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It aint officially award season until sekai show up looking like if they expect to take home ‘Best Couple’. 

can we talk about the in-law possibilities we’d have gotten with zutara

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Sokka and Zuko as brothers-in-law??? can you imAGINE the shenanigans at family gatherings? Like, I’m sure in canon they were bad enough– but make them family… omg. And, Sokka looking after the steam babies? That’d be so great. 

Hakoda as Zuko’s father-in-law? Imagine Zuko being so worried that Hakoda would hate him for his past and heritage, and he just feels uncomfortable subconsciously around fathers like that– but Hakoda just opens up and shows Zuko so much love and he’s so happy Katara has someone that treats her so well and loves her so much and who makes her so happy, and his son’s best friend– and he just totally accepts Zuko as one of his own and they grow a really close bond. uGH.

Then, we get to the darker side of things… Azula as Katara’s sister-in-law? Imagine how messy that would be. 

Ozai harassing Zuko about marrying a non-Fire Nation woman, and having to cope with that– that would be such an interesting plot line

Katara working together with Zuko to find his mom— Katara bonding with Ursa and gaining a mother figure in her the same way Zuko did with Hakoda and Ursa just being so thrilled that Zuko found a woman who loves him so much and would do anything for him and treats him with respect and love. And, Katara absolutely adoring Kiyi– or you could go with the dark AU, which is also v interesting, where Ursa is actually just about as terrible as Ozai, and Katara has to cope with this alongside Zuko 

I just love all the scenarios that would’ve arisen if only Zutara had happened :///

Instagram Headcannons Pt2

Ok guys I’m a mess and I like can’t stop thinking about what happens after the insta Jack posts in my last Instagram Headcannon so like have some more! (Also probably for @puckitall because she once again hasn’t told me to stop writing fic and start writing schoolwork. You’re a peach and I hope you enjoy part 2) Honestly like at some point someone needs to tell me to shut up and pretend I’m a senior in college, but until then? I’ll write.

Ok so after Jack and Bits get married Jack’s insta stays basically the same, it’s 50% Bitty and 50% everything else (but mostly hockey) that Jack feels like sharing with the world and it stays that way for a few years. It stays that way through his second cup win with the Falcs, through his trade to the Schooners (and his cup win there!), through his couple of years in Seattle and then through his trade to the Habs. 

He’s pretty active through these 6 or so years, Bitty comes with him as he’s able to cook from anywhere and his vlog on FoodNetwork isn’t really stuck on where he is, so they move around as Jack gets traded and they’re solid. There’s pictures of Washington State Ferries and the Pacific and Orcas that year Bitty took Jack whale watching for their anniversary, they’re pictures of WHL games that Jack likes to go to on weekends/week nights he’s not actually playing (he says it’s fun to watch kids with such a passion play, Bitty doesn’t question it and puts on the Silvertips or Thunderbirds or Chiefs or Americans or Winterhawks jersey as Jack sees fit, and Jack instagrams these pictures to the delight of his fans, and the WHL fans). They enjoy their time in Seattle (I JUST WANT AN NHL TEAM AND I WANT JACK TO BE ON IT) and then after 3 years in the PNW, he gets dealt to the Habs. 

During his time in Montreal his pictures get a lot more throwbackish, showing places he grew up as a kid, places he enjoys as an adult, pictures and videos of Bitty in their GIANT ASS kitchen speaking shoddy Quebecois at Jack, pictures of his parents etc etc. He enjoys Montreal too, he’s enjoyed everywhere he’s played actually. He’s not super picky, so he instagrams away. And life is okay. He’s coping well with his anxiety, he’s found ways to deal with the things that make him worry, and when push comes to shove he’s got his ray of sunshine at home to wrap him up and hold him until he can get out of his head. 

