omg look at his flawless face

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Omg love your HCs!! They are all so cute!!!! >V< can u please do RFA +V and Saeran x MC first time holding hands? Like what would their reactions be?? Again LOVE your HCs!!! Omg bye!!~~

• Honestly, it wasn’t very long in your relationship you started holding hands.
• Basically it was your first date.
• The both of you were just walking in the park together. Laughing, and getting to know each other.
• And my god you looked so perfect. He actually wanted to just kiss you. I mean, the sun was shining on your flawless skin, the wind blew stands of (H/C) hair in your was breath taking.
• He slowly inched his hand down beside yours, and began interlacing your small, delicate fingers in his larger ones.
• After that, he never really likes going out in public without your hand in his.
• This cheeky little sh-
• After he finally realized his true feelings for you, and stopping pushing everything and everyone away (anti-social much? Me too.)
• He asked you to go to a cat shelter with him.
• After all, Vanderwood didn’t say his partner couldn’t have a cat and just so happen to..bring it over. A lot.
• Does this count as your first date? Well, technically. You’ve hung out a lot, but never really anywhere but the parties and RFA members houses.
• “(Y/N)!!! This cat is just so cute! You should have it! I’ll even pay!”
• “Seven- I- I can’t take care of a cat?!”
• He B E G S.
• And for the first time, he gently grabs a hold of your hand, holding it tightly in his.
• He places a kiss on your cheek, and gives you the cutest little pouty face.
• At this point, you’re a blushing, awkward mess.
• “Uh-m uh..some soft hands you got there..”
• He smirks for a moment, before thinking of the dumbest thing he can say in that moment.
• “thanks, I use a lot of lotion. If you catch my dri-”
• But you never did seem to let go of his hand, the rest of the day, at least.
• You would think it would take a while for him to get all..lovey dovey with you.
• But it was kind of a happy medium.
• So basically, it was the 4th-5th ‘date’
• Really doesn’t want to rush things. He’s a firm believer that love takes time.
• But when it happens, it’s actually kind of sweet.
• You’re lying on his couch, waiting for him to come back in with the breakfast he ‘couldn’t wait to make for you’
• He walks in the living room to check on you, smiling over at your resting figure.
• He can’t help but want to keep walking towards you.
• And soon, he can’t even control himself?
• “Jumin? What are you-”
• He picks you up, and sets you down in his lap, all whilst placing you hand in his.
• And he doesn’t even really say much. Other than he “felt like it” when questioned on what he was doing.
• This was cute, comfortable and all, but..
• “whats that burning smell??”
• “..Shi-”
• okay this is so obvious but.
• Or at least, on your way to.
• It’s a really cold morning, the two of you have been dating for a couple weeks now. So, you decided to bundle up, and grab some coffee.
• Now, she didn’t have gloves. You would think she would, but ohhoho, Nope she is not prepared.
• Thankfully, you have a trick up your sleeve. A smoothhhh move, this way it won’t be awkward to make the move. You go, (Y/N).
• You take off the glove on one of your hands, and hand it to her.
• At this point, she’s looking between you and glove, a bit confused.
• You then place your uncovered, warm hand in her freezing one.
• “What are you waiting for, silly? Put on the other glove~”
• You smooth mother-
• She’s a blushing mess, really. But she adores you.
• Sweetbbyboy
• he’s so innocent. He’s never even held hands.
• One day, you’re playing games with him at his place, and well…beating him.
• “How are you so good at this?!” Yoosung frustratedly says.
• “I guess I’m just a pro.”
• He gives you an 'o really’ look, with the intent of picking up his game.
• But he needed motivation.
• “if I win this next round, you have to hold hands with me the rest of the day. Minus when one of us needs to go to the restroom.”
• He still lost tho, lol.
• But, you couldn’t help but want your own prize.
• “how about we do it anyways?”
• Yes, you’re that couple.
• The one that is always painfully close and always holding the others hands.
• But he loves every minute of it. And so do you.
• It was not long at allll before you help hands.
• Before he got eye surgery, he needed your “help” to get around. So, he wanted you to hold his hand and guide him around so he could get the things he needed to get.
• But he could actually see well enough.
• He just wanted to hold your hand.
• You had butterflies, he had butterflies, you two were honestly just lovey messes on the inside.
• But you loved it.
• (bonus)
• When he got the eye surgery, you had no idea. And he made you hold his hand again…however, something was off. It seemed he was bringing you along more than you were to him..
• “V- can you..”
• You were then cut off by none other than Jumin, who just so happened to be driving by.
• “V! How’d that surgery go?”
• gASP!
• Okay so he was not getting physical ATTT ALLLL!!!
• And this kind of frustrated you.
• Yes, sweetie I know you’re bad with human interaction buT WE HAVE BEEN DATING ALMOST 2 MONTHS PLS LOVE ME.
• So, RFA helped you come up with a plan. A jealously plan.
• Yep, you were gonna try and get Saeran to get all jealous and protective over you. Maybe even get him to get a little closer.
• It started small, You’d have Yoosung start flirting a little with you in the group chat.
• Plan fails, and Saeran just leaves the chats with no word.
• You knew you had to step up the game.
• One day, you and Saeran go out for a walk around town, just casually talking with each other.
• When you 'coincidentally’ run into Zen just up ahead.
• “(Y/N)! Hey! You look cute today!”
• You weren’t expecting him to say that of all things, so you couldn’t help the tiny blush that appeared on your face.
• “Awh, tha-”
• This is when you felt your hand get tightly enveloped by another.
• Saeran was jealous.
• And unafraid to show it.
• “Looks like I’m interrupting a little date~ see you on he messenger, later! Have fun you two!”
• When Zen leaves, Saeran still doesn’t let your hand go.
• “You know..this is actually kind of..nice..” He awkward says.
• From here on, he starts becoming more and more physically affectionate~ thank you, Zen!

