omg look at how good i am at not being good at photoshopping!

The Woman Who Rides Like A Man (Tamora Pierce)


This was my favorite cover of the original set I grew up with - the desert palette contrasting with the deep blue of Alanna’s pants and cloak.  (Finally, some pants!)  Even the font works with this background, and the rearing horse gives it a bit of a Calamity Jane feel, which I always felt worked well with the character.


the other hand, the fact that she’s holding what I think is supposed to be a flame backfires and looks like a lotus.  I AM LADY KNIGHT, CHAMPION OF FLOWERS. Also, the horse is still frilly.

Minimalist-formerly-11-year-old-butch disliked this one the least of the original four because of the super-coiffed-ness of both horse and rider (we grew up with the same set).


The first-edition artwork continues to ascend with this awesome daylight desert cover. The detailing again is what makes it shine - the horse’s saddle gear, the skirt. Love the determined expression, the movement in the fabric and tail, the little plume of dust behind them.

Complaints: you could make a horse so expressive and realistic, but the cat looks like the love child of a badger and a beaver?


I’m starting to think of this series as the ‘fairytale collection’ given the colors and drawing style, and in this case, it works. Points for not making the glowy thing look like a lotus, for the unruly mane and the fact that Alanna’s hair looks like a red version of mine (snarly curls ftw).  Also points for book accuracy: glowy sword, cat riding in saddle cup, etc.

Complaints: Minimalist is not amused by the lioness faces - in fact, is rather unnerved by them. Also, the horse is doing some kind of a limp-wristed HEY GIRL HEY with a chin tilt and some side-eye.


Congratulations to Gollum, who is growing into her face and pulls herself up from the trenches! The lightning around the sword is an excellent touch/nod to the book, the horse is in some armor, as she should be, and I’m digging the chain mail sparkles.

Complaints: it’s still Gollum, guys. Even the horse looks alarmed.


The French continue to be the best of the foreign publishers, again showing a nice sense of movement (dust, mane, etc).  It’s a clear image, with a nuanced, slightly different color palette.

Complaints: Probably the weakest showing from this set so far. I’ve given up on the French understanding that Alanna =/= Mulan. Also, wtf is with the cat perched on the horse’s ass?  He’s going to fall. And he’s not going to like it.


Inoffensive, but boring. I like the tent-flap as a reveal, becuase it feels a little like a stage curtain, and this may be the first cover to really get the cat right - that’s a perfect prowl.

Complaints: the font makes it look like a book report, and Minimalist points out that the whole thing looks like a middle-school photoshop job.  Also, for some reason, Alanna looks like a Musketeer, though I can’t tell if this is a good thing or not .


Thailand, when you get it wrong, you at least get it spectacularly wrong and full of badassery. 

Complaints: A Power Rangers villian is riding a dragon towards Agrahbah. The sun looks like a giant nipple.  Take your pick.


Watch your back, Thailand. Japan is coming for you!  This one gets points for being the Lisa Frank Entry of the batch, and decent-if-not-spectacular cat and horse depictions.

Complaints: The jewlery, the borders, the sword that looks like it couldn’t cut anything, the Dunescape - and generally the absence of anything as badass as the Thai version.


Points…having a nice color spectrum from the sky to the land. And for the nifty shin guards on the horse.

Complaints: super-magic-swirly-sparkly-meteor shower! Looking At That Tank Top Makes My Breasts Hurt! White Leggings! And Good Lord Would You Read That Tagline Because This Book Is Totally Not About A Woman Coming Into Her Own As a Knight At All!


OMG, they finally got the Gift color correct. Hallelujah.

Complaints: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Seriously, what conversation led to this f'kakta version of events? Can you imagine it?

“So, what we’re thinking this whole Team George/Team Jonathan approach is really going to appeal to the kids, yknow? I mean, the book is essentially about how she runs away to the desert to escape having to make the choice between them, right? Won’t the readers appreciate having something to root for? 'Cause, I mean, let’s face it - what else are they going to root for? Her?" 

So as you all may or may not know Demi took to Twitter yesterday to announce she’s done with social media (Twitter and Insta) and then went on to talk about how people always focus on the negative. She liked negative tweets about herself and I just wanna express how deeply annoyed I actually am. 

I respect Demi and if she needs to quit then so be it, I’m not annoyed with her but I do hope she just takes a break. Anyway I’m annoyed at the millions of people who feel the need to consistently hate on her. If you don’t like her, pay no attention to her, there is no need to attack her for every little thing sh does. The girl can’t even post a picture of herself without people telling her she’s ugly or fat. Every little thing she does is met with backlash and it’s getting out of hand.

