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Omg your art is so soft and so cute? It makes me feel happy and warm inside. I especially love your bokuakas, every time depression gets to me I look at your bokuaka art and I get better! Thank you!!!!

I’ve dealt with depression before (+ anxiety at the same time, it was hell) ; I know what that feels like, so I’m really glad that you can find something that can lift up your mood (actually, I should thank Furudate for creating such lovable characters, for it’s thanks to them that I was able to make you happy)!!!

I was lucky to have a brother who cared enough for me and helped me get out from it, so I really hope that you’ll have someone you can talk to so it can lift up some weight from you. It can also be a dog, who cares, as long as it’s someone who’s willing to listen to you talk. Look, I talk to my cats and rabbits, okay?
( ゚3゚) 

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Omg I am in love with this blog 💕💕 I love how well written everything is!! So I read the rules and I wasn't sure if I could request only one character or if I had to do RFA+the characters I wanted;;; but I was hoping for some kissing headcannons (like how they kiss, etc.) of the RFA+V please and thank you!

Oh hi~! Thank you for your support! You can have individual characters or the whole gang when making a request. :) We don’t normally do Vanderwood (or Rika, or Driver Kim lolol), but for HCs, we usually write for the five main characters + Saeran and V. ♥

This was fun to write, so I hope you enjoy~!!!


Kissing HCs


  • You were surprised when he first kissed you at the party
  • He seemed so… confident.
  • But he becomes a blushing mess when you initiate kisses
  • Likes eskimo kisses, rubbing his nose against yours, and then finishing it with a quick peck on the lips
  • Attacks you with multiple kisses on the face when you call him cute
  • To the point where you’re already holding his face away from you and he’s still puckered up like a cartoon octopus, trying so hard to reach you
  • “Yoosung, nooooo~“
  • “But whyyyy, emshee jush one mooorreee pweeeeaaash“
  • Makes obnoxiously loud smooching noises until you give in
  • Will steal kisses when you’re super serious or unaware
  • Expect a moan or two when you bite him during makeout sessions
  • Loves it best when you’re cuddling and he reaches from behind you to kiss your cheek.
  • “I’m sorry MC, I just can’t help but want to kiss you ‘cuz you’re so cute!“
  • Yoosung, what’re you talking about you’re the one who’s cute asdfghjkl

Zen / Hyun Ryu

  • Good night kiss. Good luck kiss. Goodbye kiss.
  • Basically makes each and every excuse just to give you kisses.
  • Chooses the highest seat on the theater just to make out with you
  • “But Zen, we won’t be able to properly watch the movie from up here…“
  • “You don’t need to look at anything else but me, MC.“
  • Who needs 3d and 4d when you’re always having a very interactive movie experience™?
  • But he really lives for morning kisses
  • Chuckles at the sight of you since your hair is always a disheveled mess
  • Starts with kissing the top of your head and then tucks away some loose strands so he could kiss your forehead
  • You always automatically roll away from him, exposing his favorite part to kiss : the crook of your neck
  • Lmao Zen are you a vampire
  • He goes to wrap his arms around you, burying his nose at the junction between your neck and shoulder, breathing in your scent before he licks a path just below the shell of your ear
  • And then he goes back, peppering said area with small kisses
  • Doesn’t care whether you’ve brushed or not, nothing will stop him from kissing you on the lips when you turn to face him
  • “Good morning, jagi. ♥“
  • What a good morning, indeed.


  • Was really shy at first, so she wouldn’t kiss you much.
  • But she gradually gets used to it since you usually rain kisses on her.
  • Would give you a quick kiss when you least expect it.
  • And blush innocently.
  • Baehee what did we do to deserve you aaaaaaaa
  • Sometimes though, she would just rest her forehead against yours, and give you butterfly kisses, your eyelashes touching as you lazily kiss
  • She’d smile and laugh with you afterwards
  • There was one time when you had icing on your cheek and she was feeling adventurous
  • So she gathered her courage, and then…
  • “MC, there’s icing on your cheek.“
  • “Eh? Where?“ you ask, touching the opposite cheek
  • “No, no, not there. Here, I’ll get it for you“
  • She reaches out, and then licks the icing off of your cheek in a way that it made you shiver and feel light and tingly inside
  • There was an awkward silence right after, until she coughs and then carries on with work as if nothing happened
  • (≖ ͜ʖ≖)
  • You made it a point to smear some icing on your cheek from then on and pretend that you didn’t know you had it on


