omg matt what are you doing

What Matt and Shiro Are Doing
  • Shiro: Omg Matt you need to see your sister omg omg she is sO COOL
  • Matt: What's my sister doing in space?!
  • Shiro: She pulled a Mulan and joined the military and then we all got catapulted into space together and now she's a paladin of Voltron
  • Matt: Holy shit my dude!!!!

so apparently Frozen’s studio team went to Norway and parts of the film were based of of it. Also Norwegian, Just Yes.  

new head canon that Tord watches movies in Norwegian when everyone’s in bed

Tom: Oi, Commie, what are you doing watching T.V this late at night?-

WTF you’re actually watching Frozen!?

Tord: yep.

Tom: Is it in a different language??? where are the subtitles??

Tord: it’s in Norwegian.

Tom: !…

(internally: …Norwegians actually pretty nice,,)

I was trying to do this since yesterday omg why. It took me a while to draw the piggy and kyle’s face -3- 

but heeyyy im doneee and wha what what??? a background??? gasp. i do backgrounds guys. r u proud of me yet??

anyway, hope you like it and have a nice day! 

South park belongs to Trey Parker and Matt Stone!

tfc characters as scottish tweets
  • neil: When you're arguing n someone says "you done arguing now" cheers mate you've just started a second round. Should've kept that on the hush X
  • andrew: Y is my instagram full of crushed avocado and poached eggs on toast for breakfast, just have some coco pops and piss off
  • kevin: Pre drinks is the best, whoever thought of getting pissed before actually getting pissed is genius
  • aaron: replace ma heart wae another liver so a can drink more n care less x
  • nicky: imagine the week before yer wedding ye came home fae work early tae surprise yer bf and walked in on him wearin bootcut jeans
  • dan: Why are boys so nasty to girls n think it they're pure legends for it hahahaha jokes on u when ur wanking into a sock mate
  • matt: They letters you see on twitter of boys tellin their burds they're going to Paris the morn etc stress the fuckin life out a me. What if she canny get her shift covered the morn? Whos gonna walk the dug? Think about these things u absolute maniac
  • renee: Mental what a couple a fairy lights can do, ye could put them on a deed body n id be like omg that's fucking lovely get that on ma Instagram
  • allison: If u see somecunt in the cinema buying popcorn, nachos n a juice theyre a drug dealer. No other explanation for that sort eh disposable income
  • jean: ever just think to urself, check the fucking state of my life
  • riko: Everybody's got that cousin that's really fuckall to do with ye, just your maw n their maw have been pals since Yous were cabbages

This is my contribution to the fandom

Based on this by @a-kingdom-of-foxes cause they asked nicely

gdesertsand  asked:

Friend!!! Did you say you accept Latte?! I'm so happy! Okay, here is the prompt: Matt is trying to get Lance's attention but Pidge and Shiro are being this two who will make Matt's task of courting the Blue Paladin a walk through fire. Of course only if you like to write it! Have an awesome day!

Friend!!!! I do take latte!!!!!! And omg shiro and Pidge just making it so hard for Matt to get Lance’s attention. Lmao!!! I hope I do this as great as your prompt!


“Ok. Oh can do this Matt, you’ve got this.”
Matt mutters to himself as he stands outside of the common lounge that Lance is currently sitting in. Alone. It’s his perfect chance to finally do what he’s been thinking about for the past week since joining team voltron.

To say that he was happy to see Shiro and Pidge are ok is an understatement, he was practically crying with how happy he was. And once he joined team voltron, he was even happier to see that Pidge had found such great friends out here in space. One particular friend caught Matt’s eye off the bat. The Blue Paladin, Lance. He was funny, and caring for everyone on the team, even Matt who Lance barely even knew. Another understatement is to say that matt feel head over heels; he fell face first into his crush.

The problem is that it’s been a long while since Matt has flirted with anyone, and being in space hasn’t helped with that either. The other problem is that Lance was always with someone. Matt could never catch Lance by himself, he was either with one of the other Paladins, or with one of the Altean. This is the first time since Matt got there that Lance was alone.

Matt takes in one more deep breath, muttering to himself, going over the pick up lines he spent the last week trying to remember from the few times he has flirted with anyone.

“What are you doing?”


