omg no i should stop i'm such a big dumb

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honestly people need to stop caring about other peoples sexuality because its really no big deal its just your opinion on something and i think pride parades are great and stuff because they help spread awareness that everything is normal but seriously people need to stop "celebrating" their sexuality because its not a big deal and no one else should care about your sexuality except you and your partner and omg I'm sorry i had to rant

okay its really fucking hard to be not straight you face so much discrimination and hate like people are kicked out of their homes and murdered for being LGBTQIA?????? i think its fucking wonderful to be proud and celebrate it because youre rising above all that

its different for straight ppl theres nothing to be proud of like its not bad to be straight but you face no discrimination therefore theres no need to like celebrate it i guess??

my point is, you say that no one should care about sexuality, and i think this is a common thought. but the fact is, there are so many homophobes that DO care and theres no way to change their minds. like, you cant just be like “oh idc about sexuality” and act like that changes everything because there are still people who will commit hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQIA community.