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i believe theyre related with all my heart


Watercolor Poth! \(^v^)/

Gosh, I love these two… ;3 (And yes, I ship them XD)

(And I kinda don’t know what else to say.. So… Yeah XD)


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YOUR WINK IS A BLESSING? I can't wink for shit omg? Your wink looks like a movie wink? Like?¿ how do you even wink?

Sirius: The trick to winking successfully is to act like a fly has landed in your eye and is now swimming in your tears… so you have to blink said eye to get it out… 

Sirius: … Wait… shit… that looks creepy af… don’t do that… 

The trick is to pretend that someone has attached a small thread to your top eyelid… and is tugging it forcefully down… like a window shade. 

Sirius: Fuck… Doll eye! DOLL EYE!!! 

Sirius: ……………….. Guess it’s just kind of luck of the draw?

Sirius: *grins* Ha… kidding. I’m just amazing. 

Some things I liked in "Markiplier makes a ballista"

- ok but what is a ballista am I missing something?
- Tyler stands up and looks at least 7ft tall
- please don’t wink omg I am dead
- dancing hips
- Ethan’s ballista fact (very informative pal thank you) + Tyler looks like he’s trying not to laugh
- mark’s running commentary but Tyler is concentrating in dead silence
- no I didn’t shit my pants…I will though
- OH NO!! GUYS!…there’s no toilet paper
- that accent that always comes out in challenge videos
- like Ethan sounds like chekov
- blunicorn
- mark did it upside down omg
- this is MY string
- Ethan’s panic “CAREFUL!!”
- Tyler’s super mischievous grin and saying “I don’t know” in the same breath so innocently
- mark screaming at everyone
- mark’s puny shot
- how much are Amy and Kathryn laughing behind the camera?
- Tyler, pencils down jeez
- wrist mounted ballista (alright ezio chill)
- the boys are actual children
- the girls are the real winners yay

To The Hommie Who asked About Yoongi’s Donger... (My Opinion)

Now, this is a story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there…..

Okie first of all I personally think Yoongi has a pencil dick (hella long but very slim) he so slim and delicate but like damn boy be packing…. I can picture that tbh 

…Why you ask well just look at the boy he is a cute little bean pole like he is just precious….So it makes sense for him to be very slim when it comes to his donger.. granted he is very long meaning BOY BE PACKING….

Just imagine a pencil:

Still not convinced?…. well look at this boy’s feet!!!:

Exhibit B:

Jesus what is he a thirteen?

Suga has very slender feet so it makes sense for him to be on the slimmer side when it comes to his dingaling……

JUST LOOK at those ballerina feet!!!

May or may not have a food fetish because of this boy …

Don’t believe me yet?…

Exhibit C:

OMG what are this?!!!!!

IT just looks very slim and long like I can basically see it through his pants…..

Still don’t believe me ?: Look at this VINE!!!


In conclusion Yoongi has a pencil dick  meaning he is longer than he is wide like he’s very long probably 4-5 inches above average but it’s very slim and sensitive…. 

 Still not convinced that he has a pencil dick???…

Look at this boys hands!!:

Exhibit D: (wink wink)

They look like porcelain Twizzlers…    




Like I said in my other posts  I have heard that Idols sometimes don’t wear underwear because of how tight their pants are and they wear a cup so this could also be why the bulges differ in size… Idk let me know what you think ……

To the perosn who requested this sorry it took so long to post I had to collect my evidence and make sure it was accurate..but here you go…

Again this is all the proof I have and if you have any opinions feel free to share… I wonder how big the other members are tbh ..

One kiss|| Derek Luh Imagine


If there was one thing I wanted to do more it was to kiss Derek Luh. all I wanted was just one kiss, but he is my bestfriends brother. it would be weird for her.


me and Delaney were currently getting our party ready for her brother and the release of his new projects with his music. I finished baking dereks favorite food, chicken wing soup. derek was of course the last to arrive.

“SURPISE!” we all yelled!! Derek had the biggest smile on his face. everyone hung around dancing and partying.


