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Anna/Ruby; "The Little Mermaid" AU

Anna lives in an underwater kingdom with her overprotective father and her five older sisters, longing for her fifteenth birthday, when she is finally allowed to swim to the surface of the ocean to view a world beyond the seas.When Anna turns fifteen, she does this. She can feel the warm sun on her hair for the first time, and sees the sky, a whole new shade of blue for her. She risks swimming out further than she is allowed, and sees a young princess walking along the shoreline with her skirt hitched above her knees, sea foam splashing her legs. It’s the legs that strike Anna as incredible: long, soft limbs; all equilibrium and grace. She shares the story of this princess with her sister, Gabrielle. Gabrielle tells Anna of the Human princess, and Anna begins to long for something completely new: to be Human.Anna recounts the story of Humanity to her father, telling him that she wishes to become one. He strictly outlaws this, and banishes her from every swimming to the surface again.Thoughts of the princess keep her awake, however, and curiosity gets the better of her. One night, when her family are sleeping, she returns to the surface. In the distance, Anna sees a ship. She watches in amazement as she sees the princess upon the deck, but it instantly turns to astonishment when the princess trips and pays no heed to the warning from her father: to not be seen by the humans. Anna saves the drowning princess, dragging her back to shore. Anna swims off with a teasing flick of her tail, leaving a smirking and dazed princess.  Anna, however, has fallen in love, and is desperate to see her princess again. She visits the Sea Witch Crowley, begging her to help her situation. The Witch agrees and strikes a deal with Anna, giving her legs and feet, but she will only receive these permanently with a human soul if the Princess falls in love with her.There’s human things to get used to, like eating and brushing her hair and being polite. There’s also more smirking and snark and the quips of I didn’t really need saving that Anna adores, and there’s kissing and walks on the beach and late night dancing on her own two feet - and there’s always Ruby.

poppawasarollingstone  asked:

ROSIEEEEE, I LOVE YOU, but I just wanted to ask about wednesday?? You said in your latest younow, that you're coming down to Milton Keynes? OMG? Really? Will I see yoouuuuu and roseee??x x x

Yes we are really going! I’m not sure If you will see us, we are going somewhere to film something so we will be indoors mostly. But if we have time I’m always up for shopping so maybe you might bump into us then!!