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(( it is FLUFF time now smh -- imagine namjin cuddling in bed, post bangtan sound, the baby girl they just adopted in the other room and finally asleep. joon's pressing sweet little kisses all over jin's face and he tells him of how gorgeous he is, how amazing he is, how much he loves him. and jin ends up looking down shyly and blushing because no matter how many times joon tells him this, he gets so shy because he never expects it. joon then holds him close and jin falls asleep in his arms ))




sooo…. i hitted 900 and i was so busy i didn’t do a thing. then i hitted 1k almost without realising it, and today I got to 1.1?! In that time i also turned 18 (wohooo!) so i thought i would make a massive celebration bc i’m so thankful for you guys, you don’t even know.

What you have to do:

As per usual, you’ll have a ray of options to choose from;

- 🍌=  joy my fandom family (in the ask add who you’d like to be, a quote and 3 adjectives)

- 🍍 =a url edit (only for the first 15, must be hp related)

- 🍑 =a compliment/promo (in groups of 5)

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that’s all folks!

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Hufflepuff Stuff 2.0

Part 1

* * *

  • The common room being crazy full of everyone’s animals
  • “Why are you sitting on the floor?” 
  • “The cats have taken over the furniture” 
  • The common room being a safe haven for exotic animals people rescue 
  • Each Puff year group taking turns to have sleepovers in the common room
  • Hufflepuff creating a reputation at being atrocious for not handing in homework 
  • “Did you do the potions essay?” 
  • “No but omg look at this squirrel I’ve been nursing back to health isn’t he gorgeous?” 
  • The biggest daydreamers you will ever meet
  • Hufflepuff’s being such good sources for any gossip because they’re great observers/listeners 
  • Also being the best people to go to for advice 
  • also also being the best people to go to to do some research on people
  • “Did you talk to him?” 
  • “Yes and oh my god you cannot date him! He wears crocs”
  • ‘What? What are crocs?” 
  • “It’s a muggle thing - but please trust me on this one. Stay away from him okay?” 
  • muggleborn hufflepuffs creating short films about hogwarts and showing all their, very impressed, pureblood friends
  • Puffs creating a ginormous easter egg hunt on easter for anyone to participate in
  • Puffs being responsible for creating a lot of cool activities for anyone to join in
  • Hufflepuff being known for having terribly hilarious jokes for any situation

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Clothes anon here again! I'm glad I'm not the only one who would love some more roughed up boys! Like I am 100% behind the idea of a Noctis with tattered clothes running around in the rain or doing magic with those gorgeous glowing eyes. The thought just would not leave me alone until I told someone.

CLOTHES ANON, BLESS YOU. I am so glad you chose me to have discourse with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chatting about silly/sexy stuff. I just think of that gif where his titty is exposed and I DIE (hence my url lmao) plus omg look at his cute little nips someone save me from this hell

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Hey my lovely! Just seen the gif set you reblogged of Aaron looking gorgeous in his Christmas Eve fancy dress, he always looks great but that's my favourite, just wondering what other fancy dress would you like to see Aaron in?

Hiyah my love! OMG that white outfit looked so fucking good on him WOAH 

I would love to see him wear more lighter stuff, white shirts

WHAT ABOUT A WHITE HOODIE *asdhjahdjshdak* i just love his hoodies so much!

Also more shirts in general and bright colors a red jumper? also swimming shorts pls haha and I would love to see another clothes swap with Robert haha that was so cute ;) aaron looks good in everything tbh also naked ;)

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can i have a list of your favorite fanfiction writers for the inuyasha fandom?? i'm looking for more stuff to read! :)


May I first direct your attention to this list I complied a while back of my fave fics? It’s not the same thing, but authors are below, so no worries :{


If links don’t work let me know!

It’s super long so if you’d rather I put it under a read more, let me know and I’ll edit this.

In the particular order of who comes off the top of my head:

From Tumblr:

@moonlightdiva - Writes some seriously kickass MirSan and hey I hear she also had an InuMir fic going on so if you need some quality MirSan I most def recommend her to you hold up here’s her account

@inuyousha - Precious writer of amazing little ficlets they’re pure gold and I guarantee you’ll just love them!! Here’s her tag for them

@inuyashasforest - She writing this really amazing fic called Light Me a Lantern and it is like snow in fall— pretty and amazing yes I most definitely recommend her

@amaayasha - If you’re in desperate need of adorable friendship fluff and fabulous Disney Au’s may I present the queen of IY friendship, Ale? Yes I can you best read her stuff here you gooo

