot
  • During the canon-timeline, Kiyoko is so focused on managing Karasuno and guiding Yachi, she hasn’t really noticed that Oikawa is serious about charming/flirting with her. She has also, of course, seen and heard about Oikawa’s fangirls and stuff, so she doesn’t really take their interactions seriously either
  • SURPRISE they meet in university, in YOGA CLASS
  • Oikawa’s taking it to relax, so he’s not really a regular or anything
  • He goes in, and everyone’s checking him out. He’s reveling in the attention, smirking to himself, and suddenly he sees Kiyoko in the corner, quietly exchanging words with another girl with a smile
  • Oikawa doesn’t waste time, he immediately introduces himself again and tries to talk to her. The problem is he has zero idea of what to say, because what do you say to the ex-manager of the volleyball team that his ex-kouhai belongs too???
  • He flirts with her.
  • It doesn’t work.
  • Oikawa sort of dug a trench for himself with this one
    • Iwaizumi goes, “maybe you can consider talking to her like a normal person?”
    • Oikawa puffed out a breath of air petulantly. “Easier said than done.”
    • Iwaizumi doesn’t even miss a beat. “Yeah it’s real hard to not be your true annoying self, right Trashykawa?”

and now for headcanons / general thoughts:

  • “Kiyoko-chan”–the first time Oikawa calls her this (which is like the third time they actually talk), he expected her to blush or something, but instead she just tells him very directly to please call her "Shimizu” instead
  • (okay this one is a little angsty, but) Kiyoko used to do gymnastics, but due to a nasty fall in junior high she dislocates her shoulder (which is why even though she has excellent speed, jumping abilities and stamina, her power is lacking.)
  • She understands (the fear of) losing the one thing you’ve trained so hard for, and so she always makes sure Oikawa isn’t overtraining, always makes sure he’s safe, etc.
  • She doesn’t reveal this until they’ve started dating and Oikawa asks why she knows so much about first aid and treating sports injury, etc.
  • Oikawa sort of sees and understands her in a different light. He kisses her shoulder and promises her that he’d try. He’d try to be better at taking care of himself, he’d try harder and she won’t have to worry so much
  • (and this one’s 100% influenced by the fact that I’m Hamilton trash) “so long as you come home at the end of the day / that would be enough” is something Kiyoko would say to him when he’s frustrated and angry. It’s soft but genuine, just like the “do your best” she gives to Karasuno. When she comforts Oikawa, he falls apart. All the bravado, all the confidence, they all slip away, and he lets her hold him until he’s calmed down.
  • Okay back to fluff: couples yoga. Imagine all the cute and dumb poses. Imagine THIS but with Oikawa and Kiyoko. Enough said.
  • When they take pictures together they always get mistaken for models. When Oikawa’s wearing glasses it’s even worse, they literally look like they’re from an advertisement for glasses
  • Kiyoko likes to be a lot more low-key about their relationship. She’s not overly affectionate most of the time and Oikawa totally respects that.
  • Oikawa does the Will Smith pose (link to picture) to Kiyoko all the time; “i know I’m gorgeous but check out my girlfriend.” (BUT if she’s getting uncomfortable with the attention she’s getting, Oikawa diverts it to himself instead.)
  • Kiyoko falls asleep in Oikawa’s arms as they’re watching a documentary about aliens
  • Oikawa collapsing into Kiyoko’s lap after a long day of practice. Kiyoko cards her hands through Oikawa’s hair as he talks about his day, listening with the utmost patience.

oh oh oh this occurred to me in the middle of writing HCs?? patient!Oikawa & nurse!Kiyoko AU??? bonus physical therapist!Iwaizumi???

  • Oikawa, a pro-volleyball player, comes in the hospital. He’s just hurt from a sprained ankle, not a big deal, BUT
  • Because he’s sprained it so many times, it’s a bit more serious this time, so his coach tells him to take a proper break
  • Oikawa wasn’t going to listen, ha, he was going to sign himself out and pracice lightly on his own
  • Unlucky from him, the hospital he gets send to is the one where his long time childhood friend, Iwaizumi Hajime is working as a physical therapist
  • So of course he tries to run, but he gets distracted by Kiyoko, who literally has no reaction to his charming attempts to get get out of the hospital ASAP
  • And Iwaizumi finds him and smacks him over the head and yells at him with his hands fisted in Oikawa’s shirt
  • Kiyoko is stunned at this scene; she didn’t know they knew each other
  • Iwaizumi yells at Oikawa before he leaves, being needed to work
  • Oikawa laughs off whatever he says, but when Iwaizumi actually leaves the room, his smile melts right off, like he personally ripped it off his face
  • He stares at a wall, sullen and silent
  • Kiyoko hesitates before she starts telling him about what he needs to do to take care of himself, as well as coming in for rehab and such
  • They start see each other regularly
  • Oikawa asks around about Kiyoko and she always finds him wandering near where she’s working
  • Until he’s dragged away from Iwaizumi, of course
  • Kiyoko finally giving Oikawa her number when he’s fully recovered
    • “So this is it? No big banner for me declaring my recovery?” Oikawa asked with a playful pout.
    • Kiyoko cracked a small smile. “Unfortunately, no,” she answered, “but.” She bit her lip before she proceeded, taking out a piece of paper from her pocket. “Here.“
    • As Oikawa’s eyebrows lifted in surprise, Kiyoko ducked her head. “I should go back to work,” she said.
    • “Kiyoko-chan,” Oikawa cooed, and her cheeks immediately darkened. “I’ll call you,” he said, his voice, his eyes turning soft.
  • I’m giving myself a lot of feelings right now okay
EXO Reaction to seeing their dog take their place on the bed after tour