But guys we didn’t factor in the BITTLEMANN BABIES:

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imagine denmark asking norway to talk norwegian to him because he absolutely loves the sound of it so he grabs a book and makes nor read it to him in norwegian and they just cuddle on the couch while den listens to norge’s beautiful voice talking in a language he absolutely adores, sighing happily and snuggling closer to nor.

imagine norway jokingly teasing denmark about how he always sounds like he has a potato in his throat when speaking danish but glaring at anyone who even as much as smiles at that joke because he’s the only one who’s allowed to make fun of den’s beautiful but also incredibly stupid language.

“My baby.”

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Person of Interest: Jay Park

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Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. “What the hell is that?” Jay muttered to himself. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. “That’s not funny whoever did that needs to cut that out. It’s not funny, it wasn’t funny, and it will n e v e r be funny.” Bee––. He jumped out of his bed and almost out of his underwear due to his extremely beautiful messy bedhead if we’re being completely honest here. By the way, he wasted less than 2 minutes breaking the alarm his manager recently bought him for obvious reasons. 

“Jayyyyy. Jayyyyyy. Jaebeom is a bum. Jaebeom has a big big bum.” You cooed as you lightly walked into the bedroom/ studio/ dining room he spent most of his time in. “I could’ve sworn I brOKE THAT ARE YOU SERIOUS! WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM ME?” Most of his yelling was muffled into the pillow that his face was engulfed in. “Huh? I’ve only got love for you, babe. Trust me, if you broke me, there’d be a lawsuit on your hands. If you think that I’m just gonna let my rich, internationally famous boyfriend–” During your what seemed like one of your infamous nonstop rants, Jay turned around and faced you. Wow. You were the most gorgeous, annoying, and lovable person he’s ever met. I mean––How is someone so glorious at 9 o’clock in the morning. Wait, that sounds off. It’s 1pm. 

“Why are you staring at me? It’s weird.” “ ‘It’s weird’,” Jay reclaimed, mocking your voice somewhat accurately, “What are you? 5?” “If I were 5 would I say last one to the shower is a rotten egg?” You said while getting a head start from where he stood. Your boyfriend nodded, but deep inside he knew that he couldn’t resist a challenge.

Ten minutes after your proposed your idea of showering literally every that you couldn’t even imagine took place in that bathroom. Not only did you two shower together, but you played tic-tac-toe with the heat mist on the mirror, spent five minutes impersonating each other, and drew hopscotch patterns with your spare eyebrow pencil on the tile floor. Safe to say, you both were exhausted yet relaxed.

The bed was now fit for two. The both of you laid there talking about past experiences whether they were hilarious or sorrowful, celebrity drama whether it was Korean or western, and your future together whether it was together or that was the only option lol. “You know, babygirl, you never answered my question from earlier.” “What do I need from you? I think..I think..I think I need a cha cha beat, boy.” You know how there’s the calm before the storm? Yeah, there was silence because he wasn’t expecting you to say that. The laughter followed when he realized that what you said was actually pretty cute! “No, seriously..Remember when I was I was like ‘What are you? 5?’” “..Yeah..?” “I thought about it, and either I don’t remember how old you are or you’ve never told me.” “Youdon’tremember,” you stated quickly. “Either way you answer, you’re gonna have to tell me. How old are you?” “You really wanna know?” “That’s why I asked.” “…I’m nineteen..” Again, there was a brief silence, but this time you were the one breaking the ice. “Look, Jaebeom. I’m sorry. I know that this situation––” “You’re such a baby.” What? “What?” “I said, ‘You’re such a baby.’” “I’m not a baby; I’ll be twenty before you know it!” “Shh, shh. It’s okay. I just find you less sexy but more cuter. You know what I mean?” “So you’re okay with our ten year gap?” “I’m down if you’re down my little cutie wootie patootie!” “You can stop talking to me like I’m actually a baby. I told you I’ll be twenty soon.” “Okay okay, chill. You may not be a baby, but you’ll always be my baby.   

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I hope you liked it!! This was really interesting since I listen to Jay Park (almost) every day, but I never thought about writing a scenario about him! Thanks for the request, and please be sure to request again! 💘