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epiphany pt.2 | jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + college au

Word Count: 3k

Summary: You hated his guts, especially after he ruined your chance at getting a good grade in one of your toughest classes. But why did your heart beat a little faster every time you saw him? And why did he feel the same way?


Reader’s POV

As your eyes fluttered open, the bright light from your window piercing through making you squint, you felt something heavy strayed against your body. Finally adjusting to the light, a gasp left your mouth when you saw Jungkook in front of you, his chest rising up and down softly, as his arm was draped around your waist, having you flush against him.

Wha- OMG!” You exclaimed loudly, as you threw his arm off of you, scrambling away when your sudden movement caused Jungkook to fall off the bed with a large thud.

“What the hell…” he grumbled, his voice low and raspy as he got up on his feet, rubbing the side of his head as he stared at you through his lidded eyes.

“Y-You! You were–Why were you in my bed?!” You shrieked as you quickly looked down at yourself, the clothes you wore last night still donned on your body, a sigh of relief escaping you.

Jungkook’s eyes widened in alarm when a look of realization dawned upon him, as he stared at you, words spluttering from his mouth in a frenzy.

“Wai–It’s not what it looks like! I swear, I didn’t do anything! Y-you’re the one that grabbed me and asked me not to go and-”

“I did what?!” you exclaimed, your own eyes widening to the size of saucers, when Jungkook added, “Last night, you grabbed my wrist and told me not to go in your sleep and I tried but you just wouldn’t let me go so I thought I’d stay till you let me go but then I fell asleep an-”

Moaning, you fell to your knees in dramatic fashion, your head in your hands as you groaned in embarrassment, “Oh my god, I’m such an idiot. This is so embarrassing, this is so embarrassing!!!”

“Y/N–” Jungkook started when you lifted a hand up, pointing towards the door without lifting your head, feeling too ashamed too look him in the eyes.

“Please, just leave Jungkook-ah…I can’t. This is too embarrassing.” you begged as you saw his feet shuffle around, before he grabbed his stuff and made his way out the door, a breath of relief leaving you as you sunk against the wall.

“You’re kidding me?!” Seulgi repeated again while you were walking next to her, your shoulders slumped as your trudged down the sidewalk.

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Stuck In The 90s // Kai Parker

I am in a huge Kai Parker mood so here’s a random imagine that I thought of on 2 hours of sleep. Enjoy. xx

Summary : Y/N Petrova, Katerina Petrova’s twin sister, is sent to the prison world after attempting to murder an entire coven. Once she gets there she realizes she isn’t alone.

Pairing : Kai Parker x Fem. Reader

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Waking up, my back hurt and my head pounded. Taking in my surroundings I realized I was in Mystic Falls. Lying in the middle of the road in front of the grill, to be exact. Groaning, I stood up and brushed off my clothes. No one could be seen, am I alone? Thoughts ran through my head and I began walking down the road. The last thing I remember is storming into a coven to seek my revenge. Did I ever make it there? I remember speeding through the doors and then it’s like a bright light.

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BTS get used to your sleeping habits

I’ll give you a special Christmas reaction tomorrow (Saturday the 24th) but since many people don’t celebrate Christmas or just don’t like Christmas much, I’ll have a normal one this Friday night, okay? :*

All gifs belong to their rightful owners=creators (see urls right under the gifs as always~) <3 Please support each other and BTS well! 

@ Yoongi’s ear: Please heal well! @ my fellow ARMYs: Please spend a happy weekend! Al eonni loves all 935 of you :***

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Your habit: Falling asleep close to Hoseok but moving away during the night

Hoseok’s reaction: “______! Do you know that each night, you’re moving to the other side of the bed? Sometimes, I wake up because it feels so empty, and you’ve moved all the way the other side.”

You: “I’m sorry~ I guess I just need the space~”

Hoseok: “[slightly disappointed but not for long] Then can I cuddle you more during the day? I want to be close to you at least once during the day~” 

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Your habit: You need a stuffed toy or a pillow or something in your arms to be able to fall asleep quickly 

You: “Omg Jimin, you came all the way to my parents’ home to bring me the kumamon plushie I forgot? Just so I can fall asleep comfortably?”

Jimin: “[insert gif] I want you to sleep well wherever you go~”

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Your habit: You sometimes get up in the middle of the night for a late night snack

You: “Huh? Oppa?  You are awake, too? Did you get hungry, too?”

Jin: “[munching on junk food] There’s nothing better than a late night snack~ [let’s you take a bite from his food~]”

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Rap Monster

Your habit: You sometimes take off part of your clothes unconsciously when you get too warm (like you take off your shirt or your socks)

You: [noticing that you’re only wearing your panties and bra the next morning, and your T-Shirt is buried somewhere at the end of the bed] Omg, Namjoon! Wake up! Did we? You know…why am I missing my shirt?”

Namjoon: “Oh? Ahh, you didn’t know you do that? You sometimes get rid of your clothes during the night when you sweat. I thought you did that consciously.”

You: “Err…I never took off anything too…”

Namjoon: “[figets with the blanket] Of course not! I mean…how would I know, I’m so pure, I don’t even look at you when you’re sleeping!”

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Your habit: You tend to steal the blanket that you guys are sharing

You: “[the next morning, after you stole the blanket once again] Tae? What’s up, didn’t you sleep well? You look tired~”

Taehyung: “Let’s go and buy a second blanket today. I woke up several times tonight because I was freezing.”

