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I Love My Redneck

Daryl Dixon x Reader | SmutAF | 18+ Only Warning!

Request #1: I’m so happy that now we can make requests lmao. Would you do one with lap dance? Like … Daryl find some old CD of some band that YN likes (Led Zep for ex) and she do a lap dance on him and … you know how end up hehe ! Love your work, sincerely!

Request #2: One that YN get calling by one man that she finds in a run, he says something like “can’t believe you’re with a old redneck” and that’s hurt Daryl and then when you two got back, he gets quite and then you two make love, all kind and eye in the eye 😍

Summary: Early Season 4. Prison Era. Daryl and the Reader have been dating for a while, they go out on a run to scavenge for supplies and the Reader turns Daryl on. Smut ensues. Reader finds a radio with some tapes including Daryl’s favorite band, Led Zeppelin. Reader takes it intending to treat Daryl with a lap dance later. Later that night they are around the campfire at the prison when to younger men ask the Reader why she is with an old redneck. The reader responds and later finds out Daryl is upset by it. The reader comforts Daryl and treats him to a lap dance. They make love afterwards, salty and sweetly.

(A/N: This one was really fun to write, I hope you all enjoy it! A great way to send off the Daryl smut before Macmanus March.)


You trip and scrape your knee as you run quickly through the forest and trip and fall onto the asphalt of the nearby town you were scavenging as a group.

“Gah!” You cry out in pain as you sit up and cradle the blood scraped knee, on the ground.

Suddenly, from the corner of your eye you see Daryl rush over and sit beside you, not worried about anything else but you.

You smile softly over at him and roll your eyes, “I’m okay, baby. I am just a klutz, you say chuckling to yourself and reaching your hand out to him.

He smiles softly and nods his head, standing back up and taking both of your arms in his big strong hands and pulling you back to safety and back into his arms. You wrap your arms loosely around his shoulders and sway your body back and forth lovingly in front of him, smiling as his hands rest softly on the small of your back.

You hear a throat clear behind you and your eyes turn quickly to the source. Rick stands there trying to remain in serious mode, but grinning a little that he had to pull you two off of each other, yet again.

He nods to you and up to Daryl, who smirks uncontrollably at his friend, shrugging his shoulders at his fatherly stare. Rick chuckled and nodded his head to the ground, kicking the dirt with his boot a few times before turning an easy smile back towards you both.

You grin and square your shoulders, standing next to Daryl, pressing your shoulder to his, as you reach down and grab his hand.

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What do the pta moms cook and do they cook it good or bad?

hakyeon - can’t cook, orders catering from 5 star restaurants and everyone is like please don’t do that we’re poor

jin - can cook, makes comfort food. lots of pot roasts and pies. homemade lemonade that jimin helped him make (: 

kihyun - tries to get the kids to bake with him,,,,,his cookies turn out kind of good but why is one of them shaped like a dic- ok changkyun made that one 

jeonghan - can’t cook,,,,,,,but his kids can,,,,,,,and he’s like ‘i have a meeting mingyu - make something i can bring’ and mingyu is like omg are you going to tell them i made it??? and jeonghan just laughs 

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Head cannon fun(also may have been influenced by your lovely fic): The Detroit Red Wings(hockey) will clear the ice so Yuri can practice, there's a street dance group that refers to Phichit and Yuri as Lil'P and Lil'K and watch their fav skaters at a sports bar with some hockey peeps, to Phichit's laughing frustration Yuri still hasn't figured out that his fav tea/coffee doesn't come with free refills (the baristas just like him), lol, he's his college's cinnamon roll version of 'Regina George'

omg yes I love this headcanon so much! Yuuri Katsuki - the nicest purest version of Regina George 

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You have been forgiven… I know it sounds like I’m a god right now, but I’m actually just a regular human like you.

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hi hello yes i'm still crying over the deaf fic and over the fact that in that universe, robert has never heard aaron's voice. like omg siri what are you trying to do to me???

i know :((( it’s sad isn’t it?? have something special, @turnerkanes :)))

Aaron’s asleep.

Robert doesn’t make a habit of watching him, but on the nights they share a bed, he can’t help it. Something wakes him, he doesn’t know what. Waking up is still disorientating sometimes, in those first few seconds he panics, especially after a nightmare. It bubbles up in his chest because he can’t hear. It used to be worse, before when he didn’t have Aaron. He rolls over, and Aaron’s face is smashed into his shoulder.

It’s 3am, and Robert can’t get back to sleep. Aaron’s got one leg thrown over Robert’s, his hand splayed flat on Robert’s chest. His breath is tickling Robert’s neck, and Robert smiles, rests his hand on the back of Aaron’s head.

