omg jimmy what


“Just absolutely staggering. He just touched every emotion in you… and he was really superb and in a total class of his own. He was iconic. I was really deeply affected by his music and I thought he was a master and it was tragic to hear that he died. He had actually sorta said -that was in Australia- that it’d be really good if we done something together. Can you imagine how I would’ve liked to have done that with him?”

 - Jimmy Page on Jeff Buckley

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Bruh, imagine Jimmy teaching his girlfriend to drive. He's trying his best to remain calm and reasonable but he keeps making jokes and freaking her out up until she hits the gas too hard on purpose to freak him out and make him stop.

“Hahah, aww, look at you wearing your seatbelt like a good girl.”

“It’s the law, Jimmy.”

“You’re such a square! Hahaha-”

[breaks the car] [he falls out of his chair and into the dashboard]

“Try me one more time Jimmy.”


i have been laughing at adam young and helium for 38.2 years now [ x ]