omg my first au meme


dbskweek (day 7)

au in which fbi agent yunho is a stickler for rules and cia agent jaejoong is anything but, and they end up as partners

the first time they meet, yunho almost shoots down an undercover jaejoong while taking down the arms trafficking branch of a chinese triad group located in the states. on the car ride to the fbi holding facility, jaejoong doesn’t say a single word, but every time yunho looks into the rearview mirror, he sees jaejoong with a smirk on his face staring right back at him. he escapes custody, taking down five fbi agents in the process. his superiors keep him from pursuing, withholding the reason, and it’s an understatement to say yunho is irked.

a year later, the fbi receives information about a possible terrorist attack from the cia, and yunho is assigned to work with a cia agent on the case. yunho sits in the fbi conference room for almost an hour past the designated meeting time before his partner walks in. he’s about to tell the guy off before he looks up at that guy who eluded his capture just one year ago, with that annoying smirk still on his face.

“hello, my name is jaejoong. it’ll be a pleasure working with you.”


“Idiot.” I yelled at him as I walked out of the theatre. Tears streaming down my face, as I fast walked down the street from the theatre away from the horrid movie I was dragged to watch.

“Baby!” a short bark of laughter came out from him, as he tried to catch up with me. “Hey! Y/N!”

I stopped, turning on around to face him with a look of hatred. “Michael Clifford,” I growled a bit. “You of all people should know how badly I am afraid of zombie movies!”

He moved closer to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and lightly kissing my lips. “I’m sorry baby.”

I looked away from him, not wanting to make eye contact. Knowing he was making those puppy eyes that I seriously couldn’t resist.
He put his hand under my chin, moving my face to look at him. I was right. He was making those eyes. “Ugh… I hate you sometimes you know.”

“You can’t hate me. You love me too much,” he grinned. “And.. I don’t think you would have been with me this long if you hated me.”

“Hm true. I have this love and hate thing with you.” I wrapped your arms around him and lied my head on his shoulder. “I can’t believe we’ve been together this long.”

“Right? Two years and counting.” He stroked my hair, softly kissing the top of my head.

“Remember when we first met?” I looked up at him. He was smirking and turning red.

“Oh God, don’t remind me. I’m still embarrassed to this day.”

I brushed my fingers over his neck. “But that was a cute day. I helped you with your tie and brushed down your hair. Which was probably the softest hair I’ve ever felt if I must say.” I grinned. Tracing the vein on his neck. Sometimes I asked myself how I ended up with someone as perfect as him. I mean.. You’re nothing special and he’s.. He’s 5sos’ Michael Clifford. The awesome guitarist, the one who dyes his hair to perfect colours, Luke’s personal asshole, the guy who rather be inside than out clubbing. And you were just a stylist that somehow got the job to help out on 5 Seconds of Summer’s Good Girls music video.

I guess he felt my sad aura and kissed my forehead. “Hey. Why the sad face.”

I sighed. We both talked about our relationship before. Our relationship and all that, but I never bothered asking why, out of all the girls falling for him, he chose me. I bit my lip before asking him. “Michael… Why me? Why did you pick me over the other hundreds of other girls?”

He gave me a blank expression. Bad enough that I walked out on our anniversary date and now I have some nerve asking him this ridiculous question. Great way to end that anniversary. “Look.” I removed my arms from him and shifted in spot. “Don’t answer that. I’m just being—” He interrupted my sentence by kissing me roughly.

“Shut up will ya?” His thumb brushed over my bottom lip, softly looking into my eyes. “Y/N, I always chose you. You’re my perfect girl. It’s always been you. Since the day, we’ve met. Something inside of me drew me to you. You’re like… the best slice of pizza I could of ever order.”

I grinned, trying to blink out the sudden tears in my eyes and letting out a stifled laugh. “Don’t cry. Come on. Let’s go back home and finish this anniversary. Clifford style.” He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, grabbing my hand on the other side and leading us back to the home we both shared.


He pulled you inside and sat you down on the couch. You blinked at him, wonder what he was doing. “What are you doing?” You whined and watched him walk into the bedroom. He didn’t say anything for a while, then suddenly the lights went out. “M-Mikey?”

“It’s okay baby. Just carefully walk into our room.” You did what he said. He snuck up on you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Happy anniversary, love.” You looked around the room and saw candles by the bed and roses on the bed that spelled out ‘I Love You’.

“Michael.” You turned to face him and lightly pecked his lips. “This is so sweet of you.”

“Anything for my girl. On our special day.” He smirked and started to leave soft kisses on your neck. You closed your eyes and smiled a bit, accidently letting a feeble moan out.

He pulled you to the bed, pinning you down and taking your shirt. His fingers travel down your sides; each touch making you shiver. His finger draws small circles over your hip and his free hand unbuttoning your jeans, sliding off them off of you. You sat up and helped him undress. It’s not until both of you are completely bare, skin trysting with skin, that you feel flushed.

He noticed and took advantaged of it by kissing your lips and entering your antsy body. It wasn’t the first time, but you still got excited, since the love of your life was filling you so perfectly. You let him have his own pace this time. Usually, the sex with him was rough and unreal. This time it was gentle, but to the point where it was still satisfying. Pleasure ran through your body. No one, other than Michael, could make you feel so much passion with a few touches.

He mumbled your name, drunk off the passion—too into the moment. His eyes shut and he tilts back, biting his lip to keep his moans in. The sight of him in pleasure makes you cum. You scream out his name, gripping on tightly to the sheet and bucking your hips to the pleasure.

He climaxed seconds after you. Your body tightened around him, draining his energy out of him. He groaned so loudly as he stumbled next to you, that you almost came again just by his mere voice.

He lifts himself up, supporting his weight with his arm as he looked at you. “Babe. I just wanted to say sorry for the movie earlier. I knew how terrified you are, but I really wanted to—”

You kissed him and made him shut up. “It’s fine. I shouldn’t have overreacted like that. It is our day.. I should have just hidden in your neck and let you watch it.” You laughed a bit and he eye smiled.

He grabbed you with his free arm and pulled you against his chest, tenderly hugging you. “I really do love you, Y/N. Like I said earlier— It’s always been you.”


au meme: “After being eliminated from The X Factor UK in the Finals, Zayn Malik is back to shine. His first single is out and have everything to be number #1 and make Malik successful worldwide. The single came out today, 08/08/2014, at midnight and it’s already at the Itunes Top 10 and Billboard Top 50. Malik’s fans loved the song and are very happy to see him back into business. We can’t wait to the R&B solo singer album, which will come out in January 2015. Keep both eyes on Zayn, you won’t regret it.” x