  • Tries so hard to act cute with you sometimes, it’s almost painful to watch
  • Jumin, please stop watching cheesy dramas and copying it; we’d still love you even if Zen calls you a bore
  • Pretty shameless when he kisses you on the lips during parties, much to his father’s disdain.
  • “As much as it’s a pleasure to meet your daughter, I only have eyes for my wife.“
  • He doesn’t kiss much, but when he does, it’s always the back of your hands first.
  • And then the forehead, then the lips.
  • Or forehead, eyelids, tip of your nose.
  • When you’re being intimate with him, he’d gently gather a few locks of your hair in his hand and kiss it
  • Also loves kissing a path from your knees down to your inner thighs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Hickeys on your neck, collarbone, chest, upper arms; he likes marking what’s his.
  • Would sometimes take you out for evening walks, and then kiss you under the fireworks or when you’re alone at an observation deck on a tower or a cruise ship
  • “Wha… what was that for???“
  • “Do I really need to have a reason to kiss you, my love?“
  • It usually leads you to melt on the spot, but he’s always there to catch you ♥

707 / Saeyoung

  • Spiderman kiss? Lizard kiss? Australian kiss?  ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)
  • Name an unusual type of kiss, and he’d convince you to try it with him.
  • Saeyoung, stop trying to hang upside down from there, it’s dangerous pls stop
  • On a serious note, he’s more likely to casually flop on your lap when you’re on the couch and ask for a kiss.
  • Or he would distract you from a card or board game with a breathtaking kiss to win. Lmao you cheat
  • Biter. Also a tease.
  • His favorite part to kiss is your tummy, then making his way down, down, down… but then he suddenly backs up to give you a deep kiss when you think that he’d kiss there
  • Also loves kissing from your back down to the swell of your butt, where he proceeds to bite.
  • “Saeyoung!“
  • “Eheheh. Sorry, I got carried away, it’s just so soft and bouncy, I couldn’t resist!“
  • There are also times when he’d take you out on a drive
  • He’d spread a blanket on a dry, grassy patch and you’d just lie side by side, holding hands while star gazing.
  • When he thinks you’re starting to doze off, he’d hover over you
  • “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me, MC,“ he says, caressing your face and then tilting your chin upwards.
  • Proceeds to place soft kisses on your lips, moving to the corner of your mouth and then your jaw.
  • And then he stops and flicks your forehead.
  • “It’s getting late, we should head back home.“
  • ( ಥ ʖ̯ ಥ) ….

Unknown / Saeran

  • Polar extremes
  • You’d have to either coax kisses out of him, or he would slam you against a flat surface and aggressively kiss the crap out of you.
  • “Saeran, you rarely kiss me. C’mon, pleeeaaase? With mint chip ice cream on top?“
  • “Fine, but you better live up to your promise“
  • Gives you a half-assed side kiss, then carries on with his task
  • “Saeran that’s not even a proper kiss“ ( ಠ ʖ̯ ಠ)
  • “Beggars can’t be choosy, MC.“
  • He might say that while sporting a bored look, but he’s really screaming inside.
  • Very embarrassed bean. Give him space. Let him scream. Give the boy his ice cream.
  • Likes giving one-lip kisses, either kissing your upper lip, or biting your lower lip and then making a swipe inside your mouth with his tongue
  • But there are also times when he’d ask nicely for a kiss on the lips.
  • “Can I kiss you, MC?“ kiss. “I want to kiss more. Can I kiss you again?“ kiss. “Another.“ kiss.
  • This usually leads to heavy makeout sessions.
  • Lets you take the last weiner, cake, nugget, etc., but then he steals it from you through a french kiss before you could even chew
  • “It’s your fault for not swallowing quickly.“

