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Hi,can you do hcs for youtube/highschool au jikook.Where Jk is a(semi popular)youtuber and his content is about sports and how he stays active(some videos are of him singing covers)And jm is also a youtuber (lesser known)and his content is about loving yourself,fitness,and eating right(dance covers too).One day jk finds one of jms videos of him dancing and immediately jk just stays up to watch all of his videos and thinks he knows that kid somehow until the next day he sees jm in his math class

+ Jungkook sighs softly as he pushed the “upload” button.

+ Jungkook rubs his eyes as a yawn escapes him. It’s midnight and his video should of been uploaded hours ago but the Wi-Fi was acting up again.

+ Jungkook yawns again as he pulls out his phone while his neweat video uploads into YouTube’s server.

+ Jungkook hums softly as he looks at YouTube videos. EATJIN has uploaded a new video and JHope has uploaded a dance video too.

+ Jungkook clicks on Jhopes video and watches as the make glides against the ground Jungkook smiles bobbing his head, damn he is such a good dancer.

+ Jungkook scrolls down to see related videos that is mostly JHope other videos. But Jungkook pauses when he sees a name he hasn’t seen.

+ChImChIm95?? Jungkook hums as he reads the title of a dance cover (a girl group whose dance is popular)

+ Jungkook clicks out of curiosity and a familiar tone echoes in the room. The boy (chim chim he assumes) starts dancing like the girl group and Jungkook is in awe.

+ “Adorable omg!!” Jungkook squeals as he watches the cutest boy he ever seen dance. Jungkook clicks on another dance video once that one ends. This time it’s a boy band cover and Jungkook swallows at the power sexy moves.

+ Jungkook subscribes before clicking to watch more videos.

+ “Hey guys it’s Chimchim!” Chimchim says waving to the camera in Jungkook assumes is his bed room, “how are you doing? Well today I wanna talk about adoring your tummy!”

+ Jungkook smiles as he watches Chimchim talk about his “lovely tummy” and how he got his mindset. Jungkook can tell the boy is shy and likes how real he seems.

+ Jungkook barely realizes his own video is completely uploaded and keeps watching Chimchim videos.

+ After video 12 Jungkook hums. “I think I know him?” Jungkook pauses the video to stare at Chimchims face. Jungkook shrugs and plays the video with a smile.

+ “you look like death.” Taehyung jokes the next day poking Jungkook’s cheek. Jungkook frowns as he slaps his friends hand away.

+ Jungkook stayed up all night watching Chimchim and he doesn’t regret it “shut up! I was up all night.”

+ “Doing what? Your video was up at 1am. Were you beating you meat?” “I will fight you Taehyung.” “So you were beating your meat!”

+ Jungkook rips out a paper in his note book and crunches it up. Taehyung starts laughing taking off towards the back of the classroom.

+ Jungkook chases him and throws the paper. Tae ducks and the paper hits another boy in the class.

+ Jungkook pales as Taehyung holds back his laughter. Jungkook jogs over. “I’m so sorry it wasn’t suppose to hit you! ”

+ “It’s ok.”

+ Jungkooks mouth drys as the male looks up from his book to hold out the paper ball with a polite smile. Even wearing glasses and a soft hoodie Jungkook could recognize him.

+ “I love you!” Jungkook says and the boy, ChimChim, blushes as he looks at him in shock. Jungkook goes red as Taehyung starts dying in the background.

+ “I-I-I me-mean your YouTube channel!” Jungkook spits out. Chimchim just starts laughing (omg real life it sounds so much better) and fixes his glasses.

+ “Thank you. I’m Jimin. I love your channel too.” Jimin says with a smile “you actually inspired me to do it.”

+ Jungkook feels like jelly as he holds his hand over his chest. “Me?”

+ “careful Minnie you’ll make him faint!” Taehyung says pulling a chair up to the table. “He already fell for you. Next stop: the ground!”

+ “shut up Taehyung!” Jungkook blushes kicking the chair. Taehyung laughs and Jimin chuckles.

+ Jungkook clears his throat as he fans his face. “We-we should… collab some time..” Jungkook says. Jimin smiles and nods.

+ “I’ll love too.” “Me too.” “He didn’t say he loved you Kook.” “SHUT UP TAEHYUNG!”



Ahhh its so messy (and late) but I still love them! sorry it’s not chanbaek but wow guys minnie and sehun are too much for me to resist~ I love the whole album and the mv and ahhhhhh!! What did you guys think!! 

EXO Reaction when you are watching a soccer game

Do you guys like or play soccer? What’s your fav team? Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Shares the passion with you*

Kris: *Doesn’t say anything because he is afraid you’ll scream at him too*

Sehun: *Proud of you* “That’s my girl”

Tao: “Would you shut up? I’m trying to watch the game”

Kai: “Shut up woman and give me food!” *Totally entertained with the game*

Xiumin: “What the…”
You: “I love soccer Minnie”
Xiumin: “Really?? I didn’t noticed” *Freaked out*

Baekhyun: *Feels a little turned on because of your moan-like screams* “If you wanted me that much you could have said so”

Luhan: *Feels he found his soulmate* “Is this a dream? You are into soccer too?”

Chen: *Leaves you alone and hangs out with the boys since you are not paying him any attention*

Kyungsoo: *Prays for your fav team to win because he knows you would reward him somehow because of that* (OMG KAI)

Lay: “Please don’t kill me please don’t kill me…”

Suho: *He is not watching the game.. he is watching you* “What the….”

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Loins! First of all you glorious moon goddess - damn! Second this chapter of Paint made me SO emotional. But oh the slow burn will be SO worth it! I've already read this chapter twice and am about to read it again- it's that good. Third, my students have all these accessories that say "minnie" (mouse) and my brain is SCRAMBLED. I can't unsee a league of drag queen loving and supportive youth! It's amazing and terrible!

HI THANK YOU SO MUCH! Moon goddess sounds… leagues too cool for me but… thank u dude….. But oh BOy This is possibly the slowest burn i could ever have possibly written and i feel a little bad about it but let me tell you it is delicious to write. I’m glad you like the chapter despite all the angst! And omg…. I love it…. fanclub.