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Highlights from newsies live

- crutchie believes every thing Jack tells him!! He’s gonna ride the ponies some day!
- how les is so grown up in his mind but still looks back to his big brother for guidance
- LET THE MAN THINK so uh Jack, ya done thinking yet?
- David is so affronted by the whole thing he’s just here to sell his papes he didn’t ask to help lead a strike wtf guys
- Medda’s riffs are literally goals??
- Kara was so funny during watch what happens I could see every transition from each thought I really enjoyed it
- literally all of Santa Fe?? It’s so intense omg
- When Race sticks out his his tongue at “it’s my city, I’m the king of New york”
- Andrew Keenan Bolger made me cry during letter from the refuge ahhhh he looks so hopeful like he wants Jack to know it’s all going to be ok but he’s not sure himself but like he knows Jack can do anything
- Jack looks so small and scared while talking to Katherine right before something to believe in, my poor child!!!
- When spot puts his hands in a fist to stop the applause, he is so cocky he knows they’d do pretty much anything he’d ask and he lives for it
- hernst’s son doesn’t skip a beat just like yep that’s me
- after shaking Roosevelt’s hand Jack turns back to David like oh my god did you see that??
- When crutchie hits snyder with his crutch like yes you go crutchie!!! he deserves it what an asshole
- Katherine smiling while kissing Jack, they’re so in love awww
-Each ensemble character had an individual personality i loved watching them all

Living Colors

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^that gif kills me, holy shit. 

Mikey x Reader

Living Colors

Prompt(s): “Soulmate AU for Mikey?” and a few other requests for a Mikey soulmate AU.

Note: I like the idea of Mikey’s soulmate thing being that the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate. I just really think it fits for him. SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OMG.

Green. It was the color Mikey was most curious about. Supposedly, according to some website, turtles were green. And because they were giant mutant turtles, it only made sense that that was what color they were. He wondered what it looked like, the colors of trees and grass, the color that made Central Park so alive, and he had never seen it. He might never see it.

Mikey wondered what color his eyes were. Were they green? Hazel? Blue? Maybe they were grey. Or brown. What color was his bandana? Was it yellow? Red? Blue? He didn’t know. Maybe he and his brothers all had the same color mask, only in different shades. That would explain why Raph’s was so much darker than his. There was just so much in this colorless world that had to be explained.

Splinter told the boys not to get their hopes up, that love would not be easy for four giant turtles. That perhaps the universe hadn’t set anyone aside for them and they would be alone forever. But despite the warnings, Mikey had hope. There was always hope.


The park must be so colorful this time of year. The time of year when the leaves darkened and drifted away on the wind. The soulmates you knew said that the leaves would flush vibrant hues of red and orange and yellow instead of the usual emerald green that made everything seem so alive. So vivid and vibrant instead of the dull grey you had grown up with your entire life.

As you sipped your coffee from your travel mug and flipped the page of your book. Someone had told you the cover was blue. You liked the idea of blue. They said the sky was that color, but at night it would erupt into brilliant hues of red and orange and pink. A sunset. You wondered how soulmates could ever get used to the sight of it after growing up in a world of grey. You wondered how they could ever take color for granted. It was like not appreciating how clearly you can breathe until your nose is clogged and suddenly something that you’ve been so used to seems like a luxury.

You knew that when you could finally see color, there was no way in hell you’d ever take it for granted. Not even something that happens every night. God, when you found your soulmate, you’d never take anything for granted ever again.


“I dunno, bros. I think today feels different.” Mikey shrugged.

“Mikey…” Leo started.

“Listen to me, brah. I feel it. Deep in my soul.” He pointed to his plastron dramatically, his eyes meeting his oldest brother’s. “My sooooul.”

“We get it, dork.” Raph gave his younger brother’s head a little shove. “We’ll see.”


You were working in the bookstore down the street from your apartment. It was night. You usually closed up shop at like nine. So once you locked all of the doors, set the security alarms, and turned out the lights, you left and began your walk down the street. You walked past the alleys and stopped when you heard something. A voice in the alley. Someone was there. And while you wouldn’t normally give it any thought, it felt…different.