V / Jihyun Kim

  • Will randomly pull you in for kisses when he’s in a happy mood
  • His favorite is when your back is turned to him and your nape is exposed.
  • Will hug you from behind and starts with a number of soft kisses on your nape, going to your shoulder.
  • And then he’d just rest his chin on your shoulder and smile at you as he watches you work.
  • “I would take a picture, but I don’t think I’d be able to perfectly catch this moment on camera, MC.“
  • Would usually lead to you accidentally cutting or burning your fingers when he does this during meal prep
  • “Oh no, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for you to get distracted! Here, let me see your hand.“
  • Unconsciously puts the burned/bleeding area to his lips, lightly sucking on it.
  • “Uhh… V, the… the first aid kit… “
  • “Hmm? Oh. Oh, right. Just stay there while I get the kit.“
  • Likes to lightly nibble on your earlobe, neck, collarbone, shoulder, and hip
  • Showering together? He would kiss your back while you’re both under the shower spray.
  • Most likely to take you skinny dipping, and then make out with you in the water

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I actually have a fluffy pancake mold thingy! It's like a cookie cutter but with a handle so you don't burn your hand pulling it off the pancake and it's shaped like a teddy bear! 🐻 unfortunately whenever I use it they fall apart on me 😞

I’m so sorry to hear that! But teddy bear pancake is so cute! Also I think you can make teddy bear pancake by putting pancakes together so you won’t hurt yourself while making it. Food should never hurt you.

It will look something like this, omg so cute

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Omg I never knew you wrote spiderman!!! i was like omg??/ Im so happy?? anyway what about if Peter gets a migraine round at the stark tower and he's like 'its only a headache I'll be fine' and... he's not lol @ him

(This is baby’s first Spiderman fic!! There’s been quite a few amazing ones so have my dollar store discount contribution :“) but I love me some Spiderman tbh!! not the longest fic for now bc I haven’t written Peter ever!! Also I’m excited to come back to marvel!!)

Occasionally Peter would feel a little insecure about his place in life; sometimes feeling like he wasn’t quite a part of something as much as everyone else. Of course, he had Ned who he loved very dearly and appreciated, but he wondered sometimes if he was missing out on his teenage years. Sometimes felt excluded and pushed to the shadows, being at the bottom of the High School Hierarchy.

Being the Spiderman gave him a sense of purpose, it made him feel like he was doing something with his life, made him feel good about himself.

It had been a week full of parties he wasn’t invited to, a week of scrolling through his little to no followers instagram trying to study for a Spanish test and seeing fellow classmates with hundreds of likes having fun. So when Tony Stark invited him round to the Stark Tower that weekend for some suit upgrades, Peter was excited.

It was all he was really thinking about, using that as an excuse to get through the horrible week. He had pulled a lot of all nighters trying to study for various tests, and catching up with the Decathlon team to redeem himself for his disappearances, and needless to say he was burned out. He needed this trip to Stark’s more than ever.

“Are you sure you should go to Stark’s like that?” Ned frowned, eyeing up his way too pale friend who had the darkest circles under his eyes, and who was also desperately rubbing at his temples.

“Like what? I’m good, Ned! Look at me, I’m ready to see him,” Peter insisted, clenching his teeth at his pounding headache.

“Did Mr Stark request that he sees you at your absolute worst or am I missing something?” Ned shot back, still very hesitant to let his best friend just take off like this.

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i don’t think i’ve ever said it before but i’m SO GLAD kagome and sango didn’t have to go through any unnecessary beefs w each other like i can’t stand the trope of two girls in a group of friends and they have to compete or are mean to each other for no reason aside from “tHaT’S jUSt wHaT GirLs dO!!!”
like they just genuinely care about each other and give each other the benefit of the doubt
and they never think or speak badly of the other, they just have overwhelming and unconditional respect and love for each other!!!! 💘💘💘💘💘

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theres an old commercial that i dont have a link to right now but its basically ovi in a hotel room ordering a ton of room service food and at the end hes like "my name? sidney crosby" and then it cuts to sid opening his door to this huge cart of food and he just turns and says ruefully "ovechkin!" and its the best thing ive ever seen. i wish i had a link because its so important. irl sid is such a bad actor

omg i kind of don’t want to see it because i can already smell the second-hand embarassment

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hey! I'm new to NCT and honestly, I don't know where to begin to know them. Can you please help me by recommending some shows that I can watch or telling me any basics about the members? Sorry if I ask for too much ;; have a lovely day!

hello hello and of course we can help!!! we’d recommend starting with nct life–if you backtrack and start watching from the earliest season (nct life in bangkok) onwards then that’s a pretty good way to start ;; after that omg honestly anything on their vlive channel is free game because it should all be subbed!! if you like nct dream you can watch mickey mouse club, and check out the smrookies predebut videos as well~

we’ve done a post before on the members’ personalities which might be helpful but for basic facts like age, height, position, etc. there are a ton of online profiles that you can google up super easily!!!

also if u haven’t yet please watch bassbot and 0701 they will change ur life i promise

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Sorry for sending another ask, but I also wanted to know if you knew of any blind accessible apps that are good for mobility? Like if you were walking around a town and wanted to know what sort of locations were around and how to find them?

