omg my poor bb



lol ok so did you guys forget that Isak literally was physically violent to Madhi at this point last season when he was stressed and Sana says one little comment that was really directed at herself and not even really at Isak and y’all are all like “omg my poor bb isak!! Sana is so mean to him he didn’t deserve that ://” like REALLY?

under-sn0w  asked:

our youngest cat is now 7? i think and he can only fall asleep if he can feel or hear someone, he likes to hang out on our window sill but turns out thats not good because he fell (second story) and his lip got scraped and was bleeding but now he just hangs out with me in my room so i think hes okay

Omg they sound lovely, poor bb needs a bandaid !! clumsy little one