Matt spins around to see Pidge standing behind him, computer in hand and giving a confused look.

Matt stutters out “n-nothing! I’m doing nothing!”
Good going Matt, now she knows he’s up to something. She peaks over Matt to the room where Lance is relaxing, and he can immediately tell when she figures it out, a cocky smile sliding onto her face as she looks back and forth between Matt and Lance.

“Katie, don’t-”

Too late, as soon as Matt moves to stop her, she slips under him and walks into the room, plopping herself right. In . Lance’s. lap! God he hates his sister sometimes. This is one of those times.

“Oh! Hey Pidge! Whatchya doing?” Lance’s voice lilts from the room.

“I was bored. Hey want to hear a cheesy pick up line.” Pidge calls out, knowing full well that Matt is standing just outside the doorway.

“Yeah, i’m always looking for new material.” Matt can practically picture the stupidly cute eyebrow wiggle that Lance is doing right now.

“Do you work at A coffee shop? Because I like you a latte.”

Damnit Katie! Why do you have to do this every time!

Lance’s laughter fills the room and the hallway, making Matt’s heart beat faster than it already was; god he has such a sweet and contagious laugh, it could make anyone laugh along with him, even if they don’t know why their laughing in the first place.

Matt can see that Pidge is looking back him; the biggest shit-eating grin plastered on her face. She loved making it so much harder for Matt when it came to his crushes. Playing off his usual pick up lines as jokes, pretty much making it impossible to spend any alone time with them, or even telling his crushes some of his most embarrassing moments.

Matt turns around and storms off, trying to think of another way to flirt with Lance WITHOUT Katie there to ruin his chances.


The next time Matt had a chance of being alone with Lance, it was after a particularly rough mission, that left a lot of them either wound up or exhausted. Lance being the former, had taken up residence in one of the viewing decks, working on some sort of book.

Matt walks into the room, not waiting around for Pidge to catch him off guard again, behind his back is a small device he had built for Lance that would recreate sounds of the ocean as well as project a sort of kaleidoscope effect that mimics water.

“Hey Lance!” Matt calls out a little too loud, mentally trying to calm himself down and to play it cool.

“Hey Matt. You need something?”

“No! No, I just wanted to spend some time with you that’s all.”

“Oh, ok! Here,” Lance pats the seat next to him, which Matt happily accepts, internally high diving himself for not making it this far without messing up too bad. Now all he has to do is give him the gift he made; and then…….wait. He didn’t think of what to do after that. What if Lance didn’t like his gift? What if he really likes it? Then what?!

Matt shakes his head to try and clear his head of all the questions in his head. Focus. What’s happens will happen. Just…..go where the conversation takes him.

“Hey Lan-”

“Lance! There you are.” Both of them turn around and see Shiro standing in the doorway. And while anyone else would just think Shiro is just smiling, Matt knows better than most. Shiro’s in on it with Pidge. Matt just can’t get a break, can he? Shiro is just as bad at trying to embarrass him when he has a crush.

Shiro plops down on the other side of Lance, still giving them that ‘innocent’ smile that Matt knows Better than to trust it.

“I was hoping to find you. And Matt, you’re here too,” Matt glares at Shiro, whatever game you and Pidge are trying to pull is not helping in the slightest Shiro, “hey Matt, remember that time you tried to take your mom’s car out for a joy ride and ended up almost driving into a fish pond.” Shiro is laughing by the end of the sentence, and Lance chuckling along with him.

“What?! Really? You gotta tell me everything!” Lance asks, only making the embarrassing flush on Matt’s face that much worse.

Matt escapes out of the room, trying to hide his embarrassment as much as possible while Shiro regales Lance with the story. Matt’s gift still in his hands.


Knock. knock.

Matt looks up from the device still on his hands.

“Come in.”

The door swishes open to show Lance standing in his doorway.

“Lance…hey. Come in.” Lance gives him a smile and walks in, taking a seat next to Matt in the bed.

“I have a question for you.”

Matt looks at Lance, his full attention focused on Lance (ok maybe more on his lips, but Lance none the less), “sure, shoot.”

“Did you use to work at a Starbucks?”

What? That’s a weird question to ask him.

Because I like you a latte.“ Lance finishes, giving Matt a knowing look.