Omg actually yes! I know of several.

I have heard raving reviews of an app called Blind Square, which will tell you what sorts of places are in the direction you are facing. I believe you have to pay for it, but only one time, not a subscription. There’s also Wayfinder, Right Here, Sendaro apps, Around Me, and several others I can’t think of that do similar things. Google maps or the iPhone maps app can also give some alright spoken directions as you walk. And again I think most of these are free or with only a one-time purchase.


Well, since I can’t reblog from your blog I tell you why I think (in my opinion) that you are wrong…

I don’t think he is sexist and accusing him of racism is sooooo wrong, because I have proof, that he isn’t.

There are videos of him having genuinely fun with his Afro-American colleges and playing drums and also of him being dancing with a whole club full of Latinos playing their music… I would really like to know where you guys have seen him being racist or misogynistic…

And yes! He is fucking gorgeous, has great style, character, is cute and can be incredibly hot… Omg… I love him sooo much!!!

And he loves animals!!!

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You what always confused the hell out of me? When stefan and elegant and we're talking after the fantasy sequence dreams in season five and they're all sad and sighing like "omg it's everything we could have wanted we could have had it all we could have been happy" and I'm just like.. You can be?? You can literally get together right now? Like i get elena was sad about not being human anymore but she basically cries to stefan about the fact that her and Damon don't communicate or have SE's

“ You what always confused the hell out of me? When stefan and elegant and we’re talking after the fantasy sequence dreams in season five and they’re all sad and sighing like “omg it’s everything we could have wanted we could have had it all we could have been happy” and I’m just like.. You can be?? You can literally get together right now? Like i get elena was sad about not being human anymore but she basically cries to stefan about the fact that her and Damon don’t communicate or have SE’s intimacy and then she basic trudges begrudgingly back to Damon. Like I know me even saying this is redundant because we’ve all been saying it for years but DE makes NO SENSE. Every 5 minutes during s5 the writers made a reference to SE and how wonderful they’re relationship were in comparison to dulena. It’s like why even bother trying to convince me elena’s in love with Damon?”

I feel like the writers really shot themselves in the foot by making Stefan the DE cheerleader because the point was to show that SE was over, it was to be like the triangle is done because Stefan isn’t trying to win Elena’s affections, he’s pushing Damon and Elena together, except then it always goes back to Stefan.

Indirectly or not, Elena waits for Stefan’s say-so to actually be with Damon


then the Katherine hijinks so Elena doesn’t get to speak to Damon directly after that pep-talk until 5x16:




even in 4x06, Elena will not break up with Stefan, it’s Stefan who gets it out of her:

whereas when Stefan and Elena would have an issue, Elena would naturally do something to correct it and then talk about why she did that later. For instance, 1x08, she tells Stefan she’s not going to go to the Grill but shows up anyway

and then she and Lexi talk about it:

In 1x02, she runs from Stefan

but after talking to Jenna, she herself comes to a realization about fear and then shows up at Stefan’s house to talk:

In 2x05, Damon simply tells Elena that Stefan didn’t drink human blood even though he should and she knows it, he doesn’t tell her to fight, he doesn’t tell her how she feels about Stefan or what to do, he just tells her in this argument Stefan is right and then Elena decides to go all the way in and do this with him and she decides this on her own:

Even in season 3, all Damon does is tell Elena what Stefan’s real motives are (which are always good, like when he betrayed them to save Damon’s life or when he saved Damon from a werewolf)

and then Damon would hit on Elena afterwards

Damon never actually tells Elena to not give up or to fight for Stefan, he just lends his support to her already adamant desire to not give up on him:

which is a natural desire that doesn’t need to be encouraged:

from Day One

Not to mention, with Stefan, even when they aren’t together, even when he’s telling her to be with Damon, there is a natural intimacy, a natural urge to go to him:





or fight for him:

So really, the writers are just proving that Stefan is at the centre no matter what and that’s even further proven by the fact that she’s at his crypt in 8x16.