@fast-moon - Also known as holy debunker of Inuyasha fanon myths, they write some super rad fics! Please check out Memoirs, a great story following Inuyasha’s father as he grows up

@czarcastic-dog - Has written an absolutely fabulous Naraku-centric fic, the famous Chemistry AU that you know you absolutely have to read well here it is

@sluttybrowniez - Does some really great fic-work for SessRin and the writing is just gorgeous and wonderful and please check her out

@hanmajoerin - A really great writer who’s profile can be found here and just read her fics you’ll cry and not even regret it

@artistefish - Has some very quality AU’s and art to boot to accompany them! I really rec reading her stuff it’s wonderful and magical eep

@halfdemons - Writes some really amazing ficlets omg and their tag can be found riiiight here and come on tell me you do not love the formatting

@princessango - How about some more MirSan um yes?? It’s really supr gorgeous and you will love their fics go go go

@inuijiness - More art and fic yayayay like seriously you should check out the amazing Sword and Arrow it is top notch

@shinjiteflorana - Holy shit look at this really fab fic you should really read their amazing angsty and just overall amazing stuff linked here

@makepretendprincess - You know what just drag yourself into MirSan hell anon just do it cause gosh darn the fics here are gold and you’re gonna love it all seriously

@strawberrygrasshopper - Has a very fab Beauty and the Beast AU going on right now and there’s no reason to NOT read it so please go read it

@sankontesu - Drabbles drabbles drabbles yessss you should def check out the really great work going on here you’ll love it

@lady-griddlebone - Gosh just you know you love MirSan just surrender to it bc here’s yet ANOTHER amazing MirSan author they are here for your MirSan needs

@wreathoflaurels - Welcome to InuParent hell, she will be your tourguide, good effing luck. Here’s their great ff profile!

@narqueen - For all your OT3 and Naraku trash needs, she’s your girl. Please gaze upon her profile here

@scribefigaro - What is life without MirSan just read it all and try not to cry I dare you. Profile shall be over here

@sassybratt9723 - Eeep precious friend who writes really good stories and is new to Tumblr so just love her stories they’re fab

@queenkelina - A master of writing some powerful work with a small number of words yes please

@theladyofthewest - *screaming* HIME TRAPPP and if you follow her on Tumblr you’ll see her very detailed AU plans just coming around hell yeah


Aryndiel - Some really beautiful friendship and family pieces in here that will leave you in absolute tears.

Chri - Settle the Score will make you want to pound them bc it’s not finished I hope you like long adventures

Forthright - Blessed drabble queen and master of any and all ships, and holds the title of most reviewed IY fanfic on that site.

FrameofMind - The most magical Inuyasha one-shots you ever did see.

Ink on a Page - Highly Recommended is you’re into SessRin the fics are just fab

L.M. Avalon: I have nothing more to say other than you’ll just wish you could live in the world of her stories

Maiden of the Moon - Too many drabble masters in this fandom, here’s another.

One More Thing - Super cute InuKag fluff fics that are just wonderful.

RoseDragonWitch - Some really gorgeous and well thought out AU’s here

Silent Scribe - Soooooo much Paternal!SessRin here and it’s very sweet and lovely.

Super Ceech - Namely, In The Shadows is great for a drama, and King of the Hill is probably going to be your favorite humor fic ever.

TakaiWolf - Just do it just do it If You Only Knew is like my number one rec from here but just do it.

The Literary Dragon - Eep you absolutely must read their great works, they’re super cute.

Torenza - Very well known and they just have a way of writing that makes you love their stories.

TouchofPixieDust - You’ve heard of plot twists— get ready for a twist in each and every single chapter. Seriously.

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Omg thanks!! And also no problem! Ya does it look like you? I hoped so! With descriptions i always have to fill in a lot of stuff so myself, but you gave a quite detailed explanation so that helped probably xD but hey it was fun to draw and I’m glad I could make you happy! :)