Aaron doesn’t stir, just lets out a soft exhalation against Robert’s skin. Robert can’t hear it. In those moments, sometimes, he desperately wishes he could. When they have sex he’ll press a hand to Aaron’s throat, feel the vibrations of his moans, the words he spills between them that Aaron can’t hear.

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Wow i can’t believe this :O Thank you guys so much for following me and for loving my blog! It means a lot to me ^_^ I made this blog like 1 month ago just because i wanted to fangirl the hell out of me without being judged, so making BTS dedicated blog was my only option ^_^ I started my blog with this post, that actually happened and i found it hilarious and wanted to share it with people who liked BTS and would find it funny too, i never thought that so many people would like and follow my blog. I’m really happy and thankful! ^_^ 

So since i reached 1K i decided to do my first follow forever! *-* I found so many amazing blogs, so many amazing people who really love and appreciate that bunch of “boyfriend material” boys that we call BTS ^_^

So here are my favourite blogs *-*

@jjilljj @mojozozoeffie @rapling @1rapmon @kimnamsjoon @glitchyoongi @jinpout @yoonseok @ksjknj @bangtanhmu @lonastic @jimiyoong @sweaterpawsjimin @holy-yoongi @holy-namjoon @dibidibidismynameisjhope @chimchams @kths @taetaetown @ask-bts-stuff @taeguk @joonjuly @1lsan @booptae @jeonsshi @mintsugakookies @kassareo @mewchim @jiguki @jiminrolls @sosjimin @bwichim @ktaebwi @jinblond @nochus @cyyphr @yoongichii @yoonelle @chimcheroo @gotjimin @hoseokxx

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hi!! hope this question won't be a hassle but i will be going to osaka too for a week in a while. i was wondering what you particularly enjoyed doing in osaka? osaka seems like it has many great places to visit omg

No hassle at all! I gladly talk about one of my fave cities :D

If you happen to be in Osaka in 21st or 22nd day of the month, you should go to Shintennoji’s Temple market. It’s a second hand shop where you can get kimonos, hakamas, obis, ceramics, traditional Japanese items and design ect. starting from 100 yen. More info here!

If you love doujinshi, you have to go to K-Books in Den Den Town. Take subway to Nipponbashi station and take exit 5. You will see a bridge in front of you, so turn around and start walk away from the bridge (towards Ebisucho’s subway station). You’ll find K-Books from that street; there’s anime and manga stuff, and 2 floors doujinshis <3 You can find some manga item cheaper. There’s also Animate behind K-Books :3

Dodonbori Road is tourist attraction spot, that has got Disney Store and Sanrio store (with 3 floors yay!) and just next to it also 100 yen shop Daiso. I recommend seeing it, especially at early (around 10-11 am). Take subway to Namba station and follow the guidance towards Dodonbori Road exit. Namba is overall wonderful place! <3

Umeda is HUGE place that has got plenty of BIG department store buildings (like 17 floors shops only). There’s Kiddy Land with Rilakkuma, Miffy, Snoopy, Sanrio ect. in Umeda station. It’s under renovation now and opens again in 17th of March. Umeda has got two Loft department stores (there’s one in Namba, take exit 5 and turn right towards OiOi store, cross the street and turn again to right from front of OiOi). I love Lofts and also Tokyo Hands, as they’ve got plenty of stationery! <3 If you want to send postcards to people, you need to go to Loft or Tokyo Hands, as it’s almost impossible to find regular postcards from anywhere else.

In Umeda there’s Umeda Sky Building. I’m not sure but I think you should be able to go freely to its cafe, which is located in 40th floor. To get to Umeda Sky Building, take train to Osaka station. Take Central Exit and cross the street on your far right. There’s underway passage (you’ll see it easily) on your left; head there and walk it through and ta dah, you’re in front of Umeda Sky Building. 

Osaka has got Japan’s second biggest aquarium, if marine animals inspire you. Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium is located in Osaka-ko. You can take subway Chuo Line (to Cosmos Square) to get there. Next to Kaiyukan there are regular tourist attraction shops where you can sometimes make good findings, like nice big towels. 

Many BIG department stores like Daimaru and Takashiyama have got big food areas in the basement floor, where you can get quality snacks, chocolates, artisan Japanese food, bakery and also traditional Japanese sweets like fresh and warm taiyakis. Definitely worth of visiting! 

There’s also cheap and easy way to go to Kyoto (Keihan line takes you there by train less than 500 yens) and Nara (the place with domestic wild deer!).

