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a few thoughts as I finish crooked kingdom:
  • they’re all like. seventeen. I’m seventeen.
  •  I’m still getting over the fact that kaz walked into a fight expecting to probably die but he won
  • also kaz pet a dog with his own hand!?!? I can’t even picture tgis omg
  • I really, really hate jan van eck
  • all my children deserved better
  • how are they all so eloquent and manipulative someone teach me
  • kaz my child stop repressing your feelings they’re not going to just go away if you don’t ever address them
  • what mATTHIAS NO
    • I will not get over this for a very long time leigh what have you done
  • kaz is so ruthless and brutal and awful but I really really like him?? why are my favorite characters always the morally questionable assholes  

I started this a month ago it feels like but finally, I have something to give you, but, I must tell you, there will be a photo shopped version later.
anyway right here I’ve got twilight eye balling the smol, your sunset jealous of the other self and smol. Then there’s cheerdalee’s sunset like “heh wink wink nudge nudge” and my Derpy is wondering why all the tol? I hope you like it!

Submission by @rp-with-the-nightmares! This is so cute omg, Sunset stop being jealous you’re literally the same person. I can’t wait to see it photoshopped! <3

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i live for how none of your sims look the same and yet i can still tell when a sim is made by you bc you have such a specific sim style and it's just so gr8 like teach me how pls & thanks !! 💕

OMG TYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow u can rlly tell my sims apart??? thats crazy!!!! ive gotten asks before saying my sims all look the same tbh!!!!! so thank u a lot♥♥ i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!! but um all my sims have eyes the smallest they can get and big chins!!!!!! also wide shoulders and thick arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & i usually give them all tummies lmao

Jared Leto x Reader ; Music Awards

Author’s Note; Sorry it seems like this took forever, I couldn’t find it in my inbox until now so yay! Thank you so much for the compliment omg! I have a section for reviews so please feel free to leave some feedback and some opinions. I need some !! Seriously I had a dream just like this request so this should be extremely interesting. I tried to make it a little bit shorter than the rest because I know I can get carried away so I hope this is ok! Thanks for the request. 

A gentle hand slid over the outside of your dress as you patted down the delicate places that deserved the most attention. It never really took you too long to get ready for anything, but this in particular was a big deal for you. In dating the infamous Jared Leto for more than 6 months you felt the need to always look your best when leaving the house to do simple errands such as going to the store, going on small dates with him, and just going out with your friends in general. However, this particular event required a bit more preparation, an award show designed to recognize actors, actresses, and amazing talents of the entertainment world, was the most important thing you’d ever really gone to. 

Previously, Jared went to these things alone or with some form of eye candy that he could strut around for photos and appearances, but no such event happened in your time together yet until now. This would be the first time you two actually attended a public appearance this big together, and you couldn’t stop the nerves from ripping through your entire body. Your hands were shaking, your palms were sweating, and you continued to fiddled with pieces of your dress that were already perfect. 

Delicate thoughts of judgement clouded the forefront of your mind as you truly wondered if you were good enough to really stand at his side on the red carpet tonight. Perhaps you should change your mind, there was still time. You could easily just watch him tonight on the tv, waltz the carpet alone like he usually did, but you knew deep down that if you backed out now he would be hurt. Although he usually did have a good time at these events, he often dreaded the boredom behind most of them especially when his friends were not around. 

A gentle knock pulled you from your thoughts and a small jump rippled through you as you turned towards the door. A glance down to your watch revealed that it was indeed time for you two to make your departure, but were you ready? 