You took a few small steps towards the shadows. Your confused look soon faded into something else. Realization. You were meant to be here.

“Hello?” You called. “Is…is someone there?”


“Don’t.” Leo mouthed. “Nobody move.” Mikey hadn’t even gotten the chance to look at you, what with Raph standing in the way. But that voice. That human voice. Mikey felt like his heart was going to leap out of his chest and run down the street.

“What’s wrong with him?” Leo asked Donnie as quietly as possible. The tallest turtle scanned him. The results were less than expected. He had never seen anything like this.

“We need to let him go to her.” Donnie stated. He knew what this meant. Those brainwaves, that heartrate. Something amazing was about to happen. “I think she’s…” He didn’t even need to finish. Leo nodded, his lips pressed into a thin line. Raph moved out of the way and pushed Mikey a few steps forward, just into the light.

Your eyes met his and suddenly everything changed. It was like a million fireworks erupted. The world flushed into color, countless colors, and the first you noticed was the blue of his eyes and the vibrant orange of the mask that framed them. Your body shook with heavy breaths. You were overwhelmed. Mikey fell to his knees, tears forming in his eyes. Here you were. There he was.

You took a few unstable steps forward, kneeling down in front of him. Tentatively, you raised your hands to frame his cheeks. A smile spread across your face. His too. A few tears of relief slipped down his cheeks. You wiped them away.

“I’m s-sorry.” Mikey sniffled. “You’re just so beautiful and I never thought I would ever-”

“I love you.” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, burying your face in his neck. He held you as thought you would disappear. Mikey never wanted to let go of you. Ever.

“I-I love you too.” He whispered as he held you against him. “I love you so much.”

“What the shell…” Raph whispered as he and the other brothers watched in awe. Mikey had found his soulmate. And she didn’t even scream.

“What’s your name?” You asked him, pulling away so you could look at his face. At his clear blue eyes.

“Michelangelo.” He replied, chuckling. “But the ladies call me Mikey. Not that I, uh, have any ladies. You’re the only one.”

“I’m (Y/N). And I’m proud to be your lady.” You kissed his cheek, causing warmth to spread through his entire body. You pulled away and looked at him for a few seconds before leaning in to press a long, sweet kiss to his lips. You felt him smile against you as one of his large three-fingered hands ran through your hair.

“God, I just…I wanna know everything about you.” Mikey said. His eyes memorized every facet of your face. “I…wow…”

“What?” he smiled.

“You’re gorgeous.”

“Hey cheeseball, how about introducing your girlfriend to your brothers?” Raph asked as he and the others came out of the shadows. Mikey helped you to your feet. You stumbled forward, but he caught you in his waiting arms. You laughed. So did he.

“Well, bros, this is (Y/N). (Y/N), these are my brothers. Raphael in the red is like a big cuddly teddy bear. If big cuddly teddy bears were incredibly violent.” Mikey seemed to be back to his funny, charismatic self. All of the heavy emotion had passed, and now he was himself again. And yet he felt different too. Like he had changed somehow. Either way, he continued. “Donatello in the purple, a technical genius who is technically a genius. Leonardo here in blue is our fearless leader.”

“You done?” Leo asked, amused.

“Yeah, I’m done.” He nodded. “So uh, do you have any plans tonight, angelcakes? I think it’s about time I brought a girl home.”

“I just have to toss this in my apartment real quick.” You held up the bag in your hand. “And then we can do whatever. Anything. As long as I’m with you.” You took one of his large hands in your own. He grinned.

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

A full color commission completed yesterday! Like what you see? Want one for yourself or a pal? See below!


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Customer Reviews/Nice Things:

-“No, thank you! Zhareen looks absolutely adorable. Both me and my boyfriend couldn’t be happier. ^.^ “

-“OMG. That’s perfect. I approve”

-”AH ITS THE BIG GUY! So happy with this.”