Did you all see Demi’s comment about Mariah? In which she “shaded” and I use that word lightly before going on to call her a legend. And yet I seen arguments spreading all across my TL on twitter with people making absolutely disgusting jokes. We live in an age where people think it’s okay to make fun of someones mental health. They tell her she should go back to rehab they make fun of the fact she used to cut and have an ED which is not okay. It’ll never be okay. You have certain people who follow her around whenever they can just to verbally abuse her which is insane. People making diss tracks which is just tragic (You can listen to here: x but it’s awful so I wouldn’t) You have people who dedicate their time photoshopping pictures just to make her look bad. They discredit every thing she does. And my question is why? Why do people hate her so much? What has she physically done except inspire millions of people each and every day? Write music to share with us all? Start her own damn charity just to help people with mental health issues get help even if they can’t afford it? She helps so many people and all she gets in return is millions of people telling her to die. I know she has fans who love her and try so hard to show that to her. I know she has people who worship the very ground she walks on but it’s so hard for her to see that and believe that when the first replies under everything she posts online just body shame her. And sure lots of celebrities get hate but you have to admit Demi is one of the seemingly most hated FOR NO GOOD REASON???? like remember when she wore that shirt to support the transgender community and people told her she was just being annoying and they don’t want her supporting them like what is wrong with people?? I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS HATRED FOR SUCH A SWEET PERSON WHO IS JUST USING HER VOICE TO HELP PEOPLE. Yes she can be impulsive and sometimes she says dumb stuff but so does everyone, she’s only human. She’s not perfect, she can be petty and sly but so what? Get over it.

Should we look at fandom hate now? Because I think we should. Lovatics aren’t the nicest of people sometimes, I will admit that. As a fandom we can actually be so mean to each other so I’m not saying were perfect. But omg Selenators, Swifties and I would say Harmonizers are some of the worst for hating on Demi. Selenators are probably top of that list. The disgusting, unnecessary pleas for attention by hating on someone is actually amazing. How can people be so low? They constantly compare everything as well. So what if Demi’s album sales aren’t as good as others. Sales doesn’t equal talent in any way and Demi is insanely talented. Oh and btw Selena did not give Demi a career and if I see one more selenator say that I will actually go crazy. Swifties need to stop acting like Taylor is an angel, Demi didn’t even come for her the shoe just fit really, really well. And 5h stans idek y’all are just messy for no reason. Plus they all bandwagon together like when Demi spoke out about barbie dolls at the same time Zendaya brought out a doll and everyone turned against her. They were asking people to be vocal so Demi tweeted there was no need for people to turn on her like they did. Stop fighting and go focus on your own faves okay? Let the poor girl live, stop acting like she’s Satan or something.

Now I bet you’re thinking this has all been said before but I don’t even care. I hardly ever take the time to just say what I feel about this and I also don’t care if you all read it or not but come on. How can people not see how out of hand this has all gotten. Even the media does it, they are so quick to write slander about her. She is a human being for heavens sake and everyone needs to start respecting that instead of just seeing her as a thing who sings. And sings AMAZINGLY at that, have you heard her vocals because I have many, many times and yet people still claim she screams or can’t sing smh. Well shame on everyone. If you hate her fine that’s your business but leave her alone. I don’t like Ariana grande but I would NEVER tweet her or verbally abuse her on the street because I’m a decent human being. I don’t know what it is about stan twitter, or insta stans or tumblr stans but some of y’all have no hearts anymore and It’s pathetic. Grow up.  Now If you have a genuine reason why you hate her feel free to tell me so I can understand your hatred pls, it’ll be much appreciated.

This was longer than expected, I got carried away so please enjoy my favourite gif of Demi in existence because she is an adorable little cupcake, who deserves to be protected at all costs. I mean honestly how could anyone hate her? She inspires me so much and I honestly would be a lot worse off than I already am if it weren’t for her. 💕

Thank You, Amazing Gif Makers

It seems like, as much as the Mythical Beasts are loving and kind and all around a happy safe place, for us all, sometimes we get a little out of shape. And sometimes the gif makers of the fandom suffer. I know there’s always gonna be rude peeps going on anon to ruin someone’s day and I know there’s always someone calling someone out on something they don’t like, either privately or directly. But who’s to say there can’t be someone to cheer things up a bit?

In lieu of this post, regarding the mean anons that gif makers get, let’s take a moment to celebrate our gifers, shall we? Reblog and spread the love!

