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Hiii c: do you have any headcanons for Otapliroy? How they got together or what their relationship is like. Thanks!

Oooh! I’m so excited to do this! I think these three would have a very fun and interesting dynamic. :3

(It’s long so i’m putting it under a Read More)

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6, 9, 10, 11

6 - name the character you would want to have one night alone with VERSUS the character you would want to have the rest of your life with (they have to be two different characters)

One night? Rhys. Rhys Rhys Rhys Rhys Rhys.

Rest of my life? Y'all already know it’s my shadow husband.

9 - name who you want to kill Maeve and how

ANY OF AELIN’S COURT OMG. But no really Fenrys or Connall even though Aelin and/or Rowan probably will just magic wise. I just really hate that bitch for using them the way she did.

10 - name who you want to kill the King of Hybern and how

CASSIAN. I want him to chop off that motherfucker’s head for what he did to his mate.

11 - name who you want to kill Jurian and how

MIRYAM. Slowly… painfully… with a dramatic speech right before the final blow while Drakon watches proudly

Okay I was listening to the Lego Batman soundtrack and

There is a line during the song “Friends are Family”

when Batman takes the mic

and you can very clearly hear him refer to Robin as

“adorably intruding”


Mike: We’ll be home soon. My mom, she’ll get you your own bed, you can eat as many eggos as you want, and we can go to the snowball.

Eleven (not even like 5 minutes later): Goodbye, Mike

Little blue prince, hanging out in the moonlight

He’s pretending to read but he’s really just staring at Keef <3

(from Watercast by the lovely @fishwrites)

(there is also one actual word in his book but it’s in arabic and written terribly so props if you find it)

edit: Keef is here

Boys like him don’t come wrapped in pretty packages with bows and ribbons-
Boys like him come in sleepless eyes and bruised knuckles.

They see girls like you, with wide eyes and soft lips-
And crave for that vulnerability.
So they wear a smile that’s almost too bright and hold your hand almost too hard,
And they love.

They love you until your heart bleeds and your eyes sting, they love you until you’re too blinded by the daggar they’re twisting into your ribcage.

Girls like you though, they believe that they can kiss their knuckles until they’re healed. So they wait around for boys like him to grow up.

But boys like him don’t grow up, they drain-

and it works every time with girls like you.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #108

I made 6 Galra Keith icons using @softhance‘s icon method! I was just experimenting honestly sooo I’m not sure if anybody wants to use them but you can if you want.

X   Uhhm if you want free to use I guess!
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I’m here to promote my shitty Victuuri fic…

It’s that Victor speaking French fic I know everyone has been asking for, since it was confirmed that he is fluent in French. They just didn’t ask me but I delivered. Summary, according to everyone in the comment section: Poor Victor.

Please give it a read, if you want to overdose fluff and see them being gross, that is.

I’m still kinda insecure about my writing. If you think it’s good (or bad) please let me know, so I can decide if it’s worth writing the next fic or not ;-;