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Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainer III of Monaco, April 19 1956.

“The Swan,” starring Grace Kelly, released April 25 1956, a movie of how the young Princess Alexandra falls in love with another man while her family urges her to marry the Prince Albert.


so fun fact I called the show’s thematic use of Hamilton all the way back in 2x03

but it seems like people are still missing the very blatant symbolism they used in 2x13?



Supergirl went so extra here I don’t even know where to start

they splurged on a location shoot and period costume rentals

just so they could literally dress up Mon-El as Alexander Hamilton–

a dude who meets his downfall via the winning combination of his own ego and a chronic inability to listen to his wife

a dude who is followed around by a spectre of death, in the form of a human bullet, for the entire fucking play

–and then act out the scene

where he dies

dont-sneeze  asked:

What about number 8 for the kiss prompts? :)

8. being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward

You guys. I love kisses. I love writing kisses. I loved writing this. I think it’s the fastest I’ve ever dished out almost 2k in my entire life. I really hope you like this – Because I’ve got two more of these kiss prompts in my inbox. Enjoy.

The first time they kissed it was messy – At least, Crutchie had thought it was. He had never kissed anyone before. Sure, he’d seen plenty of people do it. People in movies, people in parks, even people on the front page of a paper he once had to sell. Not to mention, he’d been pining after Jack since he was 12 years old. He remembered pretending to be so happy for Jack when he came home one night, so proud that he had his first kiss with a pretty girl. He stood back and watched Jack flirt and kiss on girls ever since. He knew how it worked, but he had no real experience.

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