I was mostly hanging around Delaney but after a while I went inside and grabbed more food. I grabbed a little bit of the chicken wing soup and grabbed some chips for it, I leaned over the counter and took a few bites of my food when I felt finger taze my sides. I turn around quickly and see that it is derek.

“crap derek, you scared the shit out of me” I smack his arm. when my hand hits his arm I feel his muscle flex. fuck.

“ha, sorry” he smiles. I look over at my food biting my lip.

“so this party is pretty cool” derek says.

“ya, your sister wanted to do something nice for you” I say.

“really? she said this was al your idea” he says.

“really?” I ask confused.

“ya…” I look over at the patio doors and I see Delaney looking in and she winks. omg.

“shes such an ass” I mumble to myself.

“why do you say that?” he asks. he must have heard me.

“its nothing” he nods.

“i notice you doing your nervous habit” he says.

“excuse me” I say.

“you bite your lip when you are nervous” he says. wow. I didn’t even realize that.

“do I make you nervous?” he asks moving a little closer to me.

“no…I didn’t even know I was biting my lip” I say. I bite my tounge trying not to bite my lip. derek leans closer and then he reaches for a chip and dips into my soup. his body was right up against mine. his heat made me extremely warm. he slowly moves away. god all I want is one kiss. then I feel his lips on mine. they were warm and plump. his right hand gripped on my waist and my hand traveled up his arm slowly. then he pulls away. I look at him.

“only one kiss?” he frowns. my mouth pops open. did he hear me. was I talking out loud!! he starts to move away and I frown. my hand slips into his. he turns his head around and looks at me. he turns fully around and his hand grips my face and some of my neck and he kisses me again. I only wanted one kiss but his kisses were so addictive I needed more, I couldn’t have just one.


sorry its taking so long to get to my requests ive just been so out of it lately. but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. love you babies



Well, nonnie, your wish is my command! :D

I have to say this is the LONGEST prompt I have ever written so far - they’re just so much happening! XD

I kinda liked what I did at the end so I guess I’m happy. :)

Ooh, and I decided to post a prompt every week so you guys can get a little #ashdrew prompt for every 7 days! :D

So, enjoy. <3

P.S. I’m uploading another one later which I like really much too, so keep yourselves updated! ^_^

Prompt 4: Ashdrew + Interns?!

It is yet another sunny day in California.

Which means the interns (aka BuzzFeed babies) will be in the BuzzFeed headquarters any minute.

They’ve been planning these internship sessions all month last month, making sure to not miss a single thing. From marketing values to basic video editing techniques, they’re pretty much all done and ready to go.

Eugene and Ned took full charge of the crew, handing out clipboards, yellow circular name tags, and spare pens (not to mention bark at people who were not paying attention). “Alright, the BF babies are gonna be here any minute, so you mofos need to go where you’re supposed to be in, like, 10 minutes!” Eugen barked, with Ned echoing, “10 minutes guys!”.

Andrew scanned his clipboard one more time to know exactly what he’s doing. It read:


SECTION 1: Main Hall, Website Editing + Article Writing

Ned, Allison, Gaby, Zach

SECTION 2: Room 203, Marketing 

Keith, Chris


SECTION 3: Studio 1, Video Production

Eugene, Andrew I., Kenny

SECTION 4: Studio 2, Video Production Pt. 2

Ella, Ashley, Sara 

SECTION 5: Room 186, Video Editing

Quinta, Justin, Andrew G. 



Hmm, maybe I could stop by Section 4 later since it’s just next door…

“Hey,” a familiar voice came from up behind him and interrupted his thoughts. The owner of the voice donned a grey BuzzFeed sweatshirt and black jeans, and a yellow circular nametag identical to his which said ‘Ashley’ in black, bold letters. “Eugene says to set up equipment for after break.”

He smiled. “Uh, yeah thanks.” Ashley smiled back, opened her mouth to say something - only to be interrupted by Eugene’s announcement. 


“Good luck,” Ashley mouthed towards Andrew with a wink. He chuckled and did the same - they always did that for every set of interns. It was almost their tradition to do that ever since they trained interns. It really gives a nice nudge to start the day.

The crew dispersed and then they were off.

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