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So I saw this Japanese poll online and fans were asked to vote for the Japanese male celebrity with the best skin. Turns out Yuzuru Hanyu won the poll and now I have this ridiculous headcanon that Yuuri has beautiful flawless skin. And actually, I'm pretty sure he does. East Asians are very particular about skin care, I mean, look at the super popular Korean skincare routine.

OMG I’m not surprised that Yuzuru Hanyu won! His skin is perfect and flawless! I can totally see Yuuri having beautiful skin as well, and Victor getting a little jealous over it. 

“Yuuri, how do you get your skin to be so perfect?”

“I, uh, wash my face?”

“Yes, but with what?”

“Just typical soap and water. Why?”

*Victor, throwing thousands of dollars of skincare across the room* “are yOU KIDDING ME??”

External image

@braveten submitted: hi zeph so here’s the thing – i really love you and your art and i wanted to get in on this whole ‘yuuri katsuki crop top appreciation’ thing but i can’t draw :(

i know the crop ain’t top, but your art is!

This is my favorite yuuri, thank you so much

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Diego has big ears but i still would tbh

**indignant screech**

Do not speak ill of his ears! I love his ears. I actually do. All of Diego is put together of bits that don’t necessarily match but give him this real character and individualism so you’re always kinda surprised by him, if that makes sense. It’s like, awww, look at his sweet soft face with its dangerously sharp jawline and cheekbones and adorable dimples and little grumpy mouth and warm eyes. Watch as he takes years off peoples lives with his savage bitch face then breaks into a smile that is pure sunshine. Behold his slight little shoulders and tiny waist and svishy brown hands and chubby ankles. I mean, like, he’s so skinny you can count his ribs but his tummy is still ever so slightly, deliciously soft? Just! Diego makes no sense!! But he is perfect in every way.

Plus his big ears are exactly the same as his dad’s big ears and I am such a sucker for when genetics does that with parents and kids. Two people! With precisely the same feature! What the fuck! How wild is that shit?

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Can I ask a MC wearing a sexy bunny outfit and what are the RFA+V and Saeran's reaction to this? Lmao sorry for my bad grammar >~<

Don’t worry, your grammar’s fine ^^ Thank you for the prompt~
also before I begin can I just say today marks a month since I made this blog and I hit 600 followers so thANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING k now onto the stuff


  • The Beast is momentarily confused because?? he wasn’t expecting it??
  • But then he realised and confusion gONE
  • “Wow you look great holy damn
  • Highkey worshipping you and your bare legs he is wEAK for this
  • Nobody else is going to see you like this he’s going to be sure of that
  • Definitely going to remember it for a long time


  • Someone save this poor boy
  • You’re tempted to take him to the hospital because is he okay or is he dying???
  • He’s flustered af because you look so cute* omg
  • *cute isn’t the word he’s thinking but it’s the one he’s going to use
  • His face is going red and he’s just staring in complete awe 
  • Because damn he can’t handle how stunning you are 


  • If only it was a cat costume he’d have taken you then and there
  • But stILL
  • Seeing you like that is testing him
  • He just sits there admiring you for a while
  • Wearing his signature smirk too
  • He’s gonna show tell you how flawless you are
  • And how he hopes this outfit it for his eyes only
  • You know stuff’s going to go down between you two do I even need to continue


