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things that ping my gaydar on other women: flannels worn any which way, graphic tees with pics of famous women on them, long hair parted toward the side and kind of tousled, almost any kind of hat, thumb rings, any boots that aren't uggs, no/very little makeup or over the top unconventional makeup (since the latter is always on those 'lists of things men hate'), denim or leather jackets, sneakers/hiking shoes in casual environments, loose fitting sweatpants, tank tops with low cut sides :)

these are all Incredibly Gay omg thank you for the Gaydar Cheatsheet omg

Anon asked: “Being reunited after surviving the zombie apocalypse unknowing if the other was alive or dead AU” omg pls?

Dean looked up from his boots when someone sat next to him and bumped his arm. When he saw Charlie sitting next to him, he gave her a weak smile.

They sat quietly for a while, listening to the fire behind them crackle as it burned and to the other members of their group talk quietly.

“We’re going to New York tomorrow,” Charlie finally said.

“Yep.” They fell silent again and she fidgeted with the ring she was wearing.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Dean answered, looking at her again.

“Who are you looking for?” Dean shifted a little.

“How’d you know I was looking for someone?”

“You have that look. Everyone that has someone to live for has it. And you have a picture that you look at a lot.” Dean reached into his inner jacket pocket and took out the photo, then passed it to her.

“His name’s Cas. We’ve been together for six years.”

“He’s cute,” Charlie passed the picture back. “When’s the last time you saw him.”

“About month before the outbreak. I went up to see him for spring break. He’s a student at Columbia. Wants to be a journalist.”

“You think he’s still there?” Charlie asked. Dean shrugged one shoulder.

“He called me when it all started. I told him to stay put, that I would be there as soon as I could. That plan obviously failed. I’m hoping that he’s there.”

Dean looked back down at the picture, and Charlie found herself hoping he was, too.


The walk into New York was fairly easy. There were a few zombies wandering around the outskirts of the city, but they were easily dispatched.

“Inside the city will probably be worse,” Dean said, looking down at the body closest to them. “We need to stick together. Stay quiet and have your guns ready.”

After all the guns were checked and loaded, they started into the city. The streets were filled with broken glass and trash. Bodies littered the sidewalk, half eaten or decaying. It was quiet, like every other place they had passed through. The occasional zombie would spot them, only to be gunned down a moment after catching their scent.

After what felt like hours, they finally saw the fires of a survivor camp. When they got closer, The sound of multiple guns cocking stopped them.

“We’re not infected,” Dean said, holding his hands up. “We’re survivors, looking for a safe place.”

“Put down your weapons!”

Dean leaned down to put the gun in his hand on the ground. When he nodded, the rest of the group laid their guns down. A few seconds later, several of the gunmen came out of the shadows to pat them down and check them for bites.

“Clear,” One said. “Welcome to New York.”

The camp was made of old tents, boxes, and anything else the survivor could scavenge. There were several small fires with people around them, heating up canned foods. Dean nodded and everyone started to go their own way. He pulled the picture of Castiel out of jacket and went up to the first group.

No one look at the photo. Dean figured that they had already seen enough loss, seen the light go out in too many people’s eyes. He went to the next group, but it was the same way.

“Please,” He begged. “I need to know if he’s been here. His name is Castiel. Just look at the picture.”

The group all shook their heads, looking away. Dean tucked the picture back into his jacket. He could wait until morning when the whole camp was awake and–

“Dean?” Dean spun around when he heard his name. That voice was too familiar to belong to anyone else.

“Cas,” Dean moved slowly, afraid that if he went too fast he’d wake up and Castiel would be gone. Castiel had other ideas.

“Dean!” He ran to him and jumped without warning. Dean toppled over, gripping him tightly. “I thought you were dead,” Castiel whispered between kisses.

“I’m okay,” Dean said, hugging him close. He buried his face in his neck to hide his tears. “We’re okay.” Dean leaned back to look at him, using his thumbs to wipe away his tears.

“I love you,” He said.

“I love you, too,” Castiel hugged him again. “I was so scared, Dean.”

“Me, too. But everything will be okay now that we’re together.”

No one bothered them as they cried together, kissing everywhere they could. For the people that them, reunions went like this. It wasn’t the first time they had seen it and everyone hoped that it wouldn’t be the last.