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tbh i feel like mark would be one of those eldritch abominations that doesn’t quite have the whole human exterior thing nailed. like he makes an effort to look extra human when he’s recording and he can sort of get that okay, but when he’s out he puts a little too much into it and he’s unnaturally beautiful omg but jack doesn’t have the heart to tell him that he’s looking too good to be normal bc at least mark's trying. also his gorgeous face gets them free stuff so wheres the harm right? (pt 1)

but eventually mark cottons on that there has to be a reason behind him getting free drinks and like 69% discounts everywhere (bc people aren’t very subtle lmao) and jack’s like ‘oh i don’t know maybe a lot of people watch your channel or something, can u pet me’ bc he doesn’t want mark to feel bad or guilty for trying a little too hard to look completely normal. mark would totally be the type to stress about being unnoticeable and casual and not like he is w/ the grumps (pt 2)

and the reason he looks different to each one of the grumps is bc he’s at completely different levels of relaxation with them, even if he doesn’t realise it. like some can see him with a true eye so it doesn’t really matter about his projection, but he’s always worried that jack might act differently around him even if he’s seen his true form, and he’s always a little antsy that he might scare people off bc he’s had that reaction before in past relationships & he cares so deeply about jack (pt3)

and one day jack comes home from work and he finds mark completely relaxed and not really focusing on his projection bc he’s taken a super long nap and he’s been cleaning and decorating and he’s just curled up on the couch with one of jack’s sweaters. and jack can’t help but sneak a picture of his boyf bc he genuinely loooves seeing him calm and not panicky about projecting correctly (pt 4)

and when mark notices jack he’s like ‘oh no sorry i’ll project better’ and jack cuddles up next to him and kisses all over him and lets him know that he honestly doesn’t care at all what mark looks like as long as he’s comfortable and happy and relaxed, and mark’s so happy bc he’s never found someone as special and caring as jack before and he feels so lucky uwu (final pt yay septiplier this au is GOLDEN by the way!!!!!!)

IVE BEEN SUPER RUDE KEEPING THIS TO MYSELF OMG this is the absolute best omg

On a funny note, i keep imagining him looking like handsome squidward lmao

But on a more serious note just imagine Mark trying his best to be as average as possible, its one of the most important things for him. Alot of eldritch abominations are unnaturally alluring to purposely trick people into trusting them. But at the same time he doesnt wasnt to give away that hes an abomination: theyre in the same league as demons and while some people are okay with them, alot of people are terrified of them and will do their best to avoid them like the plague.

Mark is completely obsessed with his appearance because hes terrified that if he accidentally tricks someone, hes gonna be just as bad as the other eldritch abominations who do it on purpose.

Jack comes home and sees Mark bundled up in a bunch of his sweaters in front of the TV. He goes to say hello only to stop in his tracks: his skin is a light gray with darker blotches sprinkled across his skin. the gashes on his neck and under eyes are now way more visible; Jack can clearly see the teeth from the mouth on his neck poking out. His horns are jutting out from the top of his head and the weird shadow/tentacle thingies that usually stay hidden on his back are poking out slightly through the sleeves of the sweater. He looks more at ease in this one moment than hes been in the entire time hes known Mark and he feels compelled to take a picture; he doesnt know if he’ll ever be able to see this with his own two eyes every again tbh…

Before he can start his phone up, all four of Marks eyes peer open and look at Jack before he starts panicking. Hes too riled up from being caught in his natural state that if he were to try and transform now it would do more harm than good. He decides against transforming but he still feels extremely anxious and worried and he feel himself wanting to transform into his goopy self with each passing second.

Of course Jack goes and comforts him, tells him that its totally okay to stay in this form and all that jazz uwu

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i dont have a crush but i have an adorable girlfriend i could tell you about;;; she's the first ever trans person who's really close to me and she looks absolutely gorgeous okay. short messy hair, with green eyes, and has such a cool style. wearing band merch and skinny jeans, so cool. she also has glasses that make her super cute but she thinks she ugly w/ em so she goes for contacts. shes so sweet and cute, she says the sweetest stuff to me and god i love her so much;;;;

u have the raddest gf in town my friend!!! omg is there rare occasions where you get to see her in glasses isn’t that the best

Dating Taehyung

Okay here it is guys, I had fun with this one TaeTae is my baby

Originally posted by hoesoks

-You come home to small animals running around your house a lot

-trying to keep your fridge stocked? nice try. fun while it lasted

-he face times you at the weirdest times

-“Hey jagi!”

-“Tae are you on the toilet?”


-you can’t go anywhere without him touching you in some way

-literally, you’re handling a very hot pot of food and he’s there, back hugging you

-he will go to any extent to make you feel better

-loads of inside jokes that hardly even make sense to you two

-he has an entire folder on his phone dedicated to you, bad pictures, good pictures and videos

-you’re eating or sneezing in most of them

-skype calls where he refuses to go to sleep until you do

-make out sessions interrupted by Jimin

-you’re watching a movie and look over to find that Tae is cuddling Jimin

-he actually cuddles Jimin more than you honestly

-kisses, everywhere you go all times of day on any part of your body he could reach

-“Tae! That’s my boob! We’re in public!”