  • Again the girl is sHOOK
  • Doesn’t entirely know where to look at first
  • But has she ever told you how great you are?
  • if she hasn’t before you’re gonna hear it now
  • Words weren’t easy for her when she saw you in the first place
  • But then you gave her an innocent little hug
  • She pretty much died on the spot
  • she totally loves it even if she won’t tell you


  • “wAIT HOLD UP”
  • He runs into his room and disappears for a couple minutes
  • Before coming back out in a cat costume it’s canon he has one so
  • You have to really refrain from slapping him then and there
  • But you have to admit he looks pretty damn good in it
  • And he thinks you look pretty damn good too
  • Plus he’s a little sadistic so..
  • “You know, MC, sometimes cats attack rabbits…”
  • And he just pounces on you
  • You can decide what goes on between you two  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Once again his face goes a little red
  • He is surprised to say the least
  • The last thing he was expecting to come home to see were legs but heLLO THERE THEY ARE
  • He doesn’t really know how to react bless him
  • He may not admit it at first but he likes it
  • It isn’t going to be forgotten any time soon


  • well he wouldn’t exactly see it so
  • If you’ve never put your hand on someone’s thigh and felt bare skin when you weren’t expecting it
  • You don’t know the surprise he got
  • He’d take a lot of pleasure in making a mental image of you with his hands though
  • And he really likes the image he’s made
BTS reaction: a lot of people checking you out bc you’re looking especially nice

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would get so cocky omg. Like, he’ll proudly hold your hand with a smirk on his face. He’ll be like “yeah. They look absolutely flawless, I know. And they’re mine. Jealous?”. He absolutely loves that he can show you off and make people jealous of him.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He will get slightly protective of you, but that is mainly to avoid you feeling awkward from all the looks. To him, it doesn’t matter much. He knows that you’re not leaving him for some random person in the streets who’s staring at you. If anything, it’ll boost his ego, because it’s proof that he’s actually dating an ethereal being. But, as he doesn’t want you to get uncomfortable, he’ll just pull you a tiny bit closer, and glare at anyone who stares at you.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

Tbh, I think he would be too busy checking you out and complimenting you to notice all the looks you were getting. At least for the first half of the day. Then he’d become hyperaware of it. He wouldn’t get very jealous tho. It’s more of a “they’re mine, and we’re stating that very obviously by showing lots of PDA, so why do you keep look at them like that?”-feeling. He wouldn’t really act upon it tho.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

Yo, he’s going to tell you to flaunt your ish. He’s all about fashion and looks, and you looking cuter than usual, while being out with him? He lives for that. He would love all of the attention you’re getting. He’s convinced that the two of you are the best-looking couple out there.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

He might feel slightly scared that someone more handsome than him will check you out, and that you’ll notice that person. But, mainly he’ll just be admiring the pure beauty sitting across from him at the café. In other words, you. He won’t really stop looking at you for the whole day, unless it’s necessary. Like, to see where he’s going.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

He will just straight up ignore the looks you’re getting. You’re his, so why should he care? Besides, he gotta make sure to look at you as much as he possibly can. And that won’t work out well if he keeps looking out for people checking you out. He’s not a very jealous guy, so he doesn’t really care if others are staring at you.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

So protective omfg. You’re his, and he doesn’t like other people checking you out. Especially if it would happen to make you uncomfortable. I don’t think he’s very into showing a lot of PDA, but this day his arm won’t leave your waist. And he’ll glare at everyone who looks in your direction twice.

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Love your blog so much! I always stop to check in every day for my daily laugh/sin. I was hoping I could get some selfie headcanons for the Naruto characters? Like, who takes the best, the worst, Los always flawless, manages to cover the camera, etc.

Omg yassssss and thank you <3

Okay so really you can’t get a fucking bad picture of Sasuke he always looks so perfect. That brooding face just leaves no room for flaws? He looks like he’s constantly posing, even though he hates pictures, so this is only when other people are taking pics of him/with him

Ino only take selfies from her “good side”. She’s convinced she has one but literally anyone else will tell her there’s no difference

Kiba’s always flexing in his selfies but he doesn’t have as much gains as he thinks he does

Rock Lee doesn’t always take selfies himself but he’s that dude in the background of everyone’s pictures with a blurred face because he’s always in motion

Hanabi takes the cutest selfies like she’s the girl everyone looks at like “SHE’S ONLY 12 AND SHE’S PRETTIER THAN ME”

Deidara spends too long trying to make his selfies look aesthetic that he doesn’t realize they just look weird

Also take note that Itachi and Sasuke would take the smoothest selfies together. #Uchihabrothersslay. And Shisui comes in so it’s like 3x as fine

Hinata takes really cute pictures, but they’re mirror pics and her camera accidentally covers her face. But it just looks purposely aesthetic, so it would kinda become her trademark. Lookin all shy but mysterious and what not. Could take the award for best selfies?