"How long have you known that I-”

I may not be a genius, but I’m not blind. Plus you’re kinda obvious when you stare.” Lance cuts off Matt, still giving him that warm sweet smile. Matt can feel his cheeks heating up.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done plenty of staring too.” And now his face is getting even hotter. Lance likes him back. Wow. His wasn’t exactly how he thought this would go.

“Can you show me what you wanted to give me earlier?” Lance leans over, curious about the device that still sits in Matt’s hands. Matt stutters over his words, flustered and blushing as a tomato. “Y-yeah, sure. Ok” Matt fumbles around, trying to remember how to start up the machine. Finally, after what felt like minutes of making a fool of himself, he finally turns it on, the sounds filling the room as well as the projection, giving the roof the look of a reflective pool.

Matt and Lance watching the the display in a calm silence. Matt startles as Lance takes his hand in his own, lacing their fingers together. Matt looks down at his hand then back at Lance, who is smiling and has somehow closed the space between them without Matt knowing. Matt smiles as he looks back up to his roof.

Yeah, joining team Voltron was the best decision he’s made.


I hope you liked this, because I know I did! Thank you so much for the prompt!

Imagine you meet your soon to be best friend, Matt Murdock, by punching out a boy who was bullying him.

First days of anything sucked and it wasn’t any different for the start of high school. You’d thought life would give you a break but instead fate had other plans.

About half way through the day on your way to 5th period you noticed what looked like an upperclassmen pushing around a somewhat smaller guy in the halls. You thought it was better to walk away and not start anything on the first day of school and kept walking your way to class; as you passed by you saw the kid wearing shaded glasses and a walking cane on the floor.Your resolve immediately crumbled.

Matt Murdock only wanted to get to class but being blind meant he had to play the part even though he could tell you where every body in that hall was (and some of outside not to brag or anything). So there he was tapping away his cane pretending to find his way through. That was when he heard a deep laugh and he felt a guy bump into him; Matt heard more laughter from a group of guys farther back; and easily figured out this was on purpose.

“Hey ,punk, watch where you’re going.” The older guy said in a nasty tone pushing Matt a bit making him drop his cane since he had a loose hold on it.

“Oh, wait? You cant.” the guy said as if his joke was actually funny. Matt was already sick of his voice and just about ready to punch him.

That’s when you came in and straight up sucker punched this dude who was way taller than you.

“Have you ever tried not being not an asshole, asshole?” you remarked and as you stared at the guy knocked out on the floor. You rolled your eyes and went to pick up the walking stick. As you handed it to him you grabbed his arm and started walking the direction he seemed to be going earlier.

“So what class?”

“Huh?” all Matthew could do was look confused as he was still shocked at the events that just took place and how you acted as if nothing happened.

“Where are you headed, as in what class do you have next?”

“Oh. Um. Miss Burns, 306”

“Cool. That’s where I’m heading. Now i have a new buddy to sit next to.”

“Sure, buddy. So does this buddy have a name or are you just buddy?’

”(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N). And you?

“Matt. Matt Murdock.”

And that was how you met your  best friend, Matt Murdock.

I can't be the only one
  • Season 1: Oh What the hell. This is nothing like TMI. The Jace actor has cute eyes but Clary is annoying. And why does Izzy have an accent??
  • End of Season 1: This isn't getting better and there's too many commercials. The only interesting characters are Alec and-*war of hearts begins*
  • ...Omg
  • *Alec can't breath*
  • OMG!
  • *'Alec, what are you doing?' "ENOUGH"*
  • OH MY GODDDD!!!!
  • **Malec Kiss**
  • (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
  • Beginning of season 2: **sings war of hearts every episode. Finds out what a "Malec" is. STALKS MATT DADDARIO**
  • NOW: Why is the redhead talking again???
  • (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
  • Who the fuck cares about Simon? And who is this new idiot?? Sebastian??? More like Sebastard!! GET THEM THE FUCK OFF MY SCREEN. WHERE IS MALEC?!?!? WHY ARENT THEY KISSING?? WHY ARENT THEY LIVING TOGETHER? WHEN DO WE GET THE MALEC WEDDING!!!!
That’s Hot- Matthew Tkachuk

Originally posted by wonthetrade

(Omg guys! LOOK AT HIS CURLS!!!)

