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the shipping in the wanna one fandom is cute, can you ship some of you mutuals with the wanna one members

i agree, the shipping everyone does is sososososo cute sO I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!! TY FOR SENDING ME THIS ASK LOVE!! <3 ah before i go into it im not super super close w/ all of my mutuals (bc i am an awkward awkward person) so this is just me basing it off of like tags and posts ive seen for the most part… also these essentially turned into mini love letters and got rlly long so i put them under a read more 

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NO BUT DEADASS! people are getting paid to praise harry?? ive been this for years and i have not one penny. im suing

LMAO I’m like that kid from We’re the Millers. WAIT, YOU GUYS ARE GETTING PAID? I’ve been here for years writing nice things about Harry and JUST NOW some anons informed me that people get paid to praise him… like omg…. I could have been rich

Some things will never make sense
Like why you always need to count things three times before you feel satisfied
Or why you can’t stop pulling out your hair
Or why he just doesn’t love you anymore
And it’ll all play in your head millions of times without wearing out like one of the catchiest songs you know
Except this tune will make you wonder where you went wrong 2 years ago
When he said those things that are still on the tip of your tongue, ready to come out in a sob that will make your entire body shake
And will remind you of why he left you for another girl
And why your best friend hasn’t been talking to you lately
And why your parents look at you with disappointment
And you’ll think, “Maybe he was right,
Maybe no one will love me if I’m so fragile,”
So you’ll dig into your skin just to prove how tough you are
But all you’ll end up accomplishing is lying to another doctor about how you feel
Because ever since your heart was broken, you haven’t been able to tell imaginary from real
And your world is still falling apart, even after you’ve cried 3 buckets of tears
And punched 3 holes in the wall
And pulled yourself together 3 times just to break down yet again
And the only change you’ve made in the past 2 years of your life is you’ve stopped lifting your feet at railroad tracks
Because luck doesn’t matter when he’s already long gone and you’re so broken that you’re beyond repair.
—  and 3 years will pass but i still won’t feel satisfied

Fly in Hongkong - 이.별 (GOT7 JB)

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Hiya ^~^ how would monsta X cuddle ya think 😇

OMG AW Ive been waiting for one of these tbh. Gif Reactions ftw!


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hello hello! just to clarify, i had no ideas for a header so im stuck with what i whipped up last minute sooooooo here is my third follow forever~ i follow more than twice as many people as i did before and have made so many new friends! i am ever so grateful to those who follow me, those i follow, and those who have reblogged/liked any of my stuff and by that, i mean edits and graphics lol. its also been around one and a half years since i made this blog (dont go through my 2013 archive i dont want you to ruin your eYEs) everyone is such a cutie and i will cuddle you until- WAIT NO I WILL CUDDLE YOU ALL FOREVER~ AND OMG TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF TERM ASDFGHJKL;

btw i was gonna put a message for everyone, but my mum was yelling at me because ive been on my laptop for too long so if you want one just ask and ill inbox you a message that i wouldve put here below^^


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Last night I dreamed that I was weightless! I was like, 0mg LMAOOOOO sorry


Diana (II) TransGirl!Adrien/Chat Noir AU

Because it was 3 am and some things were left untold and actually I was a little mad that I kept on saying He/Him/His instead of She/Her/Hers.
Also details on Marinette’s girl crush because I also love girls and that was a big part of the reason I came up with this AU.
This one is a really short in comparison to the other (1K 200) but oh well.


Diana has a cavalier smile that makes her shiver the moment it appears, because Marinette knows it can only mean trouble. Diana has an untameable mess of short and wavy blond hair, that she needs to comb through several times until it falls silkly to the sides of her face the way she likes it. Diana has long lashes that frame her bright green eyes, and a way of looking at her -from head to toe, consuming her like a flame- that makes her blush without a single word leaving her lips. Diana has a round nose that she believes, would look very nice with a ring, eventhough she’s terrified of needles.

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Requested by: lukeybabe26

“Hello, best friend. Hello, partner of best friend. Hello, boss of best friend,” you greeted everyone you knew before looking at a shirtless someone. “Who are you?”