I’m not hungry, let’s have dinner

Bored in a hotel. Join me. Let’s have dinner.

John’s blog is HILARIOUS. I think he likes you more than I do. Let’s have dinner.

I can see tower bridge and the moon from my room. Work out when I am and join me.

I saw you in the street today. You didn’t see me.

You do know that hat actually suits you, don’t you?

Oh for God’s sake. Let’s have dinner.

I like your funny hat

I’m in Egypt talking to an idiot. Get on a plane, let’s have dinner.

You looked sexy on Crimewatch.

Even you have got to eat. Let’s have dinner.

BBC1 right now. You’ll laugh.

I’m thinking of sending you a Christmas present.


I’m not dead. Let’s have dinner.

                                                                                                     Happy New Year

Goodbye Mr Holmes

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omg what, he kicked a pride flag off the stage at otra??? what the fuck???

yeah lmao. i nearly died of secondhand embarrassment trying to find this post for you but:

i honestly have No Opinion on him doing it (except that i feel uncomf when people try to act like he’s done more than he has, esp compared to harry’s actions) but the way they talk about him and rationalize shit like this so they can keep believing what they want to believe is……….. a mess

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I can imagine Shadow came to visit him all the time then having to put his money in the swear jar a lot. Just like how 2p! England scolded mostly 2p! America n 2p! Canada to put his money in the swear jar. XD



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I'm a middle class who goes to school with kids who's parents are millionaires. It's really hard finding groups there bc you constantly have to conform to their likings and you can't be individual. I am an individual and idc about their dumb interests but y'know… people give you shit so. I'm not gonna say all rich kids are like this (BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT) but majority of them need to take their heads outta their asses.


where i went they also talked shit about the town i lived in like how it was a “dump” or “dangerous” or whatever and it always me and my friend (who’s from the same town as me) feel really awkward/uncomfortable. they just had this weird superiority complex coming from a rich town when it’s 15 minutes away from mine lmfao. there was one kid in particular who did this a lot (he actually got suspended so nice) and i remember crying at one point.

ofc i met some really nice people who werent super wealthy but overall the experience was bad. i had a much easier time bonding with people at the elementary school i went to in my town.

and don’t even get me started on what my little brother has to deal with from these rich kids oh my god…he’s scared to even invite them to our house because it’s under construction / not as big / not as “fun”.

well that kind of turned into a rant but ty for sharing.

Marco somehow becomes like… A walking nurses office at school omg… He starts carrying around OTC stuff and hygiene things in his backpack. School nurses everywhere h8 him…

He has like 1000 different code names for ppl that r too embarrassed to just b like “yo gimme a pad” lmao…. Like “hey can I have a bag of chips??” “Let me borrow a pencil.” And …. “MARCO THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!!!” (Guess who that one is lol) anyway Marco is a hero to all of Echo Creek Academy

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I wonder if Black Hat is cool? Not being he already isn't! But is he cool with people's genders, people of all ethnicities, ect. I would think he would as a salesman and being willing to work with people of any background just to make a deal. But I wonder is a Hero was Jewish, gay or transgender, he would point that out in them. Point it out like it's a flaw of theirs. Because we all can agree he's a despicable person. But would he be do some like that to a Hero just because he doesn't like them

“You honestly think trivial traits like that would matter to me at all? Really?

“Okay, look. If there’s something about a hero that gets under their skin, I will use that against them. I will exploit every weakness, every insecurity, anything to break them down in the most painful ways possible, lest that be physical or emotional torment, and if that covers any of your aforementioned qualities, then I’m definitely going for it.”

“But in all honesty? I actually could not care less about how people fall into those categories if I tried. I don’t care what you are. It’s not like it’s relevant to me. I hold no disdain for those qualities, if that answers your question better, but just know that I will use them against foes if that works in my favor. Your ‘feelings’ mean nothing to me, but neither does your sexuality, gender, or ethnicity.”

Omg I’m just having this realization that my roommate is objectively bad. Up until now, I’ve really considered myself the dead weight and that’s created a lot of shame for me. But I just took stock of the shit she’s pulled, and I can’t hold a candle to her flame of awfulness. I’m going to list it here, not to be petty, but so that I have a reminder that I’m not crazy.