Ok so I thought Matt Tkachuk fought more than he actually does. I also forgot he played for the Flames for a minute there so that’s how much I know about him… Anyway! Smut time boys and girls so you all know what to do! Up next: Johnny Gaudreau!

Warning: Sex, smexy time, cussing

Anon Request: Can you make a matt tkachuk smut??


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Shadowhunters s02e11

OMG, if this episode is an indication of what Slavkin & Swimmer can do given free reign, then I’M ALL FOR IT! Wonderful episode!

First, the thing that I didn’t care about much: Simon and the Daylighter thing. I just don’t really care about it. 

And now to the good stuff!

  • Luke’s new partner Ollie? I think her girlfriend will be the girl that Maia attacked when she and Luke met for the first time. And that’s why Ollie was taking pics of her, she remembered her GF’s description of her attacker. It might follow a similar path like the short story in the Bane Chronicles, the one with Alec and Magnus’ first date and the rabid wolf. It would also bring in the praetor lupus.
  • Maia. Thank you for being your likable self in this episode. When you’re not foaming at the mouth, you’re quite a chill gal!
  • The Malec kiss. And the Malec investigation. Nice. 
  • The body-swap plot. Interesting. Reserving my judgment until I see how it’s handled and how long it’ll take to solve it (hopefully 1ep!)
  • The great demon summoning. That was so cool. And it didn’t look cheap like in 104, thank the gods above!
  • The Valentine-Clary-Jace convo. The Valentine-Imogen convo. Nice!
  • Izzy and Raphael and the fact that he told her no. Thank you, Raphael!

And now to the EXCELLENT, OMG, DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! stuff:

  • The parabatai sparring scene. Holy smokes that looked intimate as hell. Matt & Dom’s chemistry is OFF the frickin’ charts. You could actually FEEL them having fun! 
  • The parabatai hug! First Jace goes all “NO HUGGING!” with Simon and then he literally melts into Alec’s arms. Goshy, goshy, goshy! *rolls on the floor*
  • Alec and Izzy. That was SO BEAUTIFUL! All of their scenes!
  • Sebastian. WHAT A CREEPY DUDE! Fantastic. And I do think that he was burning his hand to keep his fury in check when he heard Izzy talk to Alec - the guy who murdered his mother! He’s nutso enough not to care that Alec was possessed. 
  • AZAZEL! HOLY SMOKES! For the first time ever, there’s a really frickin’ dangerous enemy on the show. THIS is a a Greater Demon!

Best season premiere yet, hands down! As an Alec fan, I got everything I wanted!

tvd: their number in ur phone

Alaric Saltzman (oops)

Bonnie Bennett (your bff, love of your life basically)

Caroline Forbes (this is true)

Damon Salvatore (aka your drinking buddy alongside Alaric)

Elena Salvatore (bc let’s be honest)

Lorenzo (you’re the biggest Denzo shipper and it drives them both NUTS)

Jeremy Gilbert (unless he knocks someone up at “art school”)

Malachi Parker (where he and your bff will not get along no matter what)

Katerina Petrova (literally the baddest babe ever)

Matt Donovan (he literally avoids death like “hey, death? yeah, nope. not gonna do this today, goodbye.”)

Stefan Salvatore (bc omg how cute is Harry Potter fan Stefan?? you two could geek out over the movies and have once a month book clubs where you compared the books and the movies and every time he learned something new, he’d get so excited. i can’t)

Tyler Lockwood (the other option was “the incredible wolf”)

So here they are everyone! I hope you enjoyed these… preferences? I’m not entirely sure what they’re called, but I hope you liked them! I think my fav one is Stefan’s lol. Let me know what you think! I’m gonna go do some more now haha. Thank you for the support! Xoxox

No More Breaks- A Sammy Wilk Imagine

Quick Summary: In this part we meet Y/N, a teenage girl who makes a promise to herself to take a break from dating… That is until Sammy comes into her life.

Warnings: None really, I actually refrained from cursing in this one lol.