-”Super dig this dudes art. Wonderfully adorably cartoony with so much heart. Hit him up for a piece. I intend to.”

-“I have two Hellboy pieces done by Matt in my living room and they’re two of my favorite pieces of art in the whole apartment. Matt is a cool dude and great to work with, get you some quality arts!!“

-“Commissioned Matt in the past. Excellent work, would recommend!“

Omg this is the first time I got tumblr hate, does this mean I’ve made it??? @art-is-art-is-art I love your blog, and I hope you don’t listen to this person. It’s a logical reason to stop the pain but there is so much more life worth living. I’ve been where I wanted to die so bad, but I chose not too and even though things look dreary and hopeless, it does pass. It passes and does come back but it is SO worth getting past the dark bits. Sorry guys not bird related but mental health is SO important and hits very close to home so I needed to say something. HERE’S a cute gif pic to make you smile

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tea for taurus women!

Wholesome friend-loving companions that constantly looks out for their pals. And omg you guys are sentimental as fuck. Every Taurus woman I’ve met has a lil creative knack or they’re good at puns and catchphrases. For example, one of my Taurus friends puts her joints/weed in an altoids box which I think is adorable. She can also cook really good. I have another Taurus friend and one time she gifted my friend a clear jar filled with baked cookies she made and a Polaroid. You guys are in to the little things which I find so cute

Check out this awesome CapxBucky ship I drew for the always excellent yesterday! That’s right! I’ll even draw your ships! 

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Sketches (Single Character):  $20

Inks (Single Character):  $50

Colors (Single Character):  $100

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Send me a note, or an e-mail! All transactions should be made via Paypal. Once payment has been received work will begin!

If you are unable to snatch up a spot please be kind enough reblog so it can reach more faces!

Thanks everyone!

Customer Reviews/Nice Things:

-“No, thank you! Zhareen looks absolutely adorable. Both me and my boyfriend couldn’t be happier. ^.^ “

-“OMG. That’s perfect. I approve”

-”AH ITS THE BIG GUY! So happy with this.”

 -”Super dig this dudes art. Wonderfully adorably cartoony with so much heart. Hit him up for a piece. I intend to.”

-“I have two Hellboy pieces done by Matt in my living room and they’re two of my favorite pieces of art in the whole apartment. Matt is a cool dude and great to work with, get you some quality arts!!“

-“Commissioned Matt in the past. Excellent work, would recommend!“

JSE Positivity!

Hi, hello! Everyone is making one of these, and they’re all so sweet (even though they’re just little things, they make an impact) so I thought I’d do it too :))

Okie so my sister had been watching Dan & Phil, Mark, Jack, and Pewds for a little while. I had seen how much they made her laugh and what not. Well she would have Mark up on the tv, and I thought “Wow he’s funny I really like him” so I looked him up. After a few of his videos, one of Jacks autoplayed afterwards and I immediately liked him. I was like “omg this guy is weird and loud but I like him.” Not to mention that my volume was up a decent amount so I was shocked at first haha. But yeah that weekend I stayed up pretty much all weekend watching Jack. It was nice. I learned a lot about him and the community, and I still watch him and love him every day. :)

Ok I just watched the new Alice film and i’m so into Time omg like just look at this dork who’s also handsome af (he also somehow reminded me of Sacha Cohen’s character in “Hugo”)!!!! he seems like such an arrogant angry douche first, then he’s just an absolutely cutest puppy and at the end you realize that guy is actually so fuckin wise and MADE OF SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE well not to mention that Cohen’s hot as hell imho :)))00)))0))
I’m still not over the fact that Alice just broke into his fancy castle while him being fancy and doing his magical time balance thing and made this cutipie suffer and nearly die but if she didn’t we wouldn’t have even seen this character omg my feels for him are grandddddd I NEED MORE TIME OKAY (these puns……)

You guys.  YOU GUYS!!!!!  Look what the incredibly talented and amazing @soothsayerstale (crazynoona) made for Rule Number One!!!!!!  I just…ngl, I got a little teary when she showed it to me.  How beautiful is it?  She was all SURPRISE!  I MADE YOU A THING!!!!  And then I flailed for like 300 years in front of her on messenger.  (I apologize for my flailing, Noona, but OMG this is the best thing I ever saw EVER, and I love it so much.  THANK YOU!!!!)  She even added a baby bump.  A BABY BUMP!  I think Noona broke me with the pretty.  Look at it.  Just look at it.  Look at how perfect this manip is.  And OMG LOOK AT THE NAMES FOR THE PRODUCERS!!!! 

