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Tyler Hoechlin on Hollywood Game Night.



  • Shou: we released a single but my profile was just like a normal gamer so, changed it
  • Shou: Single c/w 'from Kurayami', in a way it's 'Episode 0' of the album. If those who knows Alice Nine very well listen and start to connect the album from here, I wonder if it will all fit together nicely
  • Shou: having a lot of important songs put as coupling track is also typical of Alice Nine. I always want to give those who have gotten our single in hand more than just a surprise.
  • Shou: those songs that were re-arranged and recorded too, having been constructed together at Lives with everyone, the end products are of course a must-listen.
  • [-twitter, 28/02/14]

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How about headcanons of Steven Stone if he ever was a dad?

Yours is really good omg last one I swear

  • He would probs adopt
  • He would be very confused about how to hold a baby. One time he held his child upside down and was confused when they wouldn’t stop crying.
  • He would give his lil baby rocks to play with because he views his child as an equal
  • Basically he is an awful child caretaker and his partner does 90% of the work and he feels really bad about it
  • But he’s hella supportive of his kid. like h e l l a. He always goes to see his kid’s plays/musicals/whatever and he taught his kid how to catch their first pokemon
  • If his kid’s pokemon needs help evolving, he’s got their back. Trading? No problem. Stone? No problem. Need BP to get a certain item? Goes with his kid and kick’s everyone’s butt in multi-battles.
  • Basically the way he’s supportive is like your mom in HG/SS

Send me a character and I’ll give some headcanons!