“Don’t let the fear of getting your heart broken, stop you from finding something as amazing as love.” “Whatever,” I scoffed. I closed the book that I just read this lame quote from and threw it in my backpack for class tomorrow. We were being forced to read this book about love for drama class. I hate drama class. I’ve tried transferring classes but the only other class available was music–and lets just say I don’t have a musical bone in my body.

I put my hair in a messy bun, and slapped my body against the bed beneath me. I looked up at the ceiling and thought about everything that happened last year. What happened last year?What didn’t happen last year. Well let’s see, long story short, I got my heart broken three times, lost my brother to a dumb college all the way in Paris, and my best friend Hailey moved to Florida, leaving me behind in Omaha.

“What am I doing,” I asked myself out loud. “I’m a 17 year old girl, moping around about 3 no good ex’s, my older brother Tyler who’s on the other side of the world, and frickin’ Hailey who said goodbye over a text message. And I’m talking to myself, might I add,“ I said to no one in particular. “I should be out with my nonexistent friends,” I said covering my face while rubbing my eyes, from being sleepy. Yep, I had no friends. I didn’t need friends. I sit by myself at lunch everyday, and when it’s time to work with a partner for an assignment or whatever, I usually beg my teacher to let me work alone. I pick up my phone and read the time. 11:48 p.m. “Ugh! Where did the time go?” I got under the covers and lay my head down on my pillow, absolutely ready to get a good night’s rest. I stretch my hand over to my lamp and turn it off. It isn’t too long before I begin to doze off. *Beep Beep* *Beep Beep* 6:45 a.m. Time for school aka hell on earth. I stay in bed for what feels like thirty seconds and look back at my clock to see 6:51 a.m. “Shoot! I’m going to be late!” I throw my sheets off of my body that’s not quite awake yet, grab my towel and run to the bathroom. I push the door open and literally rip my pajamas off my body. I jump in the shower and take the quickest shower known to man. I finish my shower and get back to my room. 6:57 a.m. “Okay, I’m on time,” I say out loud. I throw on a random outfit, grab my heavy ass back pack and go downstairs to grab breakfast. Once, I get downstairs I see my mother hovering over the stove, cooking something that smells like the old breakfast diner she used to own. It must be pancakes. “Hey mom,” I say a little too loud. I’m assuming since since she jumped and almost dropped the plate of perfectly made pancakes in her hands. “Oh, hey hon. C'mon breakfast is ready.” I set my bag down on the floor and begin eating the breakfast my mother placed in front of me. As I started eating, she walked over the staircase, tripping over my backpack that laid lazily on the floor. “Y/N, how many times do I have to tell you keep your bag off the floor. I know your taking a break from dating but I didn’t know you were taking a break from listening too.” I was taking a break from dating - but how did she know? I’ve only told my little sister, Maria - nevermind I just answered my own question. Once I finished eating, I picked up my bag from the floor, and threw it over my shoulder, followed by the weight of my bag falling harshly onto my back. Just as I’m about to go upstairs to find out where my sister was, she comes downstairs ready to go. We both kiss mom goodbye and hop in my car to get to school. Whoops, I mean hell on earth. We get there about ten minutes later and I see kids still hustling and bustling outside. Great, we’re not late. Just as I finish my thought, the school bell rings, signaling first period has begun. “I’ll see you during lunch, ok?,” I tell my sister and she nods her head in response. First period: Trigonometry. God, I hate trig. I mean I understand it, but I just hate the teacher. I don’t know he just gives me bad vibes. I sit down in my seat in the back of the room and take out my notebook, when I hear my teacher say, “Class, today we have a lot of work to get done, but first, we have a new student, um Samuel Wilkinson. I don’t believe he has arrived yet, but when he does, Y/N”, he says my name, getting my attention, “he will be sitting next to you, so any questions he may have, I ask you please, to answer them,” he says while picking up piece of chalk and turning his back to begin the lesson. “Oh god”, I say to myself. But wait, if he was the teacher, why was I supposed to answer Samuel’s questions? What am I? His secretary? I proceed writing my notes down when I hear a voice calling to Mr. Dawson, my trig teacher. I look up at the door to see a blond-haired, beautiful eyed boy standing at the door with a note in his hand and a book bag on his back. He hands the note to Mr. Dawson and they whisper to each other a little bit. Mr. Dawson points to the desk next to me and blond-haired boy makes his way over. This must be Samuel. I look over at him to get a good look. I soon realize that I’ve been looking for too long when he looks over at me and flashes a smile. Oh my God, he’s so cute. Ugh, those dimples. I quickly look away and continue jotting down notes that seemed to appear out of nowhere. There is a silence in the room, other than Mr. Dawson explaining himself, when Samuel whispers,“ Hi, I’m Sammy,” flashing that same beautiful smile again. I wanted to melt. What was he doing to me? Boy, do I have a big storm coming. A/N: OMG, this literally took 10 years to get here, but it’s here. I’m so fucking sorry for the long wait. I keep letting you guys down, it’s not okay. I’ll do better I promise 😘 Don’t forget to drop in a request! Love you guys ✌️👋

