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Following this post and a lot of anon back and forth, here’s the alpha crew as a few other of the Voltron characters!



OMG!!!! Doesn’t a dream?! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!

I’m so HAPPY and grateful for your support, I love you guys, I’m very motivated to continue draw, I’m sorry for being lazy hehe… and sometimes I’m bussy for the school. I hav a lot projects ( for example, a manga)


ok so, can we take a moment and think about one little thing: tattoo artist!R.

he is, like, the personal tattoo artist of les amis.

so, after an argument with his previous tattoo artist, enjolras needs a new one (because he has tattoos, thank you very much). and he goes to grantaire.

and he ends up going every few weeks for a new tattoo because they actually talk? like normal human beings?? and enjolras is so fascinated because holy shit grantaire is so talented???

and then, after years of oblivios pining he realises that he loves this beautiful mess that is R????

but he is an idiot and he can’t ask him to go on a date so yeah, eponine organizes a date for them because she is so done and because if enjolras keeps going to the studio only to be tattoed he could become a canvas to be exhibited at the louvre

Imagine a future isn't perfect yet but better

A.I. having the same rights as every humans. Androids and humans lives together. Working, bonding and stuffs.

And then one day, the aliens that used to visited us comes back to earth after centuries. Very confuse after they scanned different persons in front of them-for security reasons- because what’s inside them aren’t the same. Some of us are breathing some are not and isn’t how you humans count as a dead person if that person isn’t breathing nor their heart beating?

“Welcome to Earth, ” we said, smiling or not all waving our hands to them. Instead of simply answering the question, we told them, “You have lots of things to catch up with us.”

Okay, let me just make a little Bechloe recopilation and then ask you a question guys.

I’m going to try to do it in chronological order:

  • Kendrick joking about Bechloe making out in PP3.

“We’ve joked (Brittany and Anna) that there will be all-out passionate lovemaking in the third movie. Too bad we still need that PG-13 rating.” (2016)

  • As you all know, 7 months later, she said: (at Vidcon, after the movie was recorded) “there’re might be another aggressive Bechloe moment” and then she talked about “the birds and the bees” (you know what that means).
  • Two months later a fan asked her if Beca will have a new BOYfriend (Theo) in PP3 and she inmediatly mentioned the Bechloe scene again and said that Theo is not romantically related with Beca.
  • At the beginning of this month we knew that Pitch Perfect 3 had been classified with “PG-13” for “sexual content” (remember our first point).
  • Two Bechloe promos were realised almost 5 days ago. One of them showed an almost kiss between Kendrick and Brittany, and Anna drop that there’re will be “more” in the movie. The second one was a little recopilation of some Bechloe moments while Chloe said “you guys are the home where my heart lives in” and showed a new GOOD Bechloe moment. That last promo ends with “FEEL THE LOVE THIS PITCHMAS”.

That’s all. I know what it looks like. This looks like they’re going to making out like crazy, I know.

Okay, now, my question is: What is the fucking purpose of Chicago’s character? He’s so fucking unnecessary.

Queerbaiting or not, they’ve confirmed with that two last promos that there’s something going on between them, and guys… “Feel the love”… FEEL THE LOVE. Why will they do this and then make Chloe ends up with a random guy? Yeah, heteronormativity, but I don’t know, things changed a lot after that Bechloe promos…

“Why didn’t you text me back quickly?”
“I’m sorry babe… I was fighting with the new kid…”
“You usually text me back immediately…i-i…. I was so worried…”
“Don’t worry… Im here…”


MIXING LIVE TOUR 2016 - My Wife os Also Mamo

Hi! <3

Well, let me tell to you all:
This is my first time translating something and first time translating some Mamo Intermission ><
English isn’t my mother tongue and I’m not sooo good in japanese, but I wanted to do it! So please, take it easy with me, ok? ><

Feel free to correct me if there is some mistakes and I hope you all enjoy it x3

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