“Come in….” you trailed off, turning towards the door frame and slipping your hands behind the dress to watch the ends of it flare around the back of your knee caps. It was spring, and the gentle breeze of tonight’s air would make it absolutely perfect, at least, that’s what the designer told you.  

his smile was contagious and spread across his face like the plague and you couldn’t stop the blush that took over your features at his reaction. He hadn’t actually seen the dress that you had picked out for the event, and the overall construction of it surprised even you. You had never really been a dress person, blue jeans or tights with a nice shirt was always your go to unless you were working and it was slacks and a decorative blouse, but dresses were completely foreign to you. The original gown you had picked out was the very definition of plain jane which was the direct opposite of what you were going for. You were never the type to value the attention of other people, in fact, you did everything in your power to avoid it; too many eyes on you usually made you uncomfortable. Even now, you felt yourself coming a part at the seams with just his crystal blue orbs scanning you over, but the devastatingly enamored smile he flashed in your direction destroyed every thought you had in that moment.  With the help of the store’s designer you had truly picked out a dress that was unforgettable. 

the delicate ombre of the dress was slightly overshadowed by silver glittered texture that formed small patterns around the flared bottom and slimmed bosom decorating your chest. It was absolutely perfect. Short enough to give awareness to your slightly long but beautiful legs, flared at the bottom like you like, and no long train for you to accidently fall over. It was the impeccable combination of elegant, flirty and fun. 

“Are you just going to stand there, gawking?” You questioned shifting your weight slightly in discomfort. His lips pressed together as he looked off to the side in an expression that mocked deep thought. A slight nod rippled through his frame and he smiled. 

“Yeah.” he answered simply before slipping one of his hands into his pocket and leaning against the wall comfortably. 

“Are you sure I shouldn’t just…..stay here?” you question slipping your hands up to your ears in an attempt to remove your earrings. Turning to face the mirror you could see his reflection in the background. It radiated unease and disappointment and that was the last thing you wanted to do to him. 

“I mean, if you don’t really wanna go….” he trailed off and the poorly hidden disappointment in his voice sent a sharp pain through the left side of your breast. He was hurt. 

“I just….I don’t want to ruin it for you……” you started before holding your earring in your hand and glancing down at the floor. He was aware of your low levels of confidence, and he respected you enough not to force you to do things you didn’t want to do. You were stubborn in that regard, but he shrugged.

“It’s just another award show, there will be more…….I just….would hate to let all this pretty go to waste.” the shuffling sound of his feet growing closer to you made you smile, and before you were aware of it, his fingers were on your skin. 

“You really think it looks good enough?” you question finally looking up at him and his eyebrow quirked. Blue orbs slid from your eyes down to your shoes before returning back to your face, and you had half a mind to check if you were still clothed because it felt as if he had just visually undressed you. 

“Good enough?” he was genuinely confused. You didn’t want to explain, you felt as if it were a petty insecurity that he wouldn’t understand, but you couldn’t hide from those eyes. 

“Somebody like me ….” his hand raised and landed on your lips before you could continue and he sighed. 

“Stop.” he said simply before slowly letting his hand run down the delicate confines of your lips to your hands. 

“Where you come from, and who you are, are two completely different things. You’re just as good if not better than half those people that will be out there tonight. You’re important to me, and I want you there. You are the most interesting thing about tonight.” he admitted, and the confidence behind his words fueled you. his face grew closer to yours and you prepared yourself for his kiss only to feel the absence of his lips. 

There was a gentle air against your face as his frame moved away from yours, and his fingers were around the small clutch in your hands.

“I mean, but if you don’t wanna go I mean…” he went on walking away and turning his back to you playfully. You chased after him slightly, wrapping your hands around the back of his shoulders and resting them on his chest.

“I’m going, I’m going!” you laughed before watching him turn to you.

“Good, because you’re beautiful and people deserve to see you.” 

“You just say that because you want my goods.” You joked wrapping your arms around the back of his neck and pulling him closer.

“What? Did you hear that line I just laid on you? Oh I’m gettin’ your goods. I could have em’ now if I wanted them.” he urged.

“Oh you think so?” You questioned. 

“Mhm.” He nodded planting a small kiss on your lips before pulling you closer. His eyes flickered towards his watch before slipping his hand in yours. You followed along excitedly while practicing deep breathing in an effort to calm you raging anxiety.  