And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go twirl around the house with my laptop while making meeping sounds for the foreseeable future.

So, last night I finally got around watching Voltron Legendary Defender, and let me tell you my opinion (bear in mind that I watched only the first ep):

When Allura came out of that cryo thing I was like “OMG a goddes” and when the mice thing happened I realised that she’s also a Disney princess. Also I’ve already made a lot of clickbait jokes about her. “Is over 10000 but looks 18, learn her secret! Dermatologists hate her!”, “Local elf princess takes a nap and kinda overdoes it”, “White-purpleish hair never looked this good! Learn her beauty tips!”

The guy with the mustache, whose name I can’t remember, looks funny and my inner ace attorney nerd was all the time thinking about him playig with his mustache as a tick.

Keith is your anime antagonist™ I’m not kidding, I mean, he has that dark aura around him. You know what I’m talking about, dark hair, lonly, a face that has “Tragic backstory” written on it… I don’t know, he seems interesting, and kinda mysterious (adding to the anime antagonist thing).

Shiro is like… He needs a hug and a cup of cocoa. Apparently, being kidnaped by evil purple aliens for a year has taught him to take things as they come. Oh so now Mr. Anime antagonist and his rival-crush are saving me? ‘k dude. We get inside a blue mecha that this kiddo is controlling? ‘k dude. We’re portaled to the other side of the universe and I have to take care of these four cadets? 'k dude. We find weird alien elves? 'k dude. This weird animal wants us to ride on its boat? 'k dude. We have to save the universe? 'k dude.

Pidge is too precious. And I’m kinda confused. Because I’ve been spoiled and I know that Pidge is a girl, but I don’t know why she is trying to pass as a boy. Anyway she looks very interesting, and I really liked when she smacked Lance for making fun of her weapon. I was really impressed when she said that she had made all those electronic devices! And she looked so cute and confident when she was getting her lion!

About Hunk… I’d like to see more character development. I know it’s just the first ep, but like everybody got more character development than him. About him we only know that he’s kind and caring and that he pukes when he’s on a spaceship…

And lastly, Lance… I don’t know. He looks confident and even a bit cocky, but I get the feeling that he’s pulling an act and he’s actually very sad. Or maybe I just read too much angst. He has all the main character arquetype traits. He’s loud, obnoxious, obsesed with his rival, gets his friends in trouble along him… I think it might be interesting to see more of his backstory.

Well, these are my thoughts, please don’t spoil me.

slfl msg

i am so so so so beyond proud of my boys and my city. this has definitely been the best night of my life. just in case you wanna know:
-they continuously said how proud they were of themselves for making it to MSG and how they would talk about this gig until they “couldn’t play” their instruments anymore.
-michael KEPT calling out calum to make sure he was getting enough spotlight because he deserves it tf
-lukE made eye contact w me I promise (I was in the eighth row so MAYBE im not THAT crazy)
-Michael stared at the crowd for a solid seven minutes and watched us scream as he did NOTHING because he’s sheer existence is all I need to pass out and die
-he look like he WAS GONNA cRy before jet black heart
-Ashton’s speech about how you can go anywhere because they came out of a garage and GOT TO MSG
-michael goes “you guys are officially the first people to see that live!! how did we do??” HE GENUINELY WANTED TO KNOW IF IT WAS GOOD LIKE BABY YOU COULD FART AND I WOULD CHEER
-luke looked so content at the end with the confetti I wanted to be him
-so MANY cake and muke and malum moments

holy fuck I would die rn and I would be okay bc I have no will to live anymore. this got long bc it was the best night of my life❤️❤️❤️thank you so much I love you all