ok so i’m back and all caught up and here are MY HIGHLIGHTS: 

- everyone having a crush on vex: SAME. that’s all i’m going to say, in tears, just like them. 

- remember when vex freaked out for a moment and wanted to avoid talking to her brother about how they were going to go separate ways? WELL NOW SHE PROTECTS THOSE WOODS, THEY’RE HERS. FUCKING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. 

- this was probably one of the most beautiful perc’ahlia episodes of the entire series thank you very much. 

- i’m SO glad matt has listened to our prayers and we’ve ended on a VEX note. also can i just say laura’s solo scenes are the best? i enjoy them so much. i just hope her storylines keep going after the time skip. 

- the twins talk!! at first i was like omg what is he DOING let her sleep. but then i understood and i loved that it started as vax trying to comfort vex about him leaving, but then he broke and told her he was also having trouble with the idea. it reminded me of that post i did back the about adapting vs. twins. it was a lovely talk. 

- fenthras is exalted???? i thought it already was??? or was it awaken?? someone please help me with this. has matt said something? 

- also so ready. 

- bonus pike’s silent talks with scanlan give me LIFE. ashley is so a+ at improv and i’m so happy she’s back. 

autisticarchieandrews  asked:

Hi friend you seemed to like my knitting Lance hc so I'm here to give you more. He makes Pidge conspiracy jumpers as well, and bad tech pun jumpers. Coran's first jumper just says gorgeous w a big orange moustashe on it (Coran loves it). Allura gets a replica of the crown emoji, and then the vulcan emoji, then the peace emoji. She gets cool emoji jumpers. After his first jumper, Coran asks for jumpers of roughly sketched Altean stuff that Lance copies exactly bc he's a genius on the needles 1/?

Shiro’s first jumper reads “Armless but not Harmless” and Lance is kinda nervous abt it bc oh no what if he read Shiros humour all wrong but Shrio bursts out laughing and loves it (They all love their jumpers tbh) Hunk starts demanding that Lance makes some jumpers for himself so he makes himself a finger guns jumper, ‘aint no lie im bi bi bi’, and an 'i want to believe’ one. every1 is wearing their jumpers. allura is turning the heat down so they have excuses to wear them. 2/?

They start buying / trading for more space wool or whatevs bc Lance loves knitting it calms him down so much and they all love their presents and their boy okay. One day Lance makes a joke about Shiro being their space dad and in the middle of everyone laughing he just gasps and sprints for his room. abt three weeks later he finally explains as he comes out with an armful of jumpers and a great big grin “They’re our space family jumpers!” 3/?

Shiro is Space Dad, Hunk is Space Mom, Keith is Gay Alien Cousin, Coran is Weird Uncle (“it’s a good thing we promise everyone loves their weird uncle”) Allura is Cool Aunt ™️️, Pidge is Crazy Smart Little Sister and Lance is Flirtatious Big Brother and Keith is all “I WANT A FAMILY PHOTO IVE NEVER HAD A FAMILY PHOTO” and everyone is all O.O OF COURSE!!! An so they have this big family photo in their family jumpers all handmade by our boy Lance (what am I up to now shit) 4/?

When they find Matt he gets a jumper w/ Dorky Older Bro Him and Shiro both get a matching jumper saying “prison bros”. Because Lance is a Giant Meme™️️ he starts finding random Altean words and letters and knitting them into jumpers for whoever wants one (like how western people do for japanese and eastern people do for english) Coran and Allura are confused as to why the paladins find them so funny. “Why are you wearing a jumper that says castle berry mad flap???” “OMG IS THAT WHAT IT SAYS?"5/?