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Xiumin: Xiumin would burst through the door and dump all his stuff on the floor as he raced throughout the house to find you in the bedroom. Even if it was really late at night, he didn’t care, he was so excited to finally see you. I think that as he races through the door, Xiumin would just feel shocked as he saw your dog in his spot using his favorite pillow and blankets. He would just gasp and stare, almost as if he had walked in on you with another man in your bed. You would be up reading a book and would just look up to find him with his jaw dropped and his eyes wide. A smile would light up your features as you encouraged him to come over so you could greet him and welcome him home, but he would pout and walk over to your dog where he would point at it’s position and shake his head. After moving him, Xiumin would then get on the bed and tackle you, giving you kisses and a big hug.

Originally posted by dawnlus

Luhan: I think Luhan would be a mix of irritation and adoration. He would find it so cute that the two of you were snuggling together in a deep slumber, but he would want to join in and there wouldn’t be enough room. Luhan would be extra tired because he just got home from tour and he had a long flight, so I don’t think he would really be too considerate of your new cuddle buddy. Luhan would scoop the sleeping animal up and give it a few kisses because he definitely missed his furry companion as well. After giving it a few pets and a hug, he would gently place it at the foot of the bed before climbing onto the mattress to envelop you in a warm embrace. He would be at peace with you in his arms and would feel complete once more as he drifted off to sleep.

Originally posted by exogivesyoumoonskin

Kris: I think that Kris would just be shocked that out of all people, your dog was cockblocking him. Kris seems to be a lot better with children rather than pets and animals, so he would be a little clueless in this situation despite the fact he could literally just scoop your dog up and put it on the ground. He would probably stand there and just scratch his head, thinking over and over again what he could do to slip under the covers with you. It’s a lot harder for him due to the fact he’s huge and I don’t think all of you would fit on the bed vertically, so Kris would finally come to the conclusion to just move your pet. He would be very careful and awkward as he transported the half awake animal towards the end of the bed. Kris would then cheer for himself and his victory as he reclaimed his side of the bed, only to be silenced as your dog got up and ploped itself on top of him. 

Originally posted by suhomysuho

Suho: I think the only thing that would have gotten Suho through the long flight with the yelling members and all the stress would be the thought of falling into bed next to your sleeping figure. He would be silent as he found his luggage, drove to your house, ignored Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s pestering and Sehun’s complaining. He entered and finally went into your bedroom only to find your dog was taking up his entire side of the bed. I think the realization wouldn’t have sunken in for a few minutes, he would just stare blankly at the bed and the animal occupying most of it. The idea of sleeping with you and getting a full night of rest would have vanished completely from his mind. I think Suho would be too tired to even deal with the situation so he would just wake you up so that you two could hug and kiss and you could move your pet.

Originally posted by parkchny

Lay: Lay would be so touched to find you two asleep, I don’t think he would care at all that your dog was taking up his side of the bed. He would be laughing and spazzing so much as he crawled onto the mattress to join you that you would probably wake up very confused. First, Lay would give your dog kisses and squeal when it would lick his face because he found the sensation very tickilish. When you turned over to see what the ruckus was, you would find him lying beside you with your dog in between you two. He would give you a hand gesture before pressing a few kisses to you because he definitely missed you. You would want to cuddle with him so you would move your dog to the far side of the bed, then Lay would be able to wrap his arms around you and tell you everything that happened on tour.

Originally posted by o-hyuk

Baekhyun: I think this would turn into a bit of a memorable moment that Baekhyun would never forget. He would probably be so tired and sick of SM and working so hard on the long flight home, he would constantly be questioning why he was doing this and honestly ruining his youth. He would finally arrive home and his sore feet would carry him into the bedroom where he found the two of you sound asleep. He would then realize that everything he did, whether it be big or small, was to make you happy because he loved you. His heart would just soar because he just noticed how much you mean to him and how much he loves you. He would probably just sit and observe the two of you, hearing his dog wake up and rush over to him to greet him. After a few minutes of silence and a lot of petting, Baekhyun would then bring the dog back to the bed where he would climb in first and then place your pet down. He would want to be next to you so that he could keep you close.

