omg jay you are a mess

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WAAYYT a damn min. You know Jacqueline I need this tea omg. Are they fr dating or is he with Mimai and who's Amaya all these names popping up and I'm like HE GOT HOES SDGDHFKLF

•Basically Jay’s hoes and his hoeing getting caught up and he acting like he don’t know while they compete to get his attention.🤷‍♀️
•I wouldn’t say me & Jacis close we’re more mutuals, but I know her enough she mess around here and there nothing serious, she got feelings and is upset🤷‍♀️ that’s basically it. She knows Swae enough cz she likes to be in the spotlight which is why we ain’t close I don’t fuck with that sleeping with celebs for clout🤧 what hoes around comes around what goes too.
•Amaya is a girl from IG we have mutuals and she’s ain’t significant she just has a crush and her friends spammed tf out of Jays page to get him to notice her anyway he deleted it like 3 seconds later and everyone was shook💀
• Idk Miami she some Filipina chick who has a crush is a fan of Jay he noticed her and she blasted him like an idiot. Now her and Jaci subbing him in everything and he ignoring it.
The End. This nigga Jay ain’t worth the hassle like his shit really turned into a K drama and I’m cackling.

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bigbang (and BTS if possible) to their idol girlfriends making a sexy come-back?? (like huyna with roll deep) and bless you for doing khh scenarios and reactions omg who's your UB?

(I’m guessing UB means ultimate bias so well… hmm… that’s tough, my list is a mess xD but if I had to choose, I’m stuck between three. Zico, Mino, and Jay Park. But I constantly have list ruiners so it’s always tough. And I only did BigBang so I hope that’s fine)

TOP: Seunghyun would probably be fairly shy at first, not saying much, probably because he never would’ve imagined his sweet girlfriend doing something like this. But nevertheless he’d still be unbelievably proud and a total bingu over whatever she’s doing.

G-Dragon: GD would probably feel a sense of pride seeing her on stage and in MV’s probably saying things like, “yep, that’s my girl.” He’d probably just stare in awe for awhile, and the next time he saw her, she better expect a lot of attention.

Taeyang: He would absolutely love everything he was seeing, probably as he figured something like this was just around the corner. Youngbae would notice certain moves he taught her right off the bat and practically jump for joy. But he’d just sit there ‘coolly’ planning what to say to her.

Daesung: He’d be shocked seeing, wondering why she didn’t tell him about the very sexy comeback. Daesung just figured it’d be all puppies and candy… But just like any boyfriend, he’d be excited, smiley, and rooting for her 100%.

Seungri: Okay, this maknae would probably be a cocky idiot. Lets face it, he’d boast, show her off, wouldn’t shut up… just basically the usual obnoxiousness loudness that comes with him. But just like GD, she’d have to prepare for the night.


TVD 6x03 "Welcome to Paradise"

• I love bad Stefan

• Carenzo, breakfast buddies 

• I still think that Sarah girl is related to Bonnie

• “quick answer, NO" 

• quick message to Liv and Tyler

• Liam

• Bamon, so hilarious 

• Once again, I want Steroline back, as friends! 

• okay, Stef I love you but you stay away from Enzo

• Carenzo feels

• "but I’m not Stefan” OMG you can actually see the hurt in his eyes

• “that’s my car” Damon making car sounds

• “This sound is the opposite sound of your voice, and I so enjoy it.”

• “I gonna tell Elena how much I love her”

• Elena jumping in the lake

 • “nice family chat” this episode is hilarious

• Jay

• I’m so happy with all those Carolena moments

• “Bonnie’s gone, Stefan’s gone.” (Klaus’s gone)

• OMG! Adam from Carrie Diaries

• Liam and Elena

• Jay’s death

• Listen Kai, you do not mess with my Damon

• I still think he’s cute tho

• yaay magic’s back! So proud of you Bonnie!!

• “… how much I need you”

• Caroline’s speech to Stefan killed me, yup that’s me

• Stefan leaving

• I know who wins “The world’s biggest douchebag" award

• So nice that Elena was there for Caro

• "she know’s what I am” plot twist

• Kai

• “So I don’t have to worry about falling for you.”

