omg just look at them cute little babies

Also, speaking of Lady Gaga’s halftime routine, I met a baby gay at the superbowl party and it was so cute. In the middle of the song, I snuck up behind my little sister’s high school friends and whispered so the adults in the room wouldn’t hear me saying “She’s too good. I’m simply too gay for this." 

one of them gasped and turned around and she was like "omg same? Same. Oh my god.” looking dazed and completely disbelieving she just heard that from someone else’s mouth. I immediately followed with “It’s okay, it doesn’t get better.” in reference to being able to handle the majesty of Lady Gaga, and that was enough to startle her into laughing hard enough to leave.

It was adorable and terribly amusing because then she spent the rest of the party sneaking looks at me and giggling like we were in on a joke together. This child has a lot of feelings pent up in her tiny gay heart and I can’t wait to hear from my sister how she handles discovering how goddamn gay college is.

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Imagine this: You and all 7 boys share a house, and you bring home a baby animal. Can you just imagine the looks on their faces when they see the little thing and when they cuddle them close to them?

Omg 😭😭😭 I would be the mom tho like “don’t break them!! Be careful!!” But it would be hella cute watching them interact with it








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Seriously Seth, you’re all cute omg.

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I don’t know the context here, but they look like they are lost in the maze that is the stadium??  

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Seth is such an excited little puppy omg 

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RO IS LIKE ‘ignore what is happening behind you.’ (featuring those silver rods like wtf are those for??) 

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Nice catch there babe.

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I love Dean so much, jeez. 

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I mean. 

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I love Dean. In case you didn’t see that before. 

*Roman grr face* 


Basically, I didn’t post all my pictures because I don’t want to be the Shield version of a crazy cat lady. @hardcorewwetrash

I just fought So Sorry...


I checked, he has like five different hats omg <3

I feel so sorry for this cute little baby

Just look at how cute he is <3


Are we in Super Mario Sunshine? Is this a furry version of Elsa with the gift of creating life?? Anyway, I want that pen he has xD

So cute <3 It’s funny because you can’t actually harm them, you just MISS xD

This is the most hilarious way to get rid of an enemy in this game xD Draw a boat, and away it goes xDD

Adiós, compañero. Sayonara, baby. Nos veremos en el infierno.


100 gold!! That’s for the minimun turn count, though, you’ll get more if you waste your time doing more stuff!

I love this enemy and I must draw him. Sorry for the rant… I just had to share this ahaha xD