The ride was nearly excruciating as you stared out of the window in awe of the illuminating buildings that took up most of the night life. The distant sound of Jared having side conversations with the driver and a few of his band mates in the backseat went unnoticed to you. You had originally joined in on the conversation previously, but the realization of you growing closer and closer to the red carpet sent a tingle of discomfort through your spine. Were you sure this was a good idea. The tabloids hinted at Jared having a significant other, but you had done a good job of concealing yourself from them, but tonight was the night that you exposed the rumors for what they were and you didn’t know if you were ready. Would you be what they expected? 

The distant feeling of Jared’s fingers colliding against yours sent your eyes in his direction and he smiled. He was always a master at sensing your moods even when you didn’t let on what you were actually feeling, and the sensation of his concern forced you to smile. 

“You look hot by the way.” Shannon’s voice slid through the forefront of your mind, but you couldn’t help the laugh that fell through your lips at his eyes on your skin. The playful look on his face made it hard for you to take him seriously.

“Says the guy with the impossibly perfectly tied bow tie.” you spoke. 

“Hey….I didn’t say you looked as good as me, but close.” He joked pulling at the bow tie attached to his dress shirt before everyone broke out in laughter. 

You two were on the red carpet before you knew it and the cascade of blinding flashes from the camera’s of the reporters nearly gave you a seizers. You stood there frozen as they threw questions in your direction. 

“Jared this way! Over here Jared! Flash a smile here Jared! Jared! Jared! Who’s your date!?” The questions fell from so many directions that you didn’t really know where to look and the tightening grip of Jared’s hand on yours wasn’t helping. In fact, it just made you more nervous. His voice was low in your ear as he directed you to smile at the camera’s on your left and to simply not stop smiling. He didn’t brief you on the expectations in the car, but it became simple after a while. Just don’t stop smiling. If they catch a picture of you without it, you’ll be misconstrued as the stuck up date with a bad attitude, or the weird mousey girl next to him that he probably didn’t even know. Your lips were on fire, and your cheeks felt as though they would fall from your face at any moment. 

“Maybe they’ll think i’m some sick person from the make a wish foundation and this is a one time thing.” you joked and his laugh radiated in your ear before he leaned down to whisper. 

“You don’t fuck like a sick person.” he teased. Your eyes flashed toward him with a look of pure shock and the smirk plastered on his lips nearly sent your lower half into a pooling mess of arousal. You imagined that the picture associated with the current reaction would be legendary. Your wildfire of a blush spread across your face, while his devilish smirk nearly overtook his features. You could see it now.


Your laugh turned into a small giggle as you tried to hide your reaction and suddenly his hand was gone from yours. An interviewer caught his attentions and began her questions with him, but instead of interrupting you attempting to continue smiling in the background. You assumed that with his absence you wouldn’t be the center of anyone’s attention anymore, but the camera’s continued to flash in your direction without warning. 

You could feel the growing anxiety in your abdomen reach its peak and the sudden panic attack you wanted to avoid began rippling through your spine. Your smile started to fade and you swallowed hard, only to find Shannon at your side. His frame stood in front of yours as his hand rested on your hip. His voice was low in your ear as he questioned you.

“You alright?” He was concerned and you had never heard his voice like that before. 

“I….I think so I just….I need a second?” You spoke and he smiled.

“Totally normal. I don’t think we could’ve warned ya about this enough.” He admitted. 

“Just breathe….” he trailed before his eyes connected with yours. It was easy and once you gained your breath, you smiled. 

“Just like that.” He instructed before moving aside and posed for some pictures with you. Jared’s eyes connected with yours as you were photographed and he stopped mid sentence. There was a look on his face that you couldn’t quite decipher; it mirrored awe and slight arousal. He had lost his train of thought and you were sure that the interviewer was probably confused. 

His hand slid against yours and before you knew it you were at his side with his arm around the back of your waist. 

“I can’t leave her alone too long.” He joked into the microphone as the interviewer laughed whole heartedly amused. You couldn’t help the smile that slid over your features as he continued to speak with her. 