-one minute your house is clean then you come back from the kitchen and there’s stuff everywhere

-And he’s got your makeup all over his face

-“How did you do this?!”

-*insane giggling*

-Box smile whenever you make eye contact

-box smile even if you’re not doing anything, just because he thinks you’re so cute

-He makes sure you know that you’re loved by him, in any way he can

-Adorable TaeTae cuddling you before bed, nuzzling you with his cute little freckled nose

-Hearing him giggle randomly even when absolutely nothing is going on

-you can have really intense sex (Im killing myself here guys) where he brings out that baritone voice to make you weak or really silly sex where you both end up giggling like crazy

-There is no in between

-Him saying good morning in that raspy deep voice of his

-talking about your future children a lot

-literally he’s come up with names and a whole description of what they’ll look like

-dates to the park that end with you trying to convince tae to pay attention to you instead of the hoard of children he’s attracted

-he constantly wants to dress you up

-whenever you feel sad he’s suddenly at your door with all kinds of sweets and cuddles the life out of you

-Randomly serious dates where he takes you to a fancy restaurant and gets you a nice dress and stuff

-bashful tae telling you how gorgeous you look in your new dress

-coming home to find Jimin and Tae loudly playing video games

-and your house is a mess again

-sexy time until he gets distracted and abruptly asks if you wanna go get ice cream or something

-Jimin is at your house more than you are

-lots of selfies when he’s away on tour

-not one of the thousands is even slightly flattering either

-he calls you all pouty and stuff because he misses you so much

-you end up having to comfort him because he’s sniffling and it’s heartbreaking omg

-random dance time where neither of you can breathe afterwards because you’re laughing so hard

-trying really hard not to die of embarrassment when you take him out in public and he just turns into a 3 year old


-“Tae pls”

-aegyo competitions to see who can make who cringe the most

-you were introduced to all his family at one time

-but it was super cute because he was so excited

-he sends you texts constantly reminding you to stay healthy

-you get tickle attacked a lot, like it’s a little ridiculous

-“I can’t wait to start a family with you” UGHGGHHHGGGG

-Always being involved in wild plots to annoy his hyungs

-jimin and tae hiding in your house after they piss yoongi off

-and of course you get pranked too

-trying not to attack him when he does that sinful tongue thing

-excited taetae all pumped up after a concert coming off stage to pick you up and kiss you deeply

-you’re minding your own business right? and then you notice tae giggling behind you

-And before you can ask him whats so funny, he’s jumped across your kitchen counter and is tickling you making this ridiculous battle cry noise

-Instantly knowing he’s hiding somewhere because hes giggling so much 

Hope you enjoy this <3 Credit to original gif poster

hi *waves*

I made a follow forever not too long actually but because I love kyungsoo and jongin (and kaisoo) so much, I had to make a special one for this number (I’m the zero in the middle, bc I’m a loser :))

thank you so much for following me, for talking to me, for tagging me in things and for reblogging/liking my gifs/edits/drabbles *throws hearts* you’re all precious cinnamon rolls and I hope you all get your bias’ photocard, that your otp has lots of cute moments together and that you’ll randomly find money on the street tomorrow (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ. alright, let’s get to it, shall we?

bold - mutuals

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skellybrains submitted: I’m so sorry your week has been so crappy!! ;o; pls take this internet hug in the form of yows ´ ▽ ` )ノ

gosh i just!!!!!!!!! this is literally the cutest thing ever it makes me soooo ridiculously happy /v\

i cannot thank you enough omg!!!! everyone pls follow sam they are the biggest sweetheart and have such gorgeous art!! 

cinderella lost the vodka bottle

For Chris. Happy belated birthday. ♥


(505): Thank you for holding my vodka while the police let me ride their horse.

“A pony!” The guy flails excitedly, almost dropping the bottle he’s clutching in the process. The woman next to him catches his arm.

“‘s a horse,” she corrects him, and sways dangerously herself when he leans on her, making them both almost topple over.

Derek sighs, rubs two fingers over a brow. At least those two don’t seem aggressive, going by how they’re giggling like two little children.

The guy squints as Derek draws nearer, and gawps when he spots him. He makes a noise, nudging the woman with his elbow.

“Look at that stallion,” he says in what Derek assumes is supposed to be a whisper, but comes out oddly high-pitched; and then the guy’s snorting with laughter.

The woman clutches his arm, face completely straight, and comically white in the harsh light of the lantern, although Derek supposes she noticed his uniform.

“It’s actually a mare,” Derek says as he dismounts. The guy suddenly stops laughing, mouth falling open.