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Omg omg I think I've made a new discovery in the trailer!! So you know the scene when peter is waking in the hallway and like dodges another kid? Well if you look to the right, the kid who he doges is picking on another kid. Here's the thing the kid is wearing like the same outfit as peter and looks a lot like tony!!! This might be me overthinking everything but I'm bored so I thought I would tell you

omg anon i went back to the trailer and i can totally see that kid looking like tony, but that would be interesting to see flash in that outfit 👀  also i don’t think he wears glasses faksdf


Late night Lush bath diary - Rose Bombshell (AKA Flower Explosion)

oh my god oh my god oh my GOD! You guys I’m in love! This bath bomb is the most gorgeous smelling and looking bomb I have ever used.

The soya milk in this guy made my skin sooooooo incredibly soft. Also, the fragrances of Rose Oil, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang oil and Orange Flower Absolute made me super relaxed and happy.

Plus, another omg needed, there’s real rose petals!!! If Shakespeare wanted a bath bomb, this would be for him.

All in all, 10/10, I’m obsessed and plan on buying dozens of these things.

I’m SOOOO excited for everyone in the USA to try the new Mother’s Day collection! Check into your local Lush April 7th to pick up some of your own and let me know your thoughts!

i played cmb for my grandma and the first thing out of her mouth when she saw kai was “oh my he looks like one of those rich bad boys from when I was younger” and I’m like 99% sure she meant james dean asfsdhakfjl and i was like omg grandma he’s a good guy though and then i showed her jongin hugging a plushie and she was like “he does look like a sweetheart here..very handsome” im screaming

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GoM+Kagami+Himuro+Imayoshi reaction when their s/o is playing otome games (and saying things like "I love you too", "OMG, you're so sexy~~", "Kyaaa~~ I'm going to confess to him" and things like that to the character in the game) and not giving them attention at all. Thank you :3

Here it is ^^

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Okay so let me write this fanaccount/interview happenings since people were asking. So as most of you know I went to ToppDogg’s Houston show and was lucky enough to get an exclusive one on one interview with them. First of all, when the boys walked in the room the first thing I said besides anyeonghaseyo was “You guys look good!” and then HANSOL (quickly learned his name) shot back at me with “You look good too!” and so I was kinda like omg ok lol….anyway, my friend was behind me fixing my hair for filming, and she asked the boys in korean “Pretty, right?” and some of them were like “pretty!”. AND DURING THE INTERVIEW one of my questions were “Who is the biggest flirt?” and they all said Gohn! But then said that Hansol was the official flirt. WHICH BOTH MADE SENSE. Because after the show as soon as Gohn got up, he walked up to me, took my hand and said “Thank you so much” and i was like BRUH BACK TF UP YOU DON’T KNOW ME LIKE THIS CUTE ASS!!! Lmao, THUS me being able to take this selfie with him (he told me to hurry because everyone was leaving and he didn’t want to get in trouble but i was really steadying my camera to try to find perfect lighting lmao). He’s taller than me. I’m 5"9ish. So he must be at least 5"10. Then during the show, since i was also press, i got front row access. And I waved at Hansol on stage and he was like “Oh!!” and waved back because he remembered me. The WHOLE NIGHT he was acknowledging me. We even played around and were throwing up ‘A’ signs with our fingers back and forth trying to act like wannabe thugs lmao. Not only that but I was trying to get a really nice pic of him but everyone was talking so i was like “Hansol!” and pointed to my camera, and he slid a little peace sign pose for me while the translator was still talking lol. Needless to say I think Hansol is definitely a flirt and also will become my BFF soon when I see them again in Korea. Needless to say that was a perfect concert. Video footage/interview video coming soon!!

I know it’s not great (sorry), I’ve never made one before :P Hope u guys like it tho ^-^
Jack, if you see this I just want you to know how much you’ve done for me, I literally look forward to your videos everyday - thank you for being one of the most consistent things in my life xx