“Have you looked into her eyes, I mean it’s insane. They’re like little gifts from the Gods.” He answered looking into your eyes and making her blush worse. 

“This man, knows how to speak to ladies.” You admitted before looking back towards the interviewer. Her blush nearly out weighed yours as you directed his attention back to her. 

He was finally attentive to her as she questioned him about tonight’s festivities as well as previous projects he’s worked on. As she finished up he leaned closer to you 

“You ok?” he questioned. 

“Perfect…..” you responded. 

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luv neurotypicals being anti-self-dx but then saying shit like 'omg i'm so OCD' whenever they're the slightest bit pedantic about cleaning or something, as if that isn't 100x more harmful than people who spend months and years researching the condition they think they might have /s

Neurotypicals saying it’s ableist as the reason they’re against self dx are so fucking hypocritical tbh. In every other instance you’ll only see them minimising or ignoring ableism, but this is the one thing they can’t tolerate? Boy I wonder why 

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OMG what if in the video/picture Kara is showing Lena it is Lena who did something while she was being mind controlled by jack and that's why she asks who else has seen it. But like Kara knows that it couldn't have been Lena so she shows her first and this time gets to explain things. Idk I just have soooo many theories in my head with just the promo.

can jack control minds? i literally don’t know anything about him lmao except for the fact that he’s smoochin katie mcgrath, what a lucky dude tbh

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hi, awesome mommy of the most handsome cutie sons!! have been watching ur blog for a few months and got a lot of inspiration and fun! but I feel so great being interested in ur Warden-son...he's stUNNinggg omg so unusual boy, I can't. can u pls tell more about him?? ship him and Morrigan so fckn hard//still curious for warden's relationship with other dao ya!!💝

;OOOO; OH MAH GAWSH thank you so much!! im so glad u like my warden son because i like him too!! here’s a pic of him looking less grumpy

ok i’ll tell ya about origins companions :3

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It's weird but, can you give some advices to draw digitally?

omG tbh i am super duper new to digital art, so idk if i’m the best person to ask for advice…,,,i have lots of friends like @vess-hs and @mintykoi a nd @bear–art who have way more experience with digital art than i do so this would probably be a better question for them 

BUT!!!! since you asked!! my advice would be to practice a lot :3 i know everyone says that but like,,its so super important! ALSO!!!! WATCH VIDEOS THAT OTHER ARTISTS HAVE ABT THE PROGRAM UR USING! ive watched so many videos about sai and like,,,tips and tricks from artists who have been using the program for YE ARS, and it really helps u learn all the ropes and shit. and its important, esp when you’re just starting out, to FINISH drawings. cause if you never go through the last steps of a drawing, like shading and coloring and adding effects and stuff, than youll never learn how to do it properly. aND ALSO! if ur close with any experienced artists sometimes it helps to show them what youre working on and ask if anything can be improved. its a learning process! 

i hope this helped! im new to art so lets cheer for each other :3

6 movies I can watch anytime

Ahhhh so i was tagged by two of my fave lovelies @linneaxskam and @tessalabessa I seriously have so much love for you guys <3 

So it is raining here and I was like omg I should totes do this in case you guys need some amazing movies that make you feel all the feels to watch. (Because when it rains I instantly think MOVIES because I was programmed oddly)

Here is my list darlings 💜

  • A Walk To Remember
  • Pretty In Pink
  • The Lion King
  • Flipped
  • Romeo + Juliet
  • Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

I taaaaaagggggg @deepinskam @reasoniwantyoutostay @ifellforfandoms @isakdeilig <3 <3 <3 only if you like lovelies <3 <3 <3

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OMG I AGREE WITH U GIO YALL THINK EVERYONE IS GAY like NO Selena Gomez is NOT gay neither is Taylor and neither is Demi and hailee is not gay. Selena, Taylor and Demi have all been in long term relationships with MEN and after they broke up with them they moved on to another MAN. Like they love boys you can see it on their faces, same with hailee. Goodness.

except demi, she is bi

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When it comes to discourse, I'm always confused. I mean, Laito from HDB may never love you, but Laito in LE does. They never seem to take the character development throughout the series into consideration. They always seem to use examples from the 1st two and berate the later games because they aren't acting like they were from the beginning.

