omg my heart

  • Daddy: I love you
  • Me: I love you too
  • Daddy: Who do you love?
  • Me: You?
  • Daddy: No, what's my name?
  • Me: D-Daddy?
  • Daddy: Good, now say it in a full sentence.
  • Me: I love you daddy
  • Daddy: I love you too little girl
  • Me: *S C R E A M S*
During any kind of interview
  • Interviewer: So what do you do in your spare time?
  • Me: I love to read and draw, and I even write a little
  • In reality: has several 3k+ word gay fanfics on AO3, about three Pinterest boards filled with my ships, almost exclusively draws smut to put on here and has exhausted nearly every fanfic tag ever

Me talking about my life :
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Me talking about my favorite character :
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Me talking about my otp :
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Iron Heart, Chapter 6

Hello ^^ Recently read one of my favorite fanfiction’s newest chapters, ‘Iron Heart’ by Spikerr. Big fan of this story and hope they continue it. This scene is from chapter 6 (or at least the best I could visualize it while reading it) anyway hope you love it Spikerr ^U^ Hopefully I can get around to coloring it, but until then I give permission to whoever wants to color it AS LONG as you give me credit for the sketch. PLEASE AND THANK YOU! (let me know if you wanna color it too!)

Here is one of the scenes from chapter 6 that inspired me to draw:

She wondered if her heart would just jump out her chest and dance on the floor in front of them. It certainly hadn’t stopped since they took off, and she doubted that it would anytime soon. Especially now as she sat next to him, her shoulder flush against his arm. It was still pouring outside, but she didn’t mind as much with the dragon at their backs, warming her now that she was out of her sopping jacket. It hung next to his, having been rung out as much as possible.

Their clothes were still a bit damp, but there wasn’t much they could do about that. At least, when they finally found a place to rest, there was promise of a hot fire and food, and possibly a bed. Though she definitely wouldn’t mind staying here for a bit longer.

A soft gust of wind brushed her damp locks, and she shivered, gulping as she hugged her knees tighter. It wouldn’t do to get sick now, especially when they were supposed to continue flying tomorrow. It was a death wish to do so, anyone who flew sick risked fire-head, a dangerous illness that often afflicted riders more than commoners. Still, she didn’t want to take any risk of falling ill, wanting to be more useful than she felt at the moment. She leaned closer to Gajeel, hoping that he didn’t mind her cuddling close to get warmer.

She nearly jumped in surprise when his arm lifted, and wrapped itself around her shoulders, hugging her tightly. She was sure that her cheeks had been set ablaze, they felt so hot. She resisted looking up at him for the umpteenth time, grateful that he couldn’t see her embarrassment. He sighed slowly, his chest rising and falling against her made that resistance crumble, and she sneaked a peek at him. His head was resting against the dragon’s side, his eyes closed in what seemed to be an attempt to sleep while waiting for the storm to pass. It wasn’t a bad idea, she mused as she softly snuggled next to him, not wanting to disturb him. But she couldn’t relax, not when her nerves were shot and her blood pounded in her ears.

She was sure that he’d be upset earlier, having failed to even find Perion in the storm. She barely made it halfway down main street before ducking under an awning, nearly despairing as she gazed in the direction that the dragon master had gone. But in the rain, it was difficult to even recognize his figure, and there were other, larger people rushing around as well. To make matters even more difficult, she wasn’t sure where the inn even was, forcing her to give up and turn around.

To her utter shock, the Rider was far gentler than she anticipated, even supported her. She had just caught her breath to have it stolen away when he hugged her, sending her heart racing when he beamed at her. And it was all she could do to keep from swaying as he began helping her out of her jacket, sending Panther indignant glares.

Lectured by the dragon? Why, it was endearing, and she couldn’t help the smile she flashed at the black dragon as Gajeel guided her to him, pointing out the warmest spot to rest on while he took care of her soaked jacket.

Panther was indeed warmer than she expected, but she partially blamed that on the chilly rain. She definitely hadn’t expected Gajeel to be even warmer once he plunked down next to her, his shoulder brushing hers. Then, Panther had wrapped his giant wing around the pair, blanketing them against most of the chill air. But for the most part, she was cozier here than she was in her own bed!

She could feel her head begin to grow heavy, refusing to stay upright. Her eyes were sliding shut easier and staying shut as time went on, lulled by the rain on the roof. Her head finally rested on his shoulder, and she could feel herself relaxing.

She didn’t remember falling asleep, only the last thought before finally succumbing to the pull was that she’d rather be nowhere else but here.


from now on to the end of my life, you are mine and I am yours
while the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, you are my sun, my moon, and my stars

Happy birthday ZEN! (*’∀’人)♥