omg my first gif ever

I was too tired lazy to make any big movement, so there you have, a chill winter day with Marzia and Felix(Pewdiepei)~
 OMG, my first gif I’ve ever made. And my first try to make an illustration without line art too. It was so fun, especially drawing Felix’s hair! *3*)/ 

2C for @yumenoorsee

Just ‘cause it’s the first june, LOL. Tbh I really don’t know why I do things

Some nights he lured himself to sleep by imagining how he would word the favour for Glendower. He needed to get the words exactly right. Now he rolled phrases around his mouth, desperately reaching for one that would comfort him. Ordinarily, words would tumblr and lull through his mind, but this time, all he could think was

Fix me.

The Glitter Face

Phil ”I’m going to stick mine under my bed.”

Dan “I’m going to eat mine.”

Best Friend! Calum Imagine that I thought of when I saw this part of the video. the Gif was made by majorclifford (if you don’t follow her go do it she’s the best.) Pls remember that this is my first imagine to eVER post on here (omg i know) so pls don’t hate I know it’s not amazing. You can find Part 2 HERE!

You had recently found out that your boyfriend, Jake, of a year and a half had been cheating on you, leaving you devastated and heartbroken. Tonight you felt a little unsure of yourself, being in the state you were in, and decided to have your best friend over to keep you company. Calum and you had been laying cuddled up on the couch watching your favorite show for the past 2 hours now, only moving from your position a few times when your phone lit up on the coffee table. It lit up again and you decided to actually check who it was this time instead of just glimpsing at it. Calum moved his arm from around you allowing you to lean forward but as you looked at the name on your phone, your whole body froze. You felt Calum shift next to you, looking over your shoulder at your phone screen. You heard him breathe deeply, knowing very much that Calum dislikes this asshole who ripped your heart in two. He reached around you, taking your phone into his grasp and reading the messages you had from him, but you sat frozen, not having expected to hear from your ex ever again. You felt Calum’s arm slide around your waist, pulling you into his chest as you instantly relaxed.

That was until you looked at your phone and read the messages.

Baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen.

I miss you so much

Please forgive me

I need to see your face one more time baby. Please.

Calum noticed you reading the messages and quickly locked your phone, not letting you read the last message. “Calum what did the last one say?” you ask him, your voice soft and shaky.

You felt his chest rise with his deep breath and you knew he was contemplating on whether he should tell you or not. “Calum?” you ask again, looking up at his face, seeing that he looks a little worried.

“He said.. he said he’s coming to your house.” he was watching you intently to see how you respond, but you didn’t have time to respond. There was a hard knock on your front door and all of the air in your body dispersed. You had no idea what to do. Do you go out there and tell him to leave? Let him in and see what he has to say? You looked at Calum who was now removing himself from you, but you grabbed his arm, not wanting him to get into this. There was another sharp knock on the door and your voice shook as you spoke. “I can get the door Calum.” You said, not sure if you could actually make it there without bursting into tears. You knew Calum could tell you were lying, gently shaking his head and sitting on the coffee table in front of you. “(Y/N), it’s okay. I’ll just tell him to leave. I promise. I’ll be right back.”

You watched his back as he walked away from you, but decided to watch from around the corner and slowly got up and peeked from around the corner as Calum opened the front door. You couldn’t see him but you could hear his low voice and your heart lurched, not knowing how to control the tears that began flowing down your cheeks.

“Where is she? And why are you here?” you heard him spit out, obviously pissed it wasn’t you who answered the door.

“She doesn’t want to see anybody right now.” Calum answered coolly, but you knew he was on edge by the way his jaw twitched. “She’d love to see me, I’m sure of it. Move out of my way.” Jake replied, trying to slide through Calum and the door, but Calum was quick to stick his hand out, blocking him from walking any further into your home. You noticed his hand clenching and unclenching by his side and you began to worry about someone throwing a punch knowing that Calum has been wanting to get a hold of Jake since you told him about what happened, and Jake was known for a bit of a short temper.

“Sorry, Mate, but I believe you’re wrong. The only person she wants right now is me and I’m here, so you’re free to go. Bye now.” Calum lightly led the unwanted from your entry way, you moving forward a little to see out the door better, but as you moved forward you stepped on the edge of the blanket you had around you, falling forward a little and bumping into the wall next to you. Both heads snapped up to the sound and Jake shoved through Cal at the sight of you, walking quickly and grabbing your face in his hands. “Baby-“ he didn’t have time to finish as Calum grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, yanking him out the door and into your yard as you stood stunned by his touch, but quickly back to reality as you rushed out the door. “Calum!” you shouted, but were ignored as he and Jake got into a heated argument.

“Alright, I fucking told you she didn’t wanna see you so you can just get your ass out of here, got it?” Cal was fuming as Jake shoved him, saying you could speak for yourself on who you wanted to see and you knew that if you didn’t get between the two your front lawn was about to become a blood bath.

Rushing from the porch you got between the two and grabbed Calum’s face, making him look at you. You were almost scared by the hate you could see boiling in his eyes, but it all quickly faded as he saw the look on your face. He pulled you into his chest, kissing the top of your head and moving you behind him so you were safe and out of reach from Jake.

“If you ever come back here, your ass is dead. Got it?” Calum threatened, not wanting to say anything that could frighten you even more, but he almost lost it when Jake began laughing, not scared at all of Calum’s threat. “Yeah, okay kid. Nice try.”

At that, Calum lurched forward, throwing his fist straight into Jake’s jaw making him stumble from the unexpected impact. As you went to step in front of Calum, Jake threw a punch intended for Calum’s stomach, but instead hit you in the stomach, knocking the wind out of you as you kneeled down to the ground. Jake stood stunned at what he just did, but Calum was quick to react giving Jake a solid punch to the face, then bending down next to you. “Babe, are you okay?” he asked gently trying to look at your face. You just barely shook your head no, which was all Calum needed. He hooked his arm under your knees and behind your back, Jake forgotten on the ground. He laid you down as soft as humanly possible not wanting to hurt you anymore.

“What can I do babe? How can I help?” he looked at you worried, not knowing what to do to help you since he’s never seen you in this state of physical pain before.

“Lay with me. Please” you whispered, that being all you could get out. He smiled softly at how simple your response was and helped you move so he could lay next to you. You grunted as a pain shot through your stomach from moving to quickly, a single tear rolling down your cheek. Calum looked at you with sadness in his eyes as you gave him a soft smile as if to show him you were okay. He finally laid down next to you and you laid down on top of him, your head on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry that happened.” He said quietly after a few minutes of silence. You gave him a soft “mhm” suddenly becoming tired, which Calum quickly caught on to.

“Go to sleep. I’ll be right here when you wake up Princess.” At that, you shut your eyes, but not before Calum let out a soft “I love you, (Y/N),” as he kissed the top of your head.

since it is the end of the year and i just reached 600 followers (omg thanks guys) i thought i would do my first ever follow forever and put together a collection of all the amazing spn blogs that i follow (and will continue to follow forever and ever)

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