omg look at them though

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Wait, do you ship Korekiyo/Angie or are they just your favs, or both??

I LOVE THEM BOTH A LOT but I haven’t played the game yet so I’m not sure if I ship them romantically… we’ll see in a couple of months lol  ((please don’t send anything beyond the trailers/demo 🙏🙏🙏))

idk why i like them but maybe it’s because of these sprites lol 

that pose 

actually having a REALLY productive night yaaaaaay ^^^^^^^^

so there’s a fair near where I live that reminds me of Ninjago because there’s a big famous roller coaster and also it’s where I went on my first date

anyway I like the idea of Jay and Nya redoing their first date because it would be adorable and cause the first time didn’t go so well

featuring Jay in the outfit I wore to the fair the other day bc it was cute and I feel like Jay totally would have worn it




kuraryou at your service