I hope this helps you! My fave places are definitely Namba, Umeda, Shintennoji (old style) and all doujinshi stores, Lofts and 100 yen shops lol.

P.S.Please don’t buy anything from anywhere else except 100 yen shops (Daiso, Seria, Can Do, other independent 100y companies). You’ll get anything you can possibly imagine from 100 yen shops (Daiso is the only one with food, candy, drinks and ice cream). There’s no need to pay 600-1000 yen for a rice bowl when you can get them from 100y shops.

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pediatric nurse AU: hunk is a technician, yes, but shiro also tags him in to talk to the kids who are nervous about the machines because they're terrifying (holy crap MRIs thank you NO) and hunk is like "oh yeah, i totally get that, they can be hecka scary but--" and then explains what they actually do and how and by the end the kids are both not as scared and also fascinated because THAT IS SO COOL

YES!!! YESSS!! Absolutely omg this is perfect


I was tagged by the beautiful @pcyearkink for the bias selfie tag! So thank you so much because I love doing these💙💙 Any chance to put a picture of me and Yoongi together im all for it 😂 I tag @writeiolite @jisoonyoung @chogiwinkwank @weirdestwitch @babymonsbaby @kimlovesc-k-c-j-and-j-h @taehlien @bangtanxships @jeylovestoblog @rapmonjoonie @dae-bakk-pop @colourfulnoodles and anybody else who wants to do this! Just say I tagged you 😊💙

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Further headcanons: Lovelace really likes nail polish, and it's seriously disappointing to her that there is none on the Hephaestus. Eiffel needs glasses but hates hates hates wearing his, so his days are spent in a kind of confusing blur and he has to really squint to read anything. (Hilbert was using eye exams to track whether or not Decima was doing anything for a while, actually, because if it was then Eiffel's eyesight would have improved). Maxwell can lip-sync really well.

okay lovelace liking nail polish is A+ to me because I have an absurd amount of nail polish and i wanna be like isabel lovelace. also buff lovelace working out at 2:30 am and then painting her nails is EVERYTHING TO ME

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Hey amigo can we have some sfw/ nsfw Shiro hcs? gracias ❤

// omg yes our space dad - mod chay //

- He is full of ✨stress™✨ 24/7 because honestly he’s taking care of like four kids, and two of them keep beating each other up like battle chickens

- Sometimes his Galra arm actually catches something like a computer virus, and basically freezes up so Pidge needs to do her tech magic and fix it up again.

- He probably got his white tuft of hair by strEssing sO MUCH somebody hug this man and give him space Advil

- Most likely Korean. In some specific AU, I actually like him being Keith’s adopted bro? But, either way, hey hey it’s our boi.

- Aside from being a ✨stressed space dad™✨ he can actually be very attentive and loving, and gives the best hugs (aside from hunk) along with a big speech about their choices and a dad joke to finish it off

- If you ship him off with our precious space princess Allura, they probably get really super sweet in the cockpit away from Coran who is literally always on their case and Shiro would rather not deal w/ him

- Has no sense of memes whatsoever someone help him



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Okay sooooo… Since this is a HUGE milestone, I figured I’d do something to celebrate!!! So I will be taking requests for aesthetics and moodboards!!! You can tell me your personal aesthetics, a ship you want me to do, some other random thing, or even your OCs!!! I’ll be trying my hardest to make all of the ones you guys want!!! 

If you don’t want to see these aesthetic things I will be tagging them as “Candy’s 1k Celebration” so you can blacklist that or whatever…..

Again, thank you so much for all of this you literally have no idea how much you guys mean to me. You have helped me through so much and I have made so many amazing friends on this website and just wow. I don’t know where I’d be without y’all thank you so much love ya!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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Kylo, Kylo please. *Paps your face* Listen. Friendo. Frien-diddly-endo. You got this. Those edits are as good as done. And even if you don't get ALL of them done, we will still all be overjoyed with what you do get done. We love you. I love you. You have got this. (I can go on if you'd like. I've been told I'm good at pick-me-ups and inspiration)

i can’t believe i giggled at “frien diddly endo” omg but yes, you are very good at pick-me-ups, and i appreciate your message very much! 💙

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your gifs are so pretty, for how long have you been a gifmaker? you really seem like a pro omg

i’ve been making gifs for about a year now, i have prior experience with photoshop so that helped a little. thank you so much, im far from a pro though ^^;

anonymous asked: I watch videos and catch moments I want to GIF, but idk how and where to start.. Can you give some beginning tips? And literally idk what programs or apps to use or whatever.

