omg look at his flawless face

BTS reaction: a lot of people checking you out bc you’re looking especially nice

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Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would get so cocky omg. Like, he’ll proudly hold your hand with a smirk on his face. He’ll be like “yeah. They look absolutely flawless, I know. And they’re mine. Jealous?”. He absolutely loves that he can show you off and make people jealous of him.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He will get slightly protective of you, but that is mainly to avoid you feeling awkward from all the looks. To him, it doesn’t matter much. He knows that you’re not leaving him for some random person in the streets who’s staring at you. If anything, it’ll boost his ego, because it’s proof that he’s actually dating an ethereal being. But, as he doesn’t want you to get uncomfortable, he’ll just pull you a tiny bit closer, and glare at anyone who stares at you.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

Tbh, I think he would be too busy checking you out and complimenting you to notice all the looks you were getting. At least for the first half of the day. Then he’d become hyperaware of it. He wouldn’t get very jealous tho. It’s more of a “they’re mine, and we’re stating that very obviously by showing lots of PDA, so why do you keep look at them like that?”-feeling. He wouldn’t really act upon it tho.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

Yo, he’s going to tell you to flaunt your ish. He’s all about fashion and looks, and you looking cuter than usual, while being out with him? He lives for that. He would love all of the attention you’re getting. He’s convinced that the two of you are the best-looking couple out there.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

He might feel slightly scared that someone more handsome than him will check you out, and that you’ll notice that person. But, mainly he’ll just be admiring the pure beauty sitting across from him at the café. In other words, you. He won’t really stop looking at you for the whole day, unless it’s necessary. Like, to see where he’s going.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

He will just straight up ignore the looks you’re getting. You’re his, so why should he care? Besides, he gotta make sure to look at you as much as he possibly can. And that won’t work out well if he keeps looking out for people checking you out. He’s not a very jealous guy, so he doesn’t really care if others are staring at you.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

So protective omfg. You’re his, and he doesn’t like other people checking you out. Especially if it would happen to make you uncomfortable. I don’t think he’s very into showing a lot of PDA, but this day his arm won’t leave your waist. And he’ll glare at everyone who looks in your direction twice.

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anonymous asked:

Love your blog so much! I always stop to check in every day for my daily laugh/sin. I was hoping I could get some selfie headcanons for the Naruto characters? Like, who takes the best, the worst, Los always flawless, manages to cover the camera, etc.

Omg yassssss and thank you <3

Okay so really you can’t get a fucking bad picture of Sasuke he always looks so perfect. That brooding face just leaves no room for flaws? He looks like he’s constantly posing, even though he hates pictures, so this is only when other people are taking pics of him/with him

Ino only take selfies from her “good side”. She’s convinced she has one but literally anyone else will tell her there’s no difference

Kiba’s always flexing in his selfies but he doesn’t have as much gains as he thinks he does

Rock Lee doesn’t always take selfies himself but he’s that dude in the background of everyone’s pictures with a blurred face because he’s always in motion

Hanabi takes the cutest selfies like she’s the girl everyone looks at like “SHE’S ONLY 12 AND SHE’S PRETTIER THAN ME”

Deidara spends too long trying to make his selfies look aesthetic that he doesn’t realize they just look weird

Also take note that Itachi and Sasuke would take the smoothest selfies together. #Uchihabrothersslay. And Shisui comes in so it’s like 3x as fine

Hinata takes really cute pictures, but they’re mirror pics and her camera accidentally covers her face. But it just looks purposely aesthetic, so it would kinda become her trademark. Lookin all shy but mysterious and what not. Could take the award for best selfies?

Naruto takes pretty good selfies. He looks so energetic and happy and they’re always action shots. Like not just taking selfies, he’s got his own go pro and records himself bungee jumping and shit, like I know that’s specific but I can totally imagine him doing that