omg luhan is so pretty!!!

EXO Seeing You in A Fancy Dress for the First Time

Another post for a non tumblr user lol.

Chen: Fascinated at how perf you are.

Lay: Wow.

D.O: Oh my *chokes*

Luhan: Omg…look at those melons. *perv mode activated*

Xiumin: Wooo! So pretty! *fawns over you*


Kai: *stares wide eyed*

Suho: *blushing indefinitely*

Tao: *laughs* I thought it was just a regular dress!

Chanyeol: Wow!! *is too happy about your fanciness*

Baekhyun: Oh my *looks down and laughs as he tries not to blush*

Everyone really seemed to like the EXO reactions I’ve done so for that dear friend who requested a reaction that wasn’t EXO sorry, I shall get to them soon (they’re SHINee XD) As always the ask box is open so please go and request! I’ll be posting these at 12 pm everyday! (Chi-town time that is). PLEASE REQUEST SOMETHING LOL