Originally posted by chentokki

Chen: Chen would feel so defeated and betrayed all at once to be honest. I think that all the hassle of getting home would hit him all at once as he saw who was occupying his side of the bed and obviously blocking him from seeing his girlfriend. That day, the flight would have been filled with crying babies and he would have almost lost his luggage and the taxi ride to your house had a driver that wouldn’t stop talking to him and annoying him. When he finally made it to his bed, his body aching and his mind buzzing from how tired he was, he would feel his world crashing down at the sight of your dog lounging it’s entire body across his spot. Chen would just hold his face in his hands and shake it due to the frustration, asking out loud why his luck was so bad. He would then pick your pet up and deposit it on it’s bed on the floor before he finally crawled underneath the covers where he snuggled up next to you and passed out.

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Chanyeol: You would be on your bed on your laptop listening to music with your dog when Chanyeol would arrive home. Due to the fact you had headphones on and you were watching some music videos, you didn’t hear him calling for you and closing the front door. He would eventually stumble into the bedroom and smile widely as he laid eyes on you, when you wold look up and see him, you would beam and wave him over. He immediately went to go onto his side of the bed but he stopped abrubtly and just stared blankly at your dog. Soon enough, a pout would just form on his face and he would look up at you for help. By now, you had put away your headphones and computer and were puzzled as to why he was hesitant to climb onto the bed and hug you. He would then point at your dog and you would sigh at his childish antics, giggling as you moved the dog and screamed as he jumped onto the bed and began to tickle and kiss you. 

Originally posted by tubeey

Kyungsoo: I think it would be late afternoon when you decided to take a nap and your dog ultimately ended up joining you. You would have been waiting for Kyungsoo to return from his flight, but a sleepy feeling overcame you so you decided to curl up and take a nap. You would awake to this gif exactly, his hands clapping in front of you to wake you up because not only did he want to talk to you and see you, but your dog was preventing him from snuggling with you. After you furrowed your eyebrows and rubbed at your eyes, Kyungsoo would then get onto the bed (on your side) and that would result in you having to move over to give him some space. He would then lie next to you and send a few glares to your dog which you would pick up on and laugh about. He would probably just be extra protective of you and greedy due to the fact he hadn’t seen you in months and he just wanted to have you all to himself for at least a day.

Originally posted by aeloea

Tao: Tao would literally be so happy omg okay he would obviously be exhausted as he returned home and a mixture of confusion and hurt would cross his mind as he stepped foot in your apartment to find that no one had welcomed him home. Candy wouldn’t be running to come and see him like she normally would do and you wouldn’t be watching T.V. as you waited for him or sitting at the kitchen table with your laptop. He would be unstrapping his shoes with a frown dominating his facial features before he would wander throughout his home, wondering where the two of you could be. He saw your wallet, keys, and shoes so you had to be home which finally lead him to enter the bedroom and gasp when he saw who was on his bed. He would be so delighted to see his two princesses getting along and cuddling together for a nap. Tao would legit take 50 selfies while you guys were asleep and he would finally climb onto the bed to join you guys, so excited to spend the rest of his day with his two favorite people.

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Kai: Kai would be so proud of his prized pets, I think that before every departure for tour, he would say goodbye to his dogs and tell them to take extra care of you. When he stumbles in, his shoes and suitcase forgotten at the door and he sees the four of you together asleep, his sleepiness would totally be wiped from him. A huge smile would just dominate his facial features and he would just stand there for a few minutes, taking in the scene. After overcoming his initial shock and happiness, Kai would (very quietly) whip out his phone and start to snap some pictures so that he could look back on this moment whenever he needed a little ‘pick me up’ at practice or whatnot. Once he observed his surroundings for the final time, he would climb into bed and weave himself into the covers, wrapping an arm around your waist while pressing kisses to his dogs’ heads.

Originally posted by pikaemily

Sehun: I feel like Sehun would be unsure of what to do in this situation, he would really want to lie down next to you and sleep with you but your dog would be the problem. I think it would be kind of overly protective of you, so whenever he moved close it would growl. Since he had been gone so long and had probably changed since he had last seen you (hair color, clothes, cologne, etc.) the dog might not recognize him at first and assume that he was a stranger. Sehun would probably get impatient at one point due to waiting so long and being blocked by your dog, so he would probably attempt to pick it up only to have it snap at him and he would flail his arms and flip out because he was scared haha. At this point, you would wake up with all the chaos going on and relax the dog, bringing it to it’s dog bed on the floor and finally Sehun could hold you close and sleep. 

- Admin Mocha