“Wasn’t talkin’ ‘bout the horse,” the guy mutters loud enough for Derek to hear, grinning again, and Derek raises both his eyebrows.

The woman shoves her elbow into his ribs, a panicked expression  on her face. “Stiles!”

The guy, Stiles, straightens, huffs out a breath, and sways forward. Derek eyes him warily as Stiles bring up a hand to the side of Aurel’s neck. He pats her gently, though.

He leans in. “You’re pretty, too, though,” he tells her, and nods with a proud smile. Stiles looks up at him, bright-eyed, and happy.

“I’m Officer Hale. You guys need help?” Derek asks finally, and considers taking both of them to the station. It’s a redundant question in itself, because both of them are clearly drunk, and Stiles is carrying a bottle that most likely contains vodka by the looks of it.

Stiles is still stroking Aurel’s neck distractedly. Derek would be concerned, and ask him to step away, if it wasn’t for the completely glazed over look on his face.

“‘s fine, Officer Hale,” Stiles says with the tiniest of a lilt, looks over his shoulder at his friend. “Allison lives right across the street.”

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Birthday Surprise!

a/n: definitely set before your story starts. it got a bit away from me and I hope it makes snese! :D

One would figured that on her birthday Nessa would be happy and excited. But while she put on a good face for all of the nobles at the party in her honor, she was as far from feeling ecstatic about the day. Nessa didn’t mind the spectacle or how everyone in the kingdom celebrated as if it were a holiday (she was the princess after all). She loved to see how everyone who worked within the castle seemed to light up when the day got closer with the more elder of the staff always gushing over her as if she were their own child. It made her feel warm and full of love. 

The problem was her parents (and her uncle) always used the day to scope out future matches for when she eventually marry in the future. She knew every male she came across was invited for a reason and so she found herself flirting and interacting more with fellow ladies. Seeing as her uncle was silently fuming with every wink directed at a noblewoman her age, Nessa was at least getting some fun out of it. Nessa had even heard that a prince from a far away kingdom had come to visit and she was absolutely dreading having to meet him.

When Nessa took a seat and nursed her drink for a moment, a flash of red caught her eye. A young woman a bit older than herself was looking lost and flustered amidst the crowd, as people kept comment on her gorgeous and peculiar hair color. The woman was clearly struggling to keep up and all of the attention was definitely overwhelming. With a huff, Nessa rose and swooped in to take the girl by the hand to pull her away outside. Down the steps and towards a patio, where no one was.

“Are you okay?” Nessa asked watching as the young girl let out a breath. A moment later the girl realized who had saved her and she looked shocked. Nessa shot her an uneasy smile. It wasn’t every day the birthday princess went to the rescue. Hoping to break the silence that was growing, Nessa asked another question, “Who are you here with? I’ve never seen you before.”

The girl took a moment as if trying to translate what had been said. 

“Prince–” Nessa had been right as the word came out uneven. The girl wasn’t a native speaker, it wasn’t no wonder she had gotten so frazzled.   

“Shirayuki!” came twin cries from overhead. Nessa blinked as there was suddenly a flash of wind and a boy with black hair and what looked to be cat like eyes just appeared. He said something to her before bowing in font of the girl. Not to far behind a boy with snow white hair could be seen at the top of the stairs.

“Zen!” The girl cried and the smile that graced this girl’s face pulled at Nessa’s HEARTSTRINGS. Shaking away the feeling that she hoped to find someone who she could look at like that (and be looked at like that), Nessa watched as the Prince of far away descended down the steps and to the redhead’s side. He took her hands into his own and spoke to her in a tongue Nessa didn’t recognize. The girl just smiled and nodded at whatever was said before nodding in Nessa’s direction. Prince Zen’s eyes widened as he turned upon the princess, blushing a bit. He cleared his throat and slowly slid his hands out of the girls.

“Thank you, your Highness, for taking care of my friend.” His voice was much deeper in Nessa’s tongue which caught her off guard.

“She seems more like a friend to me, Prince Zen,” Nessa teased causing the Prince to blush. The black haired boy grinned, seeming to understand what was said because he leaned into the redhead and she blushed under the lights as well.  

Nessa laughed and bid them goodbye before given one last glance at the gorgeous red hair. At the top of the stairs she looked over her shoulder. Even from there she could tell how much love was between the trio and she hoped she’d find something like that. 

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Wada with her hair down maybe? Your style is gorgeous btw omg

heyhey i’m really sorry for the late reply and that this is really rushed

my sincere apologies!! but also thank you for your kind words!!