  1. She tried to kill my cat by making it seem like her sublet would be there to feed the cat over the course of a week. Her sublet told her at the beginning of the week that she would be leaving early, and my roommate never told me. The cat went unfed and unwatered for up to four days. (She hates the cat and the cat knows it, only pees in inappropriate places when my roommate is there)
  2. Both times we’ve been late with rent, it was due to administrative issues that she caused. One of the issues cost me $100. When I told her that, she was like “that sucks” and didn’t offer to help in any way.
  3. I had to bother her for rent every time it was my turn to pay. Sometimes it would be like 11 pm on rent day and I would be waiting to hear from her. I paid her for her months by noon on the first every time. I often sent money 1-2 days before, in fact.
  4. She regularly went into my room to get her stuff that was stored there without my permission (I’m in the attic, so I have more storage room than I need). Then she would make fun of me for being untidy. My only reaction to that was to feel shitty about being untidy; I only managed to get fed up about the invasion of privacy after it happened a half dozen times, and I’m only realizing she was emotionally manipulating me now.
  5. She forced me into a rent distribution that fucked me over. Basically, she wanted to rearrange the apartment and because my bed wouldn’t fit in the smaller room, I was stuck with the larger one – and $50 more per month of the rent. She wouldn’t wait to make this decision; I’d have purchased a smaller bed to fit if I could have because I have less stuff and far less money and she knows that (she brings home $80 000 tax free per year and has a $20 000/year travel budget through her scholarships).
  6. She brought clothing moths into the apartment with this awful rug she bought for $50 on kijiji. I guess when she opened the rug, moths literally flew out of it. She decided to keep it anyway, and only told me about the source of the moths after attempting to blame it on my cat (??? I know), and after they’d fully infested her closet. They are now a problem she’s leaving behind and she’s trying to get me to help pay for an exterminator. 
  7. She reneged on committing to another year together outside of the proper timeframe to do so and after communicating the commitment to both me and our landlords. Somehow she sweet-talked her way into getting them on board, even though it was fully illegal (lmao). This has been a blessing in disguise, as you may be able to tell, but created a lot of uncertainty and stress for me.

In comparison, the things I feel guilt about are:

  1. My cat peed on the futon and bathmat a few times. We couldn’t figure out why she was doing it, took her to the vet, trained her to stay off the futon etc. I just realized this year that it was because the cat hates my roommate: she hasn’t peed on anything for the entire time my roommate’s been in Geneva and the one night my roommate dropped in, she peed on the bathmat again. In any case, I’m buying out the futon from my roommate anyway.
  2. I didn’t help with cleaning common areas as much as I could have. One time I left the kitchen in an unusable state and she came back a day early and was rightfully angry about that. I also didn’t realize that she’d been doing a lot to keep the place clean while working from home.
  3. Once I drank a bottle of her wine and replaced it two days later (not one, as I’d have liked).
  4. I let my cat destroy that stupid fucking rug after I learned that it was the source of the moths because I am #petty and I hated the rug.

I’m pretty sure the balance is on her; I’m definitely not the bad roommate and I’m done feeling that way. This is such a weight off my shoulders!!

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LOOOL NEVER BOO!! 💜 COR FOR EVERYONE!! We all just love shipping you with him, hehe. The tiny tot is wonderful!! He’s sleeping on my chest right now as I type… habibi, my little angel T_______T I’m going home tomorrow and I’m gonna miss him so much…


I swear, dating rumors are such a stretch. God forbid two people of the opposite gender in KPop to stare at each other for -3 seconds, because apparently if you do you’re automatically dating that person, married to that person, having kids with that person, and/or fucking and having a scandal with that person. Really people? Really? My God. 

News flash to all of you dense people out there: A guy and a girl can be friends or acquaintances. 


Yeah, It’s true, believe it or not.

Have you noticed the proof is always something like:




(But seriously though, looking at someone while they’re talking is normal…Doesn’t mean It’s “heart eyes” all the time.)

And even if two idols are dating and they’re sharing looks from across the room, why does it matter? It’s their business, their love life, their life. Not ours. We have no say in it. I know once they become an idol, their personal lives are practically gone, but that doesn’t mean we get to sniff their dicks 25/8 to see if we smell someone else’s breath.

I don’t know, just my opinion on these silly dating rumors always going around in the kpop community all the time.