You caught the attention of the stranger, who stared at you with a look of wonder and awe. Slightly creeped out, you looked to your best friend for an explanation.

“This is Barry Allen. You know, the coma patient we were holding,” Caitlin explained to you before going back to her work. You nodded, remembering what she told you about him.

“Well, hi Barry. I’m (Y/N), Caitlin’s one and only best friend. Don’t believe Cisco when he says otherwise.” You introduced yourself, earning a small smile with a wave from him.

Barry never believed in love at first sight since it was just scientifically impossible. But one look at you and he was a goner. Maybe love at first sight was real after all.


dis was short, many apologies. but i want to post as many as i can before i go watch Antman finally omg. ive been waiting for to watch it since last year. :3

NOTW: Opal (October Birthstone)

OMG ive been waiting for this theme all year!! Opals are my absolute favorite stone! -C

This NOTW theme is the October birthstone Opal.

It was impossible to pick just one picture of an Opal since theres so many different kinds and they are all so beautiful so we hope this chart is good for inspiration. 

Submit your Opal inspired nails by Friday October 3rd at midnight est. We will accept the first 8 submissions that follow all the rules

  • examples: opal stone, flakey glitter polish, etc.

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April 16th, 2014

AUTHOR: SillyKwado

April 16th, 2014

The moment Alfred got back to his dorm room he threw down his bag and turned on his laptop. All he wanted to do was to log on to his game and talk to his best friend. He had a long week and hadn’t been able to log on to Realms of Destiny for a while to talk to Saethwr. Well, that’s not his real name, it’s his character name. They’ve only known each other for a few months now due to a dungeon that went horribly.

Basically, they teamed up by chance in a random dungeon with three other people who were absolute asses. They were the only two in agreement that their group was shit so they quit it (since they were getting nowhere anyway) and teamed up and completed the dungeons themselves (turns out they were strong enough to get through them). Eventually, they began helping each other and questing together, and now they are always talking to each other basically about anything.

Alfred logged on to his main, Allred, and sent Saethwr a message when he saw that he was on.

[Allred]: hey Sae wassup! miss me?

[Saethwr]: wb al… lol not rlly

[Allred]: psh ur jus bein modest xD

[Saethwr]: ha

[Saethwr]: how did ur presentation go btw?

[Allred]: mehhhh

[Saethwr]: lol that bad? XD

[Allred]: nah but it coulda been betur

[Allred]: btw ive been wondering… how do u even pronounce ur name?

[Saethwr]: i hav no idea… lol :P

[Allred]: lol omg

[Allred]: well how do u pronounce it in ur head?

[Saethwr]: something like shajfnjesuhshdugev

[Allred]: lol k xD

[Allred]: how u even come up wit it?

[Saethwr]: … it means “archer” in welsh xD

[Allred]: wow original xD

[Allred]: wait, u kno welsh???

[Saethwr]: lol hell no

[Allred]: oh lol k xD

[Allred]: wanna run something? =D

[Saethwr]: like…?

[Allred]: dungeon?

[Saethwr]: sure :P

    Alfred once again returned from his classes and jumped onto his laptop. He needed to talk to Saethwr asap! Sae was the one person he can trust with his secret about Arthur. Arthur Kirkland, the quiet Brit across the hall and two doors down to the left. He was cute and polite and adorable and… actually, Alfred hasn’t talked to him much. He’s in one of his large lecture classes but that’s the only time he ever sees him. He rarely even sees him enter and leave his room!

    Sae knows about Alfred’s crush with Arthur though. It’s not that Alfred doesn’t trust his brother or his roommate, Toris, it’s just that Saethwr is easier to talk to. He doesn’t judge and he gives good advice, though sometimes he likes to makes jokes out of things Alfred says. Plus, Sae doesn’t know who “Allred” really is. Alfred hasn’t felt exactly comfortable telling the guy he met online a few months ago what his real name is quite yet.

[Allred]: Sae!!!!

[Saethwr]: wat?

[Allred]: guess wat!?1! :D

[Saethwr]: you… passed ur spanish test?

