omg no make up

darkibooty  asked:

concept: colonel and damien makin flower crowns and mark comes in and he's like "MY TURN" and he makes them badly and everyone's aLIVE AND HAPPY AND I WANT MY DAMIEN BACK

lmao and celine is just sitting nearby shaking her head like gdi these boys

but dude omg what if colonel ends up making damien’s flower crown out of blue flowers and celine’s crown out of red flowers.


jungkookie’s audition for Superstar K ;_; after this he got scouted by a lot of agencies. ultimately he chose bighit because he thought Namjoon was cool ^_^

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


damn capes always getting in the way of memes!

The lyrical theme of “when you’re falling in a forest, and there’s nobody around…” sounds so deep until you remember that Evan physically fell out of a tree in the middle of the forest when nobody was around

Following this post and a lot of anon back and forth, here’s the alpha crew as a few other of the Voltron characters!