this has been answered in my faq, please do give it a read. there are lots of good tutorials on itsphotoshop & yeahps that guide you step by step through gif-making, that is how i learnt too and i use photoshop cc

can i just!!!!!!!!!! wish @minhyshadowjutsu a happy birthday?!?!?! minh omg. you’re one of THEEEEEEEE sweetest people i’ve EVER met!!!! you were actually the first person i’ve met and talked to on here, and omg i love every single second i talk to you, from our headcanons (remember the beansprouts 0:) ) to our food talks (i wanna go to cali sooo bad bc of all the cafes you’ve told me about omg)!!! you’re just such an awesome person and i’m so happy to know that i have a friend like you :’)) you’re also so, so, SO talented and i love seeing your art on my dash!!! i still find it absolutely amazing how fast your art improves, i wish i could be like that! but anyway, i also wanted to thank you for being one of the best friends i have on here and for always being there for me <33 you deserve to be surrounded by love and happiness always. happy 19th, i hope you’re having a great birthday! <3333

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I just watched broke back mountain for the second time ad I'm crying I feel like an old man watching his kids grow old and die (the original bbm anon from last year , hope u remember me) this is my favourite movie now for sure ahhh it's just so tragic (do you have any movie recs that are LGBT related? Bc Netflix is terrible and I'm going on a putlocker binge)

here are some:

also omg i’m so happy u like bbm it’s just so GOOD

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I missed your stream again...THAT'S IT. I'm quitting college so I can have more free time.

Omg! I’m so sorry! I usually do them pretty erratically whenever I feel like it :^( You can still view the video on Twitch though!

Mc texting, the aftermath: V

The next morning

-Mc entered the chatroom-

Zen: Hey Mc

Zen: are you awake this time lolol

Mc: Hi Zen! ^^

Mc: Yes, of course I am? Why?

Zen: Oh, just the weirdest thing happened last night

Zen: You came online and were saying random things, Seven mentioned you were probably sleeping texting, you’re such a cutie ^^

Zen: Anyway you came in and said you had quite a liking to V, silly right?

Mc: What? I did??

Zen: Haha yeah, that reaction makes me feel better at least.

Zen: Of course I’m sure you would say that that certain someone you have a liking to is me right~?

Zen: *wink emoji*

-Yoosung has entered the chatroom-

Yoosung: Hey! 

Zen: Hey

Yoosung: Oh mc, you’re here! ^^

Zen: lol yeah, I told her what happened. Still can’t believe it right?

Yoosung: OTL emoji

Yoosung: Omg don’t remind me.

Yoosung: Can’t believe V even came in when she said it too

Mc: H-He did?

Yoosung: Yeah. 

Zen: Don’t worry Mc, he knew you were sleeping texting ^^

Zen: No misunderstandings here, besides you clearly adore me right?

Yoosung: What about me?

Zen: Doubt it lol

Yoosung: *angry emoji* 

Mc: Haha.. don’t mind what I said, it was only sleep texting.

Mc lowered her phone and put her hand over her mouth as her eyes widened in silent shock, she barely registered what apparently happened when Zen managed to calm her down.

What a close call.

Mc looked on the messenger again after exiting the chatroom, she had a message, it was from.. V.

Hello Mc, sorry that we haven’t had the chance to interact that much since you joined due to my traveling. I knew that you might have found out what happened once you woke up and that it must be quite flustering, so I wanted to put you at ease, I’m aware you were sleep texting but nonetheless I’m very flattered you felt a liking to me ^^ best of luck with the party planning and thank you again for joining RFA, it truly means a lot to all of us. Best wishes. - V

Mc felt a blush form on her cheeks, oh no, he felt the need to personally message her because of last night. She covered her face and made muffled noises as she hovered over her phone, trying to collect herself before she read the rest of the message, by the end she was totally flustered. What V said warmed her heart, what she was doing meant a lot to everyone, and especially to V. This was the most he’d talked with her since she joined.

She smiled and simply responded

Thank you, V. 

Meanwhile, as V prepared to leave his apartment to continue his mission, he heard the familiar ping from the messenger. It was quite foreign sometimes, since most of the members had given up messaging him, save for Jumin who still did once in a while. Usually though Seven or Jumin would call him themselves, so he was used to that. Despite this, he felt that it wouldn’t hurt to look, he then saw the message from Mc.

He didn’t know why, but her simple response made his lips form into a warm smile, he didn’t know why, but he could feel her sincerity and kindness through such a simple message. 

No. I Thank you, Mc.