You: “Oh no! Did I take the blanket again? I’m sorry”

Taehyung: “You don’t have to be sorry. You even look cute when you take the blanket. Let’s just buy another one so I can take it when you take ours~”

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Your habit: You have nightmares often and therefore sleep very uneasily

Jungkook: [wakes up from your tossing and turning and realizes that you’re having a nightmare once again. Honestly, I think that’d torture him so much to see you uncomfortable like this and not being able to do anything about it. Watches you carefully until you quiet down again, talks to the sleeping you, brushes strands of hair out of your face, covers you with the blanket - anything to make you feel a tiny bit better]

Jungkook: “[whispers to the sleeping you] Nuna, if only you knew it was just a dream~ If only you knew Kookie was right next to you~ Come here~ [cuddles up to your side]”

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Your habit: You tend to move closer and closer to the person you’re sleeping next to until you’re cuddled up to them all cosily

Yoongi: [You can bet Yoongi loves that, provided of course he’s even noticing it and not sleeping like a rock. But even then Yoongi is the kind of person who’d take you into his arms intuitively in a situation like this. Yoongi would also love to wake up and find himself to be the little spoon after you moved closer that night.]

Yoongi: [Doesn’t ever tell you that you unconsciously do it though because he’s scared it might stop then and also he can’t really admit that he likes it so much]

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Bonus Jikook gif that I found while researching this and idk god bless:

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Pick-Up Lines to use in each sign (requested)

Aries - I’m no organ donor but I’d be happy to give you my heart.

Taurus - I got skittles in my mouth, want to taste the rainbow?

Gemini - My doctor says I’m lacking in vitamin U.

Cancer - Hi. My friend over there is shy and was wondering if you think I’m cute.

Leo - Is your face from McDonalds, because I’m lovin it.

Virgo - You look so familiar… didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.

Libra - Let me tie your shoes, because I don’t want you falling for anyone else.

Scorpio - Your clothes are making me uncomfortable, please take them off.

Sagittarius - Are you the bottom of my laptop? Cause you’re hot.

Capricorn - Good thing I brought my library card, because I’m checking you out.

Aquarius - Are you an alien? Because you just abducted my heart.

Pisces - So I heard you like water? Good…you already like 70% of me.


I posted my disappointment a few months ago when I bought this dress (it was meant to be stretchy material) and was just no way close to fitting me. I actually thought it was never going to fit me/zip all the way up.

However today I was going through my clothes and trying things on to see what actually still fits me and isn’t falling down & decided to try it on.

It’s a Hell Bunny size 14, a large and omg guys at my biggest I was wearing a 3xl from the same brand.

A button has fallen off somehow when I’m yet to wear it & the fabric is a little sheer so I’ll have to wear light coloured underwear with it but I am so so so over the moon.

This was my goal outfit for so long!!
It’s now only the slightest bit tight due to the little bit of back fat I have left to lose but it’s going to be perfect for summer wear!!

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StevexDarcy accidental exposure troupe. I am built on the lines of Miss Dennings, and the first thing I do upon coming home, is unhook my bra from under my clothes, slip the straps down, and fling it like a sling shot across the room, I free the boobs. I like the idea of Darcy doing this also when she THINKS she is alone.

OMG. I do this VERY SAME THING. Us girls in the DD-EE category all feel this way, I think. 


“Thank God!” The door closed behind her with a bang. She ripped her beanie off of her head, let her jacket fall off of her shoulders and slide down her arms until she tossed it on a chair. “Worst… decision… I made… all… day,” she grumbled, as she reached under her shirt and unhooked her bra. With a little bit of wrangling and some mild cursing, it was in her hands. Cackling with glee, Darcy let it loose like a slingshot, and it flew across the living room to land on the couch. 

Or what Darcy thought was the couch. 

Well, it was the couch. It just wasn’t an empty couch. A startled cough/laugh made her eyes widen. “Oh my God,” she whispered. 

“Hi,” said the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. “I… uh…” He held up her bra. It wasn’t even one of her pretty ones. “I think… I mean, obviously this is yours, and…” 

“Oh my God.” 

“I’m Steve. Steve Rogers.” 

Darcy shook her head and backed up. “Nope. No you are not. This is some weird-ass nightmare I’m having although usually I’m more naked in those and in front of larger groups of people.” 

Steve ducked his head. He might have been grinning. “I uh – I get those too. Nightmares, I mean. About being naked. But I’m afraid this is reality. I need your help.” 

“Well. If we’re going to have a serious conversation, you’re going to have to give me my bra back,” Darcy said, her face flaming with embarrassment. “I can’t think with the girls all… unencumbered around you.” 

“I…” Steve flushed too and extended the bra to her. 

“No. You cannot watch me put this back on.” 

Steve chuckled. “IF I play my cards right, someday, can I watch you take it back off?” 

“Soldier,” Darcy said, winking at him while she dug deep for courage, “I really don’t think you’re going to have to try all that hard.” 

Imagine a day with 5SOS
  • Ash: hey does anyone seen my bandana?
  • You: yes it Is-
  • Michael: does my hair look good today?
  • You: yes mich-
  • You: I think Its- CALUM PUT YOUR PANTS ON
  • Cal: why?
  • Michael: calum does my hair look punk rock?
  • Cal: i dont care
  • You: *throws a pillow to michael's face*
  • Cal: IM OUT MOTHERFUCKERS *takes off his underwear*
  • Michael: *throws the pillow to ashtons face*
  • Ash: *falls to the ground*
  • Luke: *breaths*