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Such beauty, such grace………. *sigh*


i’m just really so very thankful to Katie. god she’s made me cry, for a much better reason than the rest of them did the last two days.

even though she wasn’t completely in a outspoken rage, cuz.. professional adult human person. i do wanna believe she did chat with them abt the affects they caused during that mtv interview. it seemed from that one clip floating around she did try talk with jeremy POSSIBLY. and now, this is definitely 100% assumption. but after that mtv one, all the other interviews looked like there was a tension? that tv line one was most visibly telling with katie. while on the couch, sitting as far away as possible, her shutting down what chris said earlier and bringing up the singing thing (”i brought it back to reality, do you guys want to start singing again?”) and Odette seemingly giving support towards Katie with the shoulder touch.

she’s been so so supportive to the people she’s met who’ve brought up supercorp. she’s always been outspoken in believing we can interpret things how we like since day one. and interviews after she just seemed very done. you can just feel her love for her fans and how valid and important they are to her, and her career tbh. she seems highly aware and respectful of fans and fandom type stuff. i mean, she’s a nerd of course.

like i know people on the outside want to believe we’re all disappointed and angry bcuz some people yelled how a ship won’t be canon. but it was really above that. it was that they mocked lgbt people for wanting to find representation and happiness in a pairing. katie is one that would understand that, from her multiple lgbt roles and an understanding of fans/fandom.

i just love katie so much and i hope someone will tell her how much of what she did, after what the rest of the cast did, helped people. it honestly lifted a little weight of my heavy heart.

So I just randomly started drawing this, I wasn’t actually even completely there so here! It’s Mort!

(yes I know I did the wrong eye)

(I hope you like him!!! @itstherickestmorty )

“Like A God”

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post 1 favorite character from 10 fandoms, and then tag some people:

  1. allen walker (d.gray-man)
  2. kamui (gintama)
  3. leo tsukinaga (ensemble stars)
  4. nozomi tojo (love live)
  5. izaya orihara (durarara)
  6. akechi goro (persona 5)
  7. leo baskerville (pandora hearts)
  8. nanami chiaki (sdr2)
  9. rem (re:zero)
  10. tsurumaru kuninaga (touken ranbu)

tagging: @tachibana–chan, @kaiyochins, @fuyutsumi, @josenji, @dragonarei, @uzurume, @bakamura, @sesukes, @dazaiosamu-s and @youkas (only if you want to of course!)

the sheer amount of notes we wrote for Collapse and beyond was so much it started slowing Google down…

@swiftwidget and I had to move the notes to a separate doc lol (pfft you know only like 71 pages and 24,000+ words) 

*glances at current Collapse doc now lacking the notes* “71 pages… 28,000+ words…”

add those together and…


Well then.

We’ve been productive!

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Requests from tonight’s livestream! :D

@tatsunokoori-blog‘s Arial trying to learn to summon Lightening magic. 
@leafiu‘s Lucie and my Luci getting Piggybacks from Papy and Metta. ;w;
@strabius-strawberry‘s Toaster child (Palatino) Getting booped by Luci.
@calamitystudiosart‘s OC, Dema as a little beeb.
and finally we have @bigfanofpuns‘ Papyton kids Rocky and Ebrima having a sibling jam session with Luci. 

Thanks for coming! :D