omg josh what is this

How Dan and phil probably broke up #26
  • Dan: what's the devil's surname?
  • Phil: West

imagine if in until dawn josh’s saw trap prank goes wrong and the tracks accidentally go towards ashley. then josh runs out from behind the wall and grabs ashley by her feet and holds her above the saw, and its just buzzing beneath her. shes hysterically crying, chris is screaming “wtf” and josh is just panicking, telling chris to “turn it off”, and the room is just filled with everyone all yelling at the same time

my hds video theory

the car tyler is in represents his insecurities. this car is being driven by blurryface, who is the cause of his insecurities. tyler feels trapped, as he has no control over his insecurites, just like he has no control over the car because it is being driven by blurryface. his goal in life is to be out of the car and with josh, who represents a sort of better life and happiness, like light. it is shown that the car (his insecurities) is slowly breaking down, like his insecurities are going away or wearing off. it seems he had won and he was out of his head, and with josh, like light or happiness. however, in the end, he is shown to still be in the car. this shows that his struggle with his emotions and insecurites (blurryface) is always continuous.

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omg to add onto that last anon, what do u think josh and tyler would be like stoned?

josh would be the mellow one who just wants to chill and eat tacos while jamming to some good tunes but tyler would be super paranoid, talk way too much, and probably try to clean the house before falling asleep in the tub.

the ending of the Penny Dreadful 1x04

me thinking: “Ooh Ethan is mad. This is kinda hot I think I might ship it I wonder if there is fanfic around because it’s never actually going to happen lolz I need to stop with my delusional ships Ethan is the straightest guy on the show”





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