[Allred]: wat? no. i wish but no xD

[Allred]: i talked 2 him 2day! =D

[Saethwr]: who? oh that arthur guy youve been crushin on since ive 1st met u?

[Allred]: yessssssss!

[Saethwr]: congrats…? lol

[Allred]: we sat nxt 2 each other in lecture 2day~

[Saethwr]: and…?

[Allred]: and i accidentally dropped my pen and he gave it back 2 me, so i said thanks and he said “No problem.” =D

[Saethwr]: …

[Allred]: gr8st moment of my lifeeee

[Saethwr]: oh yea… thats up there… right nxt to getting killed by jumping off that cliff in RW…

[Allred]: hey! i thought i was mounted!

[Saethwr]: y dont u just ask him out and get n2 his pants alrdy? ;P

[Allred]: gasp! Sae!

[Saethwr]: wat? thats wat ur thinkin… lol

[Allred]: noooo

[Saethwr]: just ask the guy out!

[Allred]: i caaaaaaant!

[Saethwr]: why noooooot?

[Allred]: cuz ive nvr even talked 2 him b4!

[Saethwr]: 2day seemed like a good start…

[Allred]: sae!

[Saethwr]: then talk 2 him al!

[Saethwr]: say “hey ur cute, want 2 get a coffee sometime?”

[Allred]: … he doesnt like coffee…

[Saethwr]: tea then! its beside the point!

[Allred]: but wat if he says no!

[Saethwr]: well u wont kno until u try!

[Saethwr]: besides he will prbly just b like “oh sounds lovely. let me just put down my book and we can be on our merry way.”

[Allred]: sae im bein serious! DX

[Saethwr]: lol so am i… just talk 2 the guy! xD

[Allred]: maybe….

    Alfred talked to Sae for a few more minutes before making some excuse about doing homework for his physics class so he could log off. He really didn’t need any more extra “encouragement” for what he’s about to do.

    He opened the door and looked down the hall. Nobody. Perfect. That’ll make things easier.

    He slowly walked to Arthur’s door with Sae’s words floating around in his head and dread building in the pit of his stomach. Alfred felt as if he was going to be physically sick.

    C’mon Jones! You can do it! Show Sae-whatever that you can talk to him!

    He hesitantly raised his fist to the door knocking lightly, and praying to God and everybody above that nobody would answer. Apparently, nobody was up there because the door opened.

    Arthur Kirkland – as adorable as ever – wore a slightly shocked expression when he saw Alfred standing there. He had a book in his hand and glasses on his face as if he had just been reading when Alfred interrupted.

    Alfred stood there for a moment gaping before he realized that he had to say something.

    “Um, hey you’re cute. Want to get a coffee sometime?” Shit. Alfred could not believe he just said that, and judging from the look on Arthur’s face, he couldn’t either.

    Then Arthur grinned.

    “Oh sounds lovely,” Arthur started with a knowing look. “Let me just put down my book and we can be on our merry way.”

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ive been talking to u too often and now i feel creepy so im on ANoN NOW LMFAO BUT ive started watching berserk bc of you and omg im so confused but i love the black swordsman (guts??) and just. im enjoying it so far hahah ty for this

AHH NO WAIT A MINUTE WHO ARE YOU??? I’M TRYING TO RECALL WHO I TALKED WITH ABOUT BERSERK HRNGHH but omigosh anon i’m so excited you got into it!! (yes, another one >:3c) IT’S REALLY GREAT and there’s not much to be too confused about, but hopefully you’ve just started it because you’re in for BIG SURPRISES AND HOT BARAS AHEAD!! (everyone go read berserk)

so like i was in programming class doing whatever when i hear these two seniors unashamedly chatting about the fanfiction they read and i walked over like
me: umm yea hi i heard the word fanfiction?
them: omg are you gonna judge us?
me: OMG nO I BREATHE iT- i mean i read it too
them: ohh what kind?
me: *long pause* do you guys know pentatonix?

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wait youre reading Escapade? omg im gonna be truthful here ive been turned on for a whole week like fuck i want harry to shove louis up his ass then im going to shove them both up my ass while i cum