• Stefan, WTF

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Jay's watching this show about rescued animals, like Pitbulls and Parollees or something, and he's so touched that he turns into a crying mess on the couch. His s/o walks in when it's on commercial and is shocked, like, "Jay, what's wrong?" Jay's like, "They gave the puppy a new home. It was so beautiful." Then the show comes back on and the s/o is like, "OMG, Jay, you cinammon roll."

“jay…can you come over and help me…..JAYYYYYYY…jason are you here??” his s.o holds the baseball bat and walk slowly to the living room. they move slowly and carefully only to find jason lying in the couch crying.

“omg…jason are you ok? jason ……why are you crying, did you have a rough day?” they hold jason’s face in their hands and look closely at him. He NEVER cries.

“i-i…i’m not crying..”

“oh my bad i just mistook the river of tears on your cheeks as.. i dont know… tears?”

“it’s just this show..they gave the puppy a new home. it was beautiful. the puppy looked really happy” 

his s.o will laugh a little before making the small connection, jason relates to the puppies because he was once in the streets a stray lost boy and bruce took him in. maybe that’s the reason of his tears.

“ you relate to these puppies because bruce took you in?”


“i just really like the happy puppies”

his s.o will begin to tear up but hold him close and play with his hair. 

“you’re the cutest cinnamon roll in this world jay”

he hugs them back and mumbles 

“shut up”

GOT7 Reaction to you Holding Their Hand for the First Time~

JB - When you grab onto JB’s hand, he’ll outwardly shrug it off, looking down at you with a small smirk. Internally however, he’ll be screaming and freaking out. You may think he looks cool but his hands will become clammy because he is so nervous and you will quickly see through his facade. He’d hear you snicker and then his cheeks would start flaming because he could no longer contain his excitement and anxiousness.

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Jackson - Jackson would be bouncing around like an excited puppy the minute your hand makes contact with his. He’d make a squeaking sound all like “jagi!! OMG you just touched my hand!! This is a new and important moment in our relationship I am writing this in my diary–….. Pffft no I don’t keep a diary about you or anything that’s stupid…” Jackson would be so red at that point and you would think his stuttering and excuses are absolutely adorable~

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Mark - Mark would be pretty chill about you holding his hand. He probably would have been thinking about it for a long time before and was planning to do it to you first. Of course he’d have no problem with you initiating things, and then he’d feel more comfortable initiating things in the future with you. From the moment you first hold his hand, Mark would probably then take your hand at any opportunity.

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Junior - You’d be relaxing at the dorm on the couch when you nonchalantly entwine your fingers in his. Jinyoung would smile and squeeze your hand, letting you know it was okay. He’d be happy that you initiated it because then he would know that you feel comfortable with him. Jinyoung may then try to move things along a little faster in your relationship. “Making up for lost time” he would say. Whether or not you are comfortable with this, you’d have to make it clear to him what you do and don’t want to do. He would of course would respect your wishes because he loves you a lot and doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable~

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Youngjae - Like Jackson, this would make him really excited~ He’d gasp and start giggling uncontrollably “Jagi you should see your face you’re blushing so much omg you’re so cute~~” He would end up embarrassing you so much with his gushing that you would end up smacking his arm and pouting. Youngjae would start to whine all like “Jagi you’re so meeeeeeannnn =^=” You’d roll your eyes and he’d hold your hand for the rest of the day as your “punishment” for being mean to him.

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BamBam - BamBam would become a hyper little dork but try to be smooth about it. At first he’d have the most dumbstruck look on his face, but when you look up at him he’d clear his throat all like “*cough* oh I was just about to do the same thing but you beat me to it~ Haha…hah~” You could totally see through him however and the fact he was trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal when he really thought it was would be endearing to you.

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Yugyeom - He would be a shy blushy mess omg~ The second you grab his hand his eyes would snap wide open and you would almost feel him staring down at you his gaze would be so intense. After the initial shock he would break into a bright smile and comment on how happy this makes him. All in all he’d be really sweet and cute about it and it would make you feel really good~

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