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Hi, Pia! I'm reading your Fae Tales and loving it very much so far, the way your characters evolve and interact with each other is everything I crave in a story <3 So, my question is, if centers and heartsongs existed in the TGATNW-verse, what would you say would they would be for Jack and Pitch? (Maybe the Tsar too and other characters if the answer isn't too spoiler-y or annoying for you to respond)

So glad you’re enjoying the Fae Tales verse so far! That makes me so happy when people give it a try and get something out of it. :D

As for TGATNW and heartsongs oh my god, hmmm. Oh man that’s really hard, lol, because I haven’t thought about that at all here, except to loosely associate North, Bunnymund and Tooth with their centres, but very loosely.

And I can’t reveal the Tsar’s because that would be spoilery, but I’ll give it my best shot otherwise!

Jack Frost - Resilience or Endurance
Kozmotis (Pitch) Pitchiner - Loss and/or Determination
Bunnymund - Hope (for all that he’s a pessimist, lol)
North - Wonder
Toothiana - Memory or Observation
Anton - Compassion
Eva - Strength
Seraphina - Will
Jamie - Truth
Flitmouse - Fierceness

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Confession: I was directly behind you at a Frank show once (the crowd literally pushed me into you about 30 times) and I wanted to say hi and introduce myself so many times but like I didn't cuz I'm an awkward sad excuse for an adult and I kinda have the hugest crush on you ever?? So I was like "oh I'll just message her when I get get home and be like hi that was me!" but I once again got overwhelmed and now its gone on way too long and is already awkward :) just thought I'd finally get that out

omg! its ok i get nervous about talking to people too cause social anxiety awkwardness but if you ever see me at a show again and feel ok saying hi i would definitely love that !

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Okay, so this popped into my head earlier. What do you think about the idea of Cloud and Sephiroth switching roles in the puppet scenario. Like, I always see Seph controlling Cloud in fics, but what if Cloud got fed up with it and reversed it on him and took control of him for once? Because it's canon that Cloud has that connection, so if Seph can do it to Cloud... Why can't Cloud do it to Seph? I dunno, just an idea I had. I might play around with it, just wanted to know what you thought.

Yeeeeees. Omg. Yes pls. That sounds like an incredible idea!! I would love to see how that played out. :o

    '' Tea Party ''
Home is Where the Heart Is

Summary: Guang Hong is scared of sleeping alone in the dark and he finds comfort with Leo.

Genre: tooth-rotting fluff

Word count: 771 

TW: none!

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newtina thoughts #1
  • first things first, let’s get the fact that they’re already canonically married with at least (1) child and (1) grandchild and (3) kneazles out of the way
    • like legit married for decades in good old true love fashion like
    • y’all we’re gonna get to watch them fall in love and possibly even mARRIED DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH PAIN THAT PUTS ME IN
    • (also finally, luna lovegood is married to rolf scamander. just. family christmases man. newt and luna. just saying. they would be bffs)
  • anyway, newtina
  • what I love about newtina is how different they are as people, but they complement each other splendidly?
    • like newt has his head in the clouds when he’s thinking about his beasts and tina is incredibly level-headed
    • but they both have the same sense of spirit and also can we talk about their sense of righteousness???
    • newt with his ‘i can’t believe you have a law that disallows you from being friends with no-majs’ and tina with her ‘you abused this child i will punch you’
  • tina is a boss lady tbh just wanted to mention that again in case you had forgotten. like. she walked into high-profile macusa meetings. SEVERAL TIMES. it’s a regular habit of hers. Don’t you just love that?
  • she is every inch as tender hearted as newt
  • possibly every inch as trusting, too, since she brought him and jacob into her house and gave them a room to stay in. like tina honey please
  • they have one hell of a ‘how we met’ story
  • i haven’t talked about the ‘jump i’ve got you’ because i am too weak but like. ’I’VE GOT YOU’????? NEWT THAT IS THE SINGLE-HANDED MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU COULD HAVE SAID TO HER YOU DORK
  • finally, a few very important reminders:
    • newt scamander and his hufflepuff scarf
    • newt really not wanting to say goodbye. that last pause? when he’s boarding the boat? and everyone else has already boarded and the docks have gone from crowded to empty? like?
    • tina’s little skip in the end like she can’t quite believe it
    • that skip was such a perfect lil addition like omg they’re so good together

happy birthday johnny seo  // #HappyJohnnyDay

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imagine this: au where victor and yuuri are "figure skating dads" and their kids are pair skating together. children are around age of 6/7 and just started skating. both of them are single and victor is shamelessly flirting with yuuri but he denies everything and pretends that nothing is happening between them when everybody are just waiting for them to hook up. eventually their kids have enough and are trying to get them on a date. idk, just got this idea and wanted to share, what do you think?



“Which one’s yours?”

Yuuri blinks, glances to his left, where the voice had come from. There’s a man, with seemingly no sense of personal space, leaning over him. Yuuri looks around for a second, but then realizes that this man is most definitely speaking to him and only him.

He smiles and looks out towards the rink, seeing his daughter fall and then get back up again, brushing off her knees like it was nothing. “That one.” He points. “Sara.”

The other father squints. “White shirt?” When Yuuri nods to confirm, he gestures towards the bench. “May I sit?”

“Sure,” Yuuri offers, shifting to his left. “Which one’s yours?”

“That one,” he answers, and points. “Her name’s Mila.”

Yuuri realizes that the answer was obvious from the start–there’s only one child on the ice with silver hair. It’s a little girl with two long braids and a smile on her lips. The same age as Yuuri’s daughter, perhaps slightly older. The girl–Mila–is skating past all the rest, extending her arms as she does so, letting her balance take control.

“She’s very good,” Yuuri notes, and the man laughs, nodding.

“Looks like your daughter is, too.”

Then, though, Mila falls. It’s not a bad fall, but she happens to be near Sara, who approaches her, offering her a hand to help her up. The silver-haired girl accepts it, and then they’re smiling at each other, skating along the edge of the rink side by side.

“Looks like they’re friends now,” the man muses. “I guess we should be, too. Victor Nikiforov.” He extends his hand.

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Viktor 's heart shaped mouth

So we all know that Viktor has a heart shaped smile and such right? Ok but this made me laugh and scream at the same time. My brother-in-law is Russian and everyone in his family has a heart shaped mouth when they smile,just like Viktor. Like,literally every Russian I’ve met after has had either a very heart shaped mouth or close to heart shaped mouth and just seeing YOI and Viktor ’s heart shaped smile makes me giggle and gives me an idea of what a real life Viktor would really look like (for drawing purposes of course). Just thought that was an interesting tidbit I’ve noticed.


make me choose:
@xatsushis asked: rukia kuchiki or arima kishou


so uh
I drew some cat boys

i actually intended to just indulge myself and draw keith with cat ears
but suddenly there is lance???? idk man