Actually I think that might be all I got in me at the moment so this is my last message. 6/6 enjoy!!! (also sorry for the spam lmao)

Duuuuuuuude, I love you because this is honestly my favourite thing because : it was so fully thought out ohgod
and 2: I’ve never seen anyone address Hunk as space mom and tbh it makes sense bc he’s kind of the mom friend and honestly, I want to thank you for this treasure of an HC ohmygosh

Bless you for this and don’t ever feel sorry about “Spamming” me with HC’s like this because I will always love them holy crow ♥

Omfg this episode of Sup/er/me/ga literally has Matt leaving their recording session to go and start dinner for him and Ryan. Plus Ryan reminding him to cut it thin and Matt says, “I’ll do it just how you like it.” this domestic shit is what I live for omg.

anonymous asked:

omg 6 with matt?

#6: “What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us”

Lunch time was your favourite part of the day, since it was the only time in between your shifts where you could hang out with your boyfriend. Matt greeted you with his wide goofy smile as you met him in the cafeteria, not caring if you got grease on you as you hugged him. You gave his blonde hair a ruffle, kissing him on his big nose before you turned to get your food.

The food was actually good today, fresh and delicious smelling. As you sat, you thought you might finally have a moment of peace with your love, until you overheard some officers talking about you from another table. 

“He’s ugly as hell, what does she see in him?” One whispered loudly, not caring if you heard. 

“He sure is punching above his weight. I mean, look at her, then look at him.” The other replied.

“Poor girl. She probably has to cover his face when they go at it.” 

“Yeah, he probably sucks in bed too.”

Matt slouched in his seat, hearing it all. He believed it all to be true, and a lot of your arguments stemmed from this idea that you were too good for him. You were a gorgeous high-ranking officer, and he was barely a mediocre technician. Even as Kylo Ren, his physical features were lacking, according to him. You noticed his body language, frowning slightly. You weren’t exactly a confrontational person, but you were sick of this. You knew that even when you weren’t around, people bullied Matt, feeding his fears about not being enough for you.

So when you heard another officer state that “you deserved someone better” you stood abruptly, snapping your plastic fork. To Matt’s dismay, you stomped over to the table, slamming your hands down.

“My boyfriend is the most beautiful person in this goddamn universe, inside and out. Even if I didn’t find him incredibly attractive, I am good-looking enough for both of us. You yelled, frightening the officers with your intimidating glare. “If I ever hear you talking about him in a degrading way again, I’ll have you all floated into deep space.” 

You finished your rant with a curt huff, turning back to your table. You smirked at the surprised look on Matt’s face, his delight showing in the sparkle of his wide eyes. You stopped before returning to him, turning back to the officers to add one last point.

“Oh and by the way, he’s fucking phenomenal in bed.” 

*request a book quote drabble*

  • Lotor : Hold up your galra?
  • Keith : Yeah... And do you only like being galra because...
  • Lotor : Purple goes good with your hair?
  • Keith, Lotor : NO WAY! HIGH FIVE!
  • Lotor : *Misses Keith's hand and hits his face*
  • Keith's POV : That hurts... but its fine... *face turns red because of pain*
  • Lotor's POV : Omg sorry... *blushes because embarrassed*
  • Fandom's POV : Ohhhh... They are both blushing.... Oooooo... SHIP SHIP SHIP... hnnnnggggggg
  • What really happens : // Red lion attacks Lotor //
Kit Kat

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,508

Summary: Before the 1st season of Supernatural airs, Jensen meets the reader at his talent agency in LA.

M&M’s. Snickers. Butterfingers. Reese Peanut Butter Cups. You name it. If it’s fucking chocolate, you’ll eat it. You’re a stress eater. You’re stressed. And there’s not one God damn piece of candy left in your bag.

“Y/N! Get in here!” You hear your boss Eileen yell from inside her office.

You stand up quickly and smooth out your dress. You don’t know why you bother, you’re just a measly intern. But your mom said to dress for the job you want instead of the job you have. So here you are. Ugh. Thanks, mom.

“Yes?” You try to say as confidently as possible.

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