Naruto takes pretty good selfies. He looks so energetic and happy and they’re always action shots. Like not just taking selfies, he’s got his own go pro and records himself bungee jumping and shit, like I know that’s specific but I can totally imagine him doing that

Boyfriend does my makeup...

Imagine: you’re a famous youtuber, and your subscribers asked you to do the boyfriend does my makeup challenge with Justin


“Hey guys! Today’s video is something that has been highly-” before I continue Justin cuts me off and adds “like highly” he says emphazing, as I giggle and continue, “requested for me to do, which is the boyfriend does my makeup challenge, sooo I brought a special guest,” I turn towards Justin as he winks at the camera. “Want to do a little intro?” I ask, smiling. “Uh sure,” he says as he looks at the camera, “hey guys, its Justin, I normally don’t do these kind of stuff but y/n begged me to do it, so yeah,” he says pointing at me. I gasp as I hit him playfully, “shut up” as we both begin to laugh.
After wiping off my previous makeup, I quickly cover my face with my hands, feeling insecure, “my face feels naked, I probably look hideous right now,” I say, muffling into my hands.

I feel Justin uncover my hands from my face as he replies,looking me in the eyes “baby, you’re beautiful…I don’t even know why you bother putting this crap on, you’re beautiful without it.”

I immediately blush, as I smile at his comment.

Justin begins by grabbing my foundation, “first I’ll be applying some skin cream/tanner or whatever you call it, and apply it all over her face to make her skin look flawless” he says in a pitchy girl tone. I laugh at his dorkiness. “Hey, quit laughing, after I’m done with you, you’re gonna look like a bieber model” he says, as he squirts a huge blob of foundation onto his hand. “Justin!” I look at him with wide eyes, “OMG do you seriously need that much?” I say looking at the huge waste of foundation on his hand in horror. He looks at me and smiles, “y/n, of course I do” as he puts the handful of foundation onto my face, and begins smearing it all over my face. He begins chuckling, “man, this feels like I’m painting” he says continuing to blend it in. “Okay, once you got that blended in, you’re going to now add some blush” he says immediately finding the blush, “damn that one was easy..okay I’m going to now put it on her cheeks, babe smile” he says as he demonstrates a big smile. I smile in return, trying not to laugh as I feel the amount of blush on my face. Justin looks at me and says, “did I ever tell you that I love you’re smile?” I feel my cheeks heat up, and he looks at me smiling “aww I made you blush while Doing your blush” I giggle looking at him, “you’re so weird,” he puts the blush away and looks at me and smirks “and you’re not?” I glare at him playfully, “touchee”

“Okay I think I’m done with the face, let’s do the lips…my favourite part…” He says winking at me. He grabs a bright red lipstick and applies it on my lips messily. “Perfect” he says smiling, trying not to laugh, probably from how ridiculous I look. “Ew gross, you got it in my mouth,” I say before quickly grabbing Justin’s face and giving him a kiss, “there much better.” I look at his lips which were now covered in lipstick, I smile to myself.

“Ew gross, you got it in my mouth” he says mocking me. “Ha ha, very funny,” as I stick my tongue out at him. He looks at me and chuckles, “sowwy, now gimme a kiss” he says as he leans in, and I quickly give him a quick kiss. “Hurry up you slow poke, I don’t want this video to be an hour” I tease. “Do you want to look like a bieber model?” He says, as he looks for the next product. “No not really maybe a Victoria secret model?” I look at him winking, but he simply nods no and says “no you’re too beautiful to be a Victoria secret model, in my opinion.” I blush for about the third time, was he always this cheesy? You watch him pick up the mascara, and you look at him horrified.. “Baby, please don’t kill my eyeballs.”

“I’ll try not to,” he says chuckling…

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Hi do you have that gif of Louis at a signing when he was wearing that green Celtics jersey and he moved his hair out of his face and he looked so flawless and sassy while doing it?? I don't know how to find it but i freaking need that visual because I was just having heart palpitations just thinking about it.

I need everything about Louis

any of our followers knows what gif is that?

- Yasmin xx

Here you go lovely

And here have another one!

You can never have too much Louis

-Sara x


For julialight and all new fans ^-^

Okay… lets get started… TEEN TOP aka that 6 dorks with baby face and soul of a gangster


You know… there was once a girl who told me… “all I know about Teen Top is that there is a hot one, a cute one, a leader who looks great shirtless and holding bats, there is Niel, a giraffe and the sixth member” xDD LOL

And it was so accurate!!! hahaha

1.- So first we have the leader Bang Minsoo aka C.A.P 

Who like I said looks great shitless and holding bats like SERIOUSLY

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