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Life goal: become fabulously wealthy and use that money to fund a bunch of all women versions of musicals even if I’m too old to act in them bc I know I am not the only woman who wishes she could sing some, or all, of the male parts

OH OH ALSO one of my fave uses of the camera zooms and stuff was when Jack betrays the newsies during the rally and everyone is screaming and leaving him and Davey just stands there and it cuts to a shot of him and he just looks helplessly at Jack before leaving and then it pans to Jack who almost goes after him then stops himself and just-as-helplessly mouths “Davey..”. anyways. i cried.

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What about number 8 for the kiss prompts? :)

8. being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward

You guys. I love kisses. I love writing kisses. I loved writing this. I think it’s the fastest I’ve ever dished out almost 2k in my entire life. I really hope you like this – Because I’ve got two more of these kiss prompts in my inbox. Enjoy.

The first time they kissed it was messy – At least, Crutchie had thought it was. He had never kissed anyone before. Sure, he’d seen plenty of people do it. People in movies, people in parks, even people on the front page of a paper he once had to sell. Not to mention, he’d been pining after Jack since he was 12 years old. He remembered pretending to be so happy for Jack when he came home one night, so proud that he had his first kiss with a pretty girl. He stood back and watched Jack flirt and kiss on girls ever since. He knew how it worked, but he had no real experience.

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Can you please do a headcanons about Race seeing his s/o in a dress for the first time thanks ;)

okie doke so i am really sorry i haven’t written anything in a hot minute but i am back from hell and i am ready to go!! race is my bby okay time to remember how to write

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Fasten your seat belts everybody because I’m about to take y’all on a ride.

First of all look what our son is watching. IT”S FOUR IN THE MORNING AND THIS IS WHAT HE IS WATCHING. OUR SON.

And then he just whips out some random eggs and toast in the middle of some rocks? What even is this boy??

Then Ben really wants to go to the park so they take him but Josh WILL NOT GET OUT OF HIS SWIMSUIT (But also look at his him posing. Work it Joshy-boy. Work that pink swimsuit. You’re flame. You are fierce. You are the only B student in this household.

Okay this one is hard to see because he stopped before I could zoom in…


But hey. Look at the cute trio of boys.

And Sky doing push-ups instead of homework. No wonder he is a C student.

Okay. Fast-forwarding to the next day…

Ben got up at 6 AM to grill hamburgers? So at this point my sister and I are laughing. Like, Ben, what are you doing? You’re ridiculous.


LoOk At ThiS

Jeremy was very tense all day. Cant blame him.

So now it’s evening and everyone is tense and Ben is sad and keeps calling the sadness hotline so we took them to the park.


SO like any self respecting mother…I made them fight.

Cue Josh running away while other Josh chases after him.

Needless to say we had to leave the park.