omg look at your face


Inktober 2016 Day 3

Some days I will give up on doing everything in “ink

I’ve decided on some of the Inktober days, I would pay my respects to other artists I admire. All art will be in B&W.

I will “attempt” to draw Trafalgar Law in a similar style to that artist!

I HOPE THAT’S OK!!!!! If not please let me know and I will remove the art~!

Day 3 is @ask-traffy-jam …omg I HOPE THIS LOOKS LIKE YOUR STYLE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *covers face* You guys…this artist…I look you up to ask-traffy so much you have no idea. <3

I’m a short girl, around 5 ft and 4 inches tall (that’s about 163 cm). My eyes are hazel, definitely what you’d call central heterochromia (the middle of my iris is chestnut brown and the outer ring is greyish-green). I’m average-built, have a chiselled face, full lips and small ears. My hair is long, it reaches the half of my back now (finally!!), and it’s kind of ash-y dark brown at the roots and copper-y at the ends. It’s not noticeable, though, until the two are next to each other, haha! Oh, and there are freckles on my cheekbones and nose, but they are vague, so it’s hard to spot them.

I’m tagging @im-the-queen-of-rad, @the-shewxlf and @champagneblues for reasons c: