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Headcanon- if a country captures Germany and needs to torture him they just play the sad part in Marley and me because it gets Ludwig every time.

omg poor Luddy Marley and me would definitely be his worst nightmare I can barely think about it its too saaad he’d be crying his eyes out ;n;

- Admin Nerissa

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Imagine Kurt and Marley trying to plan something rebellious and Blaine just watching/judging quietly before finding them both some cookies and sweaters to distract them. Just picture it.

OMG. I just. Those two and being rebellious. The thought is just way too cute. And just imagine them talking to each other about how totally badass they are. Like, 

Kurt: “and then I put sugar in my tea even though it was already half past nine, but I stayed up seventeen minutes past my bedtime anyway because I was talking to Blaine on the phone. I didn’t even moisturize properly.” 

Marley: “Oh gosh, I know, I was reading this book from the library and I actually dog-eared the page instead of getting up to get a bookmark because I was so tired.” *silence.* “I hope I don’t get in trouble.”

Kurt: “We like to live dangerously.”

Blaine: *almost bursts from all the cute while adjusting his bow tie (that matches his socks) and trying to choose a font for the monogrammed towels he wants to get Kurt*