@feliznavidang thank you for making such lovely gifs. I know you get a lotta hate and I don’t know why. You don’t deserve any. Your gifs are simply so nice that the anon haters are jealous, I suppose. I know they’re mean, but please don’t pay them mind! They don’t speak for the majority of us.

@graveyard-whistler speed! omg the speed! and the variety of moments you gif! If there is a moment I saw in the episode, I can bet a cookie you have gif’d it or are about to. Your tags are awesome. You have such outreach and you really care about your work.

@rhettlinks Your gifs are gorgeous and you pick such interesting moments to gif! They’re so pleasing to look at and the speed is perfect for the coloring too. I think you’re newer to gifing in this fandom? Or at least it was only in the last few months I noticed your gifs all over my dash. Either way, keep up the awesome!

@rhettmcbabe Goodness! Your coloring is so pleasing to look at and your gifsets are so large and all-encompassing. I always look forward to seeing your daily giant gifset of GMM amazingness. Thank you for sharing your lovely art with us! Also IDK how you do those animated emoji thingies as your source links but I adore them.

@chiasquatch some of you may still know them as mythicallove, but chiasquatch is where it’s at now! So many gifs of more than just GMM! Commercial kings, rhett and link kasts, main channel vids.. thank you for your variation! And you have such a lovely tagging system!

@randlerandbelvedere such unique gifs! The moments the others don’t have a chance to gif, you do! I always look forward to seeing the content you produce!

@hasretmythical Goodness gracious, your photoshop skillz are unmatched! From your gifs to your edits/art/whatever those giffy-things I tag ‘art’ are, I can’t wait to see what you have up your creative sleeves next! The things you do are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Keep on being fabulous, girl!

@jadeneal There’s something different about the coloring of your gifs and I don’t know what it is, but I love it. I can’t wait to see which moments you gif in the future! You always pick some great ones :D

@goodmythicalmore Such pretty gifs! Your black and white gifs are stunning and your color gifs are beautiful. When you do those slowed-way-down B&W gifs it makes my brain stop working to stare at them for a minute. Keep up the amazing!

@yourmythicalbest Can we preface this by saying I adore your captions- they very often make me laugh aloud- your tags are gold, and I so look forward to your gifs! I love the coloring + speed combo they have, I’m always ready to see more!

@lilablackbird I love the blue tones (are they blue tones? Sorry, I know little about colors lol) in your gifs, and I love how you handle text on your gifs, because I always know who’s speaking.

@mythical-shippings There’s something about your gifs that has a soft quality to it, and I like it very, very much. I’m not sure how to describe it but I always know it when I see it. It’s amazing. ^-^ You make so many unique compilation gifsets too! also RHETT&LINKAST GIFS

@goodmythicalyann you make some awesome gifs too, often times of moments that no one else gifs, and I always love to see them. Keep up the good work!

@goodmythicalmeltdown I know you’re newer to the gifing scene, but hang in there! Your gifs are so pretty and your text is so elegant, and yeah, those people who take the credits off are jerks. Ignore them and keep doing you!

@mclaughlinrhett I don’t see your gifs very often. I’m not sure if it’s due to time zones or what, but I am going to start seeking out the loveliness that is your gifs. Because they are very lovely. Don’t stop!

@rhincoln In contrast to the darker red tones or blue tones in many gifs, the lighter, sort of pastel coloring and overall softer look of your gifs is refreshing! Always adore seeing your gif sets! =]

@the420gal Your gifs are fab and unique, and I know a lot of mythical beasts who thank you profoundly for the chest gifset XD Y’all know the one. Thank you bunches for being awesome!

@mythical-rhink It’s very rare, but every once in a blue moon, you make a gif or two, Isra. And we love to see them!

@tragica it seems like you can do everything! Like legit EVERYTHING OMG and you mail has been on a GMMore which is !! ?? amazing!  Gifs are one of your many talents and we love you for ‘em, girl! Keep on making ‘em!

@rhinkster I love your gifs! They’re as stellar as you (which is very, by the way). Appreciate your contributions to the fandom bunches here! Keep on being awesome!

@ianhecoxhasabowlhaircut you don’t just make gifs for the mythical beast fandom, but your gifs are stunning and colored very well! I’m always happy when you decide to gif our mythical dads. :D

If I didn’t mention you, I apologize. Feel free to reblog and add yourselves! There are so many wonderful people in this fandom that sometimes even I have trouble keeping track- and I make it my mission to keep track of this stuff! :p

You guys make this fandom 1000% better and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for being you.
Are you getting hate? Feeling down? Maybe your gifs don’t get the attention you’d like? Hit me up. I’m your new #1 fan. I love all of you guys so much. Keep rockin’. <3