It’s like they don’t have much faith in the diaboys at all…like believing that their trauma has screwed them and there’s nothing they can do to move past it. And it’s the worst when they try to use their mental illnesses as evidence. Like “ayato has narcissistic personality disorder, he cant love anyone but himself” like omg what a disrespectful thing to say towards people with npd…of course people with npd can love other people…yikes 😥

I dont mean to vague people but I really hate that

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Omg, that new title - it's totally because of OUAT right? Sorry if I'm adding fuel to the flames, I know you don't like to talk about her much so please feel free to ignore this. But I'm curious: Would you rather be rid of the EQ and the wishverse for good now, or are you still hoping for that to come up again, because this can't be it?! I'm torn myself; the optimist in me is still hoping for a better resolution, but the realist is trying to make the best of what we have in case it's all we get.

You can thank @queen-mabs-revenge - she used the phrase in a tag and I immediately claimed it because how could I not. :)

And I think I’m in the same boat. Of course I would still like to be right, who wouldn’t. At the moment, it looks like I’m wrong. I can live with it, though Mr This is going to have to endure a fair amount of grousing. That said, I am 100% sick of the Most Special Snowflake in All the Realms at this point, and I would not complain (much) if she faded into the background to enjoy her happy ending for the remainder of the season.

Basically, if I have to see her at all in the next five episodes after slogging through this cut-rate self-help swamp for two thirds of the season and I don’t get to enjoy her death at the end of that, I’m gonna be extra pissed off, but I’m bracing myself for the possibility.

Anybody need some salt? :)

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But like... Wanda teasing you throughout the day and knowing that she can make you cum then and there, but not doing it anyways because she'd much rather do it and feel it herself... oh my god thank you to whoever sent that in but also can we please have a fem!reader x wanda smut based off of this



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idk about you but one of the reasons why I love Henrik is that he has such a nice voice to listen to, especially when he speaks English. It's really deep, and just has a generally nice tone. Also the fact that he seems to have a generally nice personality, and is über tall (nice figure) that if I were to stand next to him I'd look like a dwarf

Ahhhh this is so cute! I love this. omg omg omg can we all just talk about everything we love about the skam actors for a bit? yessss appreciation time peeps. Send me reasons why you love our angels. <3 

But omg seriously his voice is incredible anon. It is so smooth and genuine and kind. Like I cannot deal. and when he smiles and laughs and just literally lights the world up I forget how to breathe. How is he even a real human? I cannot deal. hahaha omg he really does make everyone look like a dwarf. It is honestly such an endearing quality. Ahhh anon just imagine him wrapping his arms around you and you resting your head against his heart because he is that tall and omg this is adorable I can’t handle this. 

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also like the fact that you thought of me and asked this like made my week. thank you!!!!

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OMG the everlong comic/ao3 story is so good!!! I read the chapters I have up on ao3 in one sitting! No rush, but can I ask when it will be updated?? Thanks so much, your arts amaze!!

huaaaa anon thank you im glad youre having a good time

the next chapter is pretty far along, like 70% done. so hopefully in two weeks

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I love your work!! It reminds me of a dream that's pretty but uneasy. Kinda like David Lynch's stuff, like I think about the quote he has about suburbia ("I discovered that if one looks a little closer at this beautiful world, there are always red ants underneath."). It's not something scary, like a nightmare, but it isn't super pleasant either? Yet I can't look away. I hope this makes sense, keep up the great work and have a lovely week!

i want to scribble these words across my sketchbook over and over, omg. thank you dearly for taking the time to share your take on my art, i don’t think anyone’s ever described my work in such a poetic way! bless you, you know me better than i know myself. have a special day, my love