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i need jason to meet sally 

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Singer!Graves maneuvering this type of microphone

while either screaming into it or whispering?

His fingers are hovering over it, like he wants to cup it, while his eyes close and voice goes into a tenderly sweet tone.

His lips are practically touching the cold metal as he whispers into it.

Fans are going crazy. They would do anything to get that microphone.

He also tends to pose dramatically with the pole.

Bonus: Graves shamelessly ruts against the pole thing and he’s sure some brains got short circuited.

Bonus 2: Throw into the mix the super flustered fan Newt, who is always admiring beautiful things from afar, and who just happened to be squashed into the front row by Queenie. He wants to run away. He’s so close to his celebrity crush, he barely can keep himself on feet. His knees buckle from time to time though. He’s flushed a deep shade of red as he stares mesmerized at the stage, at Graves.

He barely registers the shove Queenie gives him before he’s catching the MICROPHONE and he raises his eyes shocked, and he sees Graves smirking and then he winks at Newt.

Newt faints.

Guardienne Tag

So since there was a candy tag game , I thought that it would be interesting to get to know our Guardinenne’s as well ! ^^

Rules: This is for your Guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer(If you have more than one OC then please feel free to do as many of these as you want !)

Tag more than 6 people you want : @grandedemoneceleste , @eldaryandy , @zurysalvatore , @anis0000, @gatinhatriste, @vanillaamoursucrethings , if you see this post and would like to do it too then pls tag me so I can see your Guardienne’s info ! 

Name or if they have a nickname: My name’s Frida ! :D (my other oc calls her “Fluffy Ears”)

Gender: Female

What race are they ( Faeries/Human/or something in between) :  Half -Human , Half-Brownie

What guard are they in ? : Obsidian 

Which Companion do they have ? :  Jeanylotte

Favourite Food: Cookies ! 

Favourite Colour: Light blue

Crush(and why): Well…I don’t really really like someone in that way yet ! I think…? But Jamon’s so sweet and kind~ I wish I could spend more time with him and talk about everything !

Describes yourself in five words: Adventurous ,positive, relaxed , reliable , silly .

What do they like to do in their free time ? : In my free time ? Hmmm, well I like to explore different places with my Jeanylotte ! I love to exercise and nap , I actually have a secret spot for my naps ! Wait…does that make it not a secret huuuhh…

What do they think about the Human World ? : I love humans ! In fact my mother is an human , since I grow up in Eldarya it’s all so curious to me , they have such an interesting culture as well as tasty food ! I would love to see my mother again but…with all this crystal problem happening I’m afraid I can’t visit her for awhile .

What your Guardienne looks like :

Note : If you do not want to do this game you can just ignore it , it’s to have fun not to feel any pressure !

Clumsy Partner: Wooseok, Yuto, Yeo One, Hongseok

“How would wooseok, yuto, Yeo one and hongseok react when their girlfriend is really clumsy”

Wooseok - He dances so he can’t be that clumsy, but I feel like he’d relate? He’d probably had the occasional forehead smack or a low doorframe or tripping over his own lanky legs. That said, he’d probably suggest making a game out of it to see who could go the longest without doing something like that.

Yuto - He’d start off confused as to why you kept falling all the time or whatever you may do. He’s an athlete himself and has great coordination, so it may not register at first that you don’t. Once it does, he’d offer to take you out to play some sort of sport to help improve your motor skills~

Yeo One - I think he’d find it the most endearing as long as you didn’t get hurt. As I’ve stated many times, I think he has a really protective side to him, so he’d be the person that habitually asks you if you’re okay every time something happens. If it became excessive, however, he might even suggest a specialist.

Hongseok - With the Pentamom Personality™ he sports, he’d be more concerned than anything. He’d likely say something like “Pick up your feet more so you don’t trip” or “Watch where you’re standing”. He’d mean well and it would be out of love, but it might come out sounding more like nagging (which is characteristic of all mothers in one way or another).

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honestly in Dennis's mom dies when they go out to "recruit" guys they all approach the kind of guy that's their "type". Dennis finds a blonde guy looking at himself in a mirror, mac finds a body builder, Charlie finds a janitor buying a crossbow so he can commit suicide which Charlie describes as "passionate."

oh SHIT!! i never noticed that…. that’s so neat omg

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Did you know that there are snails that can survive digestion from birds? They are swallowed and literally come out the other end a-ok

*googles this* omg…. its real….. thats neat af actually

sometimes asters are associated with virgo

literally means ‘star’ but in flower language can mean 'elegance’ so i think it fits well?

my guys, my dudes, my main men on the block,,, I AM BACK!
i have successfully moved out of the parents’ nest and ya grl is now officially living out of boxes for the coming months !! 

so,,, would anyone like to plot a thing? consider this Grand Return™ a plotting call.
LIKE this so i’ll know to slide into some dms B)

*streeeeetches out* yeaaaaaa i guess u could say im Kindof a big deallllllll

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Ive noticed you talking about games Hermes likes and in my experience, the main pokemon games are perfect to play with hermes in mind! They're about adventure and communication and friendly competition, and ive even made sacrifices of pokemon ive raised to top strength or are really attached to if im asking for His help with something big. Ive also seen it somewhere that hermes is god of animal husbandry too, and sun/moon have a little minigame where you take care of your pokemon, which is neat!

Omg you’re so right! Pokémon games are perfect to use as Hermes worship or just time spent with Him!

Sometimes I flip a coin when making decisions so it feels like He gets a say in what’s going on in our game world, it’s so fun! ♥️

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Omg I just realized you drew that twitter picture of broodingYA HERO! I have followed the account for a year cause I love it! So neat!!!!!!!!!


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whaddup it's justine being a cool bean and writing cute scenes with viktor and yuuri~ rhyming is difficult but basically i love kic and you're cool #yoipositivitymoment

omg this is neat and you’ve got a sick beat with that flow, i think i’ll try it too although i’m not too well-versed in rhyming words i think i’ll pack my bags and go—excuse my outburst