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01/31 — it’s been a while since my last post omg. I just had the chance to update my tumblr app, so I hope this one will be posted asap. so here are snaps from my lib session last last tuesday, 12th january! I was prepping up for a report on angiosperms that I’ll be doing on 2nd feb.

ft. one of my fav parts of our school’s library, the shelves containing textbooks about biology, anatomy, and physiology yipee (((I accidentally posted this on my main blog lmao)))

[STARCAST] “Failed to control the level…” – BTS members made each other handsome by expressing ugly expressions!

It’s already February! Time flies, right? January passed quicker than any other time for BTS since 3 awards ceremonies that are important in the music world were opened. We will release the story about ‘The 24th Seoul Music Awards’ and ‘Gaon Chart K-POP Awards’ today. The trophy pictures aren’t the same with those common ones~

[Taking pictures of the past again! (feat. Already One year)]
Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta♬  (<Mission Impossible> OST rings in our ears) BTS appeared at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in black suits. Today’s mission is to take over ‘The 24th Seoul Music Awards’!

James V & James JIMIN “Codename: Receiving the Main Prize and concert”

JUNG KOOK & JIN “Codename: Defend the heater (Oh… It’s cold)”

RAP MONSTER & SUGA “Codename: Tell tales (This guy did it)”

It should be familiar now, but they were still nervous about the red carpet event. BTS that changed into neat ‘suit boy group’ changed their steps toward the red carpet.

In last January, BTS received the New Artist Awards at ‘The 24th Seoul Music Awards’. Then they received the Main Prize in a year! They challenged to taking past pictures again recollecting their memories of a year before. The letters that were written on the trophy changed into the Main Prize from the New Artist Awards, but the other synchronizations are perfect, right? Who is the most similar?

Piece name: <Trophy, Me and Lethargy>
- Piece explanation: After enjoying the joy of receiving the award, we put the contrasting image of SUGA that lost vigor and the trophy that shows off sexy gesture in one frame. You may feel the lethargy that governs SUGA through vacant eyes, both hands and both knees that are gathered evenly.

[The one that holds the trophy, give up on your appearance!]
BTS appeared at the ‘Gaon Chart K-POP Awards’ which was held on January 28th. They received ‘Discovery of the Year – World Rookie’ award this day. They tried to make each other’s appearance better in order to express the joy in unique ways. However, the level was too severeㅠㅠ They seemed to harm the old and the infirm, pregnant woman, and even ordinary people. So they slightly changed to become handsome while only one member expressed an ugly face!

JIMIN “Starting lightly~”

JIN “The sky is keep calling me”

SUGA “Why does a horror movie need CG?”

JUNG KOOK “My pupils crave for each other”

RAP MONSTER “I dream to be the rich of the chin”

J-HOPE “I slept where it was cold. My mouth has turned”

Tada~ The hoped-for No.1 is left now. The No.1 that made others handsome was the magician of facial muscles, V who believed taking ugly photos is the easiest saying, “Give me your face if you will use it like that.“

V “My facial muscles evolve every day”

Are you okay? Are you surprised a lot? Please calm down your surprised hearts by appreciating normal pictures from now on.

RAP MONSTER & JIN “Red sun! Please forget about the previous pictures”

We will end STARCAST by appreciating the youngest JUNG KOOK’s light charms. Let’s meet again in the next episode!