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kaneki + touka: then & now


some luffy and usopp memorabilia from my blog theme!! all of these pictures i’ve used as icons for my sidebars throughout my time here <333 i just like to see them all the time and remember some good moments! ;w;)b these besties will always be very near and dear to my heart, they’re so special (´∀`)♡

and currently this is a new added pic;;;;

gotta love these two :’)

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Sense ur quite the web comic veteran yourself, i was wondering if you have any all time favorite webcomics or recs that youd be willing to share???:)

Sure! These are the comics that I enjoy, though it might seem like a random hodgepodge in terms of genre LOL:

Orange Junk by @heldrad - very cute Shoujo-esque comedy that pokes fun at a lot of your typical shoujo tropes. The characters are all precious babbus and I love them all. Heldrad’s art style is so unique too ??? Like it has that manga-vibe, but it’s just….DIFFERENT??? LOLIDK But I love it so much, it’s absolutely gorgeous. This is one of the stories where I get very emotionally invested in the characters LOL I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY.

This is Not Fiction by @tinfcomic - I think many of you read this one, but it’s sOO CUTE HOW CAN I NOT RECOMMEND. The plot is so much fun and so unique…like it’s very comedy but makes it feel like mystery too B/C WHO IS SYDNEY MORGAN????? we just don’t know (yet). Also the characters are A+ and never fail to make me smile :)

The Summer of Blake Sinclair by @30knight - One of my favorite webcomics. I adore the art style and flow of the comic, the characters are all so unique and dynamic, and the story and struggles that the characters went through was such an amazing journey to read. I would highly recommend this one to you guys if you like reading about imperfect characters figuring out life. It’s complete and hard copies are also available! (Also, bascially any comic by 30knight is…amazing. I also loved Penelope’s Far-Out Mantic)

Wilde Life by @lepas - Started reading this one last year, immediately fell in love. Beautiful artwork, amazing characters, and an interesting story. I love the myths explored and how the author interprets them/executes them in the plot. I’m really looking forward to seeing the adventures that await the characters and how they will affect them (currently waiting with anticipation to see Oscar and Cliff’s conversation in the upcoming pages)

Jamie by @ndgo - I cry about Jamie at every stream I do omg;; BUT LMAO A very adorable coming-of-age comic. Precious characters– I love their interactions with each other, particularly between Jamie and Vicky, and Jamie and Aiden. Ndgo is also a super passionate author and I’m incredibly excited to learn more about the other characters and see the growing/changing relationships in this story :)

Stereophonic by @cjpa - Another very interesting comic with a unique plot. YA JUST KNOW IT’S GONNA HURT YOU LOL. The characters are all very dynamic and I’m veeerry much looking forward to learning more about them and seeing what is in store for them. Also gorgeous art, I cry every time.

Shaderunners by @linkeepsitreal & @capitalette - GORGEOUS ART, GORGEOUS STORY. The moment I began reading it, I was hooked. It has such an interesting world and beautifully crafted dialogue. LIKE I LOVE THE DIALOGUE, I have never adored the dialogue in a series as much as I have in Shaderunners. And the art is so lovely, I love how each character is so unique. I can’t wait to see what these guys get up to in the plot, it is very promising! 

Other comics I very much enjoy/have enjoyed are Gatekeeper, Rock and Riot, Check Please!, Leftovers, Best Friends Forever (discontinued), False Positive (this one has a lot of gore and some may find it to be triggering ), and I have a bajillion more on my to-read list LOL.

me @ myself: stop identifying with so many fictional characters. you have ENOUGH you need to stop it
me, three seconds later: *shoving twenty more characters into my Identity Cube* anyway i am all of these ppl now

so there’s a fair near where I live that reminds me of Ninjago because there’s a big famous roller coaster and also it’s where I went on my first date

anyway I like the idea of Jay and Nya redoing their first date because it would be adorable and cause the first time didn’t go so well

featuring Jay in the outfit I wore to the fair the other day bc it was cute and I feel like Jay totally would have worn it




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